"Freak, if I find you doing anything freaky, I will hurt you," threatened uncle Vernon.

"Yes uncle."

"Waste of space."

Harry almost groaned at the thought then stopped himself. Uncle Vernon hadn't said anything so he must have imagined it.

Several hours later

"Freak! Why are you lounging around?!"

Harry paled and slowly turned to his uncle who pulled out his belt ominously. Something inside him snapped and Harry thrust his arm out. He didn't know what to expect but it wasn't the human shaped whale to go flying across the room.

"Out! I'm not putting up with you a moment longer!"

Harry fled.

Several weeks later

Harry yawned as he slipped out from under the blue tarpaulin then flinched as he listened to the thoughts around him. Most were focused on food but some had darker thoughts. It had been two weeks since the Dursleys had abandoned him in New York city. Two weeks since the strange events that had occurred around him for the last year had resulted in teleportation, telekinesis and telepathy. On the plus side, it had been two weeks since he had last had to do chores.

"I wish someone could help me."

"You could always come to us."

"Why should I trust you?"

"We are the same. There are people out to kill us just because we're different."

Oh yeah. It had also been two weeks since a mysterious girl had started taking to him in his head. Harry had had enough of being lonely though.

"How do I find you? I just want to talk."

"Do you know anywhere we can?"

Harry closed his eyes and remembered his bolt hole. He teleported there and waited. A minute or two later, a girl about six or seven years older than him appeared and started at him. He was never very good with ages.

"You're younger than I expected. A lot younger. Most of us are teenagers." Harry flinched back. The girl noticed. "Don't worry. I'm not going to harm you. I'm Cara."

"Harry. So you wanted to talk?"

Cara nodded. "Somewhere more private. Take my hand."

She offered Harry her hand. Harry eyed her warily and used his telekinesis to lift a steel bar. Cara sighed.

"I'm not going to hurt you though that proves your one of us. We're the same. See?"

Harry started as another steel bar lifted before slowly taking Cara's hand. Cara smiled and they disappeared in a flash of lights.


"Cara why did you just run off like that?" asked a boy about Cara's age before noticing Harry. "And why did you bring back a sap?"

"Harry, this is John Young," introduced Cara. "And he's not a sap John. He's one of us."

"Sap? What's a sap?" asked Harry in slight confusion.

"Oh, really?" asked John, ignoring Harry.

People had started crowding around and they murmured quietly about Cara' s relevation. Harry groaned and started to lift the nearby couch.

"Ok, who's doing that?" asked an Asian boy. He looked at the other two that were watching. "Well, it's not us."

Harry grinned. "Is this just because of my age?"

"Enough." The couch gently returned to the ground.

"Now can someone please tell me what's going on? And where are we?" asked Harry. "Because according to my aunt and uncle, I'm a freak."

"Off you go now." The small crowd dispersed at John's order. The Asian boy remained. "And don't go into my head again."

"You're in an abandoned subway station 100 feet below the streets of Manhattan. You teleported here. Actually... I teleported you," explained Cara. "We're called Tomorrow People. And we didn't choose the name, I swear. We're also no longer human."

"Tomorrow People? Does this have to do with the telepathy as well as the telekinesis?" asked Harry in confusion. "And If I'm not human, what on Earth am I?"

"You, my friend, are a Homo Superior. Just like the rest of us. Oh and my name's Russell," said the Asian boy as he saw Harry's confusion.

"We didn't pick that name either," said Cara quickly.

"Ok, I'm still not getting this. Are you saying that people are developing psychic powers? And you mentioned something about us being in danger Cara."

"This one catches on quick," said Russell with a small smile. "Our kind are hunted by Ultra. Have you heard of them?"

"My uncle was meeting with one of them. Someone called Jedikiah Price." They shared a look. "What?"

"He's the one that hunts us," explained Cara. "Did he ever speak to you?"

"Uh, no. But why hunt us?"

"He's scared."

"Anyway, you'll need to leave your family," interjected John. "They won't be able to understand."

Harry snorted bitterly. "My parents are dead and my only living relatives abandoned me. Trust me, I don't have anywhere to go."

"We'd better introduce him to TIM," commented Russell. "If he's one of us and going to stay here, he'll need to know. And TIM would probably become his teacher."

"Who's TIM?" asked Harry as he tilted his head.

"TIM is a biological artificial intelligence," explained Cara as they led him to a different room. "He's located in here. TIM, this is Harry."

"Hello Harry."

Harry jumped and looked for the source of the voice. "Uh, hello. This is kinda cool. Can I go get my stuff?"

"TIM, is there any Ultra presence in the area?" asked Cara.

"It is hard to tell. There aren't any cameras in the area where young Harry was living."

"Better be quick," said John. "And be careful."

"I'll help," offered Cara.

Harry nodded and they disappeared in a flash of lights.


Harry ran to his tarpaulin and grabbed his backpack while Cara kept watch while rolling up his blankets. He froze when something freezing was pressed to his neck.

"Hello Harry."

"Go away Ben."

"You haven't paid your rent and I find you skipping. Well, I guess I'll just have to take this chick as payment," said Ben with a smile that promised pain. Cara gulped and Harry was suddenly filled with anger. He grabbed Ben in a telekinetic grasp and started to strangle him before dropping to the ground with his head in his hands. The pain and buzzing in his ears quickly faded away. Ben scrambled back before running away. Dry sobs slipped out of Harry.

"Shush shush." Cara started to rub Harry's back before helping him collect the rest of his belongings. "Let's get out of here."

Harry nodded and they teleported away.


"Have a nice trip?" asked Russell as the two appeared then noticed their faces. "What happened?"

"Let's say that a thug attacked us," said Cara. "Harry here almost killed him."

"Then the prime barrier kicked in," finished Russell.

"The what?" asked Harry in confusion.

"The prime barrier. It stops us killing people," explained Cara.

"This reminds me. I was going to tell you earlier but we got side tracked. Do Ultra try to take away our powers?"

"Yes. How do you know?" asked John as he walked in.

"They grabbed me a few days ago," explained Harry. "A women was going to inject me with something but she was called away. I grabbed the vials of whatever they were going to use on me before teleporting out."

"You are kidding me right?" asked John. "It's impossible to use our powers in that building."

"Well, I think the system either was broken or it doesn't work on everybody."

"The vials. So you have them on you?" asked Cara. Harry nodded and pulled them out of his backpack.

"John, can you kill? I know you told me to stay out but I have to know."

John nodded slightly. "How do you know?"

"I stole more than those vials on the way out."

"Please don't tell anyone."

Harry sighed as he listened to Cara gushing over him. "They have to know. I know you don't want to tell them but it's better you tell them sooner rather than later. And what if you have to kill someone in front of this lot? What will happen?"

John gave him a slight nod. "Give me those files Harry."

Harry pulled out the storage device and handed it over. His stomach rumbled.

"Do you have any food or anything?"

Cara nodded and led him to the kitchen. Harry raised an eyebrow at the state before starting to tidy up.