The Chosen Ones and the Battle For Truth

Characters: Daniel Jackson, Jack O'Neill, Sam Carter, Teal'C, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-wan Kenobi, Padme Amidala, Yoda and Mace Windu

Story-line: During a mission SG-1 encounters a device that transports them to the Star Wars galaxy, learning that their mission now is to help the chosen one from turning to the dark-side by saving the people that mean the most to him and keeping him from the sith's influence. Will they be able to save the chosen one or will they be trapped in this galaxy forever and never be able to return home.

Disclaimers: Star-Wars and Stargate SG-1 are not owned by me. The story belongs to me everything else belongs to the George Lucas and MGM studios.

Time Range for Story: The Middle of Season 7 and Attack of the Clones. Daniel is learning to use his powers and it is during the Skywalker/Kenobi team's return to Coruscant before Padme is attacked.

Warning: In the star wars galaxy 'Phantom Menace is at the halfway point and hasn't finished completely yet, but on SG-1 it has, so almost everything will stay the same for the rest of the series till Anakin's fatal decision in the Revenge of the Sith, including the book series focused on Obi-wan and Anakin.

For this chapter it's the debrief leading into their mission, and they're standing around in the briefing room talking about what going on, as things get ready to start changing directions, as their theories over whether or not there's a galaxy crossover gets dragged into it before they leave. As they make preparations in new training as this gets started.

Though with Jacob and Bra'tac already at the base, they're getting several unexpected visitors, before they ship out for their mission next as things go from normal to abnormal before the mission even starts here.

And now on with the show!

Prologue: Mission Discussions, Talks and Preparations

'Another day, another mission, well hopefully things don't get too tense right now after this.' Jack O'Neill thought as he was in a gentle debate with his boss and the head Medical Officer on the base then as she explained her concerns. "At the moment I'm still worried about him over doing it Sir. So hopefully we can learn more, but without someone to train him to control those powers they're going to keep putting him in the infirmary." Dr. Janet Frasier said to him and he nodded as he sighed as he answered her.

"He said soon enough the gate builders we're going to reveal themselves by name and they did Doc. But if Anakin had this problem in controlling his powers I think we can guess this is as close to it as we can get it. Though if the descension was meant to temporarily hold them back then we just unlocked the damn door by having White teach us the rejuvenation trances here and they've come back on full power here."

"Whatever added side effects there were before the damn door got unlocked was one thing, but with the amount of mishaps we've had since he's returned from that plane of existence lately. It's going to result in multiple explosions if we don't get it under control here. Daniel said that his horoscope had the ability for psychic powers, but if this side effect. It means he's either turning into a Jedi student or he's turned into Storm." he said and they nodded as Jacob Carter's symbiote Selmak answered him at that.

"I believe the trances did unlock the door Colonel O'neill, whatever the Jedi's powers are in the next plane, once they choose to return from it, their powers are repressed than once they put themselves into this meditation or rejuvenation trances it unlocks the door and their powers start coming back on full strength to the point they can't control it, so they become like Hercules."

"Without the proper guidance they can not control it till they put themselves back to the beginning and with those words. I think and believe it's time to return to basics here, he's learned everything he's needed to from us and Bra'tac it's time for advanced training. So his only chance is getting it from someone like himself now." he said and Jacob finished that gently.

"Well if you get drafted in the middle of this then it's back to the drawing board Jack, if Anakin's who he's to become, by that I mean his younger self, not his adult self, than we got to make sure nothing gets in the way of that. If the movies are true that's our only chance now of his controlling these powers now and with that fact in mind here."

"Jack he's been like a son to me ever since I got the chance to get to know him, but at this rate if we don't get those powers under control and some megalomaniac gets to him, that's it. Without the proper guidance those powers could turn into dangerous weapon he needs guidance by someone other than Bra'tac and me to control it now." he said to him and he nodded, before he could answer they saw something go flying through the door.

"Not again, I told them not to aggravate him." Janet said with a growl. "At least it wasn't the computer exploding Janet, but the bonehead who caused it this time is in serious trouble." he said as they heard a mental tirade break out then. 'Pyrotechnics, just who the hell does he think I am, I'm not using that unless I have to. As if I don't have my own problems, damn it Steven I'm under enough pressure as it is, I don't need this as well right now. So I'm the one you blame for that."

'You're a total idiot, it's not my fault, but yours, if you just bothered to contact me she'd never have gotten taken you fool. I'm not doing anything to betray them and with those words you try that twice and I'm the one arresting you. Edwards I swear I'm not using that till I get it under control.' they heard as two of the chairs in the room jumped off the floor and they exchanged looks.

"What the hell was that about exactly anyway?" Hammond asked and they exchanged looks at that. "I caught part of it, but someone by the name of Steven and..., she'd never have gotten taken. Sarah Gardner AKA Osiris. That's the second half, but something about pyrotechnics George." he said to him and he nodded. "He's not using that unless he doesn't have a choice, he wiped out thirty Jaffa with that ability."

"Alright whoever caused that tirade must have caused the chair to get thrown out of the room and he must have been talking to Raynor if he's that aggravated. But his feelings were if he nearly got us killed was he was going to kill him for nearly getting us killed General." Janet added to him and Jack called out to men in the control room just below them as he did it over the railing of the spiral staircase then, knowing the leader of the team was as concerned as they were with the what just happened a few minutes ago.

"Man am I glad you didn't completely retire Jacob you're still one general I never want to tick off." Jack added and he chuckled. "Like George, you show me the same trust and respect, but our bond is the same as the one with him son. But I'm lucky we organized our cover story when Hamner's kept asking for information, before we threw that bone at him, when off world we act the same with each other, but I'm you're general off world he's the general on the base." he said and Jack smiled as he patted him on the shoulder.

"Mutual trust, friendship and respect and you're the father of my team-mate, when we got a dead line, like the situation when we got rid of Apophis finally that's when I take second seat and act as your second in command, and with those words you better do this, because you're still a two star." he said and Jacob nodded as he called out over the railing to the men in the control room then, injecting his general tone into his voice.

