Operation Family Bonds

the sequel to Operation White Rose

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The Castle

The airship ride to White Castle was excruciatingly quiet. Weiss sat in a white leather chair of her family's private airship and sitting across from the snow-haired teen was her partner. Ruby sat silently in place, in fact she was like that for most of the trip which was unusual for the young teen. Weiss just stared out the window trying desperately to calm her nerves.

It had been three months since Ruby and Weiss had become a couple. They had spent their New Years on a romantic outing courtesy of Weiss. Valentines was a little too much due to the fact that it was Weiss' eighteenth birthday on the same day, therefore Ruby went overboard showering Weiss with gifts. While the two were happy with the way their relationship was going they came to a decision that will no doubt be nerve wracking and threatening to their newfound happiness. They decided that it was time to tell their parents. Before they left Beacon to visit Weiss' home, the heiress told Ruby that her parents may not approve of any affection that is shown in their presence. The only sort of affection Weiss would allow is the simple gesture of holding hands and hugs. Ruby was determined not to disappoint Weiss by messing this up. Which lead to their current predicament.

Weiss sighed heavily and turned away from the passing scenery of vibrant blue skies and fluffy white clouds, the typical spring weather and looked at her beloved partner. Ruby was no doubt nervous in meeting Weiss's parents; after all they were the wealthiest people in Remnant. Wringing her hands and tapping her foot made it obvious that Ruby was not only nervous but she was also afraid. Shaking her head Weiss got up from her chair and stood in front her girlfriend leaning down a bit hoping to calm her lover and to tell her that everything is going to be fine.

"Hey Ruby, are you ok?" the heiress asked with concern.

"Huh? Me?" Ruby replied looking back at her partner with a nervous smile "Of course I'm ok. Why wouldn't I be ok? I'm as ok as can be. I'm one hundred percent –mmph"

Weiss cut Ruby off with a kiss, knowing it was the only way to calm her down and to stop her blathering. The young scythe wielder instantly reciprocated, resting one hand on the back of her girlfriend's neck and the other placed on her waist. Ruby knew that she wasn't allowed to show much affection once they reached their destination, so she took it upon herself to give Weiss as much love and attention in the time they had left. Breaking the kiss Ruby gave Weiss her signature grin.

The said partner gave a startled yelp at the sudden motion of being pulled down onto Ruby's lap.

"Ruby you dolt, what are you doing?" she scolded with reddened cheeks.

"Well seeing is how all love and affection is restricted to nothing but hugging and holding hands" Ruby beamed "I'll just have to give you all my love right now"

Ruby brought her lips upon Weiss's own bringing them into another kiss. Unfortunately their time was very short lived. The pilot had announced that they would be landing at their location. Disappointed Ruby pulled away with a pout adorning her features. Weiss chuckled at the sight and got off her lover's lap, giving Ruby a quick peck on the lips before sitting back down in her seat. The landing went smoothly but the girls remained in their seats until the noise of the engines stopped and they were escorted out by the pilot himself. Once the red and white girls stepped out of the airship the sight before them was something to behold. Well to Ruby it was a sight to behold. Weiss just exhaled a large breath showing that she is not overly surprised that her home has not changed in the year that she had been gone.

White Castle definitely held up to its name, it was of gothic design with alabaster stone walls, marble pillars, white tiled roofs and gigantic oak doors with large wrought iron handles. Ruby had to squint from the vision for the castle shone like white snow in bright sunlight. A vast serene garden of various spring time flowers from Snowdrops to Tulips separated them from the castle's door. A hedge maze lined with rose bushes occupied the eastern side of the garden, while a majestic white gazebo resided on the western side. The symmetric cobblestone path, devoid of any leaves or weeds paved its way to every said features of the garden. Ruby just gazed wide eyed at how extravagant the place was. It was pristine, just like her snow haired girlfriend.

"Well…" Weiss said, her voice neutral "Welcome to my home"

"It's amazing Weiss" Ruby chirped grabbing her girlfriend's hand and planting a sweet kiss on the back of the knuckles.

The heiress gave the energetic girl a cold glare, which was responded in return with a wide grin

"Oh relax Weiss" Ruby reassured "That will be my last kiss until we go to my house, I promise"

"You dunce, lets just get inside"

Ruby let go of Weiss's hand as they began strolling down the path making their way to the castle's heavy oak doors, enjoying the garden all the while. Weiss felt the corners of her lips curl up slightly at the image as she saw Ruby constantly looking around at the garden with wide excited silver eyes and a bright toothy smile. It made her heart flutter which was a constant reminder how much she loved to make the young girl smile. Before long the duo found themselves at the grand entrance of the palace, which was guarded by security adorned in white suits. Luckily Weiss told her parents a week in advance to ensure that the guards did not question her friend as to what she is doing with the heiress. One of the guards muttered something in the collar of his suit and not a moment later the large heavy doors swung inward.

Walking inside Weiss straightened her posture look a little more regal and Ruby stood stock still drinking in how different the interior was from the outer-structure as the doors behind them closed with out a sound. The floor tiles were marble black; the walls were a dark grey with paintings of past rulers and conquerors along their length and two white stair cases with intricate designed railings on each side lead to the second floor of the main hall. The only source of light was a clear crystal chandelier however it was so far up, its light barely reached the girls. But what really stood out was the gleam of a giant metal armour standing between the two staircases. The way the armour stood could make anyone feel intimidated, its helm faced the entrance of which the girls had entered gazing at them with an eyeless stare, its gloved gauntlets grasped the hilt of its two handed sword. Weiss subconsciously lifted her hand to touch the scar that blemished her left eye. Ruby saw this and a sea of questions flooded her mind, but she bit her tongue deciding that now was not the right time to ask.

"It's a replica, you know" Weiss murmured.

"Are you talking about the Giant Armour?" Ruby inquired.

Her girlfriend just nodded obviously not wanting to talk about such a delicate topic that brought up troubled memories. Weiss began walking again.

"Come with me I'll give you a tour of the castle"

"You can do that after introductions are made" a soft yet commanding feminine voice spoke out.

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