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(Third Person)

A boy of 10 years old was giving a piggy back ride to a girl the same age as the boy.

The boy wore a white shirt with black lining, and he wore white pants that went to his ankles. He had spiky brown hair and around his forehead was a red headband or ribbon.

His big brown eyes were squinted and his face was in a focused expression as he carried the girl.

The girl on his back wore a cornflower blue yukata with a blue obi. Her brown hair was in a braid and her side hairs were long, wavy, and framed the sides of her face. Around her neck was a blue choker necklace with a sky blue stone.

Her big blue eyes looked concerned for the boy and her fair skin held a blush of embarrassment.

"Y-You didn't have to carry me,Sano," She noticed the strain on the boy's face, "I probably weigh a lot."

The boy shook his head, "You don't." He glanced to her left ankle that was wrapped. "Besides, you should stay off that ankle. I don't want you getting even more hurt. You're lucky it was just a twisted ankle."

The girl blushed even more. "Sorry for troubling you with this."

The boy looked over his shoulder. "It's no trouble. I don't mind." He gave her a smile.

She giggled a little. She laid her head on his shoulder.

The boy blushed, but grinned.

Ahead, the boy noticed a group of men armed with swords and dressed in a samurai style. Around their foreheads was a red headband, just like the young boy.

A man with black hair covering his right eye was watching over a group of four kids a couple of years younger than the girl.

As the boy took notice of that man, he smiled brightly.

"Captain Sagara!" he cried.

The Captain raised his head to the voice and smiled when he saw the boy.

"Sanosuke, there you are," He walked to the boy, "I was getting worried on where you were."

As he came closer, Captain Sagara noticed the girl on his back and her ankle.

Captain Sagara looked worried, "Is she alright?"

The girl raised her head, "I'm alright, sir. I just twisted my ankle. Nothing serious."

The Captain was relieved, "Thank goodness," He glanced over his shoulder, "By the way, your brothers and sisters had been very worried."

The three kids looked up and saw their sister.

"Big Sister!" They all cried.

The baby who was about two years old reached out her arms, "Sissy!"

The blue-eyed girl smiled as the four ran and crawled to her.

She looked to the boy who was still holding her, "You can put me down now."

The spiky haired boy looked as though he just remembered he was carrying her and blushed in embarrassment, "Oh, right."

He set her down, but made sure she didn't put too much pressure on her left ankle.

"Thank you," she smiled kindly at the boy.

She got down on her knees and hugged her two brothers and one sister. "I hope you didn't give the Captain and the others too much of a headache."

They shook their head, "Don't worry, we didn't," the boy with the wolf tail said. The twin boy and girl nodded in unison.

A cry grabbed the older sister's attention and saw the baby sitting on her bottom, big brown eyes filled with big tears.

The blue eyed sister smiled kindly. She got up and limped over to the baby.

"Aw, it's okay. Don't cry," She picked up the baby, "It's okay, big sister's here."

The baby stopped crying once she was in her sister's arms. She smiled and a few baby teeth showed.

"That's better. I like seeing your smile."

The Captain and the spiky haired boy smiled at the scene.

Suddenly, they heard a rustling of leaves and they saw a man with the same uniform as the others and the Captain.

"Captain, a stranger from a hill, he's coming near here."

The Captain looked serious, "Did you see what he looked like?"

The man shook his head, "No sir. He said he's here to pick up his brothers and sisters."

The girl and her siblings began walking towards the Captain.

"That's our brother. We made plans to meet here around this time today."

"I see. Well, I hope you have a safe trip home," The captain smiled.

The girl bowed in respect, "And thank you all for your help."

The girl and her siblings began walking to where the hilltop was at when the spiky haired boy quickly ran up to the five.


The girl turned to face him.

He stumbled on his words, "Um, I'll walk with you. To make sure if you're going the right way or that guy is supposed to be the one your traveling with."


The Captain and his men came forward, "We'll come as well."

She nodded and they began walking away.

They soon reached the hill top and a top the hill was a shadowy man. He had a high ponytail. They couldn't see his face because of the setting sun in the background.

But the brothers and sisters could see his violet eyes, and they knew who it was.

"Big Brother!" The three cried as they ran to the figure.

The man laughed as the kids tackled him with their hugs.

The baby struggled to get out of her sister's arms, "Brodher!"

The girl chuckled, "Well, you're getting close to saying it right."

She began to walk, well limp, over to where the rest of her siblings were at.

"Hey, wait, Kaiya!"

She turned and saw the spiky haired boy.

She quickly gave her sister to the shadowy figure, "Just give me a few minutes," She whispered.

He nodded.

She came back to the boy.

The boy was looking at his feet, "So you're leaving . . . " He scratched his hair, "Where will you go?"

She shrugged, "I don't know. Anywhere the road takes us."

The boy kicked at the dirt, "Do you think we'll be able to meet again?"

She smiled, "Of course!"

"But what if it's years from now? I probably won't recognize you."

She thought for a moment and her eyes lit up as an idea came. Reaching behind her head, she took out a blue comb with small white orchids. She gave it to the boy.

"Take this. It's my lucky comb. It might bring so,e good luck to you too."

The boy smiled a little, "Wow. Thank you."

She leaned forward with a playful serious expression, "I'm only lending it to you. So if I see you again, you better give it back, Sano."

He nodded, "Got it."

She smiled and was about to leave when he grabbed her wrist, "Hold on a sec,"

He reached for one of his ribbons on his headband and ripped one of the ends off. Taking a hold of her right wrist, he wrapped it around, making a wristband.

"Now, you'll have something of me. I'll be sure to recognize you once I see this. So don't take it off."

She smiled at the boy, and the boy was sure he saw her eyes sparkle. "Thank you."

She turned to leave again, but she turned around and did something that the boy did not expect.

He stiffened as she kissed him on the right cheek.

"Just another piece of good luck!" She then went up the hill to where her siblings and the shadowy brother waited. "I hope we meet again soon!"

The boy touched his cheek as he watched her leave.

He felt someone beside him and saw one of the men on one side with a smirk on his face. He gave a cat's purr as he wiggled his eyebrows.

The boy blushed hard and angrily pushed him away embarrassed. "Oh, shut up!"

The man and the others laughed. Including the Captain.

The boy scowled but he looked to where the six were walking and watched as they left into the sunset.

"I hope we will meet again," he whispered.

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