This probably the only update you will get in less than a week because this story has got me typing and just warning you guys that I am going to make up the ages for the siblings and the order in which Alluka and Kalluto were born as they weren't really specified in the manga. But seriously is Alluka older or is Kalluto?

Illumi Eldest-eleven

Milluki 2nd -ten

Killua 3rd –six

Alluka 4th -five

Kalluto 5th -four

Chapter 2:Rebirth and New Friends

Darkness that's what I woke to, drifting away in the vast emptiness. I knew I could move but my body forgot how."Where am I? Am I in Hell?"

No child you are not.

"If I'm not in Hell where am I?"

You are in the In-Between where it is decided where you will go. You died too young so as one of Fate's champions you will be reborn again but not in your original world but another world.

"But what of my Familiars what about George?"

Don't worry your soul-mate has been sent ahead with his twin and your Familiars as well.

"Fred died too!"

Yes but long after the war, you see twin souls are tricky as they must always be born with another twin soul.

"So I get to see Harry?"

No you see I need to send you now and cannot wait for your twin to die so I compensated with another twin soul that didn't mind waiting for your brother's soul to be its twin soul as I needed the soul to be one you were familiar with you.

"Who is it?"

A soul you know as Hermione Granger.

"Hermione had a twin?"

Yes though she didn't know it as her twin died a few days after they were born and Hermione has agreed to postpone her rebirth with her twin to be your temporary twin soul. No more questions you are meeting up with your temporary twin soul in less than a minute.

"Wait one more question will I remember my previous life and will I still have my magic?"

You will remember but not all at once you will receive them through dreams and finish getting them at around ten and no you will not have magic but an ability similar to the one you used. Goodbye.

With that the soul was shoved into another space where it found another soul that was very familiar. "Hermione?" I tentatively asked

"Vivi?" The soul said back and that broke the ice and so Hermione began telling me about the other side after the soul passed. Hermione told me that Fred and Harry never got over our deaths and named their children after us. She and Fred married but died when a runaway troll was about to kill their children who were already in their teens. Fred threw a Portkey at them before she and Fred were crushed. They talked and talked until it was time for us to be born.

"Who do you think will be born first?" Hermione questioned.

"Probably you as you usually was always the mature one."

"Who knows maybe you will?" Hermione then started disappearing.

"Guess I am going out first," I felt her smiling at me.

"See you on the flipped side Mia," I said and she was gone I felt lonely but not for long as I started to disappear and I felt my memories sealing leaving my mind that of a babe's.

The first thing I heard was the welcoming words of welcome.

"Welcome to the world Raven Vivian Wolfe 2nd daughter of Liam and Rain Wolfe sister of Lacrimia Libra Wolfe." And she smiled

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"Catch me if you can Vivi," A girl with long black hair and sapphire eyes yelled as she ran through a forest filled area.

"Boo" A girl nearly identical to the first but with emerald eyes popped out of a tree and scared her twin sister. The first girl squeaked as her sister laughed when she flipped down.

"Mia your face was really funny I sooo scared you," Vivi said through laughs and gasps for air so Mia hit her sister.

"That wasn't funny," Mia pouted.

"Girls time to get in, it's getting dark," their mother called.

"Yes Mama," the girls said but then they began shoving each other like any other pair of siblings would. Shoving then turned to pushing which almost turned into fighting if not for their mother.

"Lacrimia Libra Wolfe, Raven Vivian Wolfe when I look out the window I better not see my two young seven year old daughters fighting but walking in the house or I will postpone you seeing the visitors and giving away some of the pups." The two immediately stopped and did as their mother asked/threatened them to do at the threat as they mentally agreed through their twin link that they did not want to compromise there being at the meeting as they heard that kids around their age would be there.

"Girls get ready for the meeting your father has already gone to go get the guests at the edge of the village." Their mother, Rain, called as she cooked then a large wolf was directed their way by her, "Gina follow them for me please and make sure they don't get hurt." A simple nod was done as the wolf now identified as Gina followed the girls.

The two girls of the Wolfe clan knew what they were to do and walked to get the pups that were to be showcased and given away as their mother's partner followed them to the stables. They went to the stable that held the appropriate pups though they were only 6 months old they were already the size of the average grown malamute. They crowded around smelling the girls and Gina to make sure they were who they were as it was part of their training and even bred into them to not attack certain people like them, the clan and the clan dogs.

The two seven year olds lead the pups while Gina followed behind the litter to herd them in. The already trained pups, bred to be smart and obedient, followed without much hassle.

"Mama we have the puppies. I smell the guest so do we meet them first or line the pups up?" Lacrimia asked smelling three unfamiliar scents and the three familiar ones of their previous clients Silva, Illumi, and Milluki. Her mother nodded her head and gestured to the back of the building.

"Good job Mia as you can tell the guests are here so can you and your sister please line up the pups so they can see and pick out while I lead them out back." Mia and Vivi lead the pups outback and lined them up just like how their mother showed them as their mother went to another room with Gina following.

"Come here," Vivi lead the pups to a spot, "Line up Alpha Beta," the pups then lined themselves up from biggest to smallest.

