Several Years later

"Can't catch me! Slowcoaches!" Harry laughed as he telekinetically deflected a bullet before jumping over the railings. It hit one of the shooters in the arm who screamed in pain.

"How did he do that?" asked another shooter. "His race can't kill."

"Oi! That wound is life threatening but not immediately! He's got a chance of surviving!" yelled Harry.

"Harry, you're meant to just go straight in and out, not gain the attention of every person in the building!" Cara sounded exasperated.


Harry jaunted out before going all across the city randomly before appearing in the lair and collapsing.

"You can put a real damp feeling on things, you know that Cara?"

"You should know better than to get caught," said John in disapproval. "Do you do it for the excitement or what?"

"Hey, it's not like they don't know I'm jaunting in and out of their building," said Harry as Cara helped him up. "Besides, I was seen, not caught and I was on my way out anyway. I got the files you wanted anyway."

"You're one for technicality. Anyway, we need you to go get a new breakout. Cara's giving him directions."

"Shouldn't I stay low?" asked Harry as he tilted his head. "Ultra will be out searching for me."

John stared at him.

"Ok, ok, no need to yell my mental ears off. Who is it? Stephen?"

Cara nodded. "He's nearly there."

Harry waited then Cara gave him a thumb up. He jaunted to the train and grabbed the sole teenager then jaunted back.

"Okay, okay, wait wait wait, wait. Where are we? How... Who are you?" asked Stephen in confusion as Harry jogged down the steps.

"John? I got him."

"You're in an abandoned subway station 100 feet below the streets of Manhattan. You teleported here. Actually... the midget teleported you," explained John as he walked into the room.

"I'm not a midget! I may have been nine when I broke out but that doesn't mean I'm small!"

"That's debatable," called Cara as she came over.

"Is everyone ganging up on me today?" asked Harry. There were several snorts. "Seriously. Just because a guard caught me when I was leaving."

"Who are you guys?" asked Stephen.

"We're called Tomorrow People. And we didn't choose the name, I swear," explained Cara.

"This isn't happening. It's just another one of my crazy dreams," laughed Stephen as he looked around.

"It's not a dream, Stephen."

"How did you do that?" asked Stephen in surprise.

"You've heard of telepathy? It's another one of our powers," explained Cara.

"The three Ts, the third being telekinesis," continued John.

"You get used to it," piped up Harry. Stephen nodded to humour them. "I still think it's good of you to put your file where everyone can read it."

"They're managed to get over it," said John as he stared daggers at Harry. "And that was five years ago."

"He doesn't believe us," said Cara as she turned the conversation back on course.

"Of course he doesn't," snorted Harry.

"It's funny, the teleporting usually sells it," commented John.

"No offense, but any second I'm going to wake up someplace awful. Maybe another three-way at the neighbours' place," said Stephen. John smiled at the thought.

"You don't understand, Stephen. You're one of us. You're breaking out," said Cara.

"You're waking up in weird places, Stephen?" asked John. "You're not sleepwalking. You're teleporting. You hear Cara's voice in your head, that's telepathy. Your latent powers are starting to appear. Soon, you'll be able to do this."

Stephen began levitating off the floor with no effort whatsoever evident on John's face.

"Some break out younger, some older," said Harry. "Like me."

"Okay, oka- okay! Okay! Put me down! Put me down!"

"You got it."

Stephen fell into a crouching position. One of the others laughed. Harry snorted.

"Laugh at the new guy. Not me."

"No, no, I'm having a psychotic break. My meds are off or something," moaned Stephen.

"What meds?" asked Harry curiously. "Someone thinks you're crazy? No, I know they think you're crazy. It's a common theme with our kind."

"No, no, no more pills. They're obviously addling your brain," observed John.

"What he means... is the drugs are just going to get in your way," corrected Cara.

"Get in my way?" asked Stephen. "You have no idea what my year has been like."

"Stephen, I know exactly what it's been like. I know how alone you've felt, how scared. You feel like you're turning into a different person, like your mind isn't your own. All those hours on your therapist's couch? I was there with you, Stephen. So was Harry. When we're connected, I feel what it's like to be you," said Cara with a hurt expression. "And Harry has had worse than you. Evey time he did something out of the ordinary, he got beaten."

"That sounds, um, awful."

"Trust me, there's nowhere else that I'd rather not be," said Harry with a shrug. "I don't like reading people's minds on principal."

"You think you're a freak. You're not. Stephen, you're on the brink of becoming someone truly extraordinary," continued Cara.

"Don't let it go to your head," added John.

"Isn't that what you've done with power?" asked Harry curiously.

"Shut up midget. Anyway, Teleporting in your sleep is just the beginning."

"It's kind of like a paranormal wet dream," added Russell. "I'm Russell."

