This is my other story I want to try. Why can't Sanosuke have a love interest? This follows the anime series, the American version. I may not describe everything perfectly. But I'll write it the best way I can. I hope you like it! I only own the OC's. Not everything about them but the idea of them, well I hope you get what I mean. I also don't own Rurouni Kenshin.

Episode One: The Man and Woman Who Fight for Love

Six silhouettes are walking down the street in white fog.

Behind them, rapid footsteps are racing towards them.

A girl, around the age of 17 with black hair in a long ponytail wearing old fashioned dark yellow and brown kendo training clothes and carries a wooden sword came to them.

She stopped a few feet away and called out. "Hold it right there!"

The figures stopped.

"Don't move, Battousai the Manslayer!"

The two taller figures slowly turned their heads around to face the girl.

The first one was a man with long red hair in a low ponytail and messy bangs. In the medium dark light he was in his old fashioned Japanese shirt and pants looked red and gray. He had burgundy ankle length socks and Japanese flat sandles. He had silver blue eyes and a cross shape scar on his left cheek. At his left side, he had a long samurai sword.

The second one was a woman, who seemed about 19 years old. She had long dark brown hair in a braid that reached the end of her waist, she had long wavy bangs that framed the sides of her face. She had a gray-blue kimono on with a dark blue wrap around her stomach. She had white ankle length sock and Japanese flat sandles as well. Around her neck, was a blue choker necklace with a sky blue circle stone. Her skin color was fair, she had light ocean blue eyes with long lashes, and her features were very similar to the girl who called them out, except this one had a more calm and mature look.

"I've finally found you! You're much weaker than I thought you'd be, manslayer!" the young woman called out with her wooden sword in front of her.

The man gave an 'oro' and a wide eyed look.

"Prepare yourself!" she gave a battle cry and ran towards the man.

As she came near, the man jumped into the air with incredible speed, almost as if he was floating as he landed on the edge of a roof.

Unfortunately the moment was broken when that piece of roof broke upon contact and he land on a bunch of wooden boxes.

The two women aand the other four gave a wince when he crashed.

When the young girl looked at the man again she looked surprised at how clumsy this man was.

The older girl looked worried yet somewhat used to it.

The man was on the ground, covered with some of the debris and had a swirly eyed look.

The young girl came up to him and leaned down a bit at him. "Could it be that you're the legendary manslayer? I heard you killed three people last night, it was."

"I'm a wanderer. I'm only a wandering swordsman, that I am. Do you honestly think I could kill three people with this?" the man said as he sat up and shook off some of the debris. He gave her the blade for her to examine.

She grabbed it by the hilt and pulled it out of its sheath. It was a sword. But not the sword she expected it to be.

"What is this? The blades on the wrong side."

"It's a reverse blade sword." a new voice said.

The young girl turned towards the brunette. "Reverse blade sword?" the black haired osai asked.

The brunette nodded. "It can't slay anyone."

The red haired man stood up and brushed off the dirt on him. "And it doesn't look like it has slayed anyone or used."

The black haired girl took a closer look and held up the sword. "You're right. There's not a scratch on here. It looks as good as new."

The man gave a smile. "So I have proved my innocence, have I?" he asked as he walked towards her.

The black haired girl gave a scowl and pointed the sword at him. "Now you listen to me! The one they call Battousai the Manslayer has been murdering people on the streets in town every night. Carrying a sword like this, anyone would suspect you, and you know that this is the Meiji and it forbidden by law to be carrying a sword in the first place. And you could also be arrested for kidnapping!" she lectured as she walked forward. The man watching the sword in nervousness as his back hit the wall.

"Um excuse me ma'am?" a young timid voice called out.

The black haired girl turned around to see a girl around twelve peeking from a girl about two years older that was in front.

The little girl had light brown hair in a bun held by a green ribbon. She had pale skin and chocolate brown eyes. She had a dark green kimono on with a grass green wrap around her stomach. She had the same sock and shoe style as the older girl.

The other girl looked a little similar to the other older girl. She had long staright dark brown hair with a pink ribbon at the middle making it a loose ponytail. (Think of Sango's hairstyle when she wears her kimono in inuyasha) She had the same brown eyes as the younger girl, except they looked older but still youthful. She had a dark pink kimono and a magenta wrap around her stomach. She had the same shoe and socks as the other girls did.

The young girl looked nervous as she hid behind the girl in pink. Half of her face peeking from behind. "My brothers and sisters and I aren't kidnapped."

