Chapter Fifty

I wash the dishes after dinner and watch Jasper read a book to the children in the living room. Christine clutches her doll close to her while Manny and Christian look at the book while Jasper reads. I smile again, just as I have been so often these past few months. My mind goes to the pregnancy test Jasper had the other day. Then my mind goes to a few other things. My stomach rumbles and I run to the trash can to hurl my dinner back up. Jasper calls out my name and he is at my side within seconds. The children make their way to us slowly with worry in their beautiful eyes.

"It is okay, go back into the living room," I say meekly. The children go back while Jasper goes to get me a glass of water.

"What happened?" Jasper asks while I sit down and he hands me the glass.

"Nothing I was just thinking and I suddenly felt something wrong with my stomach. It was strange," I say. Jasper crouches before me and he rubs my thighs

"I think it is time you took the test," Jasper whispers. I smile and caress his face.

"Later, before bed," I say. Jasper nods and then goes back to reading to the children. I sneak out of the kitchen to go and shower before having to get the children to bed. The warm water starts running and I stop to stare at the pregnancy test. The bathroom starts to fog up while I am contemplating on taking the test. Moments later, I grab the test and walk to the toilet.

I emerge from the shower and walk into my bedroom to get some night clothes. Jasper is sitting on the bed with his elbows on his knees and he is holding the test. I stop walking and look at him while my heart starts to beat quickly. Jasper looks up at me and I see something gleaming in his eyes.

"Jazz, do not mess with me right now," I say quickly. Jasper gets up and pulls me into a deep kiss. I wrap my arms around his neck as he deepens the kiss more for a bit and then pulls away.

"I love you so much for giving me your love and our wonderful angels. And now, we will be adding a new addition to the family," Jasper says. I squeal and hug him tightly.

"Oh my god!" I exclaim and bury my face into his neck. We laugh with happiness and we remain in each other's arms for what feels like eternity.

Months Later

Jasper knocks on the nursery door and he smiles as he walks into the room quietly. I smile sleepily from the rocking chair. Jasper kneels at my side to caress our little boy's head. Our little Ethan James Hale was born just two weeks ago and he is a loved and spoiled boy. Ethan has his papa's nose and his fair skin. The children love their baby brother and are all such good helpers. Jasper smiles when Ethan opens his beautiful hazel eyes to look at us.

"He is beautiful, Marinna," Jasper says. I giggle and lift Ethan to kiss his forehead. "I hope he is smart like mama and I hope his other siblings after him are as beautiful as him and their older siblings."

"Already planning our next child?" I giggle. Ethan grunts and he squirms a bit. Jasper takes him from me and he holds our boy up in the air. Ethan smiles his toothless smile and reaches for his papa. I have four children with a wonderful husband. Mama in heaven, thank you for watching over me and giving so much happiness.