Chapter 6: The First Round and BloodLust

Vivi's P.O.V.

Aria sat in my arms in contentment. "Thank you my friend." I say to her and the rest of the girls follow my action. The girls had put on our hoods just in case any of the Clansmen were looking for us in the city because you never know constant vigilance and all. I was reminded of a man with a fake eye and peg leg but shook it off when I hear Aria trill in happiness. No problem Childe anything for you.

We all follow the Navigator as he murmured to himself.

"This building across here." He then pointed to a large building that seem to reach to the sky. We all stared at the tall building aweing in wonder.

I thought to myself in awe that this building is the start of all Hunters everywhere. Then I felt Luna poke me in the shoulder. I look at her in confusion.

"What are you looking at that's not where the Exams are," She pointed to a steak restaurant next to the building we were just looking at. Everyone followed my action of looking at the small building.

"I only see a common steakhouse." Lacrimia stated. Lerio nodded, "That can't be right Luna you want us to believe that hundreds of candidates are waiting inside?"

"Precisely, no one would ever imagine that the Hunter Exams could be held in such an inconspicuous residence." He then proceeded to walk into the restaurant where the chef greeted them and asked what they wanted to order. The disguised Rat-Fox answered back clearly that he wanted steak.

The chef looked up and asked how he would like it.

"Slowly Rare." The chef confirmed the order and a worker led them to a back room that already had steaks grilling and the table was set for the six of them.

"1 out of 10,000." All of us (except Luna of course) looked at the Rat-Fox in confusion. "That's how many Exam candidates who manage to get this far so the six of you have done fairly well." He walked to the door and waved us good and good luck stating that he would be pleased to be our Navigator next year as well then shut the door behind him. We all sat down around the table and felt the floor move us downward.

"He's making fun of us; making it sound as if we were not going to pass." Lerio huffed he began to eat his steak.

"One every three years." Mia interrupted the older male. He looked at her in confusion, the girl looked to our older brother for the explanation.

"What she meant was that one every three years is the average number of candidates that pass this test on their first try." I half listened to the conversation as I felt Grim wiggle on top of my head. Hey Vi pass me a steak I'm famished. I smiled and complied with his demands happily freeing him from his stuffed animal form but keeping his size and also fed Aria some Fairyfyre seeds.

"So you understand now that he wasn't making fun of us." He nodded cowed by the smaller girl's triad while Luna giggled and fed Minnie bits of steak and Mia did the same for Nono. Gon paused in his meal to ask why everybody was willing to do anything to become Hunters. We all stopped eating and to stare incredulously at the boy.

The two older males in the group began to yell at the boy and explain what a Hunter was and what a Hunter did, but I didn't listen to that and poked my new friend.

"I don't care what they say a Hunter is the reason I want to become a Hunter is that Hunters are free they get to do whatever they want, free to go where they want, not to be tied to anything they don't want to be." Somewhere in the middle of my speech Pika-nii and Lerio stopped talking and listened and Luna and my sister smiled but I didn't pay attention to that as I heard a ding.

"We're here!" I declared and we stood to go out but not before Grim swallowed down the rest of the meat fighting over the last piece with Nono before Minnie ended up stealing it, swallowing it then jumping into Luna's waiting arms. I laugh holding onto my sister for support, Nono was scooped into his partner's arms while Grim begrudgingly hopped into mine with Aria on my head.

The door where the sight of very many different types of people met us. They stared at our group sizing us down before going back to what they were doing before. The group of people in front us had a totally different air than the amateurs from the town and port. Here there were only experts.

"Wow it's so dark, I wonder how many people are in here." Gon asked excitedly and I follow his example by looking around everywhere cataloguing the possible escape route. I felt a pair of eyes still looking at us and turn around to see a pudgy middle age man sitting on a pipe.

"With your group 408." The man jumped off and introduced himself as Tompa. My sister hands me a badge with the number 408 and thanked her. I don't shake the man's hand as I trusted him as far as my feet could reach the floor. Why not how long I could throw? Well that would be a lie, I throw really far.

"You guys are new, right?"