"By the time we're done with your training..." continued John as he jaunted behind Stephen. "Ultra won't be able to lay a hand on you."

"Show off," called Harry as he pulled out a block of metal and started to levitate it.

"Uh, how many of you are there?" asked Stephan.

"Here?" asked John. "You're number 15. Out there? Could be hundreds, thousands."

"It's a genetic mutation that lies dormant through adolescence. Sometimes it never breaks out," explained Cara. "Or it breaks out early."

"Until then, people like you think they're regular saps," finished John.

"Homo sapiens," explained Cara at Stephan's confused look.

"As in... human. Uh, if I'm not human, then what the hell am I?" asked Stephan.

"You, my friend, are a Homo superior," explained Russell.

"We didn't pick that name either," Cara added quickly.

"They said that when I was brought in," called Harry from another room. "Want anything to drink?"

"Vodka would be nice," called John.

"No way. You need to be sober. Besides, we're all out of alcohol. I used the last of it up when I made that cake for Russell. I'll need to put in a request for more."

"The kid cooks?" asked Stephen in surprise.

"He's a really good cook," said Cara.

"Oh, any relation to Roger Jameson?" called Harry.

"You know my dad?"

"Yeah, he was here for a while. You look a lot like him. Disappeared though. He was looking for a place where we can be safe."

"There's someone you need to talk to," interrupted John.

"Spoilsport. Oh, Stephan, John has trust issues. So be patient with him."

Harry grinned as he listened in to the conversation with TIM before frowning as Stephan left.

"That could have gone better."

"Well, not everyone is you Harry. You already knew that there was something different with you."

"Nice pep talk John. You do have a tendency to drive everyone away."

"Keep an eye on him, will you?"

"I'm feeling the love bro. Feeling the love."

Laughing at John's mental spluttering's, Harry pulled out the pasta and put it onto boil before pulling out a tablet connected to TIM. "TIM? Can we continue where we left off? I do need to keep up my education."

"Of course Harry. Now World War Two was started by..."

Harry listened to TIM as he prepared the meal. "Grub's up."

He was momentarily dazzled by the light show as everyone jaunted in. "Ok, now I can't see."

"Aw, have we hurt the midget's feelings?" mocked Russell.

"Shut up Russell or you'll go back to having bad junk food." Everyone moaned. "And you can thank Russell for it."

Several hours later

"Cara? Harry? Anyone?"

"Shut it Stephan. I'm trying to sleep," Harry grumpily thought back.

"In the middle of the day? Anyway, I'm being followed"

Harry delved into Stephan's mind and watched the events unfold. "Sorry about this. I don't like reading people's minds but I need to see what's going on."

"Help. Now. Please."

"Looks like I'll have to break into Ultra twice in one day," grumbled Harry to himself before standing up. "Cara, there's a problem."


"Ultra has Stephan. I need to help him."

"There's nothing we can do," added John.

"I can get in and out easily enough."

There was a pause.

"You have a plan."

"I'll need a distraction."

Half an hour later

A black hood was snatched off Stephen's head. He found himself wrist-bound to a chair in a room with unusual tiling on the walls.

"I'm sorry about that. Security precautions. Aw, speaking of which, you see the walls? Don't bother trying to teleport out of here. My name's Dr. Price," said the man as he sat down.

"You're one of them? Ultra?" asked Stephen.

"I can only imagine what John has said. That I'm some... Boogeyman, systematically rounding up your kind and wiping you out. Did he say why I was doing this or just because I'm evil?" asked Price.

"Yeah, because you're scared of us."

"Well, I'm an evolutionary biologist. If anything, I'm fascinated. No, what scares me is what the rest of the world will think if they knew a paranormal species was living secretly in their midst. A species that could annihilate them."

"They don't want to be found. Okay? They just want to be left alone. One of them is just a kid!"

"You have no idea what this world would look like if I didn't find people like you and stop people like you. Look at this. We just found a 17-year-old who stole $70 million from the Federal Reserve. You got a 16-year-old who was caught trying to tag the Oval Office. An 18-year-old who was caught tweeting nuclear launch codes. And so many breakouts, Stephen. It's all over the world, unpredictable, uncontrollable. I'm not the bad guy here, Stephen. Not by a long shot. And that kid as you call him has repeatedly jumped in and out of this building and caused masses of damage."

He picked up a big syringe with a long needle and flicked the tube.

"Hello Jedikiah."

"Why am I not surprised to see you here?" asked Jedikiah as he turned to face Harry who was slouching against the wall. "You're younger than I expected though. Yet you've caused so much damage."

"Well, I'm not the one who's going to turn his nephew into a normal person," countered Harry as he stood up.

"Wait, nephew?" asked Stephan in confusion.

