So, first chapter of one of my inception stories. Just an FYI (as it will never be mentioned in the story) my OC Miriam has very short red hair. If you want a visual, go to deviantart and search the following (or on google) :

tanager oc app pic by mccoy-hates-magic

Disclaimer: I do not own Inception


"What if I told you that all of this," he began, gesturing to the scenery around them, "isn't real… a dream, actually?"

"What?" The other person looked around the building of Anaheim Industries. All of the windows, doors, even the smallest of carpet stains were all present. Was all of this just a dream, a part of her imagination?

"Calm down," said the man. "If you panic you can destabilize the dream… and by how deep we are only God knows what could happen." He took a step closer to Miriam, who took a step back in response. "Miriam, listen to me. Someone is trying to steal an idea from your mind. I can help and protect you. I'm here to protect you." The building began to shake, and the two people began to stumble for balance.

"What's happening?" the redhead asked, her eyes wide.