"How can you tell?" Gon asked the older man. He explained that he took the Exams when he was ten and that this was the 35th time he was taking it which led to my thoughts of whether there was something wrong with him to not pass after all this time but at the same time I thought that it was amazing he survived all those Exams. He proceeded to give a brief summary of a few candidates when a scream broke the constant buzz of chatter.

We all looked to the source where a candidate (candidate 58 to be exact) had his arms cut off by a clown. His cruel indifference sparked a nostalgic memory of a smile and mischievous blue eye. I noticed the blood spurting out of #58's arms.


So much red

So pretty

I want more…

Vi stop it! I snapped up my head and swayed a bit but Luna helped me keep my balance.

"You okay Raven?" She and my sister gave me a worried look. I nodded telling I was fine but Aria and Grim still gave me a bit of comfort by trilling softly and rubbing his head against my cheek. I almost missed the whole conversation by the time I was paying attention but caught the last parts. Tompa introduced him, "#44 Hisoka The Magician." He then explained that the year before he would have passed the Exam but he had almost killed a judge he didn't like and was disqualified.

"And he gets to take the test again?" Lerio asked incredulously.

"Sure the judges change every year, they are the ones who choose the types of test. They have the power to say it's okay and it doesn't matter if the candidate is the devil himself all they need is the judge's okay. Hisoka not only mutilate the judge he is also the reason that you won't see several candidates this year so avoid him as much as you can." I felt that I did not need to heed the warning because he felt familiar… but not.

"But he not the only one you shouldn't trust but don't worry I'll be here to warn you off." My instincts told me he was untrustworthy. I was proven right as I heard a few other candidates whisper that Tompa's nickname was the breaker of the new.

The middle age man brought out several cans of juice and handed it to us saying we should drink to celebrate our meeting and good luck. Gon thanked him as he accepted the can of juice as did the rest of our group. My twin and Luna had the same idea as I did and did not drink the juice.

I saw the others look at us girls weirdly for not drinking the juice but Gon went ahead and drank before we could warn him off but we worried for nothing when he burped the whole gulp of juice up stating that it tasted bad and was probably expired or something. Tompa laughed it off but my brother and Lerio ended up pouring the contents of the can out.

Tompa begins to apologize. My sister plays along with my clueless act, Luna didn't even need and prompting she was still showing her default serene face.

"Its fine how could you have known that juice went bad it's a good thing that Gon drank first?" Gon nodded and explained that he was used to discerning whether a substance was harmful or not due to upbringing. I smell a familiar scent on Tompa(1) but couldn't remember where from as a strange sound blared into the room.

"Lililililililililililililillilillilil" I controlled my senses as the noise was both annoying and grating to my ears I could also see that my sister, Grim, Nono, and Minnie had the same problem though Luna looked calm and I could tell she put on ear plugs and forgot to tell us to do the same or maybe cast the muffling charm but before I could even do that the sound stopped.

What was that horrid noise it is an insult to my ear!

I giggled at Aria's comment then looked to the source of the noise, a man with a very strange but cool mustache in a suit. His face full of nonchalance as he began the Exams. He gestured to the long tunnel and explained the logistics of the Exam stating the possibilities of being hurt, maimed beyond repair, and even killed.

"Now please follow me." We all walked forwards, he looked back stating that there would be 408 participants.

"Well obviously no one has quit yet but hey you can hope." I noticed that the group of people began to quicken their paces.

"What happened everyone's rushing now." Lerio observed.

"The pace is picking up." Pika-nii told him.

"Yeah the people in front have started to run." Gon added.

"I forgot to tell you I'm Satotsu and I'm in charge of the 1st round I am also leading you to the 2nd round." Someone noticed the Examiner's word choice and questioned it.

"Yes the 1st round has already started if you are able to follow me to where the 2nd round starts you have passed the 1st. I can't tell you when or where we'll arrive you must be content with just following me. He began to run towards the tunnel opening in a breakneck speed and the crowd followed his lead by running.

"I see…" My brother's face showed understanding.

"This test is really weird." Gon said.

"An endurance test?" Lerio smiled but I wasn't.