A boy the same age as the girl in pink spoke up. "We are also wanderers." Another boy who seemed a year older nodded in agreement.

The boy who was the same age as the girl in pink had similar looks to his sister. So it can be assumed that they are twins. He had the same eyes as his twin and younger sister. He had messy brown hair in a short ponytail. (Think of Kohaku's hairstyle in inuyasha) He had on an outfit similar to the redheaded wanderers style. Except he had an aqua green shirt and gray pants. He had gray socks that are ankle length and the same sandals as everyone else.

The older boy had light blue eyes. Similar to his older sister, but lighter. His hair was brown and had his hair down his front hairs covering some of his face. (Sokka's hair when it's not in a wolf tail.) he had the same out fit similar to his brother and the wanderer. The shirt was dark blue and very dark navy pants. He had navy ankle socks and the same sandals.

The black haired girl looked surprised. "All of you are wanderers?"

The five of them nodded.

All of a sudden the heard a whistle in the night air.

The black haired girl jumped into action. "Theres something going on! It might be him!" with that she threw the sword away and ran straight to where the noise was.

The wanderer gave another wide eyed look as he looked up in the air and stumbled back, keeping track of the sword.

The sheath was up and the sword landed perfectly inside it. The man then looked to where the black haired girl ran off to.

"Weaklings! You're all a bunch of weaklings!" a large man yelled as he killed a few policemen.

A surviving man quivered in fear. "Such strength! A man like this can only be the legendary manslayer."

"Battousai! Hold it right there!" the black haired girl cried out as she flew past the policeman.

She gave a battle cry and used her wooden sword against him. As he made an attack, she ducked out of the way and came near a wall at a building. A small splash of blood came out on the upper part of her right arm. She grimaced in pain. The man then slashed down and sliced the wooden blade off the hilt.

"Oh no!" the girl cried in terror. She looked in shock as the man was about to strike down and finish her.

As the man struck down and made a large cut in the wall, the wanderer lifted the girl into his arms and carried her bridal style.

"The wanderer." the girl said in awe.

The wanderer smiled at her. "It's rather reckless to go up against someone who uses a real sword instead of a wooden one."

A few more policemen came and the large man ran away glaring from behind. "I am Battousai the Manslayer! I use the Kamiya Kashin Style of swordsmanship!"

The girl struggled in the mans arms. "Hold it!" she called to the large man.

The wanderer tried to calm her. "You're being reckless again."

The girl didn't give up. "That's the sword style my family teaches! He's using our good name to murder people!" her vision began to go black and she fainted in his arms.

The wanderer smiled to himself. "Well she's one courageous girl, she is."

The girl woke up and realized that she was back in her dojo and in bed. She remembered that she got hurt and was saved by the wanderer.

She smelled the air. "Something smells like miso soup."

Two little girls carrying vegetables came towards the wanderer who was at a boiling bowl cooking some soup.

In the daylight, his shirt was magenta and his pants were white.

The girl in a light green and pink kimono looked to be about 6. She had mousy brown hair that was long and straight. She had two small braids in the front.

The other young girl wearing a orange and yellow kimono looked to be about 5. She also had mousy brown hair and had two small pig tails a top her head.

"let's put this in!" the girl in green said.

"This too!" the younger girl said in agreement. With that they tossed it in.

The wanderer tried to stop them. But it was too late. He rubbed off some of the soup that spilled on him.

The dojos doors slide open and the black haired girl stepped out. "Excuse me, what are you doing?"

"Oh, you're awake now. You're little sisters have been a great help. We'vealready become good friends."

The two girls gave him a big smile and hugged him, agreeing with him.

"I was just borrowing your garden to make some breakfast, I was."

The girl in green gave her a tray that had rice balls that looked like bunnies.

The black haired girl grabbed one. "So you made this breakfast all by yourself?" she took a bit. But gave a grimace. "But how can this be?" she gave a little groan.

The wanderer looked wide eyed and nervous. "You do not approve of the taste."

The black haired girl looked sheepish. "I just don't like it when people cook better than me."

The man just fell down to the side.

Footsteps were coming towards them and the black haired girl looked up to see the younger sister from yesterday.

The girl smiled when she saw the black haired girl. The girl called from behind. "Guys get over here! She's awake!"

More footsteps came running towards them and she saw the three siblings from yesterday.

The girl in pink smiled in relief. "Thank goodness. We were all so worried."

