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Tori got out of the hospital today, they have her on some medications to help with her mood swings. She didn't want to take them at first, but with some 'help' from me I got her to agree to take them daily.

"Please Tori, just take the pill after that you can go back to bed. I promise" The blonde nurse, Claire or Chloe, I couldn't remember, pleaded with Tori. I smirked as the nurse continued trying to convince Tori to take the small white pill.

"Vega take it, or else" I finally spoke up, seeing the nurse getting really annoyed with Tori. I knew Tori would know I was serious. I didn't normally call her Vega anymore. Now it's always Tori, Tor, Baby, Babe you get it. I only used her last name when she was being childish about things here.

Tori turned to me, eyebrow raised in a challenge. "Or else what Jadey?" Oh, that girl is asking for it now. I mean don't get me wrong, I love Tori with my whole heart but sometimes that girl is way too stubborn for her own good, but who better to bring her down a bit than me.

I leaned down close to her ear, making sure the blonde nurse wouldn't hear me and only Tori would hear me. "I won't bring you your Cuddle Me Cathy doll" I threatened, not wanting to upset her too much, just enough for her to agree to take the medication.

Tori pouted that adorable pout for a few seconds before taking the pill and swallowing it quickly. I gave her a small smile for doing what was asked of her.

Tori isn't about to go back to her family though, I got an apartment not far from H.A that we will be staying in. Her parents have enough to deal with, having Trina there, so we talked on the phone about Tori coming to live with me, it took a lot of convincing but finally they agreed on the conditions that we go over for dinner weekly and Tori calls them all the time.

It's been 6 years since Tori's attempt at suicide, and since we moved into our little apartment together. We recently adopted a set of twins, Logan and Emily. They are 6 years old, and cute as a button. Emily has long brown hair, it falls close to her hips and brown eyes that almost match Tori's. Logan though has messy blonde hair, his hair almost never looks very brushed no matter what Tori or I do. His eyes are the same color as his sister though. I remember the day we first met them.

"Well Miss West and Miss Vega, all our children here are eager to be adopted. We have children as young as a month and as old as 13, what age group are you thinking?" A kind looking woman asked as Tori and I sat down on a leather couch.

"We were thinking of anywhere between 4-7" Tori told the woman, we had talked about it for a while, I really didn't want to have to change a diaper. We both had jobs and wanted a child that would still be young but old enough to do some stuff by themselves.

"Very well, I can take you to meet some of our kids around that age" The woman, I think she said her name was Rachel.

"Thank you Raquel" Tori said. Damn and I thought I finally remembered a name.

"Don't talk to my sister like that! She deserves respect from you!" A boy with messy blonde hair and brown eyes snapped at a worker. I smirked listening to the kid.

"Don't use that tone with me Logan" The man replied, his eyes narrow at the kid who I swear wasn't any older than 5.

"Who's that kid?" I asked Raquel.

Raquel looked at Logan "That's Logan, he and his sister have been here for about a year. The poor kids, their parents never lifted a finger to raise their children. Both kids were so malnourished when we got them. Logan seems to have gotten a protective streak over his sister Emily" Raquel explained.

I looked over at Tori, who was talking to a few of the kids and smiling. I walked over to Logan and the worker. "Hi there" I kneeled down to Logan's height, not wanting to intimidate the kid.

"Who are you?" He snapped at me, and I shook my head.

"I'm Jade, It's nice to meet you…" I trailed off, acting as though I didn't know his name.

"My name's Logan"

"Well Logan, would you like to play a game with me?" I asked, my eyes searching for the girl Raquel said was his sister.

Logan walked over to the wardrobe that was in the corner of the room and peaked around it. I watched as he spoke to whoever was behind it, and a few minutes later Logan returned with a little girl. She had long brown hair and the same brown eyes as Logan. She looked to be at least a year younger than Logan. "If you want to play with me, you have to play with Emily to" He said with a stern tone.

"Well of course, I wouldn't dream of leaving your little sister out of it" I responded, not expecting the semi glare from Logan.

"She isn't my little sister Lady, Emily is my twin sister, get it right"

After meeting with the twins a few times, Tori and I both fell in love with the two children and adopted them formally 6 months later. They've been with us for almost 6 months now, and our family is complete now.

"Um Jade, its time" Tori said as she stood up off the couch, revealing a very pregnant belly. How can it be time already, she still has 2 months left until the due date.

I rushed to Tori's side "I'll get your bag…oh god" I couldn't believe it, my wife was having a baby. I'm going to raise a baby. "Logan! Emily!" I yelled, grabbing Tori's bag from the closet.

"Is it time? Is Mom actually have the baby?" Emily's excited voice came from half way up the steps. The twins had just celebrated their 10th birthday last week.

"Yes Emily, now get your brother we have to go" I said rushing to grab a few last minute things, before running out of the house and into the car. I watched the twins get in and I started up the car, about to pull out of the driveway.

"Um Ma? I think your forgetting something" Logan said, and I turned to stare at him.

"I have the hospital bag, you guys, I locked up the house, I don't see what I'm forgetting."

"Ah try Mom" The twins said together as they burst into laughter.

I got out of the car, just in time to see Tori walking out of the house. "Sorry Tor, I didn't mean to forget you…My brain stopped working and…" "Jade just shut up, it's fine" Tori interrupted, before I could shove my foot any further into my mouth.


