The Chosen Ones Ones And The Path To Truth

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Warning: With this Chapter it's going to be the space between them flying to Coruscant and and till the team and Anakin meet the council. Though from here, the story follows the rest of the movie, the span from the end of the movie and into his teen years. But only Rogue Planet, the first four novels of Jedi Quest, including the Path To Truth, and the Approaching Storm are being used, before we enter Attack of the Clones, but the story continues till the Attack of the Clones and the next one begins.

Chapter 44: The Last Transmission And Jedi Training Begins

"Yeah I did, I just never expected that kid to be you at the time, little brother." Jack said and Daniel hid a smile at the title then. "Her pride nearly kills you four times it's no wonder you reached your limit, let me guess. But the boy you made friends was the reason she got jealous when you guys were cubs and you missed the bus?" Lou asked and he nodded to him gently at the question, as just as he was answering him then.

The radio went off then and Janson turned it on. "Go ahead." Jack said and Hammond and Janet appeared on the screen. "Morning guys, so what's the problem?" Janet asked and Jack crossed his arms. "Doc could you check his first foster home placement please, I want to confirm something." he said and she nodded as she went to get it and then came back and opened it then as she told him then gently at that remark.

"His first place foster care placement town and family was in Buffalo New York, from 1973 to 1975, the family are the Underwoods. But there was a very close case of being adoptegd and by Quentin Greer. Hospitalization, cause is and was a second case of bacterial pneumonia that same year." she said and the duo looked at Sam and she paled at that news and Jacob nodded as he told her the truth then.

"The reason for that is because I was also in Buffalo during a transfer, he ran into my family, her crazy jealousy was what barely killed him." he said and they both nodded in shock to the news. "My parents were also stationed in Buffalo, dad's like Kyle Riker, civilian adminstrator with the Air Force. We were visiting the Greers that November and December, my aunt was Greer's wife." Jack added and she nodded firmly to the news.

"Alright, I got some digging to do, but Jack you better get some work done and the joint chiefs and AMRIID were specific. But until Jolinar is removed from her personality traits, you guys are staying put out there." Hammond said and Jack nodded to the orders. "Could you track down placement number 3?" Jack asked and he nodded and gently answered him at the request at that remark then.

"I can, but our orders are that we're to focus on our studies only, no one is going back out and until you get back, alright. I checked the date for the final chapter of the prequel trilogy it's April 2005. You guys are back in June after that, so 26 years now, we can manage on the this until then. As we deflected the rest of this season and the next 3." he said and Daniel nodded to him gently.

"Yoda's training me himself, but at the moment, I'm helping Ben train Anakin as this keeps up and we're trying to figure it out. But I'm stuck between chapters 7 and 9 in all areas, especially Jedi quest, so it's going to take time at the moment. And Master is helping me deal with it, though without Mace, it's taking time at the moment." he said and Hammond nodded as he looked at Qui-Gon who was standing behind him then.

"Social services would have this sick man arrested in a heart beat if they learned this, if he's still doing this to the kids he's fostering." Daniel told him and he nodded. "Military jurisdiction over rides the cops son, as to that, he's getting arrested by the Airforce. If he doesn't remember you back then, he will once he realizes you reported this to me as your adoptive father, and I'm a three star general."

"Because the new records are saying I adopted you after you left this guys custody and I broke his arm when I found out what he did to you at the time. Though at the current moment, I'm just acting like I really am your father and I'm telling the girls that to, so family in two galaxies now. But during the course of messages back and forth they're in each batch of supplies son."

"So ten months, our time, in supplies, that's twenty years your time and with that, expect the next shipment next month." Hammond said to him and he nodded to that. "See you in 11 months dad." he said and the older man nodded to him smiling at the new title gently. "You too son. Good luck kids, and God speed." he said and they nodded as the transmission ended at that as Daniel looked at Jack and the team.

"Should we phrase this the way it has been the last ten years Daniel?" Lou asked him and he nodded. "Yeah, but the Milky Way is being changed to this unknown regions of this galaxy, every comparison you made from our galaxy to this one is being put into it. So the Goa'uld are Sithlords, we're the Rebellion, the NID and the Trust are the Galactic Empire. In the case of the Resistance they're the Grey Jedi, bordering on Sithlords."

"The Replicators are battle droids, the quartet in races, if Machello was still alive, are Jedi and they've been training me ever since Cartego. But our starting point is the day Catherine recruited me, we met and I got the gate up and running finally. But with my being a Jedi now, I'm leading us so follow my lead and with that keep the weapons in the holster, the old addend here now starting now you guys, and I mean that."

"We carry the weapon, but don't need it, or we need it and be without. So keep them holstered at all times starting now till we do need them, my lightsaber is my life now so I'm going armed at all times starting now. Just stay out of range of me when I turn it on. As we got a tastes of that last night, these things are just as deadly as what we see on tv, everything's going to be like what we saw in the movies now."

"If there was one way to describe this now, it's with the Sun Tzu quote of 'He will triumph who knows when to fight and when not to fight.'. We don't have to use violence for everything and violence is always a last resort here." Daniel said and Qui-Gon smiled proudly at that. "Exactly and I was waiting for you to say that, you can win a war without violence if you're patient, think about your next move and work as one."

"I'm very proud of your training, you've gained the knowledge and wisdom of being a very powerful warrior now. So what's the other quote you use for this situation exactly, by thinking it through, because wargames like capture the flag come into it and if you and Jack play chess all the time. It's well worth noting now?" he asked and Jack smiled as he answered him as he and Daniel exchanged grins with Teal'C.

"Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without a disaster', translation, you know how your enemy thinks and you know yourself. And you can win the fight without someone getting hurt, we've been playing chess since our first year and he and I are equally matched, but it makes for fun competition in playing each other." he told him and he nodded to him, smiling gently.

"Just where are you getting these quotes from exactly anyway?" Padme asked him and they smiled. "This man was a Chinese philosopher on our planet in ancient China, he was known for doing teaching strategies in how to win the fight without violence. But with being a soldier, we resorted to, after I took this post, to doing it without needing to pull the trigger, maybe thirty times in seven years here at the time."

"Daniel's quote was because he used it for a group of Trandoshans my fellow captain crossed after his subordinate accidentally trespassed on their sacred property. He and Teal'C did that together, but he came to a diplomatic solution in that one and at times we wind up getting into aggressive negotiations with these guys. And that's when the weapons come out." he said and she nodded as Daniel answered him smiling.

"So we just integrate ourselves into their ways and we learn faster that way, but that's what being a good archeologist does, to learn we get out of the library and live the culture we're studying and their ways now. So with that with the five of us acting like we're from Tatooine now, Jack, guys, we're slightly hardened in demeanor, but we still have our bonds now, Jack, you and I are acting like we're cousins."

"And the five of us like brothers since we're all from the same planet in this galaxy, with your personality dad and I'm sorry, you and Sam are acting in the way we saw Padme did during their unexpected side trip to Tatooine." he said and and Jacob nodded. "If we were from this galaxy we'd fit their personalities perfectly right now. My daughter more than me at the moment, but then I changed after I blended with Selmak."

"I'm more like you and the Jedi right now in personality traits and with that. No offense taken son, I understand perfectly right now that you're still hurt at what she pulled at the time." he said and Qui-Gon crossed his arms at that as he answered him. "You mean her, or rather Padme, questioning my decisions in the best way to protect her. And my getting us what we need Danny, because to an outsider our choices our reckless, to us Jedi."

"But to combine both the grey Jedi code and the Jedi code here's the new wording now. 'There's no darkside or lightside, there is only the force, but the darkness must not be allowed flourish. There is only balance, the balance is what keeps me strong. I will do what I must to keep the balance, there is serenity, yet peace, composure, yet passion, anger, but control, fear, but strength'."

"'To protect the balance I will do what I must, follow my instincts, let them guide me and I will flourish. I am a soldier of balance, I am the keeper of the torch, I am a Jedi of all paths and I will fight for what is right. I am a Jedi, the keeper of peace, but a soldier of balance and I will fight the evil and win, with my brethren at my side, we are Jedi of truth.'." he read out and the trio smiled.

"Yes and I'm just going on something you once told me when I was little here, 'but you have much to see and experience, but do not hurry the knowledge you seek, that's takes its own time'. To phrase that in the way Narim once told Sam it's 'what your mind doesn't know, your heart fills it in.'. As a Jedi we never stop learning, I'm a scientist and we learn something new every day and the music doesn't play the musician."

"But to be a good warrior, there's being a warrior and being a friend, you can be one or the other. But to be both you're the most powerful warrior in existance." he said and he smiled at that. "And that's the heart of a Jedi, you're showing the calm discipline of a skilled Jedi by this attitude now. Alright just because he doesn't immediately go on the alert if they're a trespasser, doesn't mean he's endangering the rest of the team."

"Do you know why he never changed after you met him Jack?" he asked and Jack shook his head. "It's because as a Jedi we have to take a leap of faith, there's no need for violence at every turn. Your encounter with the Jaffa priests was a classic example of this and look where it's lead you now. What did it bring you once ended up on Teal'C's home planet?" he asked and he closed his eyes as he remembered that first encounter.

"It gained us every bit of Intel we needed to learn to fight it out against his species and the Goa'uld at the time. While fate had a hand in getting us out of the gate room long enough to keep us alive when Apophis kidnapped Sha're and Skaara." he said and they nodded. "To run recon, you have to make a few changes in protocol Jack, we need to see further than just our span of line of sight." Daniel told him and he nodded to that.

"That's our new code now master, and with that, I can live both sides of me, the best of both worlds and still grow up to be everything you want me to be now." Anakin said and Obi-wan smiled as he wrapped his arm around him smiling. "Yes and together we make sure we never lose you completely now, it's time to push it to the level padawan, you're my little brother, I'm not losing you to 'him', if it takes facing off with him, I will do so."

"I'm getting you back as soon as possible, but I'm not giving you up, ten years training, I'm acting as who I should be and who I grew up to become. The wise Jedi and great Jedi knight that I became as my adult self. You and Padme are my biggest reason to fight, you're my brother and sister, I'm not losing either of you now." Obi-wan said and they smiled at him as they gave him a hug and he tightened his arms around them.

"And just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there, somethings you see with your eyes, others you see with your heart. Seeing isn't believing, believing is seeing. We don't have to see the force to know that it's there, we just know it is, just like he didn't need to see me to know I was guiding him. Because my voice, through the force, lead him on every obstacle that he took on these last five years since you suffered DID now."

"Every lesson my 57 year old self taught you was part of this, I trained him to be the best in the way I taught my nephew to be the best. But I became Qui-Gon by the time Luke was ready to start his training. All Daniel's life, from the time you were 12 to when you met me finally yesterday, I was training him, though you never knew this at the time. Whatever Anakin's adult self said about me was true though."