"Just follow me and I will show you the pups you wanted. Just like all the ones you have received; from us before these are specially bred to your specification." The twins heard there father say then they saw the silver haired man they new as Silva and the black haired lithe boy Illumi followed by the chubby black haired boy Milluki , a silver haired boy that looked to be around five or six and holding hands with a black haired girl that looked to be around four or five and lastly a young boy with black hair looking around three or four. Our father saw his twin daughters and approved of how they held themselves observing but not consciously doing it.

"Silva as you and your two eldest remember these two are my daughters and as of right now my heirs Lacrimia and Raven." The twins bowed their heads slightly as soon as their father used their first name instead of their commonly used nicknames.

"Hello there Mister Silva," They said politely in unison impressing the younger children.

"Hello girls do you remember my two eldest sons?" Silva said testing their memory knowing their father Liam would not remind them for the same reason.

"Of course…" Mia started.

"Father we would…"Vivi continued.

"Remember Mister Illumi and…"by then the younger children were having trouble following the twin-speak.

"And Mister Milluki from…"the twins looked at the two respectively.

"Their last visit three…"then stared at Silva as Mia trailed off.

"Years ago." Vivi finished and the three older guests were impressed by the memory the seven year olds shown as they were only four at the last visit the same age as the youngest. "Now I will introduce my other children from oldest to youngest Killua , Alluka , and Kalluto ." Gesturing to each child respectively and each one bowed their heads coping the twin's etiquette while the twins memorized theirs scents, looks, and all the information given associating and profiling all of it with the name given just as the pups were doing. Liam approved at what his daughter did proving fruit of their training just as Silva, Illumi, Milluki, and Killua were impressed. Rain then came out of the building with Gina holding tea and juice.

"I have brought refreshments for everybody," then handed everyone their preferred drink. Rain and Liam gestured to their daughter for them to showcase the pups and explain to the clients, doing their job so that the twins would get practice for when they would have to do this full time if they wanted to as the parents wanted another child and knew their daughters were too adventurous to be held down by the clan business.

"We will explain and…" Vivi aka Raven began.

"Tell you about…"Mia aka Lacrimia continued.

"This litter that..."

"You have asked..."

"For. As you have…"

"Asked we have…"

"Trained them to attack…"

"All intruders, unknowns..."

"Or specified known targets."

"Of course we…"

"Have also included…"

"That they follow…"

"All commands of…"

"All that are…"

"Specified. These pups are…" The black haired girl commanded a pup to sniff all the clients then come back, when it did so she patted the pup's head.

"Just that, pups..."

"As this breed is…"

"Also known as…"

"Hell Hounds and will be…"

"About four to five meters…" The twins gestured to a full grown Hell Hound near the stable.

"High. These hounds are…

"Genuine top of the…"

"Line intelligent guard…"

"Dogs that run at…"

"Top speed with stamina…"

"To hold it for hours…"

"And of course…

"Will never go against…"

"An order." They said together then Vivi went to go get one of the example target hogs and led it out into the arena when Mister Silva asked for a demonstration of their power, speed and intelligence. Mia then led what Silva knew was the runt of the litter and the least powerful of the group into the arena.

The family watched as a Great Stamp usually found in the Visca Forest was released into the ring and was quickly dispatched in the matter of seconds by the runt impressing the clients with the speed at which the kill happened and skill of the execution of the kill.

Silva was impressed and told Illumi and Milluki to follow him to conclude business while Killua, Alluka, and Kalluto were allowed to play after picking their hound as long as they stayed with the Wolfe twins. When the adults left Lacrimia and Raven lead the children to the pups so that they could choose which one the wanted.

Killua had picked the Alpha of the litter he named Roger, Kalluto picked the stealthiest he named Rider, and finally the most surprising of all Alluka picked the most dangerous of the litter as it had two personalities and one of the personalities followed orders but was blood thirsty while the other was as gentle as a lamb (coincidence I think not!) that she ended up naming Michael, Mike for short.

"Come on lets play," Raven and Lacrimia pulled the three children along to where the civilian puppies were at as that was their cover job. There the children stood in a circle then they all introduced themselves again with Raven starting.

"My name is Raven but call me Vivi," Vivi said smiling sweetly then looked at the next person.

"My name is Lacrimia but call me Mia," Mia waved a little.

"I'm Killua but Luka calls me Kil so you can too," Kil put a peace sign up.

"I'm Alluka but Kil calls me Luka sometimes," Luka said balancing on her heel back and forth.

"I am Kalluto," The boy said. The twins looked at Kalluto a little strangely looked at each other nodded then stated.

"Since everyone has a nickname you should…."

"Too so we deem yours to be…"

"Kalu!" they ended and the newly deemed Kalu looked confused but happy while his siblings approved of the name.

"Let's go play Hide-and-Seek," Kil said exuberantly and the rest of the children nodded with equal vigor. Then with quick shouts of 'Not It!' it was decided that Mia was it. While the blue eyed girl counted Kil and Alluka hid in a tree, Kalu hid in one of the unused stables, and Vivi well she hid where the puppies were kept. Soon Mia found them all and decided to play a new game.

So the five children played like that till it was time for the three siblings to leave. They said their goodbyes and took the three Hell Hounds and left.

"Mama," Raven started.

"Papa," Lacrimia continued.

"When do we get a little brother?" they ended together an innocent look on their faces which made the parents sweatdrop.

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