"Well Mrs. West, the baby is fine. But I am sorry to tell you, but your wife isn't so lucky. Her body went into shock as she was delivering, we have her on life support but she is slipping" The doctor said and I rushed to Tori's room, thankful that the twins were with Andre and his wife.

"Tori baby please be okay, I can't be a mom by myself I need you" I couldn't believe after 10 years, here I was again begging Tori to fight and hold on. "Tori, Logan and Emily need you. They still need their Mom" I felt the tears fall as I watched her lay there surrounded by tubes and wires.

"Mrs West? Would you like to see your son?" A nurse asked me, and I nodded. I watched as she picked up the blue bundle and placed him in my arms.

I stared at the small baby, he was so tiny. I faintly heard the doctors say something about the baby being fine just small and a bunch of other stuff. But in this moment all I care about was the baby boy in my arms. "I'm your Ma, Marcus" I said, deciding on the name that Tori had fallen in love with. I placed a soft kiss on his head. "I love you Marcus, and I know your mommy does to"

"How's the baby Jade?" A nurse asked as I walked in, Tori was still in the hospital but last week she opened her eyes and started breathing on her own.

"He's great, I can't believe it's been 4 months already" I replied, going to Tori's room. Every day for the last 4 months I've been visiting Tori. The doctors wanted to take her off life support 3 months ago, saying Tori wouldn't survive but I fought. I knew my Tori would fight, she's done it before and I was right. "Hi Tor" I said, sitting down on my normal chair.

"Hey Jade" She replied, and I couldn't believe how much I missed the sound of her voice. "How are the kids?" Tori asked, with a smile.

"They are great Logan and Emily miss you like crazy"

"How's Marcus?"

"He's doing really good, he can hold his own head up now"

Tori's smile nearly broke her face "I can't wait to get home and see them all"

"Ma tell Mark to stay out of my stuff" A 16 year old Emily complains as she walks into the room where Tori and I were watching a movie.

"Mark stay out of your sisters stuff" Tori called, half-heartedly. She chuckled at her older daughter and youngest son.

Mark came trudging into the room we were in "I wasn't in her stuff Ma, Emmy is lying" Our six year old son declared, although both Tori and I knew the truth. Marcus had gotten quite the bad habit of going through other peoples things since we had our 4th and final child, 3 year old Jun.

"Marcus Alexander West" My tone was light while still being stern, I had no use for lying from my children.

"I'm sorry Momma" Mark replied to me, his head down. I nodded to him, glad he had apologized. "I promise I won't go through Emmy's stuff again"

"Good boy, now go play" I prompted, pushing him towards the door with the edge of my foot.

"Jade please lie down" Tori said to me, as I tried to get up. I had been with for 50 years now, and I knew my time was slowly coming to an end. It had been a good life for both of us, after we admitted how we felt. I always thought that Tori would be the first to go of the two of us, but she was still mostly healthy.

"I'm fine Tor, where are our kids?" I asked, at least sitting up, wincing at the pain it caused. I had gotten cancer about 10 years ago, but it had gone away until recently.

"They are just outside in the hallway, the little one's wanted to see you, but you were asleep"

"Send them in" I assured her, smiling as I thought of my 5 grandchildren and one great grandchild. I still had a hard time believing the twins that Tori and I adopted were 44 this year, Marcus was 34 and our youngest daughter, Jun, was 31.

"Are you feeling okay Grandma?" My oldest grandchild, 20 year old Aria asked as she walked in, holding her 2 year old son Mitchel in her arms. Her cousins and brother followed her in, I felt bad that they all were so upset.

"I'll get over it guys don't worry" I promised my family, even though I could feel that my life was coming to an end, but I couldn't bear to hurt them. I opened my arms as my youngest grandchild, 6 year old Tabitha dove into my arms. "Shh my little angel girl, Nana is here" I whispered into her ear, tears stinging my eyes.

"Don't go Nana"

I kissed the top of her head, as I look at my other grandchildren. There was 8 year old Victoria, 15 year old Trey and 18 year old Nicky.

"Okay guys, why don't we give Grammy and Nana sometime alone while we get lunch" Jun suggested, giving me a small smile. She could always tell when I needed to be alone with Tori, even as a child. The others all reluctantly agreed.

"Tori…It's time. I'll be waiting for you forever" I said, the tears finally falling down my cheeks.

Tori nodded once, climbing into the bed beside me "I always thought I would be the first to go" She admitted to me, as I placed my arms around her. "I love you Jade, thank you for giving me all you ever did" I could hear the tears in her voice.

"I love you too Tori, more than anything else" Those were my last words.

Tori knelt down by a grave, cleaning it off from the plants which had grown around it. "Hi Jade, it's Tori again…" The youngest of the Vega sisters said as she ran fingers over the letters. "We've all missed you, I can't believe it's been ten years already. We have 5 great grandkids now, and another one on the way. I think about you every night" Tori continued telling the grave all about what had happened since the last time she came to visit, her voice progressively getting weaker. She knew her life was ending, that's why she chose to come see Jade's grave that day. Tori couldn't explain it, but she knew that she would soon be seeing Jade again.

Elderly woman found dead in graveyard, no foul play suspected

The newspaper read a couple days later. Tori had spent her last few hours happy, talking to the love of her life. Her family had buried her next to Jade. They could be together forever now.