"Telekinetic outburst, alright who caused it this time and what got thrown exactly!" he said as he called out and over the railing into the control room and Walter Harriman answered that, his tone more than slightly aggravated than as he answered him at that. "Edwards just ticked him off General! And to answer your second question he just threw the chair out the door, that was a telekinetic outburst Sirs, Doctor." he shouted out and they could heard the amount of anger in his tone as he snapped at the other colonel.

"Damn it, Colonel Edwards we've gone over this once too often, he can't control those abilities yet. This isn't like the normal Air Force we're fighting it out against more dangerous opponents, and in his case, he's still trying to control it. With what you just did, you could have just blown the circuit breaker if that chair hit the controls let alone the computers and we've gotten electrocuted once too often and with that have you lost your damn mind here." he said firmly and Jack shouted over the railing at that.

"Who's Edwards exactly?" Jacob asked and he growled at that. "Vidrine has him digging up enough Naquada to create more Prometheus class ships and the F-302's, but he crossed the Unas on the planet they were on, I took several claw marks to my shoulder and it takes Daniel's diplomacy skills to prevent a massacre on that mission, but he's the most xenophobic colonel we got in the program after they killed Ritter."

"Daniel did a border dispute with Iron Shirt, saying they'd stay off their planet and in exchange they give us the Naquada and he took it, but does this seem familiar to you guys?" Daniel asked and they nodded. "The border dispute on Ansion, in the movie, well if that tells us anything it's just another indicator this mission is getting hijacked later." Janet said and he nodded as he answered her with a gentle tone.

"Whatever he said to him, must have pissed him off though, because Daniel's a diplomat, not a soldier, he's a negotiator. Ever since he came home his skills as everything we remember him as just tripled in strength since his memory came back Janet, Jacob. Though considering he nearly got my younger brother killed then, Alright I'm laying into Edwards myself and with those words in mind here." he said as he shouted over the railing to the other colonel, his dragon tone of voice on full throttle as he shouted it out.

"Carl get up here now. Walter get Siler and you guys check the board and the circuit breakers alright, I want to see if it got fried or not, the missions on hold for three hours here till we know for sure, and get Carter and Teal'C to give you a hand as well, just be careful, we don't need you guys getting electrocuted a second time here after the entity hijacked the computers system!" he snapped and Colonel Carl Edwards walked up the stairs at that. "Affirmative Colonel O'neill!" Walter called back and he turned and looked at the other colonel sternly as Janet said it for him with a furious look on her face then.

"Just what did you say to cause that to happen exactly, because the memo Colonel O'neill and I put into the board was nobody was to tick him off, emotional outbursts cause his powers to start going crazy. And with those words Colonel, just what the hell did you do exactly?" Janet snapped at him. "Don't say it Carl, she's just as worried as we are buster, now answer her." Jack said with a growl and he swallowed as Jack crossed his arms as the four of them were looking at him with furious looks on their faces.

"I just suggested he should use his pyrotechnics to deal with the Kull Warriors." he said and Jack covered his eyes. "Use the pyrotechnics against the Kull Warriors, he's gone through enough already, he doesn't need to live with that type of death on his conscious. He's already slaughtered thirty Jaffa that way, he doesn't need this to." Hammond said in shocked disbelief. "He's traumatized enough already by destroying his computer and destroying the Jaffa that attacked us Sir, both on board the alkesh and on the ground."

"Have you lost your god damn mind Carl, he's at a very vulnerable stage right now, let alone he's at a very dangerous time in his training at the moment and frankly I'm not risking him suffering guilt for taking any more lives and with that fact in mind here. Have you seen X-men, that kid turned to the darkside, because he was sick of being held back. I'm not holding him back, he's not ready yet. He's not ready to try and use his powers till he's got them under control Carl." Jack said in shock and he quickly answered that.

"It worked before to save you guys, why not again?" he asked and Jack slammed his hand down on the table as he answered his question, his tone furious as he said it with a growl. "It's because his pyrotechnics are a more haphazard portion of his powers. You consider him losing his temper till he destroys a car or gas station, if he gets drunk and starts playing with fire, literally, it's going to burn a building down and I'm not risking it. As for his telekinesis, he can't lift more than a human being right now till he starts stretching his mental muscles. Telekinesis, telepathy, control over the elements."

"In order to work effectively he's got to learn to control it again, whatever caused these powers to go back on full strength is enough he needs to practice to get them under control. As to that, that ability knocked him unconscious for two weeks. I'm not allowing that to happen again and as for his emotional state, he's feeling guilty enough he killed those Jaffa like that and the nearly hit me when the computer exploded so it's not happening. Not till he's got up it under control and with those words in mind here."

"Alright let me make this piece of it very plain to you Carl, but Daniel's not a violent man, he's not a soldier, he's a keeper of the peace. And as for your determination to wipe out the Unas, you could have gotten yourselves killed had it not been for him, do you want me to transfer you back into the normal portion of the military, because we look at all the facts, before we make a damn judgment call here."

"Daniel hasn't learned to control those powers yet and frankly I'm not risking him putting himself in the hospital, for over doing it, his powers won't work on those things. My brother is still trying to control this and his life's just shifted directions and the next time you want to bring that up, do it out of ear shot of him." he said with a growl and he nodded quickly at that as he went further his tone as firm and dangerous as it could be.

"To you these creatures are filthy stinking monsters, to us their just other races we've got to live in harmony with and in case your mind isn't processing on all cylinders right now. But the Stargate program was meant to act as reconnaissance for extraterrestrial life, our program is the Stargate version of the Rebel Alliance and with those words in mind here. Daniel's our version of the group who are keepers of the peace and are not soldiers, they don't go for violence unless they have no other choice here."

"The trade dispute is as close to the border dispute on the movie as you can get it, but you just barely missed killing yourselves on that mission. When he and I were reprimanding you for that he was right, your standing orders no longer apply in this situation, Hammond's the head of the base, I was taking it back to my superior, and I don't give a damn if you were furious or not at the time Carl, you weren't going in."

