A helpless cry

By: Reinasaurus

He hated you for so long. The pain and disgust in his heart mirrored the way he saw you, the one who stood smiling and brightly in front of him. It was disgusting how happy you could be despite all the tragedy around you; you were a sad optimistic man.

Even so, despite all the hatred for you, he couldn't understand the feeling his heart had. The pain and malice were present but there was also a small waver that was unfamiliar to him. He simply did not understand that brief fluttering in his heart when he was away from you. It itched and ached, the feeling to protest to it grew immensely. The closer he was to you the urge to stab and possess you was all he wanted to take pleasure in. But when he loses sight of you or when you leave him his heart would do something out of his control; it would sink and hesitate in the strangest ways. It queued his way of life when you weren't there.

This was odd. Odd to the point it slowly began to take over his mind. This alien status that wanted to keep you hastened the urge to get rid of you. He fought this feeling for roughly ten years but as he felt the accomplishment of understanding this desire to get rid of you more so, you died. You left his life before he could have a say in it. You waltzed into his life and now you fell through the cracks of his palms forever. His heart broke into small little pieces prickling his every breath and his heart bled in the anguish. What did you do to him? He can't seem to function anymore. That small fluttering in his heart punctured and crushed him until he couldn't conceal it for too long. The pain you festered inside him tormented him; even after death you wounded and repulsed him. He sought to kill you, to save him from this never-ending misery. But you've already died by another's hands. The thought was cruel and not without ache. He couldn't preserve the pleasure of taking your life away or possessing you but, he could at the very least have satisfaction disassembling you.

….Tsunayoshi, you lied to me.

There was no gratification. The hurt stayed with a force of reluctance and you wouldn't leave him. He refused to let you leave him. He strangled your lifeless body, his fingers tightening around your cold throat. There was nothing, no movement, no breathing, no burden…he dug his fingers into the flesh, clutching what he could. He gagged in his mouth, swallowing the heavy feeling and ripped your head off the accursed lifeless form. He held your decapitated head in his arms, holding you close with silent tears filling his eyes. Why did you leave him?


He wanted you all to himself AND YOU LEFT ME! y-you…you left…you left him with a broken heart. And now you're left with a broken body.

Oh god, what did I - I'm so sorry, Tsunayoshi, I'm so sorry.

He was losing his rationality but what did that even mattered to him? He already lost you and now he lost your perfect body. You made him into a twisted fool, a chump that simply could not understand that defying poison in his throbbing heart. He'll fix this for you, he needed to be punished. He tore off the offending appendage that dared to scar you. See? He'll do anything for you so please come back. Help him figure out this pain inside him, everything hurts without you.

…I…need you…

He needs you like the end of the night, when the darkness consumes the life. This pain is endless, a tragedy with no happy ending.

Author Note:

This is a re-edit from the one I have on my tumblr. Hope you enjoyed it.