"I became as powerful as Mace Windu, as wise as Master Yoda and as strong as Master Qui-Gon, because I've been through the flames of the darkside. I came out stronger and I had suffered a loss that was enough to change me, turning me into a Jedi master with the power to join with the force finally. But Daniel is me, Anakin, Luke, Master and his father rolled into one now, and he's been taking my lessons without thinking about it."

"I'm twenty five, but even I can see that in 15 years that he and my little brother are going to be equally matched by the time they reach their trials to mastery. You think you could stand up to him, if he had turned into a Sithlord. You're completely human, we're force sensitives. It takes a force sensitive to take on another force sensitive and win the fight, you were playing with a thermal detonator and nearly destroyed us."

"That tells me your confidence in your abilities is your weakness at the moment, and until you lose the arrogance, anger, hate and lust you will never gain your promotion to commander Sam. A true warrior knows things, but in some ways adventure is the same as danger, a failure of training, in others it's adventure is growth. Well let me tell you something. When I was thirteen I was just like you till I stopped pushing so hard."

"I accepted the fact he may never take me as an apprentice, I gained the power to control my anger, fear and hate. And I risked sacrificing myself to save billions on the planet we were on, and I was chosen as his apprentice and at first I was a stickler for the rules, but as my first with him went through, I changed and turned into a combination of him and Master Gallia, Siri and I worked as one and we grew close."

"Your eyes can deceive you, so don't trust them, stretch out with your feelings. When training with a vibroblade or a lightsaber let the equipment teach you. And finally, if you stop your training now. If you take the quick and easy path as Anakin's double did. You will become an agent of evil and the galaxy will plunge further into darkness and chaos, patience, you must have patience." Obi-wan told her sternly and Qui-Gon finished that.

"His choices, they're guided by the force and that's what you've been doing, questioning his decisions, because he is having the force guide him." he said, looking at Sam sternly. "His choices have been too reckless since we started out." she said and he looked at her. "Uh let's see, you want to follow the book regarding asking a former host for help, I follow my instincts and they lead us right to them, before I blow the hammer."

"Two, just because my powers don't make sense to you doesn't mean they're reckless actions, you recall that Bryan Adams song, 'take me as I am, take my life, I would give it all, I would sacrifice'. And I've done that more times than you think, my last sacrifice, before I ascended was to save Langara at the time. And Jack was the only one who actually gave a damn that I did what you can't here, because I'm completely selfless."

"But you're too focused on following Vidrine's orders that you're not letting your heart do the talking till it's too damn late Sam. And while I'm on the subject, I was actually kind of freaked out that I had that much power coursing through my veins during the incident with the armbands. 'Want to go double or nothing' 'No I think I'll cut my losses now', you start arguing with dad regarding the armbands and I'm not bothering to do that."

"I just told the guy you were playing against its best to quit while you're ahead and you take it the wrong way. So who's the more foolish here, the fool or the fool who follows exactly, Sam. I don't go around trying to provoke a fight and just because I make friends so easily, like he does, doesn't give you the right to criticize me here. And just because I seem like I'm on a high horse, doesn't mean I am, because I'm a Jedi."

"The Jedi are selfless we only care about other and you tear my heart out, because you're selfish. To put this bluntly, she's turned you into a Sithlord, I'm a Jedi and I'm cutting that Sithlords personality right out of you, returning to you to your pre Jolinar self now." Daniel said with a stern growl as he looked at her as Qui-Gon intervened. "Yes well your decisions are the reason you fail in your Jedi training Samantha, he's a peace keeper, not a soldier, and yet, just because it makes no sense to you."

"Doesn't mean he's reckless, following his instincts is not reckless, it's the will of the force, the force binds us together, guides us, brings us together. We're luminous beings, not this crude matter, like you said last night, you're an older version of your cousin, but you're Anakin, me, your father, Obi-wan and Nejaa rolled into one. That connection to the force, and being conceived by it, and you're likely to go either way."

"If something is messing with your morality and yet you never give in to your anger and hate. That's the act needed to gain the power to join with the force now and you gained the power to join with the force and you chose to return from it. To the quintet and me, Padawan, you are everything we wanted you to become now and for the six of us, we have missed you so much since we had to let you go when you were a youngling."

"That having you give your cover story like that last night was the break we wanted, knowing this was meant to make it clear now. And you were who we hoped we'd find again, your parents having waiting for this day to come, just like the four of us have. Your reactions to being able to head off any altercation as well as a quick demonstration to Obi-wan were the break I needed to know in knowing you found your way home."

"I waited thirty four years and to have you return to me now is enough that I see you as a younger version of me and your father now." he said to him gently and he smiled at that as he answered him. "I missed you to master, you're the father I was waiting for, though they're my friends, no one understands me now. To them, my powers can destroy the opposition by violence, but the best weapon of all is by the wielding of words and I've been trying to get them to understand that for the last five years."

"Master I know you saw everything regarding my personality when we found each other again, but being able to act as you want me to, that's the catch now. So with that I will let the force guide me and I will do what I must to keep the balance. And though not in view, you, Ben and Master Yoda had been training me every time I watched you through the movies and now in your presences, your training has only made me stronger."

"Everything you unknowlingly taught me, though we were separated has made an impact on me and I've changed as a result." he said to him and he smiled gently as he pulled him into a hug and Jacob smiled softly at that as he watched him bury his head into his shoulder. "Seeing you as you are now, the duo, your parents and I've never been so proud of you Danny, you turned into exactly what we hoped you would turn into."