O don't get me wrong I had stamina in spades, I just didn't feel like dealing with this so stopped running and so did Luna, the strangers in the crowd began to snicker thinking that we were weak children who couldn't run. My sister smirked she, of course, knew what I was planning but kept moving because as the goodie two shoes she was she would want to do this on her own power. My brother on the other hand was confused seeing as I could run for days on hand and not even break a sweat. Huh, you think your own brother would know what you would be planning? I just pointed at Grim and a look of comprehension appeared on his face and he along with Mia-nee continued to run urging their new friends onward.

Gon's and Lerio's faces were downtrodden from losing friends this early but due to her sibling's urging ran on. I huffed it was like they didn't believe in me. Aria flew out of my arms as I put Grim down and my other sister (cause Luna is definitely my sister in all but blood) put down her partners. While my friend waved her hands I whistled a quick tune and our respective partners grew; we climbed on their backs.

"Let's ride!" They ran to catch up to the group that was quickly growing smaller to their eyes. I saw that Lerio was yelling at a familiar white haired boy on a skateboard. Is that who I think it is?

"…Endurance Test?" I heard Lerio yell at the boy.

"You're wrong! He just asked us to follow him didn't he?" Gon ask and I snickered. We caught up to them.

"Gon's right all he said was follow him." I informed him in a bored tone. He looked to his other side, ready to yell at me, but he only managed to stutter.

"Whose side are you …" He stared at me. I knew what he was thinking he thought I had quit. Well I hadn't okay can't you see me here? I saw my brother try to keep a straight face at the sight of Lerio's dumbfounded one, Gon on the other hand just grinned. The people who were in front of us looked back on the commotion behind them.

"Lerio I believe you should close you mouth, flies might come in. I advise you to be less noisy and conserve your energy." Luna giggled at Mia's statement then bounded forward, Minnie hopping over the heads of the other candidates.

I looked at the white haired boy who stared right back at my sister and me. I waved at him in a nonchalant fashion.

"Yo Kil, how's life since we last met." Our childhood friend's eyes widened and he almost fell off his skateboard in shock though his training composed him in his split second of vulnerability. He couldn't see my face but he recognized Grim and my voice.

"Wow Vivi you don't see friend for awhile and the first thing he does is almost kill himself from shock." We both smile at Killua who then returned the gesture. Gon kept running but looked back and forth at us in a confuse manner and while the other two males did the same.

"Do you guys know each other?" Kurapika also nodded wanting to know how as well.

"That's right every time without fail you guys would visit while Pika-nii was training so you don't know each other." Everyone sweatdropped.

"Yes well I haven't seen you for three years so it has been awhile." Then Gon's face lit up when he remembered something.

"That's right I haven't introduced myself I'm Gon."

"Killua." He simply stated. "Hey Gon how old are you?"

"Hmm…almost 12!"

"Just like me." He hopped off his skateboard. "I guess it's time for me to run."

"Oh…Cool!" Gon's face was too cute I just started to giggle.

"And what about you Oji-san?" The question was pointed at Lerio whose face turned red and began to yell.

"OJI-SAN! Who are you calling Oji-san! I'll have you know I'm from the same generation as you!" I was shocked he certainly didn't look it.

"NANI! Are you sure?"

"That's it I'm never talking to you three again!" From the corner of my eye I could see my brother running faster away from us with my giggling sister following him.

I saw that the tunnel wasn't going to end soon so I turned my body around on my back and closed my eyes to take a nap. I felt Grim's body rumble with laughter and Aria trill in delight and I knew the firebird had settled on Grim's head. I look to my sister who rolled her eyes at me.

"Vivi is going to take a nap now, wake me when something happens." I did not wait too long before sleep came to me.

I was jostled out of my sleep when Grim stopped and Aria pecked at my head. I immediately sat up from my partner's fur and looked at what was happening. We were still in the tunnel. Some people were sweating bullets while others were looking as if this was a simple casual jog in the morning. I spied my cloaked sister next to my brother and a shirtless Lerio in the middle.

Luna on the other hand was at the top of the long flight of stairs, and boy were they long I couldn't see her and I had eyes better than eagles and hawks. I only could tell because I knew Luna would want to get this over with and would rush to the end so she could set up tea and I couldn't see her in the crowd.

"Why'd we stop?" Grim gave me a pointed look at the endless looking stairs.

Do not be lazy and climb the stairs.