"You were outnumbered 100 to 1, it's suicide if you're not thinking straight. Daniel's the best diplomat we have in these situations, if he says just be patient and let him work then do so. If we're to be the fifth race we got to wean ourselves of the old ways and be open to everything the races, the Jaffa and the Tok'ra have to teach us. But if I hear you've suggested going into demolition mode a second time and you're getting ejected from the program, is that clear!" Jack snapped and he nodded and Hammond finished it off.

"Dismissed!" he growled and he quickly left the room and he sighed. "Great, that's just great, as if we need these situations getting too close to the movies right now. Does the damn pentagon want me going to the darkside just to get results, it's as simple as that Sir. We were created to be the first line of defense, but we were also created to learn more about the galaxy and I've taken my first steps in how to do that." they heard as Daniel walked into the room with a sigh and joined them at the table.

"I don't blame you for that remark Daniel, but cool down before you destroy the computer a second time." Janet said to him and he nodded. "Jacob I can get the results, if they let me do it my own way, I can save the Tok'ra, I can save the Asgard, find the surviving Tollan a new planet and ensure that the Jaffa got an endless supply of tretonin and the alliance intact and get Vidrine the results he wants if he'd just be patient."

"I mean you, Persus and Ariana know I'm the friend of their mother, so what else, we go to the Asgard to clone Egeria and create two clones, one to create more of you and the other to help the Jaffa create the tretonin and bingo. That solves two problems at once, we raid her strongholds, and she's going to give that information anyway, because I know she still sees me as a really close friend and her people I can solve the sarcophagus problem and recreate the thing to prevent an addiction from happening."

"The Asgard, I can solve their cloning situation once the knowledge breaks down the front door and the Tollan I can find a new planet for them to live on so they're not living with the Nox anymore." he said to him and he nodded in agreement. " You're right about that, James is going to destroy the planet if he's not patient enough for you to the results, I mean he could have gotten you killed two months ago at the time."

"You okay now son?" Jacob asked and he nodded to him. "Aside from slightly irritated yes, but I can't believe he even brought that up, I mean it would take something much stronger then the guns and explosives we have to get past whatever shield there is just to penetrate the armor. Though a lightsaber might do it, but I don't have one right now, but that's not why I'm irritated right now, it's been two months and this is still going on."

"My powers go crazy every time I lose control of my emotions, I feel like I'm twelve year old who's just between across between childhood and adulthood, if this is what Ben was feeling I feel the same right now. I'm not just a normal human being anymore, I'm a descended ancient, my life's been screwed around with so many times it's not even funny anymore." he said as the rest of his frustration came pouring out of him then.

"And just when I'm able to relax with my memories of all of you back finally, all of it came back a nine weeks ago and I remember everything now, but the memories just brought back the me you remember after we stopped the surgical attack Apophis pulled on us here at the time. And just as I'm able to relax with those memories in place the training unlocks another door in my head and releases a few memories of my time upstairs and that explains my irritation when you got captured by Tertius, Jack."

"Then it unlocks another door and something changes it again and now I'm dealing with being this galaxy's possible version of a Jedi knight and I've got the rebel Jaffa treating like I'm a god. While we got the NID rats and Anise asking to run me through testing, let alone wanting me to use my powers for illegal and illicit missions and to top it off, after Nirrti, my best friend is getting marked by the races for being a possible link to a stronger universe." he said to him with a sigh and he nodded as he answered him.

"If this means the start of a new path, it's time to take it son, Mel would agree when I say this, but if this is the next lesson then my advice is let go of anxieties and act on instinct now. You've taken your first steps into a larger universe and Bra'tac and I taught you as much as we could. But with your powers just activating again you need a much stronger teacher now, so it's back to the drawing board." Jacob said gently, referring to Daniel's father, Doctor Melburn Jackson, and Daniel nodded as he looked at him then.

"Dad's just like you guys Jacob, but even he would agree if I needed the added training I need to get away from the people who wish to use my powers for their own means, though what I will say is I'm not allowing my powers to be used for that type of thing. You know it's enough when we were just getting passed the added arguments and requests for added technology, but if they'd just be more patient, I wouldn't hesitate to offer up my help, every mission that we never got the chance to tie up the loose ends."

"Joe Faxon, Connor and SG-11, Hank and SG-10, Egeria, Frank Cromwell, and a dozen other areas that we never got the chance to clean up here, because they're rushing for results right now. If this means we can do some work in fixing every catch we never got the chance to, I can get us results, if they let me do it my own way. You're retired maybe, but you understand what I'm feeling better than anyone Jacob."

"Because since you became a Tok'ra, your guidance certainly has opened up that door, and with that my powers aren't toys, they'd just made me mature faster than I should have, I'm thirty eight, but I feel like I'm forty six in maturity if this is what council feels like, I don't blame them, but till I get it under control I'm not pushing it till I'm ready. And with that, at least you and Bra'tac understand that I need time, before I use it."

"I took your teachings far more seriously than you'd expect here, you, Bra'tac, Narim, Omac, Lya, Thor, by your teachings, you helped me a lot and with those words, if this means I got a shot to fix the messes we keep getting ourselves into, I'm taking it now." Daniel said to him and he nodded to that one. "If it takes me going with you on your missions to train you myself I would if I had the chance, but I can't at the moment, and it's the same for Bra'tac, one on one is your only chance to deal with this kiddo."

"Hopefully the next mission brings you to someone who understands this kind of thing, but you need to get those powers under control and if you're the leader of the fifth race it means the SGC just got turned into our version of the rebel alliance here." he said and he chuckled. " I bet you weren't expecting Sam to be involved in the Milky Way version of the Sith/Rebel war at the time when you were working at the pentagon were you?" he asked and he started laughing at that as he answered him with a smile.

"That and you're the intergalactic version of the A-Team, you guys specialize in the ridiculous and the insane. So I'd say this gets crazy in the job, but then you need to be a little crazy to be working in this base after what goes on in here." he said and Daniel started laughing at that as he smiled. "Yeah, but I think that people who don't want to go through that gate are whacked." Jack said with a chuckle and he nodded smiling.