"May have had a tough life, but that doesn't destroy the good in you, what time we have left, before I ascend, we make the best of. But I promise I will return to you when the group heads for earth. You, Anakin and Obi-wan are my favorite students, but you and Nejaa are my prize pupils now, make me proud boys." he said and pulled the duo into a hug and they went into a four way hug then as the quartet, Teal'C and Jacob smiled.

"You get the feeling that having it on a duel layer is enough to prevent anyone from triggering an altercation or trying to psyche me out when I need to focus though?" Anakin asked and he and Obi-wan both nodded to him. "Yeah, but we're both sides of you, I'm living force, he's unifying force. To balance out a good team you need both sides and together you're going to be a very powerful Jedi by the time you're in your prime."

"But Luke has to be the one to take Dex and you're dealing with Palpatine himself once the story comes full circle now. But Return of the Jedi is Luke's trial by fire, he's got to face the evil in his heart and his trial by lava is getting converted, briefly. But to become Jedi masters, we have to get thrown into flames in order to do it. The masters are the most powerful level in the entire order, we have to face the evil in our hearts."

"I'm insuring our family remains intact, but the Skywalker/Solo/Kenobi/Calrissian clan are the protectors of the Galaxy now." Daniel told him and he nodded to that explanation. "I'd hate to be the poor idiot that messes with you once you go home. Because they wouldn't last ten seconds once you're fully trained." Ric said to him and he nodded in agreement to that remark as he switched subjects as he looked at the team.

"Technically once I do every Sith in my galaxy is going to be afraid of me after that. Because my lightsaber is a weapon they've never seen before, having our cargo carriers with a mind of their own is another catch and then we gained the knowledge and know how in order to protect everyone around us. Without the Quid Pro Quo involved in it anymore." he said and Panaka nodded to him gently at that.

"Alright guys, starting now we're going by our aliases, our exact cover story now is, regarding what Master told us last night: I was sent to live out in the far reaches of the unknown regions, where we encountered a more deadly version of Sithlords. All of you were working for the exact same military corps and we met when Dr. Catherine Landolian recruited me to reactivate the spaceship we found and they needed a translator."

"But upon my arrival I discover it's the native language of my home planet of Tatooine, crack the inscription and unlock the door, by bypassing the original thought of it as some sort of weapon and instead it's a transportation device. Our first planet we went to was a planet similar to Tatooine. And we encountered my wife and her people. And with it we encountered the first of thirty Sithlords we dealt with at the time."

"Working together we freed them, killed him and I got our ship back on line and sent you, the three of you, home. Eighteen months later we encountered the Sith Darth Apephis, who was even more dangerous than Darth Revan. Admiral Hamdel contacted you and you contacted me and we were reunited as one. But with you was Lieutanant Commander Sam Carlin from Naboo and I showed you the map I found regarding this."

"But everything that has gone on we phrase it to this galaxy, so anyone who hasn't met us, or wasn't in the council meeting last night can understand it." Daniel said and they nodded. "We better write the rest of this down, because soon enough, whoever wasn't in the council room last night when you arrived, is going to wonder why we have three non sensitives running around the temple later Daniel." Anakin told him and he nodded.

"Maybe, but I'm telling them that the guys had a different calling and they just descended from the force, while I lost my memory and after I had a total recall, and I need a refresher course, though I'm training at the level Ben was when Ona Nobis came into the picture." he said to him and Anakin looked at him and then went through the books, before he landed on book 11 and looked up at him at that. "I take it this happens to be her?" he asked and Qui-Gon and Obi-wan both nodded to answer him gently.

"Yes that's her, and this was a deadly opponent her people wanted to get rid of at the time. Though what I will say is this, to prevent you from making my mistakes, you better read my back history, because those eighteen books are everything I was and who I grew up to become, just before you came into my life Anakin." Obi-wan said to him and he nodded as Daniel looked at Qui-Gon to ask the next question.

"And here's a question for you, are my actions the act of a power hungry megalomaniac or that of a person trying to keep the balance, the peace at the moment. Kill a couple dozen to save trillions, hide information to save hundreds of billions. Question authority to prevent a massacre. Are those the act of a man falling to the darkside or a man who's acting on what he was born to become now?" he asked and Qui-Gon nodded to him.

"You're acting on being a Jedi with every decision you came to Daniel, those acts are the acts of a Jedi knight. In order to save billions, we have to take a life or two, to save lives we have to put ourselves directly into the edge of laser just to prevent that information from winding up in the wrong hands. I question the authority of my peers just to prevent them from making a mistake and we've saved ourselves repeatedly as a result."

"In our direct opinion, you're not falling to the darkside, you're acting as a Jedi, what you were born to become. This default setting is so she can get herself out of trouble with the joint chiefs, her father, Jack and George right now." he said and he smiled at his vindicating him and Jack crossed his arms. "So to you, he's making a difference by trying to protect the greater good and in your eyes everything that he's chosen to do."

"Is completely vindicated, because the four of us were hoodwinked by a leach?" he asked and the duo and the Naboo all nodded to him. "Yes Jack, that's right, fact of the matter is that, to us, we have to make choices that, to others are considered reckless, dangerous and arrogant. But that's a normal non force sensitive, to us, because we place too much faith into the force and it allowing it to guide our actions, in their case and opinion, his choices of following his instincts work better than the rule book." Obi-wan said to him.

"And I decided on following my instincts when you ended up in the labyrinth at the time Jack, she threw Sha're in my face when I said that we should have a guide to bring us right to you. As it is hunters never follow a game in a straight line, they follow their trails and I was going on a hunting expedition at the time we met the Cimmerians. Till Kendra called out to me to let me know she found it and I just left without another word."