Footsteps came from behind the black haired girl. The girl in green smiled even bigger. "Kya! She's awake!"

A soft chuckle came from behind. "I can see that, Ai."

The girl turned around and saw the 19 year old from yesterday. The girl smiled at her. "I'm relieved to see that you are alright. I decided to make you some breakfast. I know my adopted brother is a pretty bad cook. But he's getting better."

She gave her a tray with a bowl of rice, miso soup, and a cup of tea.

"thank you." the black haired girl said.

"No problem. May I ask your name please?"

"it's Karou Kamiya."

"My name is Kya Mizu."

"that's a pretty name." Karou looked at the wanderer who was still on the ground. "so he's your adopted brother?"

Kya nodded. "well he took us in, to be precise. We lost our parents a long time ago, and we looked up to him as an older brother. So we think of him as a brother."

Karou nodded. "I see. And these four are related to you?"

"yes. I'll introduce you."

The oldest boy in the dark blue and navy clothes came forward. "this is Sokka." The boy in aqua green and gray clothes and girl in pink came forward. "This is Kohaku and Asagi. They're twins." the younger girl in girl in green came forward. "And this is our little sister Ai."

A bunch of "hi's" and "nice to meet you's" came from them.

The wanderer came out of his stuper and noticed that Kya and their siblings were out. "So I see you have all met."

Kya nodded. "Yes, I think we'll get along just fine."

"I'm sorry about the accusations yesterday." karou apologized.

Kya shook her head. "It's alright."

"Karou, are you here?" An elderly voice called out.

They turned their heads towards the entrance and saw an slightly overweight old man with a jolly look. (Sorry, I'm not sure how to describe Dr. Gensai.)

"I heard about your injury from the Battousai and I came to check on you, and bandage your wound."

Karou nodded at him. "Thank you, Dr. Gensai."

Dr. Gensai sat on the right side of Karou and started to unwrap the bandage around her arm.

While he was busy, Kenshin and the others played with the two little girls, whose names were Ayame (The girl in green and pink) and Suzume (The girl in orange and yellow)

Dr. Gensai leaned forward and observed the wound. "Well this was treated quickly and thebleeding has stopped." he then looked to Kya in curiosity. "who treated this wound? They did a remarkable job."

Kya looked a little bashful. "Um, I did. My mother taught me how to take care of wounds and a few illnesses."

Both Kaoru and Dr. Gensai looked at Kya, impressed. Dr. Gensai spoke up. "Well your mother taught you very well."

Kya blushed and nodded.

Karou turned her attention to where the wanderer was playing with Ayame and Suzume. Karou smiled. "No matter how you look at him, he doesn't look like a swordsman, does he?"

Dr. Gensai smiled as he applied some powder. "He's perfect for babysitting my granddaughters." He chuckled but sneezed on some of the powder. He looked up to see some of the powder on the right side of her face.

Kenshin smiled as Suzume stretched his face. "So then, Miss Karou, I guess these two aren't actually your little sisters?"

"No, they're both Dr. Gensai's granddaughters."

Dr. Gensai began to wrap Karou's arm. "I have been working for the Kamiya dojo for 30 years now. And since little Karou's parents passed away, I've been trying to take care of her as well. There, now that should do it." he said as he finished taking care of Karou's arm.

Karou smiled her thanks and pulled her sleeve back over her shoulder. "Mr. Wanderer, Kya, why don't you stay at our school with us. If you'd like to, that is."

The wanderer and Kya looked at Karou in surprise. The wanderer spoke up first. "You don't even know who we are. I mean you know who Kya and her siblings are, but-"

Kya cut him off. "Are you sure it will be alright, Karou?"

"I guess you six must have a pretty good reason to be wanderers. Whatever it is, I think that's your own business."

The wanderer looked at Karou with a thankful smile.

Kya also smiled at Karou and bowed her head in respect. "Thank you, Karou. I promise, we will be no trouble."

Karou shook her head. "It's the least I can do after having you and the wanderer saving my life. Call it warrior's compassion."

Kya looked amused. "That the only reason?" kya looked to see if the wanderer was still listening. When she saw that he was busy with the kids, she whispered to Karou. "I have to admit, he would make a fine huesbend to someone."

Karou blushed and shook her head rapidly. "No, that's not it at all! It's just that you looked like you guys had no money, and the kids were probably tired from walking, specially Ai!"