"Yes well meeting you at the dinner party in D.C. that was enough I knew you just changed her life when you guys told me the truth though with her involved in the program you guys just finished what I set out to do for her, she wanted to be an astronaut and go into space, but this is the next best thing to that and it's less likely to result in the engines exploding thankfully, but I owe you guys everything Jack."

"At the moment you're traveling to new planets and so far you've met ten to twelve races. But there's at least two hundred versions of aliens on billions of planets scattered all over this galaxy and the Pegasus galaxy at the moment. But most human, others humanoid, and others like the creatures we've come into contact with. But we got a long way to go, and once things really get started you're going to be the most famous man in the galaxy, if your powers reach the force reflexes and Jedi skills after that."

"Though with you scaring the heck out of me on more than one occasion the last five years it's enough I'm going father bear with you kids at the moment, I'm 63 years old and you guys are going to give me a heart attack if you keep pulling the stunts you have been lately here." he said and he nodded. "Yeah well the general saw us at the ages you saw us at when you helped us with the Reetou, but you were both thirty eight Jacob, though. So seeing us as our adult selves resulted was enough to make him remember after the solar flare incident." he said and he nodded smiling gently as he answered him.

"You and my daughter were just short of five at the time and Jack was just a few months away from thirteen yeah I remember that, if I'd met your parents at the time, I'd have taken you in when your parents were killed, but what I will say is that I was in New York when the accident ended up all over the newspapers, the general wanted me having a look at the exhibit they were working on at the time son."

"But with that, I'm just relieved I got a chance to see you as an adult at the time, but whatever the idiots in the joint chiefs are pulling I'm going to kill them if they're the reason you suffered that emotional breakdown after the malfunctioning sarcophagus." he said and Daniel sat on the edge of the table as he answered that as he looked at him. "Samuels was promoted to colonel and Rice is trying to pull the same stunt now."

"But no matter what they say I'm not letting them use me for their plans here and with those words, the president is leave the decisions regarding my powers to the general, you Jack and Janet now. But whoever was responsible for that wasn't here when we had the debrief, ulterior motive though the president ordered its one technology we can do without at the time." he said and he nodded to that as his eyes narrowed at that.

"I'm still a two star general though I retired son, and with those words, just what did Samuels say to you if you decked him for it?" he asked and he sighed as Jacob rested his hand on his shoulder then. "He was implying Sam was going for Quid Pro Quo with the general, and I mean in a sexual sense Jacob, and that did it for me, because to prevent Lou from getting charged for hitting him, I did it for him, but Dan put too much power into the blow and it threw him right into the wall. Though the generals and the president were bemused at my tirade at him." he said and he nodded with a furious look.

"If he was in here I'd bust his ass back to second lieutenant for that remark, if you told him that you're right, insulting the family of a general is right up there with political suicide. As is insulting extended family, getting smart with said general and with those words you read out everything I'd have told him, if you weren't my future son-in-law. Though I'd have approved of you automatically once I saw you at the time."

"And I did after several missions together, but getting smart with the general who's the father, or godfather, of the victim of said criticism is enough that the poor fool is getting busting two or three ranks from what he's at, especially when the team leader of that victim is a former spec ops colonel. Let alone the other is not a man you want to trifle with and could easily tear a limb off her, like he's a wookie as well."

"Did he really think he could get away with that, if I'd been in the room and he said that I'd bust his ass for saying that to her, while you're preventing Lou from making a mistake, before doing it for him at the time, as to that. Hank's daughter is Janet's age and she's working at the CDC right now, but we're all fathers and insulting the daughter or family of a two star, or women in general, is getting the guy who said it a court martial for it." he said and then told him the truth as he crossed his arms.

"George is my best friend and he's her godfather, that's as close to incest as you can get and its as inappropriate as you can get when in the base. Thank you for defending our honor in that, but you should have let us take care of it, but I don't blame you for that remark son, let alone decking him for that remark, and you're right: for officers it's equipped with a court martial, you're able to get away with it, because you're a civilian. So what now, reworking things, before you leave today son?" he asked him gently.

"I've got to talk to Aris, but if he's willing to be our contact, I can help him with his situation later on." he said and he looked at him. "Aris Boch, his planet is controlled by Yu, and I just got an update, but what Korra told you was slightly off: the day he was trying to arrest him, he flying off see his kinfolk. He's got family on Atropos." he said and Daniel nodded to that. "Alright extended family, well if he's able to help us, I can lead a raid and destroy whoever the minor Goa'uld is on the planet." he said and he nodded.

"Yeah well first things first, you got to get those powers under control kiddo." Hammond said to him and he nodded in agreement to that. "You already decided I'm not using my elemental powers till I can control that, but my telepathy and telekinesis won't be a problem, if I wind up in another situation that changes things here. Though Vidrine's shoot first, ask questions later approach is wearing my patience here." he said to him.

" At the moment Samuels is at again son, he's been promoted to colonel and he and Morrison are the ones asking for you to stay on earth." he said and he shook his head. "Anyone looking at a repeater of the Tollans here?" he asked and he nodded. "I hate these guys, they need to back off before they destroy the planet themselves, advanced technology is not a toy, like your powers aren't, you can accomplish the impossible if they back off and let you work." Jacob said and he nodded as he answered his remark.

"Yeah well what I'm looking at is the Eurondans incident, I mean honestly, are they so willing to get advanced technology that they're willing to side with Hitler and the Nazis here?" he asked and he looked at him in shock. "The Nazis, are you kidding me, so one side is the Nazis and the other is the Jews and they're trying to get advanced technology by committing genocide, that's the sickest thing I've ever heard of." he said in disgust.

"Yeah well it gets better, they actually threw Sha're in my face to make a point here, but I'm the one in the field and I know the danger bette than anyone, because my family got torn apart." he said and they exchanged looks. "Sounds like what Kinsey did to you Jack and with that in mind, I'm repeating his remark, enough is enough. Just what the hell s the matter with you guys?" he asked and he sighed. "Don't ask me that question ask Vidrine Jacob he's the one running the show here." he said and he nodded as Daniel said it to him for him then.

