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We were sitting in the waiting room, for I don't know how long. Suddenly she got up and turned to me:

"I have to pee".

I watched her walking to the rest rooms. After 10 minutes I decided to look for her.

"Gail?" I said as I walked into the restroom.


"You know you've been here for at least 10 minutes"

"So?" she stared at me tired and groggy.

"I just thought..."a heavy sigh interrupted my thoughts.

Thank you, I guess.

We just stared at each other, she was standing at the sink and I leaned at the door. After a few minutes of standing and staring she turned away to wash her hands.

"I kissed you" she whispered while the water was pouring out of the tap, hardly understandable.

Ok here it goes, now she starts with the 'I'm not like that, just friends' bullshit

I should have known. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to reply or not. I decided to continue staring at her.

She started again "then I pushed you away."

Ok that's new.

She looked at me and said nothing.

"Then I called you" she looked directly in my eyes. I nodded.

"And you came" Gail focused her gaze to the floor again. I assumed she finished her rambling.

So I took a step towards her. I guess she could see my feet appear in her view.

"Gail?" no respond.


"Gail?" I said a bit more sternly.

She still hadn't moved a muscle. I took another step forward and decided to take her hand. At first I just brushed her hand slightly. She inhaled sharply. I took my hand back.

She moved hers a bit in my direction. I took her hand in one of mine; with my other I stroked her cheek slightly. She leaned in this touch. "You came" her voice broke a bit. "Why did you? After I pushed you away?"

I took another step forward and hugged her. She didn't react at first, but after a few seconds she hugged me as if it was all that matters.

"Why should I not come back?" I whispered.

She shrugged and I heard a snob. I stroked her lower back lightly. She pulled me nearer to herself, if that was possible.

"Gail, we tell each other stuff, right? So if you need to talk, I'll be there." She looked up, her blue eyes burning. Before I realized it she captured my lips with her own and pushed me against the restroom door.

There was nothing soft in her kiss. Our teeth clashed together. Nobody ever had kissed me as aggressive as she did. I tried to pull away but with my back against the door, it seemed impossible.

So I pushed her away a bit. After I pushed her away to separate our lips she attacked my neck.

"Gail?" I felt that she found my pulse and soaked at my skin there.

Great now she leaves a mark, just great


Gosh I guess I never said a name that often, ever.

"I don't wanna go out there alone. I wanna stay in this room with you." She leaned her head against my chest.

"Can I stay with you tonight?" I nodded.

"Take me out of this horrible place, please."

I took her hand once again and led her out of the hospital. On our way out I gave Steve my number and told him to call if anything changes. He told me to take care of his sister. We drove to my apartment and I helped her upstairs. As soon as I closed the door she started kissing me again. Once again I was pushed against the door and once again I pushed her away carefully but vehement. She used this opportunity to turn us around and led us trough my studio to my bed. As my knees reached the edge of my bed she pushed me one more time and I fell on my bed. She climbed up on me and pushed her body against my own. Once again I pushed her away, this time I held her in place. I looked into her eyes; they showed a

mixture of lust, desire, hurt and sadness.

"Gail, I..."

"Holly listen to me. I need you right now, ok? Please I need you."

She sneaked her hands under my shirt and stroked against the bottom of my breast at the same time she lifted one of her knees between my legs.

God, what are you doing Gail?

I felt my own arousal built up.

Be strong Holly, be strong!

"Gail no! You are not yourself at the moment and I can't take advantage of your situation. So nothing will happen between the two of us tonight"

She groaned and lay down beside me.

"Gail?" no answer.

Great Holly, you could have had sex with the most amazing woman you've met in a long time.

"Look Gail, a lot of people use sex for compensation, but I can't let you do than to yourself."

She sighed annoyed.

"You know that I want to do this as well, but right now I can't, for your sake".

Shut up Holly just shut up.

"Zip it Holly" she snapped

Thanks I guess

I lay myself down beside her in bed; she still refused to look at me.

After a few minutes she whispered



"Could you hold me? I still need you. I need to feel you, to remind me that you came. Please I need your touch. Hold me please. "

WTF? This woman is insane

I turn myself around a bit and spoon her from behind. She fell asleep pretty fast and I tried to understand what she was mumbling, unsuccessful.

I took in her smell for a last time, kissed the point between her shoulder plates and held her tight.

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