"I really don't give a damn about her feelings right now regarding proper procedures when it comes to life or death situations, she's a rookie, the new guy. I'm a veteran and up to then, she never went off world at the time, as to that, who has more experience here, after Abydos and I found Littlebit and she lead us right to the Abydonians? Simple tracking skills and here's something you need to know, but as archeologists we're trained in traveling lighting we're skilled survivalists, as I said it would take time, but time and patience." he asked and the sextet crossed their arms as Jack answered that question.

"Littlebit, yeah I remember that and the answer is, you do, you're the one with more experience, because you lived in the desert. And you know how to survive in the wilderness and you know how to track your quarry without added technological help." Jack said and he nodded to him. "Uh huh, and it's because I had the force guiding me that entire time, my instincts, my feelings are being lead by the force."

"But that's what I really was doing at the time, my tracking skills. The trail of Jedi, I was going on survival instincts, following the guide who would lead me right to you. And she's trying to figure out what you want instead of trusting her instincts. Which is what you said about Brandon at the time, she is and was too indecisive when she met you, because like me, you were a veteran, you knew what you were doing, just like Lou did."

"And she was trying to figure out what you wanted from her when the three of us were always in a huddle with Teal'C. To the point that the four of us were risking our own lives to prevent them from destroying us and she was trying to base it with the rule book. Jack compared to me, she never lived off world, never did the advanced studies and never lived in the wilderness, the desert is the most harsh environment there is."

"When we met Sha're, Skaara and Kasuf at the time, it was because we met the wildlife, when in doubt of finding any kind of civilization find something that can lead you right to it. Which I invoked that when I was on lookout while the guys were setting up our tents at the tents. Till you came looking for me and my instincts were going to be it lead us right to the mining site and we found our indication of life at the time."

"I lost five friends, and I wasn't losing you guys next as well, you and Lou were all I had left of our original team. Because I didn't know the quintet had ascended at the time, and with that, losing you guys now after all this time, though we got the quintet back. You're my trio and I'm not giving you up guys." he told him and they nodded as Lou squeezed his shoulder gently at that as he answered him.

"Don't worry with you this strong and getting stronger every day, you're never going to lose us now. We got you protecting us now. But with six force sensitives and one of them a true Jedi, we got enough to take the fight to them now. We just have to get your powers under control now." he said to him and he nodded. "Well I'm back in the light side I just have to control it now and with those words in mind now at the moment."

"Well I learned a bit of control now, but where do you want me to start master?" he asked and Qui-Gon explained that. "With both of you I've got to get you used to using the force repeatedly now. Like the lightsaber, treat it as an extension of your body, it's not a tool, but apart of you. Anakin, at this age you're going to be mastering your control over it till you're able to manage, but that was my first lesson to you at the race."

"Feel, don't think, just trust your instincts, and as Obi-wan said you can use it to help you improve your performance in your most valuable skills now. Come on, we can get started after breakfast, but for now, you're still a growing boy and need something to eat." he said and they nodded in agreement to that. "With repeated interruptions on earth, I haven't had the time to learn total control yet."

"In fact just losing my temper caused two chairs to jump off the floor, my computer monitor to explode and throwing everything that was on my desk right into the wall. If this is what a nine year old youngling feels, I know how they feel now, because I'm just getting started here." he said to him and he nodded as he sighed. "In transit both to and from, it's enough time that you can gain control over your force abilities."

"But once you get a taste you want to start using it repeatedly after that. Which is why Luke's student was quenching Jaina's mate taste in it by using it on a flare stick. But that child is going to have to face the darkside, before he learns to be a true Jedi. Because as Grey and normal Jedi to bring balance we have to exercise both parts of it now." he said to him and he nodded to that. "So why does Mace have a purple lightsaber exactly?" he asked and he sighed as he explained that to him.

"Mace exercises his abilities between the darkside and being a fighter, red and blue and decided he was a cross between and created a lightsaber with a dark purple blade as a result. His lightsaber form was his own creation at the time. But now we have to learn all seven forms of combat, just to prevent Sidious from annihilating us here. If he's all seven, it's going to have to be a break between learning all three sides of the force."

"White, grey and black now, you've been exercising between the light and being a grey Jedi ever since you joined the program. But you're just like me, as to that, to keep the balance we will do what we must, but kill a few dozen to save billions, that's not going to the darkside. Neither is destroying of a space station, you saved your planet and the galaxy more times than you think and it's by letting the force guide your actions."

"To keep the peace and balance we will do what we must, even if it goes against the code, we will do what we must now. But here's my first lesson, adventure is growth, without excitement and adventure, you can't learn, but as a Jedi we don't crave adventure or excitement. It's part of our training, but we just let it influence us and put it behind us, like the mind exercises Obi-wan used when training at the time."

"But you're very correct, Jacob, there are a lot of things you do that you wish you could change, but you can't forget, but the whole concept of chain of command undermines the idea of free will. So as soldiers, you have to do some very awful things, but following orders like you were trained to, it doesn't make it easier and it certainly doesn't make it right. But it does put some of the blame on the person, or people, giving the orders."

"I understand that perfectly, but that's what being a grey Jedi really is boys, you have to commit atrocities you can't ever take back, but to keep the balance you have to do what must be done and mind your feelings while doing it." he said and Jack and Teal'C both nodded as they felt their guilt at everything they done in the past give out then. "I see why everyone thinks you're the best now, you've seen things and been burned by the flames once too often." Lou said to him and he nodded as he answered him.