"Yeah well it's back to the drawing board in all areas here, we just developed a taste for space travel, but now we got to reproduce the damn engines to prevent the 301 incident from happening twice." he said to him gently. "You're right about that, I can't believe you guys did that. It was too soon for that type of advancement. Like I told you and Sam these advancements have to be earned kiddo, but that's my next question."

"Daniel, if those memories start breaking down the door what do you suggest exactly?" he asked him and he smiled. " Recreate the layout of the engines, use the components we've got at our disposal in this galaxy and create our own X-wings, if my memories start breaking down the front door I can do that and we go from stellar to interstellar after that with the 302's." he said and they nodded to that.

"If we end up making friends with anyone as strong as you in powers, that just adds on to the training if they decide to come stay with us, but if you need a shot to recover after another power emotional burst its best to head for their planet and get it out of your system. Though if we just hit what I think, our latest allies are the Jedi council next here along Anakin and Ben now." Janet said and he smiled as he looked at her smiling.

"What are the chances we end up learning that the movie series is true exactly Janet, though they're working on the final film right now and it doesn't come out till next year, but eighty percent of the series is complete and the added books attached to it. If that's my mission in life now, I got a lot of work to do here. Though we get enough of those theories hitting the table what's the chance this one just activated finally." he asked and she started laughing as she answered him smiling.

"With everything we've seen these last seven years extremely high, but what I will say is that it just made it clear, nothing's impossible as long as you believe you can do it. But I think whatever they were teaching if you keep forcing it you're going to give yourself a migraine here Daniel. So if this is the start of your new life as a knight, time to throw out the old ways and just let go now." she said and he nodded in agreement to that.

"A Sith lets their feelings get in the way, a Jedi is selfless, we only care about others, which I've proven that at least three hundred times the last nine years alone. Blasted idiot." he said and she looked at him. "What?" she asked and he looked at her. " Aside from Edwards remark, I just got off the phone with Steven, Janet. The damn idiot is still putting the blame on me for what happened to Sarah, but I'm not the one responsible."

"If you heard my thoughts I forgot to put up the shield and I was berating him in my head for what happened, as if that's not enough I really did tell him that Sam is my girlfriend and you're my sister and had you guys been killed I'd have killed him myself for that." he said and she and Hammond both nodded to that, knowing he meant his rival Steven Raynor and Jack stood up away from the table he was leaning against then.

"Not that I blame you for that reaction, but your feelings for both of us just got a lot stronger since your memories came back, but I'm seeing the you I remember after Samuels insulted you guys and the general." she said and he smiled. " Yeah three years to mourn, if this means a new shot at happiness I'm taking it Janet, you guys are all that matter to me, but his nearly getting you killed I'm not letting that go, he's a total idiot." he said and she nodded smiling as Jack looked at him at that to go into it.

"Raynor, what happened exactly?" he asked and he sighed. "He's wondering why I never bothered to get this out all over the planet, two why I'm not bothering to tell anyone about this latest discovery I've made and why I trust you more than him Jack." he said and they heard another voice answer that remark. "Does he really need to ask that, I mean A) the planet isn't ready for this, B) they already think your theories are nuts and C) we've been friends for ten years and you don't need to prove anything to us."

"Damn idiot, he tries that twice and it really is treason, you're in charge of the civilian sector, and you decide to bring him in, he's getting arrested if he tries to work for Samuels." Lieutenant Colonel Louis Ferretti said as he came to join them. "Yeah well ten years to the day man. One hell of a full circle, I may have dropped off the face of the world, so to speak, but that's not stopping me from doing and making the discoveries the others only dream about." he said and the duo smiled at that statement.

"I can't believe it's been ten years to the day since the day you joined the program Daniel, it's been one hell of a wild ride and our friendship is unbreakable now. Well if today means we start a secondary shot than instead of planet hopping we're going galaxy hopping now." Jack said and he started laughing at that. "Yeah there's that, but I'm reaching the biggest change we need now here in this."

"But if this means we're getting involved with people 250 year ahead of us it's back to the drawing board, what with the damn tests just getting rebooted Jack, we're entering the Tollan test here. What's the first thing we learned exactly with them?" he asked and he crossed his arms. "Don't use violence or force, we got to be diplomatic. We failed the test the first time, but passed it by allowing them to leave at the time. We also screwed up in the test regarding the test in the case of the Nox and that's four fails in the side of two years at the moment."

"Jacob, what's the total in the case of this, if this means we got to run these exams in order to regain not only your favor, but the favor of the races we come into contact at the time, because my original remark regarding the under cover mission was we don't need your stuff, but we do need you, all of you?" he asked and Jacob sighed as he answered him. "Out of forty passing grades regarding these tests and exams since you met not only the Tok'ra, but the Nox, Asgard, Tollan and the Ancients, you flunked thirty of ninety quizzes Jack and this advancement race is getting out of control right now as well.

"And frankly this has the five of us beyond worried and we're all ready for a retrial regarding our alliances with you at the moment, and with that fact in mind, if this mission results in you running into someone as powerful and ancient as we are, it's time for a second shot now. Daniel, if this means what I think and your powers just reached to the point the quartet all hoping for, we just hit the point of no return now and you're ready for the advanced training." he said to him and she looked at him as she answered that. "Yes well his latest test results just showed up some very odd results General."

"Whatever level of organisms were in his system that made his immune system this strong, have just gone from 500 to 30,000 now, since he descended from that plane of existence." she said and he looked at her in shock at that. "Whoa, that's more than just odd, whatever's been going on ever since he joined the program just revealed him to be more than normal, but super-human now. Hopefully the others can explain this, but I'm stumped at the moment." he said to her and she nodded as Jack answered him with a sigh of concern at the news then.

"If our latest compatriots are like the Tollan they can help you train, but we're not asking for anything in return now, but if their kid is like you it's an even trade, now. And with that fact in mind here, we got to figure out a way for you to train with interruptions incoming every other day in the office here at the moment." he said to him and he nodded to that as he looked at him. "Yeah that's my point Jack, it's an even trade they help us, we help them, and we can save both galaxies in one swoop now. Though if this means a few added chances in our lives and for us it's a change."

