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Chapter 1

Chaos POV

50 million years ago

I gritted my teeth and blocked his strike as he attacked me.

"You are weak Chaos," he spat as he slammed his blade onto my shield.

"The light will always prevail over the darkness!" I shouted as I parried his attack with my sword and slammed my shield into his face.

"You forget I am the darkness!"

He spun around, and then struck my shield making me stumble back. He jumped up before stabbing me in the shoulder and I cried out in pain, but as I fell to the ground, I opened up a wormhole under him. He laughed as it opened and his wings extended. Metal plates shifted and fell off before floating up and combining into the form of wings.

"Did you forget that I am one of your angels?" he laughed out, "Well you shouldn't have since I'm the last one!"

"You a may have beaten my army, you may have slain my angels, but you will not best me!" I shouted back and he laughed even harder.

"And how will you stop me?"

"That wormhole is incomplete and it exits at the farthest most reaches of space," I explained and he raised his eyebrow.

"And what will that do?" he asked, getting suspicious as I began to smile.

"What happens when air is exposed to a place that is void of it?" I asked him and his eyes widened In realization as I completed it.


The air was suddenly sucked into the emptiness of space, dragging him with it. I created a magic barrier around me so I wouldn't be pulled in, then walked over to him.

"One day, the Angels of Chaos will be reborn and they will defeat you, that I promise," I stated as he struggled to keep a hold of the edge of the wormhole, clawing at the metal floor, trying to get a grip, but failing.

"Then I await that day, the day I return and end you, my lady," he sneered, coldly before letting go and falling into the wormhole.

I stood there and watched as he disappeared through the wormhole as it closed.

"My lady, are you okay?" I heard a voice ask and turned to see a soldier limping over to me.

"Yes," I lied, but I immediately fell over in pain.

"Lady Chaos requires medical care!"

They carried me to the hospital and healed me the best they could. Time passed and I sat in my bed, resting when the door opened.

"My lady, is this a bad time?" the soldier from before asked.

"No, why have you come?" I asked him and he took off his helmet, putting next to his side respectfully.

"I was wondering if he is really dead?"

"Unfortunately no, the Fallen is only gone for now," I answered, "He still lives."

"What will we do then?"

"We will have the Angels of Chaos at our side, ready to face him."

"My lady, you should rest," he said and left the room.

I laid in the bed for a moment before taking his advice and closing my eyes.

Percy POV


I opened my eyes as I awoke from my sleep.

"Perseus," I heard someone say.

I looked over to see Athena sitting on a nearby bench. I was currently camped out in Central Park since Athena, the goddess of Wisdom had sent me on a quest to find and defeat the first Hydra.

If your wondering why I'm talking about Greek mythology as if it were real, they are. You see Greek mythology is the center of western civilization, the heart. They've moved from Greece to America since ancient times. I'm Percy Jackson by the way and I'm a son of Poseidon. I have also defeated the Titans and Giants and the bane of monsters, plus the Hero of Olympus. So any way Athena sat on a nearby bench watching me.

"Hello Perseus, I see your slacking," she greeted as I got up.

I also forgot to mention that she hated me because of my father.

"Actually my lady, the Hydra's 9 heads found a nice home in my bag."

She opened the magical bag that Hermes gifted me. It could hold up to 50 items of any shape or size without feeling the weight. She looked in and nodded before closing it, then she pulled out a ring.

"I commissioned Hephaestus to forge this for your proposal to marry my daughter."

Oh and another reason she hates me is because I'm dating her daughter, Annabeth Chase.

"You got me a ring to marry your daughter?" I asked, suspicious.

"Yes, the truth was... that I did not approve your relationship with my daughter because I wanted to know if you would do anything for my daughter," she said, "It seems that you would."

"Thank you Lady Athena," I thanked and she smiled at me, for the first time.

"Remember Perseus, take care of her," she said and flashed me to camp half blood.

I suddenly appeared on Half Blood Hill. I looked down to see everyone walking about, doing their daily activities in our only safe haven, Camp Half Blood. I smiled and walked down the hill to see Cameron Kane a son of Athena and Joanna Hudson a daughter of Demeter talking. I walked down the hill and took a hydra head out of my bag.

I held it in front of me and said, "HYDRA!"

They screamed and I fell onto the ground, laughing.

"Percy, you son of a gorgon," Joanna said as I laughed.

"Percy, your back!" Cameron shouted in joy.

"Yeah, you like my prize?" I asked.