"Daniel is thirty eight year old me Louis, that's why I knew he was ready when he returned to me. His parents, like Neeja and me, are going to be thrilled to have him back now that he returned home, but treating him like this, though he had orders given to him by the chancellor and his military advisors. That is not going to go over very well and neither is the fact he suffered a trauma that is going to take time in getting over."

"But young lady, just because it seems like he's going to the darkside, doesn't mean he is, Siri is doing a mission that could be considered going to the darkside. But she's doing what he did, and she got a vibroblade dagger taken to her arm when she reported in last night, when you arrived here. Like when Jack had to act like he'd gone to the darkside just to catch your darkside counterparts, she and Daniel did the exact same thing."

"You knew you were in trouble the second he realized your programming was still active and believe me, until that wench is completely removed from your personality you're not leaving the temple whatsoever until the blockade crisis is finished after this." he said sternly and before she could answer, Daniel hold his hand up to forestall her at that. "Forget it Sam, the only ones doing the mission are the boys and me, we're clean."

"You're compromised, you're not leaving the temple till after the mission is complete and until we get her blocked out completely, you're not going anywhere. You're off the team till further notice as of now, Charlie and David are taking your place now on the team and to be frank the eight of us need to work as one. Dack, you got enough room for eight soldiers on your team, though we're going to non violence here."

"While I'm with the the duo and Master, because we got to play this out exactly, so Anakin, once we get there, goes with you to the senator's arena, till the council requests to see him. But we have to play this exactly as the movies showed. So Palpatine doesn't get suspicious that we know who he is. But in the end Anakin stays on the light side and his clone replaces him, but our families are intact and we begin anew."

"And it's going to take a month, their time, to block her out so you can get duplicated now, but until then, you're staying in the temple, under guard by my new friends, and you can forget about escape to, because we're far more powerful than you are." he said to her sternly then. "You're my future wife, but having you act like this is enough to annoy me, because we're an older version of the duo right now, and with that."

"I may act arrogant or ignorant, but I'm not, I'm just getting started and this is why they think you're not ready, that and this conspiracy theory is your fall back setting. Because you just screwed up and I bust you in front of my father and the entire joint chiefs, Janet and Jack. I'm a Jedi exercising my abilities between the lightside and the grey Jedi code. But here's a piece I'm going to admit now. But to survive I've got to learn everything."

"The light, the grey and the darksides of the force, and by then I'm a complete master of the force, I can return from it if I'm blasted yet again. And I gained the power to join with the force and return from it. Does that say I'm letting it go to my head, no it doesn't, I'm just like Master Qui-Gon, I gained the power to join with the force and it takes years of training to reach this level, my midichlorine count is so high."

"I can channel the force, but my first lesson in this was 'feel don't think, trust your instincts', master was guiding my actions when my children were killed that day and your invisible friend nearly kills me to get back at us. If you can't hack the fact that I'm far more valuable to the president and joint chiefs than you are, than resign from the program." he said to her sternly and she looked at him in shock at that.

"You're letting the power lust go to your head right now." she said and he turned and looked at her. "No I'm acting as who I should be, I'm a keeper of the peace, not a soldier, and you've been throwing her in my face. Don't give me that line Sam, I'm not power hungry, reckless or going to the darkside at all. I'm patient, loyal to a fault and I control my anger. Peace over anger, honor over hate, strength over fear."

"I'm a Jedi, like my parents before me and it's my job to be selfless, your actions have slaughtered two teams, I've saved billions out of mine. Making sure that starcrusher is never used, breaking the rules to make sure earth is never destroyed, saving 50 lives by destroying a tank full of symbiotes and so on. I'm completely selfless, and I'm protecting the greater good, even if it means you have to wait, I have to get my job done."

"Now that's enough, you're furious, or rather she's furious, that I took your place that I had all the answers after you got compromised, that the president never gave authorization and neither did the joint chiefs, that they kept turning to me. I'm the real technology expert and you wanted them to turn to you and you crossed a line you can't ever take back and as a result you're off the team till you're free of her, get over it Sam."

"The president put me in charge as the chief civilian advisor, it was my job to run these tests and you could have killed me twice and it's enough that I can't look at you till you're free of that hag. But that wench is getting ripped out of your personality for good, you're going back to being completely human from this day forward. Ben once we get back to the temple, I want all traces of the accident removed from her body."

"The Naquada, her personality, everything, the protein marker can stay, we need that still, but everything else, I want her body cleansed of that wench, forever." he said and Jack nodded in agreement to his thoughts. "Agreed, I want her back to being the Samantha Carter we met in the very beginning, I want all traces of that hag removed from her body and mind." he said with a firm growl and Obi-wan nodded to them.

"Jacob, it's best you stay at the temple with her, but the nine of us are going with the Naboo, Master, Ben and Anakin back to Naboo here. But we got enough people to work this out, three members of the group, per group. So David and Charlie are with me, Teal'C, Lou and Jack are with Anakin and Rick, Paul and Dillon are with Sabe. But that's more than enough." he said and sighed as he finished then. "But Nejaa's going to agree when I say this, but best to have the duo with me during the confrontation."

"Because like when I lost them I can feel it the instant someone, or more accurately one of you gets hurt, and it's I'm pushing myself till we destroy every single battle droid and capture Gunray after this." he said to him and he nodded. "Whoa, wait a minute, how much anger were you holding in at losing Claire and Melburn exactly?" Panake asked and he sighed. "Nearly the same reaction as his when he took it out on the raiders." he said and they exchanged looks at the news as Jacob said it for all of them at that.

