Hello, everyone! I'm the author and I will keep this introduction brief! I hope you all enjoy this Angel AU. This fanfiction is inspired by the manga Wish, but you won't have to read it to understand this. It's only inspired by the concept, after all! Anywho, I hope you like it!

The warm, orange sun shone brightly on Makoto Naegi as he took his usual path home from school. Although he didn't participate in any after school activities, the boy often found himself assisting other people until it was already late afternoon. He didn't particularly mind offering a helping hand, and he was always glad that he could be of some use to others.

The path Makoto took never changed. The school he attended was reletively close to his home, yet he chose to walk a path that took him nearly twice as long. Rather than walking on the street to get home like most students, Makoto enjoyed taking an isolated path through a small grassland. During the spring, the flowers in the field blossomed enchantingly. Neighbouring the grassy field was a pint-sized pond, with water clear enough to rival even store-bought bottles. Occasionally a small duck, or even more rarely, a family of ducks, would visit the pond for a short swim. During those times, Makoto would stop to watch them play with each other.

Although it was nearly evening, the sunshine was still bright enough to make Makoto squint his eyes. He placed a hand just slightly above his eyebrows in an attempt to shield himself from the bright light. With each step he took, the light only grew stronger. He quickly came to the conclusion that something unusual was happening. The evening sun could never shine like this, so what's going on?

Without warning, a strong force much like lightning struck the ground in front of Makoto. It was so sudden, and so powerful, that Makoto fell back before he could even realize what was happening. His vision became black as he hit the ground. He could feel his head become warm where it had been hit. He groaned in pain and lazily threw a hand up to rub the sore spot.

Makoto made a sluggish attempt to open his drowsy eyes. The silhouette of a person hovered above him. His blurry vision made it hard to determine what the persons face looked like, but judging by the petite frame, and curly hairstyle, it wasn't anybody he knew. Had a stranger been following him? It was unlikely. As far as he knew, he was the only person who used the grasslands as a short cut.

"-okay?!" a panicked voice cried. Makoto couldn't make out fully what they had said, but judging by the raspy voice, he could assume that this person was male. Makoto shut his eyes tightly, and reopened them as wide as he could. He hoped that, somehow, this would improve his vision so that he could see the boy easier.

The boy hovering above Makotos body had a child-like face. He had large doe-like eyes, and chestnut curls that framed his rounded face. A continuous stream of plump tears poured down his soft rosy cheeks. He leaned forward, staring at Makoto in anticipation.

"H...Huh..?" Makoto grumbled in response. He used his hands to boost his upper body up. Taking a closer look at the other boy, Makoto noticed something peculiar fluttering behind his back. It almost looked like a set of wings, but that was completely impossible. Or so he thought. He blinked several times in a row, assuming that his vision was just playing tricks on him but the wing-like things didn't disappear. Maybe I hit my head harder than I thought..

The sobbing boy responded, "I was just asking.. A..Are you okay? You fell so suddenly.. It was my fault, wasn't it?"

Makoto was at a complete loss for words. He attempted to open his mouth to assure the other boy that he was just fine, but the words wouldn't come.

"Are you angry with me..?" The boy asked, his voice hardly louder than a whisper.

Makoto continued to stare. He knew it was rude to do, but he wasn't even entirely sure if what was happening was reality, or just a head-injury induced hallucination.

"So.. You are angry..? I really am sorry.. H-Hey! I'll make it up to you! As an apology, please let me help you in any way I can!" The boy enthusiastically clenched his fists together, holding them by his chest with a sudden look of determination on his face.

Suddenly, Makoto snapped back to reality. He waved his hands in front of him as he spoke, "Wait, what? No, it's okay! I mean, I'm not hurt or anything." he quickly responded.

The boy sighed with relief, his streaming tears finally coming to a stop. "Thank goodness.. but I would still like to make it up to you somehow.."

"N-No, it's fine! Um, more importantly, are those.. wings..?"

"Ah!" The boy turned his back slightly, revealing bitty, translucent wings. They fluttered merrily. "Yes..! I'm sorry for not introducing myself right away.. My name is Chihiro, and I'm an angel!"

"You're.." Makoto stared blankly, in complete disbelief of the sight before him. ".. an angel?"

Chihiro nodded his head, smiling from ear-to-ear. "Yes! An angel!" he repeated.