"Yep. Your dad is his brother," explained Harry quickly. "And don't deny it. You're thinking about it right now. And now it's lights out."

Jedikiah slammed into the wall as Harry undid Stephan's restraints telekinetically.

"We need to meet up with Russell, Cara and John," Harry said quickly as Stephan stood up. "They're causing a distraction. That's why there aren't guards pouring into this room to take us down."

"You're one crazy kid," said Stephan as Harry led him through the building. "How do you know the way?"

"Ultra technology hates me. It either blows up or shuts down or both. So I come in and raid for information. That means I know my way around. John!"

"This plan of yours is sure crazy! But it's working," said John as Stephan doubled over panting.

"I think this one needs to be fitter," said Harry as he elbowed him.

"Stay away from me crazy kid," said Stephan as he backed away from Harry. Grinning. Harry moved forward just as a gunshot echoed. The bullet never hit.

"Harry, are you doing that?" asked John, frowning. Twisting around, Harry looked at the frozen bullet then at Jedikiah.

"Nope. I have the ability but this time it isn't me." Eye's widening, Harry looked at Stephan before a grin formed. "Looks like I have a student."

"Shut up midget," groused Stephan. "I doubt you could teach me anything."

"It's time to go," said John.

"Give me a second." Focusing for a second, Harry turned the bullet into an apple and the gun into a banana before holding out his hand and as soon as everyone had a good grip, jaunted out. Jedikiah blinked as he saw the fruit.

"Looks like he has a sense of humour. I would love to get my hands on him…"


Harry groaned as his eyes fluttered open before listening in to Cara.

"I know you have a life here. A family. But the people who are like us? The ones we found? The ones we will find? They are my family. I'm not going to let anything happen to them. And I won't let anything happen to you. Now, please, Stephen. Just come with me," said Cara as she held out her hand to Stephan.

"You know, when you first started talking to me the mysterious voice in my head. Even when I thought I was crazy I trusted you. I have to find out what happened to my dad, okay? Whether or not he's a hero, if he's alive, I have to know. But there's only one way I can find him without losing everyone else. Now, I know you're going to think I'm crazy for doing this…"

"Stephen, you have no idea what you're getting yourself into," interrupted Cara. "Harry is only sixteen. He broke out when he was nine. He's like a little brother and I don't want anything to happen to him."

"Cara. It's your turn to trust me. I won't let them find you," said Stephen.

Pulling his mind out of hers, Harry stretched before jaunting over to them.

"If we're talking about trust…"

"Thanks for coming after me," interrupted Stephan. "Now that we're probably never going to see each other again."

"He's going to work for Ultra," interrupted Cara. "And next time, don't come out in your PJs Harry."


"I hope you know what you're doing," Cara said to Stephan.

"Yeah, me too."

"Don't get yourself caught,"advised Harry. "I won't come get you out."

"Shut up midget."


"Be quiet."

Harry snorted before looking over the edge of the skyscraper. "The world is changing. Soon, we won't be able to hide."

"But we'll try for as long as possible," added Cara.

"Shall I leave you two to it?" asked Stephan. When there was no answer, he sighed before jaunting away. A second later there was a crack.

"Harry my boy?"

Cara and Harry automatically got into a fighting position.

"Who are you and why do you know my name?" demanded Harry.

"My name is Albus Dumbledore and I was a friend of your parents. There was a stir when you went missing."

Reaching out, Harry delved into his mind. "You're the one that left me with my so called relatives?"

Harry, calm down." Placing a hand on his shoulder, Cara tied to hold him back before sending Dumbledore a disgusted look. "And just because I'm stopping Harry here doesn't mean that I'm on your side."

"Harry, I need you to come with me. And don't read my mind, its illegal."

"No. my family is here. My big, dysfunctional family. And I'm no longer a part of society, living on the edges. What law says that I can't read minds anyway?"

Harry walked to the edge and jaunted away. Cara sighed, sent Dumbledore a disgusted look before following. Dumbledore blinked at the empty roof.


"It looks like my past is catching up to me," commented Harry. "TIM, have you found anything?"

"There was not much to be found. The only record of a man that matches your description was in World War Two and again fairly recently, in the civil unrest in England that stopped in October 1981."

"Well, we have a mystery on our hands," said John. "We'll stick together though."

"Hell yeah," said Harry with a grin. "You're more of a family than the Dursleys. I don't want to leave. TIM, keep an eye out for this Dumbledore fellow. He's English judging by the accent."

"It was worse than yours," said Cara with a smile.

"Shut it Cara. We need to know if he comes anywhere near us."

John suddenly threw a punch which harry caught with his mind before sweeping John's feet from under him.

"And we need to increase your training."

"Very interesting times are coming up," commented Russell.