"Meaning we find out it's not an accident and who's fault it is in the next five to ten months and you're going to take it out on whoever crosses you when we're on mission, stang, alright that's it. If it takes making sure we never lose you to Ballard it's going to anger management like we did last night." Anakin said sharply and he nodded in agreement to that as he saw the look on her face answered it sharply.

"Sam don't say it, I didn't want another mission, but you turned me into a ticking time bomb waiting to go off and I nearly destroy the entire base. So cut the crap here, it's not my fault, two traumas in the side of a month and it takes three months to recover from it and then to top it off I have repeated mistakes coming up, because you turn the entire trio against me. Well the tables have turned, you're back under scrutiny now."

"And I'm the one acting on being what you claimed to be by my knowledge being infalliable, which it isn't, I'm not a conceited insufferable know it all and and I'm humble, so don't give me that line. Just because I follow my instincts doesn't mean I'm going to the darkside, addicted to the effects of that thing or I'm not following your stupid protocols. I'm doing what I was born to do to keep the peace and to keep the peace."

"If I have to question dad's decisions it's to keep you from making a fatal mistake that can and will kill billions and you slaughtered 90,000,000,000. So if I was you I'd watch the wording, because I'm not the one suffering a split personality right now." he added and that did it as Jacob ended it at that as he gripped his arm. "Alright that's enough, Daniel calm down, look I get you're furious at her for doing this to you, believe me."

"But if you don't get that anger under control it's going to do even more damage than it has already son. If you were normal I'd have to get through to you if you took it out on a punching bag, if you're suffering grief at the loss of a friend or team mate back then, and with a broken arm, which I might add you're going to make it worse. If you're going at it non stop at the darn thing at this age, or if you were a first year member of the team."

"If you were still a teenager at the time, but now it's going to take another force sensitive just to get you to calm down at this rate. But you have to get it under control because you're still recovering from last night's spectacle, so don't over do it once you get started alright, just calm down." Jacob said to him gently. "Jacob you haven't lived my life right now, but you recall Will Wheaton's character on the season five episode."

"That's what I'm feeling here, to sacrifice everything I have to save the greater good, even at the expense of my friendship, it just about ripped my heart out. I have nothing left to give and she turns them against me here. My parents are dead in our galaxy and everything the matters to me is here in this one, my friends, my family, I'm not losing that this time. To be the best, I'm going all out now in training at the moment."

"Dad can train me when we're on Tatoine in lightsaber combat and from there I can work out from that point forward,mbut the more time I spent in training the more it changes me as a result and here the added problem now. At the moment I don't know which is worse, letting my emotions get in the way of what needs to be done. Like when I saw Skaara as the host of Klo'rel and I told you to keep going at the time."

"Or letting them take total control and I do something I can't ever take back, Ballard was me after Thanos and Shifu came into the picture and he barely surfaced when we arrested Apophis. During these situations I don't know know who I am and it scares me, I had no one to guide me. But that's why I was beyond relieved that master told me the truth and I was back home where I belonged. I can't control my powers."

"And I'm scared to death I'm going to turn into him now, hearing I just found Master again, it's enough he can help me control it, but I'm at the very earliest setting. I lost too much, I can't take losing the quintet all at once, let alone losing my parents for real, a second time. Masters Qui-Gon and Sifo Dyas, briefly, but I have my parents, Nejaa and Master Yoda for the rest of the duration." he told him and they nodded gently to him.

"I see myself now and I don't even recognize my face, I'm out on my own and it's scaring me to death, because you can't understand what I feel about this. When I was on earth, I felt like I had a higher calling, like I never belonged there, like my heart was pointing me to another destiny that doesn't even come close to what I found ten years ago. That feeling reveals itself as I'm not even from earth, I'm from this galaxy."

"My parents are alive, I have dreams about them, my mentors, my adoptive big brother and my aunt and uncle, the me that was born in this galaxy. And I didn't know if they were real or not, I carried myself as everything that Obi-wan showed when the first movie came out. And I crack the code and suddenly I'm getting underlying attention as everything that my old life showed is getting pushed out of it."

"Her attitude shoves the rest of the storyline forward now, because my beginning was 'A New Hope' when we encounter your ex-group and I choose to ascend. And it's because she has pushed me into quitting and giving up and this has the 'Rebellion Leaders' so furious at her, dad, Jack and Janet, it switches to 'The Empire Strikes Back' next. And my decision to break the rules and come home happens to be our version of it."

"But we're in our own version of the original trilogy Jack, think about it, 'A New Hope' 'The Empire Strikes Back' what came next after Anubis destroyed Abydos?" he asked and Jack quickly answered that question. "'Return Of The Jedi', dear god alright I see what you're saying and you're right. When I met you, you gave me a chance to heal from the loss of my son and we brought hope to the galaxy by killing Ra first and stopping his attack and we did it again by saving the refugees, destroying that tank and the attack."

"In fact our first three victories, the fact that you got us and the joint chiefs four to five scores in six months was enough to make it clear. Just how valuable and important your knowledge, expertise and abilities were to us and we were doing fine till we encountered Jolinar. And then we suddenly have multiple problems falling into the woodworks, and if I'd been paying closer attention we'd have avoided any and all plans with them."

"But for three and a half years everything started falling apart, though we killed seven more Goa'uld, the Empire started overwhelming our forces, I lost the will to fight honestly and changed back into my old self again. And the final time was because you yourself had given up the will to fight anymore. 'It doesn't mean anything anymore' 'You can't get it back', you meant you were beginning to give up the strength to fight now."

