First Fanfic yaay! I'm dutch so my English isn't good at all. I don't own anything.

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It was night. All the villagers of Smasher's Hollow were home. Be outside was dangerous. Smasher's Hollow was accursed: it was every night full moon. Normally, full moon should be no problem, but in the village lived a flock werewolves. They are only satiable with humanoid meat. No lock could keep them outside: If you were the target, you couldn't escape or protect yourself. Villagers locked themselves in their houses and prayed to Palutena to survive the night.

Pit walked on the street. He was equipped with his bow. He knew what he did was dangerous, but he had a task to accomplish. It was a dark time full of distrust, hatred and fear. Palutena had command him to bring back the love. Pit arrived Mario's house at Mushroom Street. One light was on, that meant he was still alive! Pit grabbed one of the two arrows and pulled the string. The arrow flew in a "whoosh" straight through the window. He turned around and shoot the other arrow through the window of the house next to Mario's. That's peach's house, knew Pit. They are sparkling new hope, he thought and ran back home. At his house he knelt.

'Lady Palutena, I did what you said, I shot the love arrows at Mario and Peach.'

'Good job, my little angel. I wish you a safe night. You deserve it.' The goddess' voice said. Pit stood up.

'Thank you,' he said and went asleep.

First chapter finished! Sorry, the chapter is short. Explain, like "werewolves of Miller's Hollow" everyone awakes one after another. I promise day time would be longer. Bye!