Did I mention they were my best friends too.

"So I take it that you finished your quest?" Joanna asked and I nodded.

"I also got this," I stated and showed them the ring.

"Athena gave you that," Cameron asked and I nodded.

I studied it for a second, it was made of Imperial Gold and there was a pearl embedded in a Celestial Bronze casing.

"It's beautiful," Joanna commented and I smiled.

"Well man, go get your girl," Cameron said, "We saw Annabeth go down to the beach, but watch out because we also saw Dylan go down there too."

They both sneered when Cameron said his name. Dylan Derkins was my half-brother and the biggest jerk I've ever known. He's been trying to take the fame that I didn't really want in the first place. Dad claimed him after Grover managed to drag him from his house to here. His ego got even bigger when he "accidentally" killed Mrs. O'Leary. No one could stop me from beating him into a pulp.

Chiron managed to convince the Gods to not kill or exile me, but to have me on kitchen duty for a year. I got to live, but the camp hated me. Then he started to take my friends away from me, he flooded the forge and the strawberry fields, he stole Travis and Connor's mother's necklace, broke Clarisse's new Maimer, flooded the minor god's cabins, and even abused some new campers and had them blame me.

Then he attacked my roman friends, he stole Frank's life stick and hid it under the brazier, then said I planned on burning it. I lost Hazel and Frank after that, but then he attacked Reyna with water and said I did it. Jason didn't falter though, we were like brothers.

That was until he raped Piper and blamed me, but she came to me and told me what really happened. Then he killed her and said I did it to tie loose ends. Then he attacked my cousins, Nico di Angelo and Thalia Grace. He burned down the Zeus and Artemis cabins, saying I envied her and wanted her gone. He burned Nico's pictures of Bianca, his sister. He said I forced her to get inside Hephaestus' automaton. He said that he read it in my "diary". Nico hated me from that day on. The camps hated me, the Gods forsaken me, but my friends, Cameron and Joanna still stood with me.

Then there was Annabeth, the only thing I had left was her. I loved her with all my heart, I even held the sky and gave up Godhood for her.

"Thanks guys," I said and walked down to the beach.

I walked around for a moment wondering where she was until I saw Dylan making out with some girl.

"Poor kid," I thought and was about to walk off when I noticed the grey streak of hair in the blonde.

"No," I thought as I snuck closer.

I finally got a clear view of her face and I felt a tear run down my face.

"Why are you still dating my half-brother any way?" Dylan asked her.

"Because he's got Riptide and when he asks me to marry him, I'll marry him and take Riptide so I can give it to you," she said and he smirked, but I glared.

I felt the familiar tug in my stomach as the waves receded before coming back as a gigantic wave with the raise of my arms.

Annabeth noticed it and screamed as the wave crashed onto them. I sensed that Dylan wasn't able to control the water since he was distracted, so I made the water form around them. I could sense him, trying to manipulate it, but he was panicking to much.

I lowered my arms and the water stopped, then fell onto them. They looked over at me and saw me, I was really mad.

"So my coward of a brother returns," Dylan said and took out his sword.

"The only coward I can see is you!" I shouted and uncapped Riptide.

"You know, she told me that I was better than you and that you were nothing compared to me," he mocked, but I was unfazed.

I stood calmly, he couldn't make me snap.

"I bet your mom was just some s!#% that met our dad," he mocked again.

"Oops," I thought as I snapped and attacked him.

We exchanged blows, but I could tell I was pushing him back. Water from the sea swirled around me in a miniature hurricane, just like the one in Alcyoneus' camp except stronger, probably because of the emotions swelling in me. The water swirled around me and when it touched him, it cut him. He panicked and tried to do the same with water, but I controled it and made it push him to the ground. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the camp coming down to the beach to watch.

I saw a black blur and suddenly Dylan pushed me off him. But then Cameron came into view as he tackled Dylan to the ground and started punching him repeatedly. I tried to get him off, but was failing as he beat Dylan. Suddenly several vines grew from the ground and grabbed Cameron's arms, then lifted him up.

But before Dylan was completely out of range, he swung his leg and kicked him in the nuts. Dylan curled up into a ball while Joanna and I held Cameron in place. Chiron suddenly galloped down and looked at Dylan, Annabeth, and then at me.

He nodded at me and shouted, "It is past curfew, return to your cabins!"

Everyone glared at me and left as some Apollo campers helped Dylan. I returned to Cabin 3 and slept through the night, then I got up and walked to the Dining Pavilion.