Kya chuckled. "I was just teasing you. And you were right." Kya looked at her younger siblings. "they were getting tired. They spent most of these 10 years growing up on the road, so I would imagine that they would be exhausted. Ai has been wandering since she was only 2. If we could settle down somewhere and make a home somewhere, we would. It's just that times are tough now." Kya touched her necklace, in thought.

Karou noticed that the necklace was very elegent. It was on a blue ribbon with a sky blue circular stone. The stone had ocean waves carved on it. (Think of Katara's necklace from Avatar)

"that's a beautiful necklace." karou complimented.

Kya looked at her neck and looked back at Karou. "thank you."

"where'd you get it?"

Kya looked sad. "my mother gave it to me. She gave it to me before she passed away."

"I'm so sorry! I shouldn't have pried." Karou apologized.

Kya shook her head. "it's alright. I knew you were ask about it sooner or later."

Karou still looked a little ashamed to stumble across something so personal. "Yes, but still, it was none of my business."

Karou than looked like she remembered something and she jumped up. "I almost forgot! I have to teach my class. My students will be here soon!" sh ran inside, then popped her head out. "Um, Kya? Do you think maybe later you could teach me how to cook and we can continue chatting?"

Kya nodded. "sure, I'd love to."

"Great! And Mr. Wanderer, meet me in the practice room and I'll give you a tour of my classroom!" without waiting for his answer, Karou went back into the dojo.

(time skip)

Karou went through a lot that day.

Her students quit learning the Kashin Style because of the murderer claims to have learned that sword style.

The people in the town didn't think Karou's sword style was safe anymore.

Karou vowed to stop the Batousai on her own. Which is very reckless.

Too depressed to learn how to cook or talk with Kya, she asked the wanderer to help heat up her bath at the bathhouse.

Kya spotted the wanderer adding wood to the fire and Ayame looking in the window of Karou's bath.

"Hey," kya said, making herself known. The wanderer turned his head to see her coming over. "How's Karou doing?"

The wanderer shrugged. "that I do not know. Her confidence has gone down since her students left."

"well, I would imagine so. I would feel the same way. I have seen her practice her style, and it definitely is a sword that can't kill. Well, as long as the blades wooden."

The wanderer nodded. "kya, did you notice something strange about the murderer?"

Kya looked confused. "What do you mean?"

"He was using his left arm instead of his right."

Kya nodded as she crossed her arms. "Yeah, but not everyone uses the right hand. Sometimes they're left handed in swordsmanship."

"I'm talking about his right thumb."

Kya raised her eyebrow. "His right thumb?"

Then she remembered when she saw him use his sword, she noticed that on his right thumb, he had a scar on the thumb.

"you think it was incapacited to make his right arm useless for swordsmanship?"

The wanderer nodded as he tossed another wood in the fire.

"Perhaps Miss Karou knows if there was a student who couldnt use his right arm. I'll ask her later, that I will."

Karou looked uncertain. "I don't think that will end well. Karou will not believe that a student of their style would be a murderer using their name. In fact, I think she would be offended if you ask her that."

The wanderer just smiled. "I'm sure Miss Karou will be just fine."

Kya rolled her eyes and sighed. "you're so simpleminded when it comes to women."

Ayame looked down at both of them. "I'm sorry to bother you, but I think she's crying."

Kya and the wanderer pressed their ears against the wall of the bathhouse and tried to listen for Karou. They didn't hear anything.

"Hey, Karou, are you alright?" kya called out.

"Miss Karou, is anything wrong in there? Karou?" the wanderer asked. A sudden thought came to his mind. "She can't be."

The wanderer than raced inside to the bathhouse.

Kya called out to him. "hey wait! I don't think you should-!"

But it was too late.

"go in there?" she said lamely.

A loud scream went through the air. "YOU PERVERT!"

A loud smack rang from inside and the wanderer came stumbling out, his eyes swirly.

"Oro.." he groaned as he fell to the ground. On his right cheek, a red hand print shape was on there.

Kya shook her head. Karou came out of the bathhouse wearing her bedtime kimono looking red with rage.

"He's going into the storage house for the night!" with that Karou grabbed his hand and dragged him away. He was still on the ground.

Once Karou was out of range, Kya said to herself, "I tried to warn him."

(another time skip)

It was nighttime when Kya and her siblings got the wanderer out of the storage house. They were about to leave when they heard footsteps going into the dojo.

They all looked to the entrance to the dojo and saw a large group of men with real swords.

