After Zeke won the championship, he went back home. His home was the house that was not far from the stadium. The time was now around 6:30 p.m. "I'm home." Zeke called out when he entered the house. "hey there champ." a voice spoke. It was the teen that was wearing the green shirt, black pants, had black hair, green eyes, and was sitting on the floor. "I told you Jet, sit on the couch." Zeke said. "Sorry dude." Jet got off the floor and sat on the couch. "And also, just because I won the tournament doesn't make me the champion." Zeke said. "Actually… that's what everyone is calling you, even your spirits are calling you champion." Jet said. The Spirit of Kuriboh appears. "Kuri Kuri." Kuriboh said. "hey Kuriboh." Zeke closes the door and walked to his room. "I'll be in here if you need me." Zeke enters and closes the door. "You got it." Jet said, flipping channels on the T.V.

30 Minutes later, the time was now 7.00 p.m.

Jet was in the kitchen making dinner. "Dinner's ready." Jet said. "I',m going." Zeke left his room. Both were eating their food on the table. "What are we gonna do with the third room?" Zeke asked. "I told you already, we-" Zeke cuts-off Jet. "We are not gonna rent it to people." Zeke said.

The time was now 8:00 p.m.

Zeke and Jet went downstairs to the basement. Zeke turns on the lights and a Duel Field appears. "You ready to duel champ?" Jet asked, inserting his deck into his green duel disk. "I'm all set and ready." Zeke said, inserting his deck into his duel disk. "Let's DUEL!" they called out.

-Zeke vs. Jet-

Jet's Turn: he draws and summons Flying Kamakiri #1 (4/A:1400 D:900) in Attack mode. Jet sets a card and ends his turn.

Status: H-4 LP-4000 M-1 FD-1

Zeke's Turn: he draws and summons Milla the Temporal Magician (4/A:1800 D:1000) in Attack mode. Due to the effect of Milla, Zeke targets a set Spell/Trap card on Jet's field and looks at it. Jet's card was The Legacy of Yata-Garasu. It returns back to his field. Now Zeke attacks Flying Kamakiri #1 with Milla the Temporal Magician.

Jet's LP: 4000 - 3600.

The effect of Flying Kamakiri #1 is that Jet special summons one WIND Monster from his deck with ATK of 1500 or lower in Face-Up Attack Position. He special summons Whirlwind Prodigy (4/A:1500 D: 1600) from his deck.

Zeke sets a card and ends his turn.

Status: H-4 LP-4000 M-1 FD-1

"Nice work Milla." Zeke said. "Thank you master." Milla said. "You two done talking yet?" Jet asked. "Yep. It's your move." Zeke said.

Jet's Turn: he draws and smiles. Since Whirlwind Prodigy counts as two tributes for a WIND monster, he tributes him to summon Simorgh, Bird of Divinity (7/A:2700 D:1000). Simorgh screeched when it appeared. Jet attacks with Simorgh, but Zeke activates his face-down trap card Negate Attack, ending the battle phase. Jet ends his turn and the effect of Simorgh activates, inflicting 1000 points of damage if the player doesn't have Spell or Trap in the Spell/Trap Card Zone. 500 points of damage if a player has one Spell or Trap card on their field. No damage if the player has 2 or more.

Jet's LP: 3600 - 3100

Zeke's LP: 4000 - 3000

Status: H-4 LP-3100 M-1 FD-1

Zeke's Turn: he draws and activates Monster Recovery, adding Milla back to his hand, then shuffling his hand back to his deck and re-shuffling. Then Zeke draws the same number of cards that he had. He had 5, so Zeke draws 5 cards. Now Zeke summons Card Blocker (3/A:400 D:400) in defense mode.

"You ready Card Blocker?" Zeke asked his monster. "Yes master Zeke. I'm all fired up!" Card Blocker said. He sees Simorgh and it screeched at him. Card Blocker screamed and began to shake in fear behind his shield. "You seen Simorgh a bunch of times, why are you scared?" Zeke asked. "It still scares me." Card Blocker said. Zeke chuckled a bit.

Zeke sets two cards and ends his turn. The effect of Simorgh is activated again. Since Zeke has two cards in his Spell/Trap Card Zone, he takes no damage.

Jet's LP: 3100 - 2600

Status: H-2 LP-3000 M-1 FD-2

Jet's Turn: he draws and summons Lady Ninja Yae (3/A:1100 D:200) in Attack mode. Now he activates his trap card Legacy of Yata-Garasu, allowing him to draw an extra card. Now he activates Lady Ninja Yae's effect, discarding one WIND monster in his hand to return all Spell and Trap cards on the field back to the hand. All of Zeke's cards in his Spell/Trap card zone went back to his hand. Now he activates FIssure, destroying Card Blocker. A hand appears below him and drags him down.

"NO!" Card Blocker yelled before he disappeared. "Card Blocker!" Zeke yelled.

Jet now attacks Zeke directly with Lady Ninja Yae.

Zeke's LP: 3000 - 1900

Now he sends Simorgh for a direct attack, but Zeke discards Kuriboh to take no damage. Jet sets two cards and ends his turn, thus the effect of Simorgh once more activates.

Zeke's LP: 1900 - 900

Status: H-1 LP-2600 M-2 FD-2

"It's Zeke's turn now. He needs a miracle, otherwise I will win and become the new champion of New Domino City." Jet thought.

Zeke's Turn: he draws and activates Pot of Greed, drawing two cards. Now he summons Winged Kuriboh (1/A:300 D:200) in defense mode. Zeke sets two cards and ends his turn, thus activating Simorgh's effect again, but since Zeke and Jet have two cards in their Spell/Trap card zone, neither of them take damage.

Status: H-2 LP-900 M-1 FD-2

Jet's Turn: he draws. He plans on activating Lady Ninja Yae's effect again, but Zeke activates his face-down Fiendish Chain trap card, targeting Lady Ninja and negating her effect. So Jet tributes Lady Ninja Yae to summon Cyber-Tech Alligator (5/A:2500 D:1600). Jet attacks Winged Kuriboh with Cyber-Tech Alligator, but Zeke activates his face-down Quick Play Transcendent Wings, tributing Winged Kuriboh and discarding two cards in his hand to special summon Winged Kuriboh LV10 (10/A:300 D:200) from his deck. Now Zeke activates its effect and tributes itself to destroy all of Jet's monsters in Attack mode and inflicting damage to him by his monster's ATK points.

Jet's LP: 2600 - 0

Winner: Zeke.

"Aw man… I lost again." Jet said, lying on the floor. Zeke walks up to him and helps him up. "Thanks." Jet said. "No prob." Zeke said. They went back upstairs. "So now what dude?" Jet asked. "Go looking for duelists to help us create Team Heroes." Zeke said. "Yeah.. let's start tomorrow." Jet said. "Okay." Zeke said. The time was now 11:00 p.m. Zeke and Jet were in their own rooms, sleeping.

This Chapter's Featured Card: Simorgh, Bird of Divinity.

Effect Monster Level: 7 ATK: 2700 DEF:1000 Attribute: WIND Type: Winged-Beast

This card cannot be Special Summoned. If you Tribute Summon this card, the tributes must be WIND. While this card is Face-up on the field, both players take 1000 points of damage during each End Phase. Decrease the damage each player takes when this happens by 500 points for each Spell or Trap Card that player controls.