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Chapter 1: Death of a Tamer

You know war isn't a pretty thing I should know. Here I am bleeding out, a large slash across my body hitting my vitals with no way to heal quick enough for me to live, at the Final Battle which decides whether or not my side of the war wins or the other does. I chuckled a bit before it hurt. My whole life and my twin brother's as well was all dictated and manipulated all for this moment.

I know ever since I was eleven I would not live past my current age of 17. I felt time slow as I looked at carnage around me. My brother who I thought dead was alive and fighting the man who ruined our lives as well as many others. I knew that they would fight as they were the two leaders of the War the two Super Powers that decided who would win. I looked around further, sadness welled inside me as I recognized many of the bodies, my Familiar, loved ones, Death Eaters and various bodies of creatures that involved themselves in the Battle.

Grimoire, a Battle Wolf, my first Familiar whom came to me as a baby when my parents let my twin's godfather babysit me her left me alone and Grimoire came to me and my brother though Grimoire bonded to me just as my brother's godfather came out. Even when my parents died he followed me though it took a few days as the man who took my brother and I to my relatives (and I say that lightly) who freaked out at the Battle Wolf and let me and my brother have their spare room albeit a bit small was indefinitely better than the original cupboard. He protected us twins from many of our relative's abuses. I named him Grimoire but I also called him Grim for short as he was my first Familiar and basically he was my spell book as he was the one with the better memory and my dueling partner.

Aria, a Shadow-Fire Phoenix, my second familiar came to me as an egg given to me by my Headmaster's Familiar. My twin and I each got one though my brother got a Water-Wind (which arguably makes Ice and Snow) Phoenix. Both were twins as well and Phoenixes need powerful bonders to hatch along with a condition and theirs were that the Bonders had to be twins as well. Harry named his ⬛Katone and both of them help us out of rough spots like when the dementors tried to do us in. She was also the one who taught me how to play instruments and sing to use my magic when my magic needed to be soothed especially my violin.

Lucy, a Basilisk, came to me in my second year when a pompous boy summoned her during a dueling club to scare my brother but my brother had spoke to the snake in Parseltougue to draw her away from me but I felt a connection and we bonded thus I was also accused of being the heir of Slytherin like my brother was because of he spoke the language of the snakes.

Loki, a Water Jaguar, he became my fourth and final Familiar and unlike the others who found me I found him. I still felt incomplete like a part of me was missing even if it got better as I bonded with my Familiars. I was in the Great Hall when the feeling got worse so I focused on it and suddenly I was teleported to the edge of a lake. I found a very large jaguar so obviously I somewhat freaked out though not as much as I always had a love for animals. I noticed that the big cat was hurt so I walked carefully closer and I knew it was a magical creature as I say the muscled fish like tail. The jaguar looked into my eyes and spoke to me asking to take her child away as she sensed that I was to be his Tamer then she died. I picked up the young cub in my cloak just as Aria had appeared to take me away from the majestic lake back to my school. Everyone crowded around me asking me where I went but I held the cub and finally touched him and I bonded to him as I was enveloped in a bright light that everyone knew was the light of a Familiar bond I named Loki because I knew he was going to be trouble when he grew older.

I felt the burn of tears as all of them died and I didn't even know that Aria could even die I was even waiting for her to burst into flames and seeing the ashes and newborn bird that showed the sign of the rebirth, but that never happened.

Then my eyes landed on the body near a large group of Death Eaters, werewolves, vampires, giants, and trolls. One I was very familiar with red hair, a face I knew was full of freckles and blue eyes I knew would never open again. My Clown, my devil, my boyfriend, my lover but most importantly my George. Tears fell down my face as I crawled towards his body and kissed him before I held his hand and laid back down my violin and my bow-wand. I heard cheering and knew that my twin brother won his fight against our parent's murderer so I smiled and closed my eyes knowing that it would be the last time they opened ever again but at least I would be with my George.

"We won!" A boy with raven black hair and emerald green eyes yelled. The crowd of people surrounded him congratulating him cheering for him and the fact that they were finally free of the Dark Lord and his Death Eaters. The boy looked around for a certain person he wanted to see most so he asked the red headed girl who was hugging him if she saw the person he was looking for but she answered no. Then all the sudden the group of people heard a scream of grief.

"Nooooooo wake up you can't be dead," a red haired boy brother to the red haired girl next to him yelled in his grief. He knelt next to a body identical to his but the raven haired boy wasn't looking at that no he was looking at the body next to the other. Tears started to well up in his eyes as he recognized the body very well as it was the body of his twin the person who has been in his life since the beginning. He ran towards the body and knelt next to the other pair of twins with one dead.

He just knelt there unresponsive to the rest of the world just like the other living twin as the rest of the crowd just stood there many crying some in shock that the sibling of the champion someone so powerful died. Two grieving girls went to comfort their lovers the red haired girl from earlier and a somewhat bushy haired girl cried into the raven and red head respectively. The bushy haired girl then stood up and pointed her wand to her throat and muttered a spell.

"My name is Hermione Granger and I have a few words to say," She saw the crowd look at her tears in her eyes, "I want us to remember all those that died even those that were not on our side for they made us stronger. Remember those we loved who f-fell and let us remember these two who died long before their time that contributed largely to this war, the twin of Fred Weasley who was known to use cards as weapons, George Weasley the Clown Devil and the twin of Harry Potter the champion of this war who was known to have Four Familiars Grimoire, Aria, Lucy, and Loki who also fell use instruments as her focus for magic and favored the violin and its bow which doubled as a whip and sword-saw

Covina Potter

The Musical Tamer

⬛Katone-Japanese for Harp sound