"so they finally came, huh?" sokka whispered.

Kya began to change out of her kimono. Underneath, she had a light blue mini kimono with no sleeves and with edging. The sides of the skirt were both open. She had blue tight pants and knee high shoes that were light gray. At her left side, was a sword. Similar to the wanderers.

Kya turned to her siblings. "Stay here. Whatever you do, don't go in there, understand?"

Asagi protested. "But Kya,"

"I won't be long. Just do as I say."

With that she and the wanderer walked to the front door were a weak looking man was standing guard. He didn't notice the two standing behind him.

The wanderer motioned for Kya to go first.

Kya raced forward at an amazing speed, almost godlike and delivered swift punches to the man's body.

The wanderer rushed forward and slide the door open. They both hid behind the man as the door opened.

"What's wrong, Nishiwagi?" the gruff voice of the murderer from last night asked.

Nishiwagi gasped out his words before he fell down. "I'm, I'm sorry."

As he fell he revealed the two wanderers.

"You'll put her down gently, you will." the wanderer ordered.

Karou shook her head rapidly. "you two mustn't get involved! You're no match for him!" she groaned in pain as the murderer lifted her up higher.

"another one who believes a sword brings out the potential in others."

"No." the wanderer and Kya said in unison.

Together, they walked into the room.

Kya began. "A sword is a weapon. The art of swordsmanship is learning how to kill."

"That is the truth. But what Miss Karou says." the wanderer continued.

"Is sweet and innocent talk that only the ones who have never stained their hands with the blood of man can believe." Kya also continued.

The murderer was confused by what he was hearing.

Once they were close enough, they stopped and smiled.

The wanderer continued. "But to tell you the truth I'd much rather prefer Miss Karou's sweet and innocent talk rather the truth, yes indeed I do. Someday her words will be the truth for all of us to live by."

The murderer just growled in irritation. "What are you guys waiting for? Get 'em and make them die slowly."


"No don't!" karou tried to stop them.

The wanderer placed his left hand at the sheath of the sword and snapped it open with his thumb.

Kya did the same. "I don't want anyone else to get hurt." the wanderer said.

Kya and the wanderer closed their eyes and listened to their voices.

"ah, no ones gonna get hurt." a thug said.

"someone's gonna get dead!" they let out a battle cry and leapt forward to attack.

Kya and the wanderer snapped open their eyes, in battle mode and with their right hands , they grabbed the hilts revealed their reverse blades at godlike speed.

They took out the men around them in no time at all with only one swing without killing.

The murderer looked at the the wanderer closely. "Red hair, cross shape scar on his cheek. It can't be."

The wanderer had his sword propped on his left shoulder as he looked at Karou and the murderer.

"oh yes, by the way, the technique that Batousai the manslayer uses is neither Kamiya Kashin nor is it whatever you're style is. He uses Hiten Mitsurugi ultra sonic swordtechnique that will not fail to slay an opponent, unless you use a sword like ours that is." the wanderer said.

Karou was in awe. "so that means you're the real Batousai the Manslayer. But what about Kya? She uses the same technique."

Kya smirked a little as she showed them the back of her left shoulder. "I guess the legends left out a little fact about the Batousai."

Karou's eyes widened. There was a cross shape scar on her left shoulder.

"You mean, there was a second Batousai?" karou asked, in shock.

Kya nodded. "We always worked better as a team."

The murderer was shocked. "But you're a girl! A girl can't be a Batousai!"

Kya glared at him. "sorry to disappoint, but a girl can."

The murderer dropped Karou and took a step towards them. "interesting. But there can only be one Batousai in this world. And I certainly will not allow a girl to be one. Only one can have that title. After I kill you two, I'll burn this place down and kill the girl!" he said as he unsheathed his sword.

The Batousais just looked at him lazily. "then we have no choice." they said in unison.

The murderer sung his sword down but didn't know that they were already gone.

"Over here!" two voices said.

He looked up and saw the two coming down.

The wanderer heading for his left hand and Kya going for his back. They swung down and the murderer went through the floor, with only his bottom half out.

Kya looked at the wall. "we have no attachment to the names 'Batousai the Manslayer'."

The wanderer looked at the murderer. "Just the same, we can't allow someone like you to wear it."

The wanderer and Kya put their swords away. "I'm afraid you'll never hold a sword with either of those hands." the wanderer said.

After the last conscious thug went to get the police, kya and the wanderer turned to see Karou.

