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Previously on Teen Wolf: My body pulsed with a sudden burst of onset pain that caused me to cry out as I tried to stop the sudden urge to shift. I looked up toward the sky as I suddenly realised that the sun was now beginning to set, which ment that soon night would fall and the blood moon would rise again.

Luminista looked over at me as her ocean blue eyes shifted to a blazing bright sapphire. "The blood moon will cause you to harm the one person in this world you care about." She said without showing no emotion. "Unless you can contain and cntrol your instincts, everyone who have ever cared about will die, and their blood will be on you hands." "How do I stop it from happening?!" I cried out as another burst of pain shot through me as I tried to fight against it. "There's only one way to fight against the blood moon." Luminista said as she turned her eyes toward me. "you have to kill Peter Hale."

I gasped when the mention of killing Peter rang in my ears. "If you kill Peter Hale, you will no longer feel the effects of the blood moon, and you will gain more power to make you stronger then a normal true alpha." She explained. I looked toward the sky again, and realised with a sharp gasp of fear that night was falling faster then I had noticed before, and an overwelming sense of panic gripped my stomach. "Peter's coming for you Scott." Luminista said slowly. "I hope your ready to face him and your fears. If not, then everyone will die by your hands." I heard nothing more from her as she slowly dissappeared into a swirling ball of white light.

"Scott? you okay?" I heard Stiles's voice as I slowly made it to my feet. "Stiles, we need to get out here now." I said worridly as I got into the passenger side of the jeep. "Dude, are you still changing?" Stiles asked concerned as I suddenly doubled over in the seat as a fresh wave of pain shot through me like a bullet full of wolfbane venom. "Stiles drive." I said clenching my teeth in pain. "Please we have to get out of here now before something bad happens."

As we sped down the road again, I kept trying desperatly to fight against the ravaging pain that was flowing through my body as I could now see that the sky overhead and turned a deep blue, and the blood moon had already risen high into the sky. I clencehd to my teeth to stop myself from crying out in agony as I felt the pull of the moon, and the urge to kill growing stronger by the second.

"Hang on bro," Stiles said gently. "We're almost there. How are you holding up?" I was about to answer when suddenly, I felt my organs overheating again, and my bones once again began to crack, as I let out a howl of agony. The next thing I saw was nothing but a red haze of blood as I made a lunge for Stile's neck.

Chapter 10 - Monster

Scott's POV:

"Scott stop!" I heard Stiles's voice pleading as I tried to fight against it, but yet pull of the blood moon was so strong that the more I tried to fight against it, the more pain it caused me as I cried out. "Pull over!" I howled in agony as Stiles pulled the jeep over and I jumped out to the ground, writhing in complete agony trying to fight my body from shifting. "Scott?" I heard Stiless voice coming from the jeep and immediatly my wolf sense kicked into full blown overdrive, and I could feel the urge to kill start over again. "Stiles, stay back!" I cried out clenching my teeth in pain. "Call Derek and the others now."

Suddenly an overwelming powerful urge to kill consumed me as I looked up toward the blood moon and let out a raging howl of agony. "Scott? what's wrong?!" Stiles cried out as I heard the rythum of his heart starting to beat faster. I felt my breath catch in my throat as my lungs seared with agony as I felt that same white hot agony I had felt before overtake me again, and My lungs seared with agony as I could feel the pain spreading throughout my body again. I felt my organs overheating all over again, and my bones once again began to crack. "Stiles, stay back!" I cried as my eyes shifted to a blazing dark red. "Stay away from me!"

"Scott, I'm trying to help you." Stiles said gently as I heard his feet thud on the ground as he got out of the jeep and I began to panic now as I sensed him drawing closer toward me. "Stiles please," I said soflty trying to keep my emotions in check. "Stay back, I don't want to hurt you." "Scott-" I didn't have time to answer him as I continued to fight against the overwelming urge to kill. I shut my eyes against the blinding agony that ravaged through my body. Suddenly I heard Stiles screaming in agony and I felt something wet and sticky on my hands. When I opened my eyes, the next thing I saw, was Stile's body under mine, with dark blood oozing out of his chest and his neck!

Page Break! (Banshee Scream)

"NOOOOOOOO!" I howled as I had now realised what had happened. There was blood everywhere and Stiles wasn't moving or breathing, and his eyes were wide open in pure terror. "Congratulations Scott, I didn't think you had it in you." I turned slowly to see Peter standing by a tree looking quite pleased as a surge of anger flowled through me. "Although I didn't expect you to kill your best friend, but hey, I guess beggers can't be choosers on their victims." I growled in anger as I satred at the cocky grin on his face. "Your the reason behind this. Your the cause of everything!"

"Let's get one thing streight here Scott." Peter said as he made his way toward me. "Your the one who lost control here. Not me. If anyone's to blame for this, it's you." I felt a sense of dread flow over me and felt tears beginning to sting in my eyes. "Your nothing but a monster Scott." Peter said as I suddenly felt his breath near my face. "That's all you will ever be now. Do you honestly think that Stiles will pull through this? if he does, which I know he won't, do you think he'll continue to still be your best friend?" "Shut up!" I growled as I bared my fangs toward him. "you know I'm right Scott. If anyone's to blame for what happened to Stiles, it's you."

Page Break! (Banshee Scream)

"Stiles, wake up!" I begged as tears fell from my eyes and a lump formed in my throat. "Please wake up bro!" I gently shook stiles by the shoulders and grabbed his hand and felt no pain coming from him. "Shit." I muttered horrified. "No. No. Fuck! No!" "Scott!" I turned to see Derek runing up to me, and a worried look filled in his eyes as he saw Stiles's limp body with hands covered in blood. "What the hell happened?!" He cried. "I'm sorry! I couldn't control it!" I sobbed. "Derek, what do I do?!" "First of all calm down Scott. Your emotions are getting way to out of control, and second all, we need to get Stiles to the hospital fast before he looses more blood then he already has."

My body shook with fear as I helped Derek lift Stile's unconcious body into the jeep as Derek got into the driver's side. I squeezed myself in between the both of them to keep Stiles from falling over onto Derek's lap, and we sped down the road. "Scott, this is why Deaton told you to stay low during the blood moon. I knew something bad was going to happen." "Derek please not now." I said slowly. "I don't need a damn lecture okay? I feel bad enough as it is. Stiles could be dead already." "He's not dead yet." "How do you know?" "Because I know Scott. Try and stay calm. We're almost there."

By the time we made it to the hosptial, Derek and I carried Stile's body into the lobby area. "We need Melissa McCall!" Derek cried out. "Where is she?" "Scott!" I heard my mom's voice as she ran over to us and her eyes lit up in horror as she saw Stiles's body. "What happened?!" She cried as she helped us lay him down onto a stretcher. "We'll explain later." Derek said quickly before I could answer. "Just please try and save him."

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