Chapter 8: To The End

{Just an accident}

They were fighting again. Kevin had bought him a new car with his bonus. It was not so much that Edd was unhappy with the gift, he just find it frivolous. His old Chevy was perfectly fine.

"So now I can't buy you gifts!?" The redhead shouted. Edd looked at him incredulously stunned.

"You are fully aware that it's the farthest thing from my statement." The ravenette tried to keep his voice down, but he was beginning to feel drowned out by Kevin's voice.

"Then what are you saying Edd!?"

Edd's face heated up, they were going no where fast, both men were just becoming more and more angry. "I'm saying I am done."

Edd grabbed his car keys, he threw the new set at Kevin and walked out of the house. He was over reacting. Edd knew the upgrade was a very sweet gesture, it had come with the best of intentions. However, he was not ready to part with the old Chevy. He threw open the cars door and slid into the drivers seat. Kevin was just walking out of the house when Edd pulled out of the drive way, he left the sound of Kevin shouting his name in the background as he drove off.

He was unsure of where the was headed, he just wanted to get away.

When he finally stopped the car he realized he had driven back to the old Cul De Sac. The houses all looked the same, yet different. New families lived in most of homes along the lane.

Edd sat there for what felt like hours, remembering forgotten times he had shared with his friends. Tears streamed down his cheeks as he pulled his phone from his pocket. He quickly dialed Kevin's cell and waited for the other to answer.


A smile.

"Kevin... I'm so sorry.. I shouldn't have reacted the way I did. The car was a wonderful gift."

A chuckled from the other line.

"Edd I-"

"Oh hold on. A ball is stuck under the car." Edd got out of the car and ducked down to retrieve the toy. Once it was in his hands he got back to his feet and made his way over to the children. "Sorry about that. Wyatt wee you going to say?"

"Just I love you Edd."

A smile spread across Edd's face. He stopped in the middle of the lane, gripping his phone tightly. "I lo-"

There was a screeching sound, like a car trying to suddenly breaking sounded through the phone before the line went dead...

Edd woke with a start to Kelsey was screaming.

Kevin had to be at work at 4:30 that morning, and so as he rose to go check on the little girl, Edd stopped him with reassurance that he would take care of what ever may have caused her to wake at the ungodly hour.

Edd shuffled down the dark hall, calling out to the little girl that he was coming. He swung the rooms doors open and flipped on a desktop lamp. Kelsey was hiding under her blankets, little sobs revealing how frightened she was. Edd walked over to the bed and sat next to the lump of blanket.

"Shhh... Little girl, Daddy's here." Edd pulled the blanket back. The child crawled into the ravenette's lap and clung to him. Edd gently rubbed her back. "Was it a nightmare?"

She nodded.

"Would you like to talk about it?" Edd got up with Kelsey in his arms and walked over to a rocking chair across the room. They settled in it and began rocking.

"I don't remember..."

Edd nodded. "Okay. Do you want daddy to sing to you or tell you a story?"

The little redhead rubbed her eyes, and yawned nestling into Edd's chest. "Story daddy..." another yawn was pulled from her little mouth.

"Okay... Once upon a time there was a man, and he loved a Prince very much..."

{story time: The wedding}

Kevin was anxious. There had not been much time to plan out each detail, but he hoped Edd would love it. The small ceremony was set to be held that afternoon in the back yard of their new house.

Nazz has taken it upon herself to transform the yard into a little paradise for the family and friends that were to attend the wedding. Nat had decided the wedding song list while arguing with Mr. Barr over who got to pay for the whole shabang. None of that mattered to Kevin, his only concern was trying to convince Mrs. Story Vincent to attend.

He had been on the phone with her countering each excuse she offered to him. Finally she agreed to make a small appearance.

"I will only be there for 30 minutes exactly. Surely that will be with time for the both of you to to say hello and be done with everything. I am still a disapproving party." With that Kevin heard the phone be slammed down and a dial time set in. He growled, setting the phone down. Kevin refused to let her ruin the big day.

{Just a little time skip}

Kevin took a breath, he was fidgeting with his tux, pulling at his collar, even yanking his nice white shirt down a few times. Five minutes into waiting for Edd to walk down the aisle, and he was getting anxious. What if he got scared...

What if he didn't show...

What if he found out Kevin had contacted his mother and refused to continue.

Kevin shook his head, glancing at the thin lipped woman in the last row. She was not going to ruin this day. He continued to stare daggers at the woman, who looked bored, when the sound of an acoustic guitar played through the yard. It brought Kevin's attention away from Mrs. St Vincent and to a gaped tooth smile that knocked the air out of him.

Edd's father stood next to his son, escorting him down the makeshift aisle. A lump grew in Kevin's throat, and tears threatened to escape. To him Edd had never looked more beautiful...

"And the two loved their life together with their little family more then anything else in the world. And they cherished each other in love and understanding until the end of times." The old man smiled down at the children around the edges of his bed. Each face shown they had been captivated by the story.

"Hey kids come on it's time to go." A woman with the same firey red hair the old man had once had, stated ushering them out. "We'll be back next week papa." She walked over to the bed and kissed her father's cheek before leaving to room.

A little boy with blonde hair and cyan eyes stayed behind for a moment to ask a final question. "Pop pop? Do you think grampa is waiting for you? Like he said he would always wait for you?"

Kevin smiled and nodded tears forming in his eyes. "Yes. I do Jonny."

The boy nodded and turned to leave the room, but stopped. "I have one more question pop pop... When did you know you loved gramps?" Kevin looked up at the ceiling before turn his old emerald eyes to an urn that sat on his bed side table that read in the most elegant lettering: Eddward Barr. Next to the urn were photos, each marking an important moment in Kevin's life. His eyes stopped on a photo of a 5 year old Kevin and 4 year old Edd. Tears stung the corners out his eyes as the answer escaped his lips.

"I was five years old, and Grandpa Edd was moving in across the lane..."

«Kevin had told his daughter he would only close his eyes for a moment. So she knew he had gotten some rest. But in the instant his eyelids lulled shut the world around him became silent. It scared the redhead into consciousness, or so he thought.

His eyes snapped open and he was no longer in the bed at the old timers home. He was in his bed, in his home. He no longer felt the wariness of age He looked around the room for a moment before scrambling out of bed. He rushed down the hall way connecting the master bedroom to the rest of the house, only stopping a moment to gaze at his 20 something year old reflection. He was hit with the aroma of cooked bacon. This slowed his pace some.

Kevin stopped himself just before the corner that lead into the kitchen, from his spot he could hear an all to familiar humming. His heart felt like it was breaking, tears pooled into the emerald eyes that, as he finally made his way into the kitchen, started at the back of the most beautiful person in his world. Even from behind he could tell the man was a younger self.

"You waited..."

The person turned to look at the youthful redhead, a gapped tooth smile greeting him.

"I'll always wait for you. Until the end."»

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