Snowfall: Sorry it was long. Just to say in bold is when they talk in Japanese. Is everyone here?

Ryo: Everyone is here except Yugi and Atem. We can't find them.

Snowfall: Alright than. Ryo go find them with Joey and Malik and bring them back here.

Ryo: Of course. Come on Joey, Malik.

(Ryo walked out of the room with Joey and Malik right behind them)

Snowfall: So, let's get the story started. Marik can you finish up please.

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Emperor Muto was in a meeting talking about an upcoming event, struggles, etc. During the meeting the Flame Swordsmen appeared in front of him.

"Emperor I bring you news from my master."

"Go on then, tell me what Lord Jounouchi said."

"My master said that he found Prince Yugi in Egypt. He is a personal servant to the Pharaoh and he needs you to come to Egypt so you can show proof that Yugi is a prince."

The Emperor was mad when he heard this, so he decided to go over to Egypt to get his grandson back.

"Tell your master that I will be living Japan in two days and make sure that there is no cuts or bruises on him."

"Yes of course Emperor and there is one other thing I forgot to mention is that Prince Yugi lost his voice."

"I …. See, tell Lord Jounouchi that I will tell him how to get his voice back once I arrived in Egypt."

"Alright, I will take my leave to report back to my Master."

After Flame Swordsmen finished what he said, he vanished to head back to Egypt to give his report to Joey. Once the Flame Swordsmen left the Emperor dismissed the meeting so he can be left alone. When everybody left the Emperor stayed sitting in his chair.

'I can't believe that my grandson has been found. I need to get ready to leave'

The Emperor got up from the chair and walked out of the throne room. He closed the door and walked over to his chambers to get ready to leave.


In Atem's room Yugi was busy getting the chambers cleaned up. He did not realize that Atem was walking up behind him and kissed him on his check. Yugi turned around to Atem and kissed him on the check as well.

"Good morning Yugi."

Yugi kissed Atem again on the check to say good morning back to him. Atem just looked at Yugi in the eyes and then started to lean over to kiss his lips but there was a sudden knock on the door. Yugi quickly turned around to do his work with a blush on his face, and then Atem yelled at the door.

"Come in!"

The door opened up and Bakura walked into the room to see Yugi blushing and a really mad Pharaoh.

"So, Atem having fun with Yugi this morning," Bakura said with a smile on his face.

Yugi started to turn red of what Bakura said. Atem looked at Yugi and saw the blush on his face from that comment then turned back to face Bakura before asking, "What do you want Bakura?"

Marik and Seto want to know if you, Yugi and those three lords want to hang out in the lounge room."

"Alright Yugi and I will maybe come to the lounge but you have to ask those three lords your self Bakura."

"Fine see you two there."

Bakura walked out of the room and closed the door behind him. Atem turned back around and walked towards Yugi to hug him from behind.

"Yugi do you want to go and hand out with everyone or stay here, one kiss to go hang out, two to stay here or three maybe go."

Yugi turned around to kiss Atem on the check two times to tell him to stay. He nodded his head and leaned towards Yugi's lips. The next thing that you know is that Yugi started to kiss back. They stayed kissing for a while but when Yugi tried to let go, Atem wrapped his him around his waist. Atem let go of Yugi's lips and stared down at him with a smile on his face.

"So Yugi how was that?"

"T-that w-was i-incredible A-Atem."

Atem was shocked to hear Yugi's voice, his voice sounds like angels coming down from heaven.

"Yugi… y-you can t-talk again."

"Ya… guess I can so what know?"

"Let's go and tell everyone in the lounge about this."

"A-alright l-lets g-go t-tell t-them," Yugi said shy with a blush on his face.

"Ok let's go and tell them the good news."

Yugi and Atem left the room and headed down the hall to meet up with Bakura, Marik, Seto, Ryo, Malik and Joey. When they got to the door where everyone was at, Yugi opened up the door and walked inside with Atem. Once inside Yugi closed turned around to close the door and then turned back around and saw everybody talking, reading or playing games.

"Hello everyone," Atem said.

Everyone stopped and looked up and saw Atem and Yugi in the room.

"Hi Atem, Yugi how are you?" asked Marik.

"Good," said Atem.

"You know that if Yugi is the Prince of Japan we have to release him or there might be a war," said Seto looking back down to his book.

"Sigh, I know and will release him," Atem said walking over to the couch and sat down. Yugi also walked over to the couch to sit by Atem.

"Guys I got some good news." Atem said.

Everyone stopped again and looked at Atem.

"What is it Atem?" asked Bakura.

"Well after you left my room to get everyone, I kissed Yugi and…"

"I got my voice back," Yugi said finishing up what Atem said.

Everybody was shocked to hear Yugi's voice but at the same time Ryo, Malik and Joey where mad. Nobody talked for a while and then out of nowhere Ryo asked, "Yugi, do you have your memories back?"

