A/N: This story is dedicated to my own Daddy who died recently in my arm's. I watched him die and did everything I could to save him, but it wasn't enough.

I saw the life leave his eyes and it haunts me every moment of every day. RIP my Hero..

Sleep was not hard to come by for Dean, sadly the same couldn't be said for nightmares. Usually after a hunt Dean would fall asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow of whatever ratty Motel that was closest. Tonight had been different. He looked over at the sleeping form of his brother Sam, who was currently snoring so loudly that Dean feared he would suck the ceiling down upon them.

During the late hours of night when sleep was elusive his mind would always wander to the unpleasant. Flipping the TV on Dean surfed through the usual early hours crap. If only DR. Sexy MD was on then possibly it would chase away the Memories that were creeping into his mind. Clicking the TV off he sighed giving up on bed all together and grabbed a beer before silently slipping out the door and sitting on the hood of the Impala. Sitting on his Baby and staring off in to the night he let the memories he had been fighting come.

His Dad was beside him at the Hospital whispering to him about Sammy. He remembers the horror of his Father's words and then the unthinkable happened. John Winchester the man who in his eyes was invincible collapsed to the floor right by Dean's own hospital bed. His Dad was a legend not only to his son's but to all hunter's and the hundreds of people he had saved. It was all Dean's fault, he knew that, his Dad was lying there dying on that cold floor and their was nothing he could do. He could follow his father's legacy and go down the road of revenge, just not tonight. Tonight he would cry for the Dad who never let him down.

What most people don't know is that death doesn't happen all at once,it happens in degrees. He had watched as the life left first his Father's body then slowly leaving his Dad's eyes until they were staring at nothing. Dean would of given his own life for the Father he loved with all his heart .John Winchester had done that very thing for him and had taken with him a piece of Dean's heart.