A/N: So I decided to redo A Monster or an Angel. This starting from the beginning which is before Manny is born and before Marinna and Embry become a couple. let me know what you guys think about it and if I should continue it. Comments and suggestions are welcome. Until next time, my darlings. Tchuss!

Chapter One

It is dark as I walk through the forest during a cold winter night on La Push Reservation. My breathe forms little clouds before me as I walk and listen to the silence of the forest around me. The sound of a twig breaking and then the soft sounds of footsteps comes from behind me. I turn to see my twin brother smiling widely and he puts an arm around my shoulders as we walk together. Tonight is our mother's death anniversary and I miss her so much. My twin kisses the top of my head and he gives me a little squeeze.

"Are you happy that we finally have a family and we are together like you wanted?" my twin asks me.

"Matthew, please stop talking about that," I say. Matthew chuckles and rubs my shoulder. We walk back to the house and I see our adoptive father waiting for us.

"Did you two have a nice walk?" our dad, Billy Black, asks us.

"Yeah, Marinna seems a little better now," Matthew says. I go to sit on the couch with my knees pulled up to my chest. The sound of a door and the soft thuds of Jacob's feet echo down the hallway from the bathroom. He rounds the corner and smiles as he walks over to sit with me. Matthew sits on the other side of me and the two them take my hands in their hands, as we look at the movie on the television.

I walk to the car after giving dad a kiss on the cheek goodbye. Matthew is in the driver's seat and Jacob is in the back. I get the seat next to Matthew and put my seat belt on. We drive to go and get Quil and Embry for school like every morning. My hair is in a french braid today and I am tired from crying all night long. Jacob hands me a breakfast bar and kisses my cheek to make me smile.

"Jake, what time are you and your friends going to the beach tomorrow?" Matthew asks. He acts much older than his age and it makes Jake and I laugh at him. Dad dubbed him the responsible one and was able to help him get his license earlier than us two.

"We are going around eleven or so," Jake says. "Mari said she would go to make sure us boys don't get into trouble."

"Shut up, Jake, you know that is not why I am going tomorrow," I say and turn to hide my red face. I have somehow gotten a crush on Embry a little since he started to hang out with Jake more often lately. "Did you hear dad say that Charlie is coming over later with some good news about something?"

"Yeah, I heard that Charlie's daughter is coming to live with him," Matthew says. We pull up in front of Quil's house and see Quil and Embry run out to the car. The cabin is quickly filled with boyish laughter and the smell of boys.

"Did you two bathe?!" I ask, as I roll down the window. Quil laughs when Embry shifts to the front of the car and sits in the middle seat between me and Matthew. I see my twin smile as he puts the car in drive and Embry scoots closer to me.

"You don't like the way I smell?" Embry asks huskily. I turn a bright red as I try to edge away from him and move closer to the window. Embry chuckles, puts his arm around my shoulder and then pulls me closer to him.

"Please let me go, you being this close makes me uncomfortable," I say. Embry gives me a squeeze and then ignores me when he turns to talk with the boys. We arrive at school and see that Leah is in a pissy mood with poor Seth walking behind her like a hurt puppy. I quickly get out of the car and run to rescue him from Leah's anger. Seth hugs me and holds me close to him.

"Thank you for rescuing me," Seth says happily. I hook my arm with his and we walk together into the school building. We smile at each other and then talk about our upcoming school day. Embry follows us down the hallway and continues to follow me when I go to my locker alone.

"Marinna," Embry says, as he puts his arm around my waist and pulls me close to him.

"Please let go and put three feet between us," I say and push him away. A few girls look at me and Embry with smiles on their faces and hints of jealousy. Embry chuckles and then pushes me against the lockers with his hands trapping me by being pressed against the walls near my head.

"Marinna, I want to ask you a serious question," Embry says softly.

"Must you do it with me trapped like this?"

"Yes, now I was wondering if you would like to go to the movies and then out to dinner tomorrow night," Embry says. I raise a brow and then look around us to see that we are being watched by more people than I thought. My face turns red when I look at him and my brain finally processes what he just said. I blink at him in silence. Within seconds of my realisation, I move under his arm and dash for the girl's bathroom to hide in there for a bit. My heart is racing when I get into a stall and lock it for no reason really. What is going on? Has Embry gone insane? Have I gone insane for running away from him like that after I was finally asked like I have been dreaming about for so many years? I am such an idiot for being a coward. My heart sinks when I think about his thoughts on my reaction to him asking me out like that. Will he ask me again or will he now give up? Please god do not let this moment ruin my happiness.