"Jacob if this next mission means the start of our relationship, would it bother you we got started sharing an apartment even before we married later?" he asked to change the subject and Jacob smiled. " No it wouldn't, in honest truth if she just ignores her head and just lets her heart do the talking now and you get together finally, I don't mind at all. You're like my son, I couldn't ask for a better match for her than you Daniel." he said to him and Hammond chuckled as he switched subjects. "Yes, and I don't mind that either, these guys she's getting involved with now, are not her type right now." he added and he smiled.

"At this rate if I'm starting my real training I think I just hit the pinnacle of what you guys had to teach me and what they had to teach me through the movie, but at this rate, if I'm to be our galaxy's version of the chosen one. Than we just created our version of the Rebellion and the alliance with ten countries involved in this General, though with the amount of planet hopping we've done, I'm waiting for the axe to fall next." Daniel said and Jack nodded as he added on to his remark.

Before he could say it though the alarm went off as the gate activated then. "We're not expecting anyone back until tomorrow. What's going on here?" Jack asked and Daniel felt his anxiety going up as he answered him. "Whatever it is, its got to do with me Jack, though if it's incoming, it means our friends and allies are dropping in to see us." he said as the iris started losing its integrity then and nodded as he said it.

"Lya, we got the Nox incoming, Walter open the Iris!" he called out and the iris opened as his suspicions were confirmed as he saw the wild haired woman, her mate, a man dressed in a silver jumpsuit and a bright flash lit up the room as a grey alien and a woman dressed in monk robes appeared in front of them. "Well that's three out of four, the races are making contact with me along with Jacob and Bra'tac, it's about me alright." he said as he exchanged looks with his brothers and father-in-law then.

"Come on." he added as he, Jack, Lou, Hammond and Janet followed him into the gate room. "Good morning and welcome Lya, Anteaus, Morgan, Narim, Thor, so what can I do for you my friends, if you came to see me specifically?" he asked gently and Anteaus smiled at the gentle demeanor about him. "I see your powers have made you mature faster than your years my young friend, you indeed learned much these last ten years."

"I always knew we made the right choice when we chose you. To answer the unasked question of what I mean by that, your decrypting our meeting place was a test, we were looking for the right person and seeing you let Narim and his people go. In doing that we knew we chose correctly that night Daniel, but that is what we wish to discuss with you, you got time for a meeting before you ship out?" he asked and Daniel nodded to him.

"Yes, the mission is on a hold for three hours Anteaus, come with me, we can discuss this in the briefing room." he said and they nodded to him and followed him upstairs as the seven sat down and he took a seat acros from them. "I thought none of you met up very often here, because the DHD had been destroyed when I found your united nations?" he asked and they chuckled.

"In times of crisis, we do, but at the moment with Anubis on the loose and creating these Kull warriors. We decided to come see you to explain why your abilities suddenly reactivated after your started your mental ailment recovery training." Morgan Le Fay said to him. "Morgan, what are you doing here, I thought you couldn't interfere like this?" he asked and she smiled softly at him.

"Merlin and I both felt the way you did regarding this situation, though Merlin is out of the equation, we and two others have discussed something and we've come to discuss it with you, though we're your contacts, I know you're still furious at Oma at the moment. And to be perfectly honest you have every reason to be, because she's gone way too far and you were chosen for a specific since you decoded our languages." she said to him and Jack answered that.

"Yeah we are, though for whatever reason you erased those memories, you could have just left some indication we were his family Morgan, because finding him with a total memory block pissed us off at the time." he said and Daniel finished that. "If I learn anything else in her case though, regarding my friends, the eight here, and friends from the other teams, I'm not bothering to ascend twice though, because though I'm half human, or just force sensitive, whatever you want to call it. But at the moment the need of training is becoming first priority right now and I lost control of my abilities since they reactivated."

"What she did the last thirty years though, let alone eight months ago, that is unforgivable, that was my family she allowed to be killed and the first of my trips through the gain. In fact Abydos was the first planet we went to and she allows it to be destroyed, I'm not letting that go, if I'm to insure the rest of the races survive, I have to find some sort of balance, and there's a few questions I have. My powers have only grown stronger in two months and I can't control it at the moment, so why are you here exactly?" he asked her and she explained that to him then.

"You ever wonder why we chose you specifically though, why of all the archeologists on the planet you get results five times faster than any normal civilian and most important, you can see things they can't, because your senses are so attuned. Think it through Daniel, in the movie he said that Jedi reflexes are fast faster than a normal human being, you can see things before they happen and do things, no human can do, because they've got a sixth sense. That sixth sense is because they were force sensitive. That sixth sense results in turning you super human. Your cells have been breeding to a point that your immune system has tripled in strength to the point to where you heal five times faster than normal and hardly ever get sick now."

"The sarcophagus may have healed your body, but it just boosted the intensity that these cells have built into your immune system now. In the way that the Atenik armbands had, but your taste for power at the time was superficial, compared to your abilities without the armband. These powers are for more powerful, because they grant you access to a deeper existence than most can ever expect. Your powers now are far more powerful and though you've no memory of the other plane at the moment. I understand your memories just returned completely Daniel?" Morgan Le Fay asked and he nodded to her.

"Yes they did Morgan, but not my time upstairs yet, aside from Jack and Ba'al. Sixth sense, Jedi skills, you got to be kidding, it took me less then an hour to translate the coverstone and two weeks to crack the code. I..., I spent ten years as though I was a Jedi knight. What are these beings exactly anyway, because I knew things, I shouldn't have ever since I took this job, it takes less then three days to get results and now you're telling me, that you chose me because I'm really that more attune to what the six of you had to teach me than anyone on the entire planet, because I was meant to take on these powers."

