Chapter three: Take a Picture

When I came round, I knew instantly that I wasn't in Kerritville any longer, though how I knew, I had no idea. Maybe it was the air, tinged every so slightly with salt, or the grass beneath my feet (which for some reason were bare?), I don't know.
For a moment, I didn't dare to open my eyes but then I noticed an arm around my waist, so of course I jerked away and looked around at the person standing there.
It was still the same blonde haired boy, the one who had dusted me with blue knock-out powder.
"You!" I shouted, stabbing a finger in his chest.
"What the hell do you think you're doing?! Where are we? Why are we here? Answer me, now!"
I was so angry, I felt like I was seeing everything doubled.
"Woah, calm down there, Rin." the boy said, smirking.
I barely had time to gape at the nickname when he continued "You wanted answers, didn't you?"
"Well" I spluttered "Yes! But I didn't want some guy to, to kidnap me!"
"First of all, my name's Ryan, not some guy. And second, if you want answers you'd better shut up and do what I tell you. That is of course, unless you want to get yourself killed."
I stared at him, backing away a little. "Is that a threat?"
Ryan rolled his eyes, which, on closer examination, were dark green and not brown as I'd thought.
"No it's not, but if you continue asking these stupid questions it might become one."
He didn't look menacing or anything, yet I got the feeling that now was the time to back off a bit.
"Fine." I said, looking around properly for the first time. We were at the bottom of a hill at the top of which a large pine tree stood.
Green scenery surrounded us and there wasn't a single person in sight.
"What do you want me to do?"
"For starters, put this on." Ryan told me, handing me a bracelet. It was a fine golden chain, a beautiful connection of dozens of little hoops.
"Why?" I asked him, intrigued. I held it up, so that the sunlight reflected off it, making it twinkle like a miniature sun itself.
"Just do it."
Now, I'm not normally the obeying type, especially not to people who act like Ryan did.
However, given the circumstances, I did what he told me to. Just this once, mind you.
The bracelet fitted perfectly onto my right wrist, it was merely a fraction of a shade to tight.
"Follow me." Ryan then said, starting to climb the hill, striding through the high grass on his long legs.
As he was taller than me (and I'm no shortie, mind you), I had to jog to keep up.
By the time we reached the crest, I was completely out of breath. Guess that's what happens to you when the sportiest activity you normally do is walking from the bed to the shower. Oh well.
"Tired?" Ryan smirked, but I ignored him. He might be an idiot, but at least he was helping me. Or so I hoped.
I did have a stitch in my side (not that I would ever admit that to him), however, when I looked down the other side of the hill, I forgot all about any pains.
In front of my eyes lay an extraordinary sight:
The other side of the hill sloped gracefully downwards, merging with the sea in the far distance.
But between the glittering ocean waves and the hill on which we were standing lay a...was it a camp? Half of it certainly looked like one, with cabins and activity fields, a pavilion and a big blue house with a wrap around porch. The cabins each looked different, but I had no idea why.
hat really caught my attention weren't the different styles of the lodges, or the beautiful amphitheatre even.
No, it was the city on the other side of the camp that made my eyes grow bigger than coffee plates.
Stunningly white, with Greek style buildings and modern designs blending perfectly with each other, there rose a proper little town out of nowhere. I could see fountains sparkling, hear people shouting and even smell (thought that might have been my imagination) freshly chopped wood.
The place was obviously still under construction, half of it resembled the sort of skeletal builds you see after strong winds swept the roof of your house away (yes, that has happened to me).
I barely had time to register exactly who or rather, what was constructing the rest of the buildings, when Ryan spoke up again, making me look round at him, my eyes still wide in amazement.
"Take a picture, it'll last longer"
It was obviously supposed to sound sarcastic but the half smile on his face gave him away: He was enjoying the view as much as I was.
"Where are we?" I asked, and my voice came out hushed, completely in awe of the beauty of this place. Jeez, what was wrong with me?
"Camp Half-Blood." Ryan told me, and I couldn't help noting that this was the first question he'd properly answered. "But I can't tell you anymore now, so don't bother asking me anything else."
I rolled my eyes. "Don't worry, I wasn't planning to."
Ryan smirked and pointed at the big blue house. "That's where we're going."
I nodded and started walking down the hill. After maybe twenty feet I noticed that Ryan was no longer by my side. When I looked around, there he was, still at the top of the hill, staring down at me with a bemused expression.
"What is it?" I called, wondering how on earth I was the one being stared at when he obviously lived in a freaking replica of Greece and had somehow managed to get me here, probably ages away from home, in maybe five minutes.
When Ryan was level with me, he opened his mouth and for a moment I thought he was going to tell me something.
But then he said "I told you not to ask me questions" and walked right past me.
I actually marvelled at how unpleasant he was.
When we reached the blue house, I could smell the scent of strawberries wafting toward us from a few fields not too far away. They smelt so good that I was tempted to sneak off and eat one. Of course my stomach started rumbling right away, which was so not the right moment. I have a very loud stomach you see, one which if not fed regularly will give angry wolves a run for their money in terms of growling.
"Quiet" I told it, crossing my arms in front of me and hugging my chest in an attempt to shut the noise up.
"What?" Ryan asked over his shoulder, throwing me sceptic look.
"Nothing" I mumbled, embarrassed.
Up the steps to the porch we went, and then walked around two corners of the building.
Now, after disappearing from my room, being kidnapped by a truly unhelpful and irritating boy, and finding out there was a replica of Athens in the United States somewhere, you might have thought I was prepared for more weird things to happen today.
You might also have thought that I wouldn't faint at the sight of a half-man, half horse talking to a surfer dude with a few dozen eyes too many.
Sadly, you would have been wrong.

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