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Chapter 358 – What Have We Missed


"Oh, my gosh, Angie." I ran over and wrapped my arms around my best friend. I had tears running down my cheeks and when Ang pulled back to look at me, I noticed she did too. "You look gorgeous. I love your hair. It's so pretty."

Angie reached up to touch her new short bob, ran her fingers over her bangs. "Not too short?"

"You're stunning." I squeezed her in my arms, again. "So, so beautiful."

"Oh, Bella. I've missed you too much. I can't believe it's been two months since I've seen you. Since your wedding."

"It's just wrong," I agreed. I couldn't seem to let my best friend go. I could hear Ben and Edward laughing about something behind us, warming my heart over their own friendship, but I was too happy to see my sister. "How is everyone?"

"Everyone is great. Back at school. Mom wants you guys over for a visit this weekend."

"Of course. I miss the family," I agreed.

"How's the room at the bed and breakfast?" Angie asked.

I peeked over my shoulder at Edward and he shot me a wink while still chatting with Ben. "We've christened it, already."

She giggled and pulled me into her arms for another hug. "You guys. I totally knew you would."

"I know. We're predictable. But Edward was talking dirty to me on the plane. We couldn't wait." I smiled. "Thank you again. Best wedding present, ever. We really needed this little getaway and I feel so lucky to have it."

"Are we eating, girls," Ben asked, walking over to wrap his arms around me and kiss my cheek. "Or, just doing the whole girl talk thing in the lobby?"

"You know us," Ang said. "We can talk anywhere."

"We know," Edward said with a sweet smile. He nodded at Angie before giving her one of his patented Edward bear hugs. "Love the new look."

She blushed. "Thanks, Edward."

"Come on. I hear the restaurant here is awesome," Ben said.

He was right. The restaurant at our resort was very posh and I was glad I had packed a cute dress to wear. It was short, gauzy blue and I opted to go braless. It was just too hot to bother, plus this was a mini honeymoon for me and Edward and I was feeling frisky.

"How's school?" Edward asked them when we had been seated at a great table on the patio overlooking the landscaped arid garden.

"Busy," Angie said. "Next semester I have a practicum at the hospital."

"You're going to make a great nurse," I told her. "You're the most caring person I know."

"And a hot one," Ben added.

"An intelligent one," Edward said.

"Aw, you guys," Angie said, pressing her hands to her reddened cheeks.

"Missed us, right?" Edward asked her. "We're good for the self esteem?"

She laughed. "You know it."

"Tell us about you guys," Ben said. "What have we missed?"

I smiled at Edward. "The new house."

"What new house?" Ang asked. "I love the Forks house."

"Oh, we still have the Forks house," Edward said. "We just got a better place in Seattle. A townhouse."

"Nice," Ben said. "Are you moved in already?"

"No. Next weekend?" I said, looking over at Edward. He winked at me and nodded.

"Next weekend." He shrugged. "Which was probably stupid in the middle of the semester, with Bella teaching and everything, but it was available, and we didn't want to miss it."


"Two floors. It feels like a house, but it's attached to three other units," Edward said. "It's pretty nice. It's a lot more private than the apartment and it's new. It's different. It's exciting."

"Always vote for exciting," Ang said, with a giggle. "Ben and I are looking for new places, too. We're still in his parent's attic apartment, but I have trouble, you know, getting in the mood when I know they're right below us."

Ben laughed. "She's not lying."

Ang slapped his shoulder.

"Maybe you guys need a weekend at this Bed and Breakfast," Edward suggested. "It's amazing."

"Not a bad idea," Ben said. "But there's this one place we're leaning to. It's not overly expensive."

"Can we see it?" I asked.

"I'll shoot the landlord a message," Ben said, his phone is his hand. "But, yeah. It would be cool to have your take on it."

"Good evening. Thank you for dining us. Have you had a chance to look at the menu?" I looked over my shoulder to see the waiter and started giggling.


"Bella Swan," he said with a smile.

"Hi, Jose," Angie said with a shy wave.

"Angela Weber?" He laughed. "Wow. It's like a mini high school reunion."

"How are you?" I asked.

"Saving up for law school."

"Nice," I said. I felt Edward squeeze my knee. "Oh, this is my husband, Edward and Angie's husband, Ben."

"Lucky guys," Jose said. "I haven't seen you around."

"I live in Seattle, now," I said. "Angie is still here."

"Nice," he said. "We'll have to get together, sometime," he said to Angie.

"For sure," she said, her face flaming red.

Jose smiled. "What can I get you guys?"

"I'll just take a bacon cheeseburger," Edward said. "With sweet potato fries and a Caesar salad."

"Oh, I'll have the same," Angie said. "But no salad."

"I'll do the Cajun Chicken," I said.

"Fries, Bella?" Jose asked.

"Of course."

He smiled. "And you, sir?"

"Fish tacos," Ben said.

"Sounds good. I'll be right back," Jose said with a wink.

"Well, that was awkward," Angie said, pressing her hands to her cheeks.

"What's the story with Jose?" Ben asked, laughing as Angie fanned her face.

"Angie had a crush on him," I said.

"Yeah?" Edward asked. "You didn't?"

"Nope," I said. "Just Angie."

Ben laughed at Angie's red face. "Did he know?"

"Of course not," she whisper yelled. "Shh."

"I think he knows, now," Edward said.

"Shut up," Ang said. "He does not. I'm not that obvious, am I?"

"No," I lied. "He's just being nice. It's his job."

Ben laughed. "Are we forgetting that you're married to me, Angela?"

She frowned at him. "No."

"And we know nothing is going to happen here, even if he knows?"

"This feels like high school, again," I said with a smile. "Only this time we have hot guys with us."

"But not as hot as Jose?" Ben asked.

"Are you mad?" Angie asked.

"Of course I'm not. This is adorable," he said.

Edward slid his hand up my thigh and winked at me when I looked over at him. "I wish I would have known you in high school. It would have been nice to scare guys away from you."

"Scare?" I giggled.

"Guys don't usually come around when there are boyfriends around."

"Except Jose," Ben added.

"Well, he works here," I said.

"How was Emmett's wedding?" Angie asked, changing the subject. "I wish we could have come, but with it being on a Friday night, we wouldn't have made it. Ben has class until four."

"Oh, don't worry about it," Edward said. "It was beautiful, though. Out on the beach. Bare feet in the sand. Sunset behind them."

"Rose was stunning. She looked like a goddess," I added.

"Does she know if she's having a boy or a girl, yet?" Ang asked.

"Not until October, right?" I asked Edward.

"I think so. I do know that Emmett is convinced it's a girl." He smiled. "I'm excited for him."

I covered his hand with mine and squeezed it. "You're going to be an incredible uncle."

"All I know how to do is spoil kids, so I think I'll do okay," he said.

"You are both naturals," Angie said.

"Your food," Jose said. He set down our plates and then surprised us by pulling up a chair and sitting with us. "So, catch me up, ladies."

"I'm studying to be a teacher, my husband has plans to be a pharmacist," I said. "Angie is in nursing and her husband Ben is in computer tech."

"I'm impressed," Jose said with a smile. "I remember you both as shy girls who couldn't look at boy without giggling."

As if on cue, Angie giggled.

"Nothing's changed," Ben said with a laugh.

"Both married," he said, then whistled. "Congrats, girls." Jose stood up. "Enjoy your meals. It was nice seeing you both."

"Thank you," I said, then laughed at Angela. "You did good, Ang."

She rolled her eyes at Ben who was laughing at her. "Oh, hardly."

How I had missed my best friend.