"And what's left to fight for now, if everything that matters to you is getting taken away from you, including me. I'm your best friend and you were acting as Ben, till Anubis shoved you into a very real reminder of why you took up your lightsaber in the first place by targeting Abydos. That did it finally and finding you on Vis Uban, for us the will to fight back now had been shoved back into place, we were back together."

"And we had all gained a second chance at fighting the darkside, because we had you back finally. Things were back to our first year, life was changing and I was back to being my joking lightside self again, because I had you with me again. Our original unit was back to being a trio again and our male trio on our version of SG-1 was now intact again finally, your abilities started getting stronger and your real skills paid off repeatedly."

"Till finally your powers break down the front door and the meaning of the movie comes forward now. 'The Return Of The Jedi', you're back to being a Jedi again and you've pulled feats that no one, including the resistance can pull off at all and it's because you have the force. To the joint chiefs, the president and us you're even more valuable now than her abilities are and we get the final shock, regarding your powers here."

"And it's because we ended up landing on your prequel now. By you taking on this mission and we end up running into the Jedi that wound up discovering you. Only it's not just the adult trio, but a younger version of the man that we spent so much time watching on our movie nights ever since your powers broke down the front door. And you started acting like him ever since you destroyed that Alkesh." he said and Daniel nodded.

"Yeah exactly, you have it right on every count Jack, I gave up the strength to fight anymore, because piece by piece, I was losing everything that mattered to me. This is what Luke was feeling once he learned Anakin had turned into Vader, he'd lost the strength to fight, because he took such an emotional blow that it would take months to get over it and with that he lost his best friend. You and Han are exactly the same."

"We needed you guys so much that seeing you leave or turn back into your old self again had stabbed us in the heart. That's the comparision, but you gained a second chance by my returning to you and his being freed from the carbonite that you both changed. To you, we are what matter most, your younger brother." he said and Jack nodded as he patted his back gently as he looked at him with brotherly love and caring as he went on.

"And suddenly when my powers break down the front door everything changes again and I get the shock of my life, that my dreams aren't dreams at all, but suppressed memories of who I was and who I used to be. I'm reunited with my mentors, my cousin, I find a new younger brother, I find my parents and then to top it off is this, and it's trying to balance both sides of me, the version you know and the me that they know."

"It's separating your me, from theirs, Jack, guys, and that's the problem, I don't know who I am anymore. I mean on the one hand I'm Daniel Jackson: hotshot archeologist, your most valuable archeological expert, chief civilian officer and head of the civilian program, and member of SG-1. And on the other: I'm Daniel Starglider, son of Dave and Leia Starglider, nephew to Cole and Shmi Skywalker and local born to Tatooine."

"The apprentice to Masters Qui-Gon Jinn, Sifo Dyas, and Yoda, younger brother to Nejaa Halcyon, older brother to Ben Kenobi and cousin to Anakin Skywalker. Trying to figure out which way I want to go has me being pulled in ten different directions and then to top it off. Is that I suffer an identity crisis when Ballard escapes custody. To work this out I need time, no interruptions, just let me focus on meditation, I need time to reflect now."

"And this is what Ben was feeling during the Melida/Daan incident, on the one hand his being a Jedi, growing up in the temple and new student to Master, on the other just being normal. That's how I feel and it's tearing me apart. I need a chance to reflect on who and what I want to be. Nobody making the choices for me, just let me choose on my own now, okay." he said and the earthborn members of their group all nodded to him.

"Alright, alright, padawan calm down, I know you're still angry and you have every right to be, but remember, we got two weeks to train so best to focus now, it's okay." Qui-Gon said to him gently and he nodded as Obi-wan wrapped his arm around his shoulders. "I never expected you to vent your feelings that much in the last forty eight hours, if just having your powers break down the front door caused you to let go now."

"Man Daniel, I've never seen you like this before." Jack said to him and he sighed. "Learning the truth it's like I felt after I lost Sha're, but every piece of our lives together, all I had left was you and Lou after the 'empire' destroyed my family and killed several of our friends. I had to start from scratch. But now it's back to beginning, life, before we ever met, I need a chance to recover and in order to do that now."

"I have to be with my own kind, someone who understands me and understands how I feel regarding this. If Nejaa got the message I'm back, he's waiting to see me when we get home. Let alone just telling my parents I'm home for the next twenty years is the key, they need to restart their training again though, how old was he when we separated exactly?" he asked and Qui-Gon smiled as he answered him as he rubbed his back.

"Nejaa was fifteen when we separated at the time, but he was, when I chose Obi-wan, thirty eight and it's been twelve years now since I did. Xanatos was a failure, but the three of you are my star pupils, and I've got my youngest just getting started now. Though what I will say is once you master control over your fear, and its going to be easier, but we're only human." he said and Daniel nodded to that in agreement.

"I'd say your reflection makes it clear now Daniel with venting all of that, you're going to be even more powerful than this version of Palpatine you mention, if you spend the next ten months fighting it out with us." Anakin told him and he nodded to him. "What I meant when I said that Yoda instructed me was he did my first twelve years of life. Before Master Qui-Gon did the rest, but he got me started off."

"I've been a Jedi for 25 years, but having a chance to act normal, like I did on Melida/Daan makes all the difference now, there's Jedi me, and normal me. But I'm combining both together and I'm even more powerful than I ever was before now. So with the strength of love, heart and overbearing goodness I can and will defeat my first Sithlord now." Obi-wan said and he nodded to him gently as he looked at him.