"Hey Percy," Cameron said as he walked over, "You okay?"

"Perfect," I murmured and he solemnly nodded before stepping out of the way, letting me walk to my table.

I looked over to see Joanna eating her breakfast in silence and Cameron doing the same, but I caught him glancing at Joanna every now and then. Suddenly there was a flash and my father, Poseidon was in the pavilion.

"Lord Poseidon?" Chiron gasped in shock and he bowed along with everyone else, "To what do we owe the pleasure of this unannounced visit?"

"I have come to take my favorite son to my underwater palace so that he may train with me," he answered and I almost blushed, almost.

"I would like you all to congratulate-," he said and I finally blushed.

"Dylan Derkins!" he yelled and everyone cheered, but me, Joanna, and Cameron.

I felt the heat on my cheeks be replaced with fiery rage. I got up and stalked to my cabin as everyone patted Dylan on the back and congratulated him. I packed everything I had and finally grabbed a picture of me and Annabeth after the Titan War.

"I HATE YOU!" I shouted and threw the picture at the wall, releasing all of the pent up agression, all of the hatred I had inside of me.

I broke and glass shattered everywhere. I walked out of the cabin and up to Thalia's Pine. I looked down to see Annabeth and Dylan making out in the crowd and I scowled. I dug a hole and dropped Riptide in it's pen form into it.

"Stay here and await for the day that the next hero comes. If they prove themselves worthy, if they are brave, courageous, or valiant, then let them wield you. So says I, Percy Jackson, once great Hero of Olympus," I murmured to it as if it were a pet, putting an enchantment on it.

I covered the hole again and checked my pockets.

"Well, guess those lessons on magic do help."

I adjusted my backpack before walking out of the camp's magical barrier. But before I could, two people stepped out from behind Thalia's Pine.

"What are you guys doing here," I asked.

"Athena and Demeter disowned us, but we thought we could tag along," Cameron and Joanna said and I smiled.

"Sure," I said and we walked down the hill.

"So where should we go," Cameron asked.

"My mom's place, she'd definitely help us," I said.

"Dude, does that mean we could eat your mom's blue cookies," Cameron asked and I nodded, "Sweet."

We managed to walk to New York and hail a cab from there. We soon came to a my mom's apartment.

"Mom, I'm here!" I shouted as we got into the apartment through the key I always kept with me, "Mom?"

There was an eerie silence as we walked into the cold, dark apartment. I walked in a little further and stepped in a pool of blood. I looked at it horrified and saw Paul slumped against a wall, throat slit and multiple stab wounds in his chest.

"No," I murmured and ran further into the apartment and passed the open bathroom. I looked in and saw my mom floating in the bathtub.

"No No No No No, mom, please," I said, tears streaming down my face as I got her out and dried her, "No..."

"Percy, I'm so sorry," Joanna said as she walked in, placing a hand on my shoulder.

"Is she ok?" Cameron asked and I shook my head.

"No, she's been drowned," I said as I controlled the water and commanded it to leave her lungs.

"Those d*** Gods!" he shouted.

"I agree," a voice said and we turned around to see a woman in a long black dress.

Her hair was as white as the stars and her eyes were a glowing black.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"I am Chaos, Primordial of the Void," she answered.

"A primordial, but they faded before the Gods even came to be," Joanna said and the lady smiled.

"Well we're still around, we just like staying hidden," Chaos corrected, "Don't want the immortals coming to us for help."

"So why are you here now?" I asked.

"Because, I have been watching. I saw you progress from a small boy to a mighty hero," she answered, "Now I have come to ask you a question."

"And that would be?" Cameron demanded.

"Long ago I had an elite force of warriors that fought for me since I could not because of the ancient laws," she explained, "They were slain by an enemy of mine, but now I wish to reform them starting with you three."

"Me, but I'm just a demigod," I said and she just smiled again.

"And so were they," she said.

"What about us," Joanna asked.

"I did just say you three," she stated and we all smiled.

"I accept," I said, knowing there was nothing to lose.

"Okay," Cameron said, trying to be cool, but he was jumping up and down in excitement.

"I'll do it," Joanna answered with a smile.

Chaos smiled back and suddenly a portal appeared below us. We fell through and suddenly we were transported into a large room.

"What's this place?" Cameron asked.

"My office," he said and opened a large window to show a city.

"And is this your city?" he asked again.

"Close, it's London," she corrected.

