Eames' house

February 2



When the impossibly white elevator's impossibly white doors finally opened, Arthur's eyes were glad to see a non-blinding color of a door, no doubt the one Miriam was behind. He calmly stepped out of the elevator and walked towards the mahogany door that stood out against the white background while raising his hand to knock. The door cracked open before the Point Man's hand even touched the door, which made the raven-haired man raise an eyebrow before lightly pushing the door open with his hand and stepping inside.

What met his eyes could only be described as beautiful.

The mahogany door yielded to reveal a very nicely furnished and decorated room: a nice brown carpet rested across the floor, with two comfortable matching chairs positioned on either side of a glass coffee table; various pictures of faces, flowers, and other objects (the Penrose steps being one of them, he noted) hung on the walls; one wall was made of glass with doors that opened out to a balcony, which had a wonderful city view; and finally, a kitchenette/bar rested to the right of the balcony.

"About time," a female voice stated. The Point Man glanced at the balcony where the voice emanated from, and saw Miriam leaning against the frame with her arms crossed. She was clad in dark jeans and a brown jacket, fully opened to reveal her dark blue shirt underneath.

"You were expecting me, I presume," Arthur replied, referring to the sign on the stairs. The redhead nodded before moving to the kitchenette and grabbing two glasses and a bottle of scotch.

"You want a drink?" She asked as she began pouring the alcohol into the glasses. Arthur raised an eyebrow.

"You don't drink."

"Neither do you." Miriam finished pouring and grabbed the two glasses before walking over to him and offering one. "Well, not often, anyways."

Arthur accepted the glass and took a small sip before taking another good look around the place. "You'd be a good architect, has anyone told you that?" The Point Man gestured to the room as he spoke with his glass. Miriam chuckled as she glanced around herself.

"Thanks," the redhead replied with a smile before she took a drink of her beverage. "So, did you want to talk with me, or… why are you here?"

Arthur felt the shift in conversation and followed it smoothly as he responded, "you were panicked when you woke up two hours ago, and abruptly left." Miriam's expression dropped a little as he continued. "The team's concerned, and I wanted to make sure you were alright." There was a pause, with Arthur's eyes locked on his protégé, trying to read her with no luck. "Are you alright, Miriam?"

The redhead sighed before nodding, perhaps a little too quickly. "Yeah, I'm alright." Arthur placed a comforting hand on her shoulder and looked into her dark blue eyes.

"Miriam, you can tell me. If you don't want the others to know, it'll stay between us."

She bit her lower lip and remained silent for a moment longer before slowly nodding. "The first thing I realized was off was that a projection prevented me from waking up with the rest of the team. I've never had a projection do that before, even when I was in someone else's dreams." Miriam gestured to the two plush seats with her cup, and the two migrated from the bar to the chairs and took a seat. Arthur placed his cup on the coffee table and crossed his legs as Miriam continued. "Another thing was that line about the train from Cobb's mind. Projections can't see into others' minds and read their secrets... right?"

"Not necessarily," Arthur cut in, "if the dreamer's mind is strong enough, the subconscious can detect the dream-sharers and "read" their minds to discover their weaknesses so it could be used against them. It's a very rare trait that very few people have." He uncrossed his legs and leaned forward to rest his elbows on his knees, lines folding into his suit. "You have a very strong mind, Miriam; you've had years of experience with dream-sharing, and with your… father-daughter rivalry, it would make sense to have such security."

"But why the memory of my father? Of the millions of projections, why the one of the man I despise the most?"

This made Arthur fall silent for a moment as he mulled it over. "Well," he slowly began, "you did mention earlier that the people who have tried to kidnap you bore his company seal... but it's a difficult question to answer." The redhead took a long sip of her drink as she too fell silent.

"Following that train of thought, he was on my mind at the moment. If not in my conscious mind, definitely in the subconscious." Miriam paused, her expression showing slight uncertainty before she hid it with another swig of her drink.

Arthur picked up the pause and watched the redhead take a drink before asking, "But…"

Miriam sighed, "but I don't think that's why he was there. Call me paranoid, but I think it was a warning." She stood and walked over to the windows overlooking the balcony and the large cityscape, crossing her arms in the process. "It seems silly, but I'm getting the feeling that my subconscious is warning me, telling me to be careful of him… like something's coming, you know? Something big."