"Was anyone in my family born with that added gene that enables you to work your technology without you getting hurt. The Goa'uld been trying to create an advanced host, and they always underestimate me for a specific reason, why exactly. Nirrti slaughtered the inhabitants of Hanka, and we lost two teams because she was working on this?" he asked her and she smiled gently. "Merlin and I cloaked your signature ever since you started on your path, the ancient you saw when Shifu was a baby, that was me you were looking at at that night, the monk was really a descended ancient, searching for new students."

"When he saw you, he saw you'd be good for training, but I need to test you. Oma was tampering with your future, however I'm the one acting like a true mentor should be. I'm your mentor Daniel, I saw in you great potential, I knew you'd never abuse those powers whatsoever. As to that, the gene runs in your mother's side of the family, but it skipped a generation, and your grandfather couldn't control his abilities at the time. and this resulted in his accidentally activating the crystal skull, and meeting our other allies at the time." she said and Janet looked at her in shock.

"Nick was ancient descent, are you serious, just how many generations of this gene run in Daniel's family exactly anyway. Because he was always in complete health, though he drove himself into the ground to crack a case at times?" she asked her and she explained that. "Ten generations actually, the added six sense activates with the male heir, but though his skills are five times faster than what most archeologists can do. What your picking up was right on schedule, the sudden increase was because he just got conceived by the force now and as to that, he's now the adult version Anakin Skywalker."

"To a medical specialist, if they never studied this type of thing what they can't see in areas like this it's an abnormality, but the abnormality was the early stages of his becoming far more powerful than you'd ever expect. The symbiote killers, the mirror, that was created us, the races by the way, and everything he sees that you can not. When you're not around to see it, it's because his abilities shifted directions and he's ready for the final stage now. What did your latest blood test show when did pre mission exams here, these last seven years?" she asked her and she quickly answered her.

"I found an organism in his bloodstream and there's thousands of them now. I can't figure out whether or not, they're acting as his connection to his powers or not." she said and he leaned back against the chair at that. " They are actually, I've spent the last nine years acting as a Jedi not knowing, I was gradually turning into one. You guys considered me Luke once I pulled off the impossible when we destroyed the army and battleships in orbit and our joking around about the rebellion alliance, during the general meeting with the President came to see us, just resulted in unlocking to door none of us saw coming here."

"Those jokes weren't just jokes, they were a foreshadowing, and that is that I'm not just any normal human being anymore Janet, those little guys in my blood you picked up, and they're not Nanites, but they kept growing every year till I ascended, I descended and suddenly my connections to my powers are so powerful, that the therapy Eliza taught us, just broke down the front door. I'm Anakin if stayed a Jedi and kept my principles as to that, every year the level kept growing till I risked death deactivating the bomb the Kelownans accidentally turned on at the time."

"If I've got over twenty thousand in my body, it means I'm our galaxy's version of Anakin when Qui-Gon found him when he was little. They're, to put it for a better word here, they're midichlorines, I've followed my instincts for years and it's because, I've been getting mental messages and those messages are from these organisms, my skills in translating, my speed has sped up faster, I'm having premonitions, I'm faster than you guys are now, I'm..., no I can't be. Those fools don't realize just what they're doing right now, I get captured or worse and it'll destroy both galaxies, their's, ours and the Pegasus galaxy."

"Morgan, Thor, guys, I need time to train and Bra'tac and Jacob did as much as they could and my abilities already did some good so far. At the moment, with my powers back on full power I saved at least fifty to three hundred thousand people and my comrades at the moment, I can save our planet and galaxy from the stranglehold of the Goa'uld and destroy Anubis once and for all, if we find your lost city, but in order to do that, I've got to risk taking that knowledge myself this time." he said and they nodded as she answered him at that gently.

"You out of your mind, that nearly killed me Daniel!" Jack said in shock and he looked at him. " I'm less at risk than you are Jack, if my skills progressed to this state, I can just, once I destroy Anubis, for the first time in years, bury it in my subconscious, like I did with the Goa'uld knowledge. And while doing that, put myself in suspended animation once I mastered my skills if I'm really what I'm thinking here." he said to him and she nodded in agreement to his thoughts as she answered his remark then.

"That's why we chose you specifically actually, you've got a better chance to survive this then anyone, because they do things like this all the time. And the outpost has enough power for only one shot and to power your generator to get your friends to our lost city, but your path is among another route. Your path, as a descended version of us, is due to your powers. Your body has, for the last ten years, been changing to the right stage of evolution now where you if you were a Jedi be able to master the skills and life of one and you'd be a Jedi master in the side of ten years."

"As to that, your body has been undergoing changes and your skills have progressed so much that the final change was by learning this therapy and by doing that it just unlocked the door holding back that knowledge and those changes are actually fueled by another component now. Like a descended ancient, or just ancient descended, that's humans with the ancient gene in their blood. Your body's been developing these cells and you've just reached the level meant to become more than just a human version of us, but something far more powerful." she said and he nodded to that in shock.

"You're not serious, this was happening right on schedule the last ten years. Every situation of the last few years, leading into when I left, its not just my instincts that are activating at the right time, I'm force sensitive. Why didn't you tell me sooner guys, because this, if this means what I'm thinking the..., the NID is trying to get their hands on me, because I'm still very young in my training, I need a guide doing the training and that guide can give one on one training and with those words in mind here, I need your help Morgan."

" I can't control it, and frankly, it's hard enough at the moment, I can only manage time to train in windows of opportunity when I've got missions coming up every other day at the moment. If you have a way to ensure I got the chance to train, without interference, I accept any help you've got to offer. If you came to offer away to do that, I bow to your expertise and your help, all of you." he said and they nodded as Thor answered him.

"That is why we've come to see you Doctor Jackson, though, we respected Colonel O'neill and named the ship after him, you and he are the ones we became interested in, because together you make a very formidable team, but your team has taken damage, because of the NID and without your base and your five specifically, the entire galaxy stays in the hands of the Goa'uld."

"As to that, that's why we came here today, we have a way for you to train without constant interference." he said and Jack leaned forward at that information as Sam said it for both of them. "How exactly, every time he tries, we got the orders pouring in through the door by the pentagon and Rice and Morrison are still arguing over having him transferred to the Area 51?" she asked and he explained that to them.