I groaned playfully but hopped off my partner and began to sprint to the Examiner next to Gon and Kil with him following me. Finally a challenge in this Exam. I passed my sister

"Hi guys!" Gon looked shocked but shook out of it and smiled at me. I saw that he was holding Lerio's case I wonder how that happened.

"Hi Vivi! You finally woke up."

"Vi nice to see my friend awake." Killua smiled.

"Well Grim here," I pointed to the large wolf," decided I was being too lazy." She shrugged off their incredulous looks. "I want to catch up to Luna so can we up the pace Mister?"

The boys looked at me weirdly but I didn't care nor did I care about the fact the Examiner's eyes gave off a knowing gleam. "But Vivi I didn't see Luna pass us."

"Well I know she passed us she's a bit impatient and would rather do something she wanted and not something like this so she would want to finish it up as quickly as possible and set up tea somewhere at the end." I said without a thought. Gon looked back to the crowd behind them in surprise.

"Wow I didn't notice but we are at the front."

"Well actually this pace isn't too fast and besides being slower is actually more tiring. I mean look at Lerio he looks like he might pass out." It was true the teen was sweating bullets and his shirt was gone. I felt sorry for him so I wanted to do something to help. I turned to Aria who was still on Grim's head.

"Hey Aria can you sing an energizing song to Lerio and Pika-nii but only those two and maybe Nono and Nee-san. Can you do that for me?" The firebird looked a bit insulted.

Childe, what do you take me for? Of course I can do that. With that she flew off to the group of three.

"Well I thought the Exam was a challenge but it was a huge disappointment. That was the whole reason why I even entered the Exam."

"So that's the only reason why you entered?" Gon wondered.

"Yeah basically, what about you why did you enter?"

"Well my dad is a Hunter so I want to become a Hunter like him!" I mentally giggled at Gon's innocent answer.

"What kind of Hunter is he?"

"I don't know I never met him!" He said in a cheerful voice. The rest of us (partner included) just looked at the boy with incredulous faces.

"That's not normal Gon." I stated.

"You think so? I don't I never really thought too much about it. You see a few years ago I met a guy named Kaito and he told me so many things about my dad and his accomplishments. The discovery of the Luluka's Civilization, the implementation of the Two-Headed-Wolf's reproduction, the frisking of the mines of Kongo, the taking down of the Kurt Band." The Kurt Band? He is the person who took down the people who kidnapped me? "My father's accomplishments had no limit."

It seems this Kaito was happy to talk about your new friend's father.

"Kaito seems happy to talk about your father." I translated for Gon and Killua.

"I thought so too. That's why I want to become a Hunter like my father who gets respect like that." The boy had a determined face that I respected him for.

"So what about you Vivi, why did you enter?" I stared at Killua for a bit so I could think an answer for my friend. I couldn't lie as I already told Gon the truth.

"You remember the last time you had come to visit and the village was tense."

"Yeah." He nodded.

"Well the elders made a decision for Mia and I. They decided that we were to be given arra…" I was going to finish with 'arranged marriages' but I was cut off when someone shouted 'Look!'. I looked forward to see light and the end of the tunnel.

"The exit!"

I quickly exited the tunnel and just as I predicted, Luna was on the ground drinking tea and eating sandwiches from Merlin knows where as I was carrying the food. She looked up from her sip of tea and stared back at the looks the others were giving her. Even the Examiner looked at her a bit strangely, with her hood on it looked as if there was only a smile staring back at them, but what was even stranger were the large white five foot bunnies and one small cat who were sitting in a circle as if in a tea party.

"Nice of you to join us for you people are terribly late." She scolded us as if we were all children. I just took it in stride because I really wanted to pet the bunnies and add them to my collection.

Satotsu P.O.V.

My eyes, do they fool me. How could that girl be here when I didn't see her? On the outside I showed a cool stoic face but on the inside I was confused beyond measure.

What are those Alice Rabbits doing? Are they drinking tea? I am so very confused.

Vivi P.O.V.

"Luna where did the bunnies come from cause I want one?" I was too happy to notice anything wrong and sat down in the circle. I grabbed one and squeezed the white rabbit next to me nearly breaking its strong ribs. I saw her smile mischievously.

