After Zeke and Jet arrived at a Middle School, Zeke was challenged by Billy the school bully to a duel. Zeke accepts and used Alicia's LIGHT Fairy deck against him. Zeke defeated him and as thanks for defeating him, Alicia invites Zeke and Jet to her house.

They arrive at her house, but it was actually a mansion.

"This is where you live?" Jet asked.

"Yes." Alicia said.

"Wow…" Zeke said.

They walked towards the door and they opened. as they walked inside, they were greeted by a man in a suit, who is the butler. "Welcome home Princess." the butler said.

"Princess!?" Zeke and Jet said.

"That's right." Alicia said.

"And who are you two?" the Butler asked Zeke and Jet.

"They are my friends, Zeke Martin and Jet Tornado." Alicia said.

"Hello." Zeke and Jet said.

"Hello to you too." the Butler closed the door and walked away.

"What do you think? Pretty cool right?" Alicia asked.

"Yeah… it's pretty cool." Zeke said.

The spirit of Kuriboh and Winged Kuriboh appeared. Alicia gasped. "OMG! They are so cute!" Alicia squealed as a cute anime girl.

"Wait… you can see them?" Zeke asked.

"Yes. Why can't I?" Alicia asked.

"So you have spirit monsters too?" Jet asked.

"Yes. Here, I'll show you one." Alicia looks through her deck and pulls out a card. "This one." Alicia shows them Tethys, Goddess of Light.

"Is she your spirit monster?" Jet asked.

"One of them. Hey, why don't you two go to the break room and wait for me." Alicia suggested.

"Okay." Zeke and Jet said. Alicia went upstairs and the boys went to the break room. As they sat down on the chairs, as the butler brought them lemon squares and tea while they wait for Alicia.

"Thank you." Zeke and Jet said.

"You're welcome sirs." the Butler said as he left. Zeke and Jet began to eat the lemon squares and drink the tea, but Alicia entered the room. She was now wearing a black shirt, kept the pink skirt, red stockings, and her blonde hair was now spiky like instead of straight. Zeke blushed when he saw her.

"Hey boys." Alicia said, as she sat down. Alicia grabs a lemon square, but Zeke sees something on her arm.

"Hey Alicia." Zeke said.

"Yes?" Alicia took a bite off the lemon square.

"Is that… a mark of the Crimson Dragon on your right arm?" Zeke asked. Alicia looked down.

"Yes." Alicia said. She shows them her arm and appears the mark of a red claw. "I have the Right Claw. Wait… how did you know?" Alicia asked.

Zeke raises his right sleeve and shows her his mark.

"You're… a Dragon Signer?" Alicia asked.

"Yes." Zeke said.

"Me and Zeke are trying to look for duelists to help us keep Domino City safe." Jet said.

"And would you like to join? We are also trying to find the other duelists who make up the Crimson Dragon." Zeke said.

"Are you a dragon signer Jet?" Alicia asked.

"No. Only Zeke." Jet said.

"Well I'm in." Alicia said.

"Welcome to Team Heroes Alicia." Zeke holds out his hand.

Alicia shakes his hand.

"Team Heroes? That's the name of our team?" Alicia asked.

"Yes." Zeke and Jet said.

"Okay." Alicia said.

"So tell us, how did you get your dragon mark?" Zeke asked.

"You wanna know? Okay." Alicia said.


One year ago, during midnight, Alicia was in the duel tournament all alone. "Okay. I'm here. Just like you told me. Are you here!?" Alicia spoke. A hooded figure appears on the stadium arena. "So you did show up… girl." the hooded figure spoke, with a male voice. "Yeah… I'm here. Now let's duel. I'm gonna make you pay for hurting my brother." Alicia said, activating her duel disk and inserting her deck. The hooded figure pulls back the cloak and activates his black duel disk and inserts his deck. "DUEL!" Alicia and the hooded figure yelled out.

-Alicia vs. Hooded Figure-

Alicia's Turn: She draws and summons Dunames Dark Witch (4/A:1800 D:1050) in attack mode. Now she equips her with Ribbon of Rebirth. She ends her turn now.

Status: H-4 LP-4000 M-1 FD-0

"Mistress Alicia, I sense a dark power from your opponent." Dunames Dark Witch spoke. "I know. I sensed it when he appeared. This is… a Shadow Game." Alicia said. The hooded figure was releasing a dark power. "My turn." he spoke.

Hooded Figure's Turn: he draws and summons Stygian Street Patrol (4/A:1600 D:1200) in attack mode. Now he equips Stygian Street Patrol with Sword of Dark Rites, granting Stygian 400 more ATK points (A:1600 - 2000). He attacks Dunames Dark Witch with Stygian Street Patrol.

