Music: ssbb - snowman

A wolf howled in the night and Lucas opened his eyes. He had a nightmare. He dreamt that Ness got eaten by the wolves. He looked at the top floor of the bunk. Ness was sleeping peacefully.

'Ness! Awake Ness!' he said. Ness opened his eyes and looked at his best friend.

'What's going on?' asked Ness.

'I had a nightmare. You got eaten by the werewolves, and when I awaked, I heard a wolf howl.'

'I'm afraid they will come! What would we do?' asked Ness. Lucas stood up and grabbed the book: Epic magic for dummy and pro. There must be any protection against the flock, Lucas thought.

'Yes, look! Super power force shield!' yelled Ness. We could at least try, thought Lucas.

'What must we do for the shield?' asked he. Ness showed him the book. 'Three, two, one... PK PROTECTING!' the boys screamed. Their hand make beams of blue energy and maked a blue-coloured ray-shield around the house. They returned to their bunk and wished each other "Sleep Safe".