"Oh," we all said and she chuckled.

"London is the city that my army, the Chaotic Legion operates out of," she said.

"So wait, if that's London, where are we," I asked.

"Above Buckingham Palace," she said and we looked down from the window to see the british palace below us.

"Wait, this is a giant castle," Cameron said as he looked up to see a tower.

"Yes, here's the full sized version," Chaos said and blew some dust out of her hands.

It swirled in the air and formed into a tall black castle. It was made of smooth, pure space black bricks that were about the size of ten normal red bricks. It had four towers, four for each corner and in the center was a giant courtyard. At the back was where we probably were, a giant fortress looking structure was there, a giant wall, tall building, and a lot of defense looking stuff.

"This is my base, the Celestial Fortress," she explained, waving her hand and making the model rotate, "From Buckingham Palace we come up here to live in the castle as my soldiers or as veterans in London."

"Why London and not space?" I asked.

"Does space have the largest financial centre in the world?" she joked and smiled, "Besides, this is the last place where the Gods would search for us."

"That actually makes sense," I said as I began to understand.

"So how large is your army?" Joanna asked.

"Most of it is made of demigods, demititans, or demiprimes," she answered, "But we have other beings like nymphs and satyrs, but we do have clear sighted mortals as well."

"That must be some army," I said and she shrugged.

"It's probably at 1,000 strong at the moment, probably still rising," she said.

"That's a lot, but I was expecting bigger," Cameron said.

"It isn't the size or strength," she said, "It's the skill."

"So are we in the army?" I asked and she shook her head in response.

"No, your a part of an elite set of my personal warriors," she answered and led us to a laboratory type room.

"Oh Tess?" she called out and a teenage girl's head popped out of a pile of scrap metal.

"Huh, who's there?" the girl asked and saw us.

She was small, but she looked older, probably a small 14-year-old. She had short blonde hair like golden strands and large electric blue eyes that seemed to crackle with energy. She wore an electric blue, flanel shirt, the sleeves just barely going over her hands. A white scarf was wrapped around her neck and she wore worn out jeans.

"Oh, hi," she said and went back under the pile before emerging through a hole at the bottom.

After she crawled out she got up and saluted before speaking.

"Sorry about that, I was searching for the container while you were gone my lady," she answered.

"This is Tess Lark," Chaos introduced and the girl beamed at us

"But my code name's Tesla though," she said, "Get it? Tess Lark, Tess La-rk, Tesla?"

"We get it," Joanna answered and she smiled wider.

"So your a demigod?" I asked.

"What gave it away?" she asked, cocking her head.

"The eyes, their like my cousin Thalia's, she's a daughter of Zeus," I said.

"Well that makes her my half-sister and you my cousin," Tess said.

"Your a daughter of Zeus?" I asked and she nodded before proudly adding another lineage.

"And a descendant of Hephaestus," she stated, proudly while we gaped.

"She's our science geek here," Chaos said and Tess turned red in anger.


"What, it is true," she said and we snickered while they playfully argued, like a mother and daughter, nothing like a leader and a soldier.

"Well what ever, but we still need to find the container," Tess said and dived back into the pile of scrap metal.

"Where is it?" Chaos asked.

"Somewhere on the floor, but the access panel to type in the code is on the wall," she said.

"Then why are you looking on the floor?" I asked and Tess' head popped up again.

"Oh, right," she said and blushed rosy red before she ran over to yet another giant pile and dived into it.

A couple seconds later a part of the pile collapsed and slid down with Tess in it.

"Yeah, it's in there," she stated as she slid onto the floor.

Chaos held out her palm and a portal appeared below the pile and it fell through. Then a portal appeared nearby and the pile was dumped onto the lab's metal ground.

"Ok, here it is," Tess said and Chaos stepped forward.

She placed her hand on a slap of metal that glowed for a moment.

Suddenly the ground behind us opened up, a circular container rising up and opening. Metallic panels came out and rose up to reveal 9 metal backpacks.

"And those are?" I asked.

"Your wings," she said and Tess took one of them.

"Turn around please," she said and I turned around, "Ok, this might sting a bit."

"Wait, sting a bit, what do you- AH," I yelled as she placed it on my back and I felt a dozen needles stab my spine.

"Sorry, but the wings need to penetrate the spine and connect with the nerves," Tess apologized.

"How are those wings any way?" Joanna asked.

"Perseus, if you would please activate them," Chaos said.

"How do I do that?"