Alicia's LP: 4000 - 3800

The effect of Stygian Street Patrol activates. If it destroys a monster in battle, the owner of the destroyed monster takes damage equal to its level times 100. Since Dunames Dark Witch is a level four monster, Alicia takes 400 points of damage. Stygian Street Patrol fires a laser at Alicia from its equipped sword.

Alicia's LP: 3800 - 3400

Now the effect of Ribbon of Rebirth activates, bringing back the destroyed monster. Dunames Dark Witch returns back to Alicia's field. The hooded figure ends his turn.

Status: H-4 LP-4000 M-1 FD-0

Alicia's Turn: She draws her card and sacrifices Dunames Dark Witch to summon Tethys, Goddess of Light (5/A:2400 D:1800) in attack mode.

"It's time to defeat this opponent Mistress Alicia." Tethys spoke. "First Dunames, now Tethys. So… she can wield spirit monsters." the hooded figure spoke. "Let's do this." Alicia said.

Alicia attacks Stygian Street Patrol with Tethys.

Hooded Figure's LP: 4000 - 3600

Alicia sets a card and ends her turn.

Status: H-3 LP-3400 M-1 FD-1

Hooded Figure's Turn: he draws and activates Hammer Shot destroying Tethys, Goddess of Light.

"Tethys no!" Alicia cried.

Now he activates the effect of Stygian Street Patrol from the graveyard. He banishes it to Special Summon a Fiend-type monster with 2000 or less ATK from his hand. So he summons another Stygian Street Patrol (4/A:1600 D:1200), but he tributes Stygian to summon Mist Archfiend (5/A:2400 D:0).

"Archfiend!" Alicia said. "That's right. I run a Dark Archfiend deck." The hooded figure spoke. "Damn it…" Alicia cussed.

Now he uses the effect of the second Stygian in his graveyard. He banishes it to Special Summon Dark Resonator (3/A:1300 D:300).

"A Tuner monster!" Alicia said. "That's right, but just wait." the hooded figure said. "Wait? For what?" Alicia asked. "You'll see." the hooded figure said.

He sets a card and ends his turn.

Status: H-0 LP-3600 M-2 FD-1

"No attack? That's pretty weird." Alicia thought.

Alicia's Turn: she draws and banishes two LIGHT monsters in her graveyard (Dunames Dark Witch and Tethys, Goddess of Light) to Special Summon Soul of Purity and Light (6/A:2000 D:1800). Now she summons Hanewata (1/A:200 D:300).

"A Tuner Monster!" the hooded figure said. "That's right! So check this out!" Alicia yelled.

Alicia tunes Soul of Purity and Light with Hanewata (6 + 1 = 7) to Synchro Summon for Ancient Fairy Dragon (7/A:2100 D:3000) in attack mode.

"No way!" the hooded figure saw through his hood. "This is my ace monster!" Alicia said.

Now Alicia activates her face down spell card Sword and Shield, switching all monsters ATK and DEF points (A:2100 D:3000 - A:3000 D:2100) (A:2400 D:0 - A:0 D:2400) (A:1300 D:300 - A:300 D:1300). Alicia attacks Mist Archfiend with Ancient Fairy Dragon, but he activates his face down trap card Urgent Tuning.

"Urgent Tuning!" Alicia said. "That's right." the hooded figure said. "So that's why." Alicia thought.

The hooded figure tunes Mist Archfiend with Dark Resonator (5 + 3 = 8) to Synchro Summon Red Dragon Archfiend (8/A:3000 D:2000). Ancient Fairy Dragon roared at Red Dragon Archfiend and continued her attack. Red Dragon Archfiend counter attacked and both Dragons were tied.

"Both Dragons are too strong!" Alicia said. Suddenly a huge red like dragon appeared over the stadium. "What is that!?" Alicia yelled. On Alicia's right arm, appears a mark of a red claw. "What the…?". On the hooded figure's right arm appears a set of red wings. "What is this?" he asked. The two dragons destroyed each other and the explosion from the destroyed dragons was too strong, the robe flew off and appears a young man, having black hair, wearing black shoes, a black shirt, black pants, and had red eyes. He was 17 years old. "Who are you?" Alicia asked him. "My name… is Dee Martin." the young man said.

-Flashback End-

"The Duel ended in a draw and that's how I got my mark." Alicia said. "Whoa…" Jet said. "Dee Martin…" Zeke said. "Do you know him Zeke?" Alicia asked Zeke. "Yeah… Dee is… my older brother." Zeke said. Jet and Alicia couldn't believe it. The duelist that Alicia dueled was Zeke's older brother.

This Chapter's Featured Card: Stygian Street Patrol.

Effect Monster Level: 4 ATK: 1600 DEF: 1200 Attribute: DARK Type: Fiend

When this card destroys a monster by battle and sends it to the Graveyard: Inflict damage to your opponent equal to the level of the destroyed monster in the Graveyard x100. You can banish this card from your Graveyard: Special Summon 1 Fiend-type monster with 2000 or less ATK from your hand.