She was defiantly shocked.

"We're sorry Miss Karou, that we are." the wanderer smiled sadly.

Kya continued. "We didn't mean to hide our identity from you."

"It's just that, we didnt want you to know if you didn't have to, that's all." the wanderer finished.

Karou continued staring at them.

The wanderer just smiled at her again and turned around to walk out the dojo. "well take care."

Karou snapped out of it and Kya watched as she yelled at the wanderer.

"You jerk!"

The wanderer stopped surprised.

"youre just gonna leave me here to fix this place all by myself? You're not gonna offer me any help at all? I can't rebuild the Kashin style all alone. I told you before I didn't care about your past and I meant it."

The wanderer smiled sheepishly. "yeah, but it would give you more problems if you had the real Batousai staying here."

"Twice more, knowing that there are TWO Batousais." Kya added.

Karou stepped forward. "I never said I wanted the 'Batousai' to stay here. What I mean was I want YOU the wanderer-" Karou cut off, realizing what she said. She turned around, her back facing the two. "if you insist on going, you could at least tell me your name before you go. I don't mean the legendary manslayer either. I'd like to know you're real name."

Kya gave him a knowing look. "come on, she knows my name, and my brothers and sisters names. She can't keep calling you 'wanderer' forever."

The wanderer smiled at Karou's back. "Himura. It's Kenshin Himura."

Karou smiled. "Kenshin. I gues you should be on your way, Kenshin."

The door closed. Karou sighed sadly.

"I have to admit, we're a bit tired of wandering." Kenshins voice said.

Karou turned around to see Kenshin and Kya smiling at her.

Kenshin walked towards her. "Although you'll never know when we'll have to hit the road again."

Karou walked towards him too.

"I am a pretty lousy cook." kenshin continued.

"Yeah, but you're a lot better than I am."

Kenshin kept smiling. "I might accidently see you taking a bath."

Karou smiled confidently and rolled up her sleeve. "No problem at all. If you ever do that again." she let out a yell and punched him on the right cheek.

Kenshin let out an 'oro' as he fell on his back.

Karou looked surprised. "Hey! I thought you would be able to dodge my punch!"

Kenshin's eyes were swirling again and the the right side of his face was swelled and purple. "you've got a pretty hard right don't ya?"

Kya chuckled and shook her head. "He's deadly with a sword, yet he can't dodge a punch. Pathetic. But you gotta love him." kya turned her head towards the door. "You kids can come in now!"

The door slide open and Sokka, Kohaku, Asagi, and Ai came in.

"Hey where's Ken-" kohaku started to ask but was cut off by Ai.

"Found him." she pointed to where Kenshin was laying.

They all groaned as if it was nothing new.

"Not again." Asagi groaned.

Kohaku rolled his eyes. "What was it this time?"

Kya smirked. "A punch."

"I'll get the first aid." sokka said as he walked out.

(on the porch)

Kya was bandaging Kenshin's cheek, but he kept moving.

"would you stop squirming?" kya asked as she dabbed his cheek.

"Well it hurts." Kenshin whined.

Sokka, Kohaku, Asagi, and Ai groaned.

"You're such a crybaby, Kenshin." kohaku said.

"maybe we should call you Crybaby Kenshin from now on! Right?" Sokka exclaimed, expecting everyone to laugh.

They only stared at him, as if he was from another planet.

Sokka glanced to the side and mumbled. "Sheesh, tough crowd."

"Sokka give it up with those jokes. No ones gonna laugh at them." Asagi informed him.

Sokka wouldn't have it. He stood up and pointed at them. "Someday my jokes will make you laugh! They will!"

In everyone's heads, they thought, 'Yeah, right.'

Sokka walked to the door but his eyes were closed and so was the door. As he walked into the door he hit his head, and upon impact he flew out onto the dirt floor in front of the porch.

Everyone laughed.

Kya calmed down a bit before she started to laugh again. "Now that was funny."

Sokka just grumbled into the dirt.

(Karou's POV)

And that how it all happened. And six new borders began living at the Kamiya Dojo.

Well that's the end of the first episode! I've been busy with school so I could only do a little. Some of the names and looks and personalities came from Avatar the last airbender and inuyasha. I thought they would be good for the characters I had in mind for this, and I think it's pretty good. I may not have done everything according to the episode, but I hope you like it anyway. I'll update as soon as I can! Please review!

Till next episode!

Episode 2 The Bratty Samurai