Music: ssbb - vs Marx

'Pythagoras Perseus Eros Icarus, can you climb the platform?' asked mayor DeDeDe. Pit looked irritated and climbed the platform.

'Please, just call me Pit...' signed Pit.

' Pit you have seen our lost people. How are they?' asked mayor DeDeDe.

'Mario and Peach are happy together, but I'm so sorry Peach has done this to you all. It were my arrows that couple them.' Pit let his head hang down and the villagers began to whisper. 'But, I have spoken Mario. He told me how it ended. People of Smasher's Hollow, I have THE answer.'

Music: ssbb - boss battle song 1

Everyone began to bright up and yelled enthusiastic.

'finally! The curse is over!' yelled Link. 'Party tonight after we lynch the last werewolf. Pit I hope you haven't forgot yet to play violin, cause our band is complete again!' Bowser and Donkey Kong gave each other a high-five. The name of the werewolf burnt through his laurel crown.

'Wait people...stop.' The people were already celebrating.

'STOP PEOPLE!' shouted Pit. It was immediately quiet.

'We shall not playing Carmen again,' he said.

'Why not?' asked Samus.

'Because we will miss...we will miss our flute player,' stuttered Pit. Zelda screamed and everyone looked at Link. Marth and Ike came into action and took him down.

Music: ssbb - brewster's roost

There he sat: on his knees, chained and with closed eyes. Zelda ran toward him.

'Oh Link. Why, why has you done this.' She began to cry and Link gave her a last kiss.

'Here ends it. Please, go away. You don't have to see me die. Farewell Zelda.' Link gave Zelda his green hat as memorial. Pit walked to Zelda to bring her to the park, because angels were assisting creatures.

'I'm sorry,' signed Pit when he saw Zelda's wet cheeks.

'Don't blame yourself. You helped many other people.' Zelda swept her tears away.

'Meta Knight promised to call us when the elimination process is over, until it's finished I will help you,' said Pit and set her down on a bench. Zelda tried not to think about Link and she needed to talk about something else. She tossed Pit's hair all messed up.

'You have messy hair,' laughed Zelda while Pit tried to get his hair back in shape.

'Why does everyone that? Palutena does that too.'

'Other subject, what was the death like?' asked she. Pit swallowed.

'The moment I died was very painful for my chest. Then I woke up in the underworld and I climbed to the heavens. Meanwhile I beat some monsters.' Cheers sounded from afar. Zelda embraced the young angel, continued weeping and held Link's hat in her hands. It was over. Link was gone.

'It will be fine,' appeased Pit. Meta Knight appeared.

'It's done! Our village finally has peace. The celebration already started!' Zelda and Pit followed Meta Knight.

The music of Brewster's Roost made me almost cry! Listen to that beautiful song and feel the sadness when you think about Link's goodbye.