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The name was so familiar, yet he just couldn't put an image in his mind about who it would be. After calling Koizumi three times without getting an answer, he gave up. He'd have to tell him later, but right now, he had to tell someone about this. He didn't know if he would forget it or not, but it wasn't impossible. Dialing Mikuru's number, he listened to the dial tone, phone against his ear.

"Hello? Kyon?"

"Miss Asahina, can you get down here? I've found something important. It's…" he stopped, not sure what to say. "I just need to show it to someone."

Mikuru assured him that she'd be there soon, allowing Kyon to release the breath that he'd been holding in. Mikuru was way too nice to ignore his phone calls like Koizumi did. She was like angel, he decided. He paced around the room, the red bookmark in his hand. His brown eyes scanned the words again for the 50th time.

'Don't forget.

The fourth folder, the fourth letter.


"Don't forget," Kyon mumbled to himself. This seemed to confirm their suspicion that someone was missing. He couldn't get that name out of his head. "Nagato, Nagato. I swear I've heard of that person before. It's like I know everything about them, but I can't remember at all." It worried him, this feeling .

The door opened, causing Kyon's eyes to turn around and immediately relax to see it was just Mikuru.

"What is it, Kyon? What did you find?" The girl's eyes seemed to be laced with curiosity, and he handed the bookmark to her, watching as her eyes scanned it. She read the note out loud, almost as if she was trying to convince herself that this was real. The expression on her face didn't look to happy, she looked scared, almost as if she'd just seen a ghost.

"Nagato…" she mumbled, looking up at Kyon. "That name does seem familiar, doesn't it?"

"It does. It feels like I know them. But what could 'The 4th folder' mean?"

"I don't know," she replied, "I can contact my boss and try to see if I can obtain that information, but it's most likely classified."

"Damn," he mumbled. What the hell did the 4th folder, 4th letter mean? Why did this 'Nagato' have to leave such weird notes? Why did this have to happen?

His thoughts were interrupted by his phone ringing. He looked up to check it, rolling his eyes when reading the caller I.D. as Koizumi

"Hey," he said as he answered.

"You called?" Not even a 'Hello' back, he thought, He must be in a bad mood.

"I've found something important; you should probably get down here." His eyes remained staring at the bookmark.

"Does it have to be now? I'm very tired." Yeah, I can tell. You don't need to tell me that. Usually, Koizumi's voice was more energetic then this, but now he just sounded like he was going to crash any second.

"It's important."

A sigh left the Esper's lips, and he replied with "I'm on the way."

Kyon hung up; explain to Mikuru that Koizumi was on the way. As they waited, they tried to figure out what the note meant. By folder, would it literally be a folder that they were looking for, or something similar. Maybe play on words? Letter? Like in the alphabet, or something you write to someone? There many possibilities on what this could mean, and they could both tell it wasn't going to be easy. About twenty minutes of this passed before Koizumi showed up, not looking to good.

"Hello," was what he first said, but then he continued with, "What's going on?"

"What's going on with you?"

"Miss Suzumiya seems to be more bothered then we thought. There's many closed space," So that's why he was so tired, he had been fighting is closed spaces since he left, "I'm hoping whatever you deemed important has something to do with whoever missing."

He walked over to the boy, handing him the bookmark, "Take a look at this."

"It seems to some sort of a note, or riddle, from whoever's missing." Mikuru said, watching as Koizumi read it with tired brown eyes.

"This is interesting," he replied, "It looks like some sort of clue. It's written as if they didn't have much time, judging by the slightly sloppy hand writing."

"That's what I was thinking," Kyon replied, grabbing the paper from the other and looking at it again, "I think the most important part of this note is the end of it, the name. It's most likely the name of whoever's missing. I mean, if it wasn't Important, then why would they take more time to write it if they were in a rush?"

"The name Nagato seems too familiar," Mikuru pointed out, "Kyon says he feels the same way. Do you?"

"It does seem familiar, but I don't remember anything about it."

None of them did, they concluded. These only made their theory that someone was erased from their memory seem to make more sense.

"Folder and Letter could mean two things," Mikuru speculated, "If this is a riddle, then it could be anything. We need to use our brains."

Koizumi butted in, saying, "Letter could either mean Letter as in the Alphabet, or Letter that you write to someone. Either way, it's important. Folder could mean File, since they are the same thing."

"Yeah, that could be it! Where is there a filing cabinet here?"

"It's a school, they are everywhere. Not much of a clue, if you ask me." Mumbled the brown haired boy, watching as both the esper and time traveler thought intensely.

"Well, why don't we look through all of them?" The girl asked.

"That would take way to long. There's more than a hundred here."

"We still didn't figure out what 'The 4th letter' meant, " Koizumi thought for a moment, "What if it's the 4th letter in one of those sentences? That might be a very helpful hint that we can't pass up."

Kyon sighed. This was going to take awhile. Why couldn't they have left something simple?