"Nuh uh uh, that's my secret I'm not willing to tell." I pouted at her and felt a tap from my sister. I turned around to ask what she wanted but realized Luna and I were making a scene.

Vi get up now you know better than to cause a scene.

I pouted but I relented seeing as it was true then Grim gave Luna a look and she pouted and frowned at the tea party going to be wasted. I sighed and snapped my fingers and cleaned up the mess telling her that the tea party was going to be held a little later. The rabbits sat still exactly as they were in the circle.

Satotsu then snapped out of his stupor and explained that this marsh was called the Crooks' Nest and that the beings in this marsh wanted to make a snack out of us candidates.

"Take care not to be surprised at what you see. Do your best to follow me." We all looked at him; some in disbelief, some calmly, and others accepting.

"That's false! He's lying to all of you!" I looked to where the yelling came from and smelled injury and weakness. A very injured man came from behind the exit of the tunnel.

"He's an imposter! He's not a judge at all! Because the real judge is me!" He then showed the crowd a monkey with a man's head and made a whole explanation that I didn't care to listen to. Mia would explain it to me if it was really important. I felt a twinge in my chest right before three playing cards embedded themselves in the man's face and another four were caught by Satotsu.

I looked at the person who threw them and was hit by a wave of nostalgia. I felt drawn to Hisoka and his familiar actions that I knew I never witnessed in my life. My eyes trailed to the blood dripping from the corpse and I began to zone out.

Vi! I shook out of my stupor and faced one of my longest friends. He had a weird face I could really pinpoint, like a mix between worry and something else. I tilted my head in confusion.

"What's wrong Grim?" The large beast didn't answer but instead his eyes were focused on where I was looking at earlier. If I had looked at that moment then I would have known that Hisoka was looking at me with a look of want in his eyes and Luna a look of contemplation. The other candidates began to move and follow the Examiner through the marsh. Some looked at me like I was an idiot for not immediately following to not get lost (my friends and siblings not part of that group of course).

I looked back at the big white rabbits then back at Grimoire who nodded with a look of resignation. I squealed in delight before I took a metal triangle from my bag. I took one look at it and found a note from Luna.

'Dear Vi,

Please catch one for me

Love Luna :D

I giggled at her antics but did as she told me by hitting the triangle paralyzing then catching the three Alice Rabbits, two white and one black. I shrunk the creatures down to dolls then hopped onto Grim's back as he was faster than me to the Candidates and Examiner and I caught up to my siblings.

"Hey sis!" I laughed as Lerio looked shocked and a second away from a heart-attack but my siblings just sighed in exasperation while Aria trilled with laughter on top of Grim's head.

"Vi what were you doing?" Mia looked mad but also worried. I ignored it, if there was really something wrong I was pretty sure I would know, wouldn't I? I shook my head of the thoughts and replied back to my sister.

"O I needed to get a doll for Luna." I showed her a white rabbit doll so she put two and two together to get the final four.

"Where would you get a doll in the middle of no where?!" Lerio stared at me incredulously while I just smirked and put a finger to my lips.

"Uh uh Lerio-oji-san a girl has got to have secrets." Then I jumped off Grim and ran a little far off but stopped when a card was thrown my way. I jumped out of the way of the projectile and heard screams in the space around me, the smell of blood began to trickle to my nose and I felt tipsy. I then looked back to where the card was embedded into the trunk of the tree behind me.

Grim growled at a silhouette in the fog where the card came from. There a man walked out of the fog to where I could see him. Cards flew from one hand to the other in a fast pace back and forth in a dizzy pace.

"What are you doing?" I heard my brother yell. Hisoka smirked and continued to have his deck of card fly back and forth.

"I'm playing judge." I looked around me and many of the men were killed with cards sticking out of their bodies. The Magician looked at me with knowing eyes as I fell down to my knees and covered my nose and ears to block out the urges that began to overwhelm me.

I never heard my siblings calling for me.

What a lovely smell I involuntarily lifted my head to look at the carnage spread out before me and smirked.

Stop! I don't want to hurt anyone I cried as I felt my violin begin to materialize.

I want

Hisoka stared at me even as he killed the men, his eyes encouraging my bloodlust.

No! My violin became solid and I grabbed it.


