Chapter 1 – Birthday Boy

Monday, June 20

"Good morning, birthday boy." I walked into our bedroom, now painted with beautiful taupe walls, crisp white trim, matching drapes and freshly stained hardwood floors.

It had been our first project on the house since our summer vacation started about six weeks ago. And had taken us most of May to complete. I loved it, though. It was so worth it. And it matched the pretty bathroom that my dad and Edward had tiled back in January. Now the upstairs was complete.

Next up was the little white picket fence in the front yard. Edward and Emmett were going to take it on as a brother project and I had recruited Jasper to help me paint it. Edward wanted a photo of us in front of the house on our wedding day, so he was a man on mission, trying to get it in tip top shape.

I was so incredibly turned on by 'Fix-it Edward.' He was incredibly sexy in his torn jeans and paint-spattered grey t-shirt. I could hardly keep my hands to myself.

And I was having a blast in my yellow kitchen. I adored it: so spacious and modern. Edward wasn't complaining. He loved the food, but he loved the apron and panty combo I always wore when we were alone, even more.

Let's just say that buying this house was incredible for our sex life.

"Oh. Breakfast in bed," Edward said, a sexy smile on his face. He set Emmett's carpentry book aside and patted the bed. "Thank you, baby."

I set the tray, filled with homemade cinnamon waffles and coffee, on the nightstand and crawled up Edward's body until I was straddling his thighs, my hands softly massaging his shoulders. My cream colored, super short satin and lace chemise left nothing to the imagination.

"You are so welcome." I reached up and slid Edward's glasses from his face and set them beside his breakfast. "Happy twentieth, babe." I pressed a nice hard kiss to his lips and he smiled under my mouth.

"I love my life."

I giggled and rubbed his shoulders, again. "Our life."

"Mm." He slid his hands under my nightie and squeezed my hips. "Ooh. No panties."

"Well, it is your birthday, Mr. Cullen." I kissed his nose and then grabbed the tray. "Eat first, though. I don't want your waffles to get cold."

"But, you feel so good on top of me."

"Eat first. Please. I woke up early and everything."

He smiled and took a huge bite. "Oh, god. That's so good, baby girl." He set the tray on the nightstand, wrapped me in his arms and flipped me over.

I giggled and he laughed before kissing my face and neck. "That's all you want to eat?"

He winked at me and then kissed my lips. "I'll have some more in a few minutes. I sort have this birthday wish I think you can help me out with."

"Oh, yeah?" I asked, unable to keep the smile from my face.

"Yeah." He squeezed my bum cheeks. He leaned in to whisper in my ear. "I've never had birthday sex."

I gasped in mock horror and then laughed, again. "Never?"

"Never." He pouted his bottom lip and then smiled. "What do you say to helping a guy out with that?"

"Ooh. I think I'd love that."

"You sure? I could maybe post an ad online."

I slapped his shoulder. "Don't you dare."

He laughed and kissed me, again. "I love you so much."

"Aw. I love you, too."

"Thank you for breakfast. I'm lucky."

"I always make you breakfast."

He smiled and then kissed me over and over and over again. "I know. I'm lucky." Edward kissed a slow, winding path down my neck, across my chest and then back again. "You are so beautiful, Isabella Swan."

"Mm." I was running my palms over his bare back and strong shoulders. He'd been a bit of a gym rat this last semester and the results were titillating, arousing…just plain hot.

Edward was Edward, again. This past semester had been much like the first, before everything had happened with the campus attacker. Happy, busy, a little stressful, but fun. It was college and we loved it.

And we had a great balance. Studying, workouts, nights out and visits home. We'd even signed up for a meditation and yoga class every Tuesday night. I wanted Edward to have that time to relax, to take time for himself. I didn't want to lose him, again. And he went with me, every single week. He knew it made me happy and he always seemed really relaxed every night when got home…relaxed and turned on. It really was a win/win.

I'd taken my introduction to education class with Michael, our downstairs neighbour and the campus' new player. We'd had a blast and were both looking forward to student teaching in the fall. I couldn't believe I was going to be a teacher. Edward was very proud of me and equally turned on. As usual. We'd played a lot of detention games in the bedroom.

"What are you thinking?" he whispered in my ear.

"About how happy I am," I said, running my fingers through his hair. "You're my wish come true."

"But, it's my birthday."

I laughed. "I know. What are you going to do about it?"

"Mm. Well, I was thinking about stripping you out of this sexy little number and then making love to you over and over and over again."

"That sounds like a plan. And we have nothing scheduled until this afternoon at your mom's house. So, make love 'til your heart's content." The kids still had school until this Friday, Emmett's graduation day, so Esme planned Edward's party for dinner time. I was happy because I got to keep my boy to myself.

He shimmied my nightie up and kissed me over the heart. "God, you're so beautiful." He ran his thumb around my belly button. "And I love this." He kissed right above my new belly button ring with the little interlocking hearts. "So damn sexy."

I giggled. "I'm glad you like it."

"Mm. I love it." He kissed over my tattoo and then licked it. "Shit, baby. I want to taste you."

"I want you to taste me." He hummed and moved between my legs. "Ah, Edward."

"I hope you didn't buy me anything. You're all I want for my birthday."

"Ah." He chuckled. God, he was so good at this. And it knew it, too. "More, Edward. Ah." I screamed as I let go and then hummed as he kissed his way up my body. "I'll confess. I bought you some presents."

He pressed his lips to mine. "Take them back. You are the best damn gift in the world."

"But, you're going to like them."

"Okay." He yanked his underwear off and I wrapped my legs around his hips. "You ready?"

"Always, birthday boy."

He smiled and kissed my lips, again. We threaded our fingers together and he held my arms over my head as he slid inside of me. We hummed at the same time and then laughed at ourselves. "I will never," he said, before sucking at my bottom lip, "get enough of you." He circled his hips and I cried out as he brushed over the exact right spot. "I love you, Bella. Yes, baby."

I kissed and nipped at his mouth as he kept up a nice rhythm of out, in, circle, out, in, circle. He smiled and he was so beautiful. "I love you, birthday boy. Oh. I'm coming, again."

"Thank god." He buried his face into my hair and chuckled as we both let go.

"Baby?" I asked. He was laying on me, squishing me into the sheets as he caught his breath.

"Mm." I giggled as he peeked at my face. "I'm too tired to move. I'm an old man, now, remember?"

"Oh, hardly." He rolled off of me and I followed him, so I was cuddled up to his chest. "Do you have anything special you want to do, today?"

He grabbed a piece of his waffle and fed me a bite, before shoving the rest of it into his mouth. "Besides you?" he asked.

I laughed and rubbed his abs. "Besides me."

"Maybe a nice walk? I don't know. I just want to be with you."

I kissed his lips and smiled against them. "Not getting sick of me, yet?"

"Never, baby."

"Prove it."

He laughed and rolled us over, kissing me all over my face, sliding his hands down my sides. "Is that a challenge?"


"I'm up for it."

I giggled and he laughed. If my boy wanted birthday sex then he was going to get it.