"Ahaha.. Aha.. Is that so..? Um, anyways.. I think I hit my head a little too hard so if you don't mind, I'll be going home now." Makoto stated flatly. He finally stood on his feet, wiping the dirt from his pants and school bag. He began to walk away, without turning to look back.

"No! Please wait.. I really am an angel, I'm not lying.. " Chihiro's voice drifted off sadly. He began to sniffle again, as he watched Makoto leave.

Although it was unusual for Makoto to walk away from such a sad-looking person, he had fully convinced himself that what he saw was a complete illusion caused by his fall.


The bright morning sun glared it's way into Makoto's room. No sound could be heard aside from the curtains breezing gently in the wind. Makoto opened a single eye to glance at his alarm clock, and realized it was already a half an hour passed the time he usually awoke at.

"Did you sleep in?" A voice asked.

Makoto bolted upright in his bed and quickly turned to the window, where the voice had come from. Sitting there, fluttering wings and all, was the strange angel that he was so certain had only been a hallucination from the night before.

"AHHHH! H-How did you get in here?!" Makoto bellowed. He quickly covered his mouth with his hands, in silent prayer that his family members hadn't overheard him.

"H..How..? I flew in through the window..." Chihiro answered timidly. After receiving no response, he spoke once more, giving the same sad look he had the night before. "Y..You're angry again, aren't you..?"

Makoto glanced at the floor and sighed. He returned his gaze to the angel. "I'm not angry, it's just that..."

"Just that..?"

"You're really real, aren't you..? A real angel..." Makoto continued. He was still in slight disbelief, but was beginning to come onto terms with things.

Immediately, Chihiros frown disappeared and was replaced by a precious smile. "Yes! That's what I've been telling you!"

Makoto removed the blankets he'd been covered in and slid his feet into some slippers. He took a few steps forward, his gaze never once leaving the angel. He reached his hand forward, and gently touched his cheek. It felt warm and soft against his fingers. This was his confirmation. It wasn't a dream.

"U-Um.." Chihiro stammered bashfully. A soft pink blush adorned his cheeks.

Makoto quickly took his hand back. "S-Sorry! I just wanted to make sure you were real!" he replied with embarrassment. "I'm Makoto Naegi, by the way."

"So.. You believe me now?" Chihiro attempted to ask subtly, but it hard for him to hide his excited grin. "It's nice to meet you, Makoto-kun."

To give a simple response, Makoto nodded his head up and down.

Excitedly, Chihiro clapped his hands together and gave a sweet giggle sounding much like chimes dancing in the wind. "Ehehe. Thank goodness! Ah, but now.. I need to figure how to properly apologize to you for the other day."

"Aha.. You really don't have to." Makoto quickly retorted with a wave of his hand.

With a small pout, Chihiro stated, "But I must! I could never forgive myself if I didn't repay you in some way.. So please, if there's anything I can do for you.." he looked to the ground as he spoke. It was hard for Makoto to say no to such a face.

"Um.. I guess.. You could hand me my school uniform?" Makoto suggested. It wasn't exactly a big favour to ask of someone, and it was something that Makoto could easily do himself, but he hoped that at the very least it would make Chihiro feel like they were finally on equal grounds.

"Aye, aye, c-captain!" Chihiro attempted to reply with determination. He fluttered away from the window, and glided towards Makotos closet. He glanced around inside curiously for a moment. "You have so many lovely clothes, Makoto-kun!" he commented.

Although he didn't consider himself fashionable, or knowledgeable of fashion in any way, Makoto smiled at the compliment. " Uh, thanks. I just kind of wear whatever fits." he admitted.

"Oh.." Chihiro mumbled as he finally pulled a clean black uniform from the closet. He flew towards Makoto, placing the clothing in his hands. "Makoto-kun.. Can I ask you for a big favour? A..And I promise that I'll repay you!"

"H-Huh..?" Makoto raised an eyebrow and nervously scratched his chin. "Sure, I guess.. What is it?"

"Please.." Chihiro began to mumble. He suddenly looked up, and clenched his tiny fists with determination. "Please help me become a normal student like you!"

Makoto stared blankly at the angel.

Just when I thought this day was finally going to become normal again..

Thoughts? I hope you all like it! Stay tuned to see what kind of a student Chihiro will become, and how much trouble it will cause Makoto at school!