"We have friends outside of our galaxies, this one and mine, who are just like you Daniel, and with the fact you progressed to the point we wanted, intellectually. We've chosen you to be our representative to your planet now, your skills have reached the exact point where, if you carried the lightsaber, you'd be ready to use it in combat for life now. As to that, wherever you're heading for today, is the halfway point to meet up with our representative to our allies, he's joined with that plane himself ten years ago."

"In their galaxy the series is off by five years, so when you arrive you'll know where you ended up, if you watched your movies last night. As to that, just focus on my clues Daniel, you've pretended to be this for the last ten years since you created your code, and metaphorically been wielding their choice of weapons as well. The weapon you uncovered is very similar to the one that became a danger in your charge's future, seven years after his daughter married the man who's name has a different meaning here."

"And with those words, your mission is to help your charge stay on his path, you remember the tagline to his book series, 'Chosen to rise, destined to fall', you're undergoing a mission to ensure he never falls, because he's a youngling version of yourself now right now." Thor said and he felt his heart start pounding at the wording as he answered him. "A nine year old version of myself, I've spent ten years acting as a..." he started to say as he got it.

"Wait a second, you're not serious, I guessed that galaxy was real, but I had a fork in the road and tripped over to potholes in my ten years under your training, you telling me I can face off against my alter ego and finish what I set out to do, simply by taking on this mission, we're going to their galaxy?" he asked and they nodded to him. "Yes your mission, you, yourself are undergoing training anf keeping him from falling now."

"As to that my friends, your thoughts over a galaxy crossover will be answered very soon here, because your mission today is going to get redirected, but I promise I will tell you the duration of your time there, once you have a long talk with your chancellor and the seven generals that befriended Doctor Jackson General Hammond. But we all agree, the four of us, the Tok'ra and the Jaffa masters, we all have deemed you as our representative now."

"There's certain secrets that need to come out that you've withheld from your commander, that the seven will shed light on, however the mate of our representative is going to cone and discuss this. Your last and final test by us is translating the tablet that Machello left you, there's a certain secret in that tablet you have to know now and why he chose you specifically when he met your team that day." he said to him and he nodded to him.

"I'm you're representative, that's why you've been this interested in me these last ten years, I knew I gained your trust, but I didn't think you were choosing me to become the leader of the fifth race now. Jack activated my destiny by making contact with you, but Catherine triggered a chain reaction by recruiting me. Alright, so by translating the coverstone covering our original gate, I just started a chain reaction now."

"Morgan, what's the added portion of my destiny, if I'm meant to become what I'm thinking here at the moment if these friends are really who I think at the moment, if you decided to break the rules yourself?" he asked her and she sighed. "You got the first portion of my name, but this situation is going to resurface in your memories sometime in the next few months. But your memories among our people will return and when they do that's when your prophecy will be revealed." she said to and he nodded to that.

"Today marks the anniversary of your joining the program and activating your program, but you and Colonel O'neill are the ones who need a chance to heal your bond now. So as to that this mission is in a time dialation field, similar to the time bubble created by a blackhole and the sun, but both together speed up time to three quarters of what it is here Colonel, Major. Once there, you're meeting the students of our representative."

"But this mission is meant to heal the damage that has strained your bonds and fix the damage this General Vidrine has inflicted on the base and our galaxy, through his behavior, but in order to regain our favor. As you once had it, before this general started pushing, you must undertake this mission. It's vital to the safety and security of the entire universe now." Lya said and he nodded to the orders as he said it for all of them.

"I'm your representative, alright, if this means I regain your faith and your respect, for my entire planet. Than I will take on this quest to my powers and gain whatever weapon I'm to master as I become your representative to the entire planet." he said to her and they nodded as Jack sighed as he said it. "How long can we expect to be gone for if we're doing this mission Lya?" he asked and she smiled as she said it.

"All will be revealed once you find the device you're inspecting colonel, but be patient, the information will be revealed once you find the inscription, only then will you learn where you're going during this mission." she said and he nodded. "Well if this is anything like our original mission, I can expect a few surprises involved. Alright to regain our original ties with you, all of you, we humbly take on this mission." he said to her gently.

"Agreed, if this insures the safety and stability of the universe and we regain your favor, like we once had it five years ago. Than I humbly take on this role as your representative and this mission." Daniel said and they nodded as Lou nodded in agreement as Sam leaned over his shoulder as Narim set the device on the table. "My unit is on the rotation for their back up unit this time around Lya, and frankly since we lost our friends and he came home and his memories came back, none of us want to separate at the moment."

"We lost fifty friends from the original units and had to replace them, but eighty percent of our original command is still in one piece at the moment, the five of us are a quintet. If this is a solo mission, I'm getting nervous about where my friends are going at the moment. The guys are all I have left of my original team, like we mean everything to him, he and Jack are my brothers, they mean just as much to me now, Sam is my younger sister and Teal'C is a very good friend of mine." he said and she sighed softly.

Looking at the Lieutanant Colonel then, she answered his anxieties. "I know Colonel Ferretti, but your friends will be okay, our friends are as strong and as powerful as we are. But this is to be a test, two in fact, the first regarding my people and the second regarding when you let us go without a fight before you met Denali and his pack. That proved to me that you had learned your lesson from when you were on my planet."

"Your race, in Maybourne's case though, haven't learned anything, but up until the mission to go undercover, you were progressing well in your training, aside from two mistakes on your part General Hammond. But you've done well up to when you went undercover at the time. These last four years since that time though, we've been greatly disturbed at the way you corrupted our training you at this time now."

"As to that, this mission is a retrial of that training now, and you're hearing our words spoken, by the friend of our representative and her former student, his friends are the council of this group that you are meeting. To put this gently to ensure his youngest never collapses emotionally and suffers what you've been afraid of ever since we put you through that dream test, you must take the place of our representative, as his guide in that training, he's you as nineteen year old. But 'he' is you in twenty five years at the moment, you're just like him and with those words." she said and Thor finished that.