My fingers positioned itself to play a deadly note.


I sighed in relief when Grim bit the back of my cloak and threw my body in the air, making me let go of my violin for it to disappear as if it never existed. I fell onto his back. Aria trilled soft notes to calm me.

I've got you, now sleep.

Yes childe sleep. I muttered a thanks to them and blacked out.

You win for now but don't worry I'm always here

Lacrimia P.O.V.

I laughed at Lerio's expression and my sister's antics. My sister ran further into the fog when I heard a whistling sound of a projectile heading in my direction. I jumped into the air to dodge what I believed to be a card. Nono started to growl in my arms and I tensed up for an attack.

Screams sounded through the air as I saw Hisoka calmly walk through the fog, cards flying from one hand to another.

"What are you doing?" I turned to Kurapika who stood next to Lerio. I saw Lerio holding his bleeding arm. Blood? O no. With the air blood saturated, I saw my sister struggle with her bloodlust. Dammit the charm on the cloak is wearing out.

I turned back to Hisoka who was staring at my sister's vulnerable state.

"I'm playing judge." He explained that he held in his urges during the first round but it was a bit to boring for his tastes and decided he would help out the judge. A man yelled out that he had no right. Hisoka immediately killed him retaliation. The other men stated that they would never allow for him to become a Hunter and he answered.

"Fine then but with this one card I will take you all on." He held up a card and the men charged. One by one the men were killed. He never, not even once ever took his eyes off my sister. That scared me. What did he want with my sister?

I looked back to my sister who was kneeling on the floor and covering her nose and ears.

"Raven!" My Kurapika looked to our sister and he called her out too.

She looked up with pained eyes then smirked. Smirked? O no her bloodlust was starting to control her.

Her violin materialized in front of her where she grabbed it and positioned herself to play. I knew she was going to play her song of death, Macbeth. I tried to run to stop her but Nono yipped and suddenly Grim bit the back of her cloak and threw her in the air then catching her on his back. I looked back to my sister and saw that she was unconscious on top of Grim with Aria singing her soft notes of comfort. I sighed in relief, my sister is in some semblance of safety.

I saw Hisoka was finished with his massacre but there were only five people left besides our partners.

The one unfamiliar man began to whisper to us plans to run and hope for the best. I saw Grim look me in the eye and understood that even though I was strong I should not confront this foe. At the signal Nono jumped out of my arms and grew to the size of a Dire Wolf. I jumped onto his back and whistled for Grim to follow us to where Killua's scent was leading to. I spotted a clearing and heard the growling of a hungry stomach the closer I got to it which confused me but that thought flew out of my mind when I spotted Killua.

"There you are!" The white haired boy exclaimed. Then he looked to Grim where my passed out sister laid on his back. "Woah what happened?" I grimaced and his face showed understanding.

"Lark got out again didn't she?" I nodded and asked if he saw Luna. He nodded and looked behind me to see that Luna was already at Vi's side. She checked over the unconscious body then faced me.

"She is going to be fine Lark did not do any damage."

I sighed in relief. Nono nudged me with his head and I looked at the direction where he wanted me to look. My blood chilled seeing Hisoka but I was confused. Why is Lerio on being carried like a sack of rice?

I heard the Examiner's voice. He stated his congratulations and that they were in the Biska Woods then wished them a good luck. I tried to look for Kurapika and Gon when they didn't show for the announcement but I saw them run in at the last second.

I asked Luna to watch Vi then ran to Kurapika and our new friend with Nono on my heels in his shrunken form.

"Mia." My heart fluttered hearing Kurapika call my name with relief. I smiled and gave the older boy a hug and Gon a pat on the head.

"I'm glad your fine and got away. I was worried when I saw Hisoka walk in the clearing with Lerio on his shoulder like a sack of rice." Their eyes widened. They looked around and focused on a person before they ran to a direction. I spotted Lerio awake and disorientated, but that wasn't what caught my eye. On the older teen's face was a massive swelling of a bruise taking up almost half of his face.

"Here let me take care of that Lerio." Before he could refute my help I willed the swell to go down through my hand. He touched his face and was just as amazed at his newly healed face as Gon.

"Come on lets go where I left Vi and Luna." They nodded and followed me.

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