The nations started with the easiest, so to speak, nation. Italy. He pratically smiles all the time, I mean, come on!

America had intended to keep it a suprise to each nation, but since he had told his idea to everyone, that ruined that idea. However, he had also told the G8 that they would meet up, minus whoever's turn it was to smile, and they would think up of ideas to carry out upon said nation. So, in a way, it was a little suprising at least..

"So!" America said rather enthusiastically, "How can we make Italy smile? I guess... what does he like?"

Most of the nations ended up looking towards Germany and Japan for ideas- they had spent some time together before, they must have some ideas.

"Vell... All I could figure out vas that he likes pasta und cats und sleeping." Germany stated, while shrugging his shoulders. Japan followed suit, also shrugging his shoulders, since he could figure out even less about the North Italian.

"He likes to stay around Germany a lot too, oui?" France added, and everyone had to agree.

"Hmm... let's see... sunny a lot... pasta..." America thought out loud (with a couple of other nations hoping his plan wouldn't be too ridiculous).

"I HAVE AN IDEA!" America shouted out suddenly, making everyone else flinch with how sudden and loud he was, "What we do, no complaints or anything, is this..."

~~~fast forward past a lot of planning to Italy's house~~~

"Yayy~ Everybody is at my house~!" Italy cheered when he opened his door, and saw the rest of the G8 standing on his doorstep, with Germany at the front (but America wasn't far behind).

"Ja, ve came to see how you vere doing?" Germany asked him politely.

Italy chuckled a little bit and grinned at everyone .Truly he was just happy that everyone chose to visit him (since it was rare that everybody came around at once). But even if he seemed happy right now, and smiling, America wasn't done yet (between you and me, he wanted the times they smiled to be truly memorable for each nation- just visiting somebody wouldn't be enough).

"I'm fine, grazie-" Italy answered and perhaps would have invited everybody inside his home, if America had not interrupted him quite loudly.

"Hiya dude, so... y'know its a nice day 'n' all, you wanna come out with us?" he asked (it was about now that England ws heavily refraining from scolding America on his atrociously poor grammar).

Italy accepted and with a loud "WOOP!" from America, Italy was not-too-gently pulled outside to a place the others had found earlier, leaving the other nations trailing behind.

It only took around 2 minutes (luckily), and the G8 arrived at a huge field scattered with daisies and long waving grass at the edge of the field. In hindsight it was lucky it was a clear bright blue day in Italy, with no chance of rain at all. In the center of the field lay a red and white checkered picnic blanket with woven picnic basket laying on it, stuffed to the brim with delicious foods.

"Oh, picnic!" Italy gasped in suprise. When America arrived at the blanket he let go of Italy's arm who then ran around the perimeter of the blanket, twice at least, and plopped himself on the grass just as the other nations arrived.

Whether the nations wanted to (or not, as some weren't particular to it) everyone ended up sprawling around lazily on the grass (or sitting in a dignified manner for England). They all enjoyed the wonderful food provided in the basket ("No Italy, England didn't make any of it." [England huffed at this]), and after a while everyone found themselves slowing down, chatting lazily to each other and relaxing in the warm afternoon Italian sun. No arguments interrupted the peaceful air, and everyone was content with this afternoon, especially as they weren't slaving away behind piles of work.

"Grazie everybody" Italy whispered, but it was enough for everyone to hear it. "Im just happy that everyone is happy here and not doing any hard work."

And Italy smiled, truly happy at this peaceful afternoon.

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