"They're connected to you, you open them with your will."

I tried to force them open with my mind, but they just stayed put. I tried using my hands, still didn't open. So I gave up and followed her instructions. I calmed down and felt a sudden surge of energy in my back, feeling like whenever I had pressure on my Achille's Heel. I watched the wings slowly open up and suddenly there was a whirring sound before the backpack fell apart.

Metal plates fell off before floating back up and taking the form of wings.

"Whoa, now that's like sci fi wings," Cameron said.

"They were created by Tess' predecessor, a man by the name Constantine Smith," Chaos answered, nodding her head with sadness.

"Yeah, my mentor created the wings as a way to help the Angels of Chaos," Tess added in a sad tone.

"Angels of Chaos, that's what we are," I asked and Chaos nodded.

"Each of you will have your wings and you will protect this world from evil," she said.

"So how do I fly?" I asked.

"You can't yet, first you must swear your allegiance to me," she said, "Sorry if that sounded arrogant."

"It's okay," we all said.

"Repeat after me," she ordered.

I take this oath to serve Chaos and to protect the innocent
To stop the darkness and thwart evil's advance
I will stand valiant and courageous till the end
I will not fall until the day that I die

We repeated after her and I felt a surge of energy and my wings suddenly lit up with a black light. Lights shot out of the wings. The light was a glowing black like color, sort of like space black.

"Now try," she said and I flapped my wings turns out I didn't need to do that.

I flew up with out needing to flap, the sounds of the whirring just getting louder by a little.

"Hovering tech allows you to not spend energy on flapping your wings, but you can use your wings to fly around," Tess explained and I shot forward with a flap of my wings.

I flew around and landed back on the ground. The wings unlit and returned to their original metal backpack form, but then they melted into a mettalic liquid that spread across my back until it was non-existent.

"When inactive the wings melt into a mettalic liquid alloy," Tess explained further, "They cover your body in a very thin, non-visible protective skin, keeps you safe from most attacks."

"Oh," we all said as we understood her.

"My Turn!" Cameron shouted in excitement.

"Ok," Tess said and grabbed another, then she carefully placed it on his back.

"I don't feel anythin- AH," he screamed as the needles stabbed into his spine.

"Is there any way to make this less painful," Joanna asked as she turned around and Tess grabbed another.

"Nope," Tess said and placed the last one on her.

"AH," she screamed as it connected to her nerves.

"So that's over," I said.

"What now," Joanna asked.

"Well we introduce you to the Chaotic Legion and then assign you your first mission," Chaos said and we followed her through the castle with Tess following behind.

We soon came to a large room with a giant group of people in black greek armor.

"Chaotic soldiers!" Chaos shouted and they all looked at us, "I beckon you to welcome our new warriors! The Angels of Chaos!"

They all cheered as we stepped up. Tess was jumping up and down in excitement while we blushed in embarrassment.

"This is going to be fun," I said to the others who nodded in response.

Unknown POV

Deep Space

"My lord," my agent on Earth said, "The Angels of Chaos have been reformed."

"Good, good," I said, my voice raspy and old.

I coughed and wheezed, trying to clear my voice back to its original tone.


"What?" I hissed, my voice returning to its malevolent, powerful tone.

"Nothing sir, but won't they be a problem?"

"No, descendant of my enemy, their reformation marks the beginning of the prophecy," I said to the half-blood.

"Prophecy?" he asked and I smiled.

"Yes, the prophecy of my return," I said and began to recite the words I had heard so long ago.

The time shall come when angels return
Light resurrect and none shall concern
Darkness cease and righteousness reigns supreme
However, darkness shall return and the light shall not be seen
Lord of darkness shall battle Angels of freedom
An enemy unseen shall rise up and all most stop him

"This prophecy will be of your return?" he asked and I nodded.

"Indeed, I am the Lord of Darkness for which this prophecy speaks. I shall slay the angels and their blood shall mark the path to my victory!"

He cringed as I began to laugh sadistically, loudly and heartily.

"What do you wish of me?" he asked and I answered.

"Invoke Gaea to wage her next war, stay in the shadows, do not be seen. None, must know of my return until the time is right."

"The war will weaken Chaos' forces," he said as he began to understand.

"Indeed and once the prophecy comes to pass, I will return and cleanse Earth of it's impurity," I bellowed, "I shall burn a holy path through the world and bring forth a new golden age!"

"Yes my master, you, the Fallen shall rise again," he answered and the IM cut off.

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