Yugi looked over at Ryo and said," No, I don't have any memory's back, sorry."

"It's alright Yug. We have to ask the Emperor when he gets here," said Joey.

"Ya, so how long until the Flame Swordsmen comes back Joey?" asked Malik.

"Should be back any minute now," said Joey leaning back in his chair.

After Joey said that the Flame Swordsmen appeared in front of him and fell back in his chair. Ryo and Malik started to laugh their ass off from the sight.

"Sorry Master to appear all of sudden."

Joey got up off the ground and held the back of his head with his hand.

"Nice Joey. You got scared by him again. You need to learn when his present or else," Malik said while laughing.

Joey glared at Malik and said, "Shut up Malik or else."

"Or else what," said Malik.

"I can send my monster on you before you can send for yours," Joey said with a smile.

"Am good," said Malik.

"Alright than, so Flame Swordsmen how did it go?" asked Joey.

"It was good. The Emperor gave me a response and I am ready to tell you."

"Alright, so Pharaoh do you want to hear it here or in the throne room?" asked Joey.

"Let's hear it in the throne room. Bakura go get the other millennium holders and tell them to go to the throne room for a short meeting," Atem said.

"Fine I will go get everyone," Bakura said.

Bakura got up and left the room to get the millennium holds together for the meeting. Once Bakura left the room everybody was silent for a bit.

"Flame Swordsmen you are dismissed until I call you again to give your message from the Emperor," Joey said.

"Very well Master, I will see you soon," Flame Swordsmen said before leaving.

Ryo looked over at Malik and saw him talking to Marik, but Joey was just thinking about something to do, when he saw Malik and Marik talking to each other.

"Malik are you having fun with Marik," said Joey while smirking.

Malik's face turned bright red before saying," Shut up Joey and go do something else,"

"Fine, let's go Ryo," Joey said getting up.

"Alright," said Ryo getting up and following Joey out of the room. Atem just sat on the couch with Yugi watching everything that was going down. Yugi was just smiling and trying not to laugh at what was going on. A few minutes later Bakura walked back inside the room.

"Atem everyone is heading to the throne room," Bakura said.

"Alright let's head over to the throne room and Bakura can you go get Lord Ryo and Joey and bring them to the throne room," Atem said while getting up. Yugi, Malik, Marik and Seto all got up and followed Atem. Bakura turned back around and walked out of the room to find Ryo and Joey.

Atem, Yugi, Malik, Marik and Seto entered the throne room. Atem and Yugi walked up to the chair, Marik and Seto went over to go stand where the other millennium item holders are at. Malik just stood where he was at until Joey and Ryo was inside the throne room. Ten minutes passed waiting for Bakura, Ryo and Joey to come in the room. Just them the door opened up and the three boys walked in. Ryo and Joey walked over to where Malik was and then walked up to the Pharaoh. Bakura walked over to where Seto and Marik were at so they can star the meeting.

"Alright let's begin. Lord Jounuchi summon your monster again so we can hear his message that he got from the Emperor," Atem said.

"Sure. Flame Swordsmen come forth," said Joey.

The Flame Swordsmen came forth and kneeled to Joey.

"Flame Swordsmen give us your message from the Emperor," said Joey.

"Yes Master."

Flame Swordsmen got up and looked at the Pharaoh before saying.

"The Emperor was mad when he heard that the Prince is a personal servant. He also said that he was leaving in two days to come to Egypt. The Emperor also said that Prince Yugi can stay as a personal servant until he gets here and he does not want to see any cuts or bruises on him."

The Flame Swordsmen turned around and faced Joey before saying, "Lord Jounouchi, the Emperor will tell you how to get the Princes voice back when he gets here."

Then the Flame Swordsmen stopped talking and waited for a response from Joey.

"Thank you Flame Swordsmen you can go now," Joey said.

"Of course," Flame Swordsmen said before leaving.

Joey looked at Atem waiting for a response from him. A few seconds later Atem said, "Alright then thank you for the message Lord Jounouchi. I will make sure that Yugi won't get hurt."

"Thank you Pharaoh and Ryo, Malik and I will also be protecting him from harm," Joey said.

"That's fine Jounouchi," Atem said.

The throne room was silent for a long time. Atem did not know what to do after the message he got from Joey monster.

"Everybody let's continue this tomorrow morning after breakfast, and Yugi you will be with Lord Ryo, Malik and Jounouchi," Atem said getting up. Everyone else got up and left the room and Atem, Yugi, Malik, Joey, Marik, Bakura and Seto left to head over to their bedrooms to go to bed. Once everyone was inside their rooms they got ready for bed and went to sleep.

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(Atem calling Yugi across the room and then Yugi turned around to run towards him. Joey tries to stop Yugi but missed him. Once Atem got Yugi, they left but Joey, Ryo and Malik ran after them to get Yugi from Atem)