Once upon a time – a young girl was starting her Junior year in high school at a new school. Her parents had moved her and her siblings to a small town away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Emma Swan knew one of the reasons they had moved and his name was Neal Cassidy. How had she let this older guy try to convince her to run away from a good home where she had two parents that adored her - Oh that's right she thought to herself – she was stupid. As Emma looked down at the paper schedule she had been handed and the map to her classes Emma walked slowly to the row of lockers and found the one she had been assigned. The school was very small as each class went from teacher to teacher. Her brother and sister were still in the middle school – so she wouldn't see them around, at least not right now – finding her locker had to be her first priority. Number thirteen – was this an omen? Was this going to be her sign that this was not going to be a good year for her? The hallways were quiet and she knew that she would be late getting to her first class. Her dad – really step dad had dropped her off late. What a way to start a new school. Opening her locker she hung her jacket up and set her lunch bag on the top shelf. She was familiar with the horrible school food and figured a simple packed lunch would be safest until she got more familiar. Just as Emma was closing her locker she saw two people coming down the hall - A boy who seemed completely uninterested in being in class on time and a young woman who seemed to be focused on getting to Emma first.

"Hi there," the young woman with dark brown hair spoke first, "I'm Regina Mills; I meant to meet up with you before class started, but…"

Emma looked at the other student and put on her best smile, "I'm sorry…"

"Don't worry, I'm here to get you from class to class, not that you'll have much of a problem – it's not like there are hundreds of students here at Storybrooke."

"Okay," Emma looked over the woman's shoulder at the other student who was leaning against some lockers. "Who's that?"

"Huh?" turning around, "Oh that is Killian Jones, he's a bit of loner, totally hot though, shame he's the Captain of the soccer team, he has absolutely no people skills."

Emma tried to get a better look at the young man, but was quickly detoured to her first class. Just as Regina opened the door to the classroom, Emma saw the young man move to where her locker was and open the one next to it.

English turned out to be a fun class Emma decided. The teacher was very easy to follow and he seemed to make the entire class enjoy writing papers and discussing the traditional boring classic literature. As she was given her books Emma saw Killian slip in the classroom un-noticed and take a seat close to the door. The last thing Emma needed was to get fixated on another boy – but what could she do, looking around the class it seemed like there was a definite female to male ratio with females in the lead. Emma scrawled some notes in her notebook and soon the bell rang.

As Emma stood up, Regina suddenly appeared at her side and gave her a kind smile, "you ready for science?"

"Not really."

"Oh you'll like our teacher, he is amazing. I swear he has like magic or something."

Emma gave her a pressed lip smile and followed her out. It seemed that she had been with her entire class as she went to sit down in the back of the classroom at an open lab chair. As the professor walked in, Emma looked up and was stunned by the professor's handsome face. He was probably her parents age, maybe older she thought but he had the nicest smile and the accent. Damn what was up with accents? She became so focused on trying to determine where he was from she paid little attention to the person sitting next to her until they were told to work with their partners and to combine chemicals to see the reactions of the provided samples. Turning slowly in her stool she finally saw the dark haired young man sitting next to her.

"Hi," she croaked out. Oh crap her mind thought, was she having a problem or what? Okay yeah she was a little boy crazy, but this was crazy.

"Hi," he responded as he lit the Bunsen burner. The young man pulled the chemicals towards the middle and picked up an empty glass tube. "Do you want to write down the results or would you rather perform the experiment?"

Holy crap crap crap! This one has an accent too? She's been in love with European accents for as long as she could remember – okay it didn't help that she and her mom had watched Masterpiece Theater all the time, or that her favorite actors were always British, Irish, and Scottish, oh my God he sounded kind of like Pierce Bronson? Swallowing and biting her lip, "uh yeah I'll just um, yeah."

"By the way, I'm Killian, Killian Jones."

F-U-C-K. He sounded like James Bond. Double crap. How was she supposed to survive a school where she listened to a teacher sounding like Sean Connery and a classmate with a sexy voice? She was just going to tell her parents that she couldn't promise not to get in trouble because trouble was following her around with a foreign accent.

Emma watched Killian perform the experiment. He seemed so at ease with the beakers and the test tubes. She wrote down the results carefully and when Mr. Gold came to ask how things were going, she couldn't help that she practically jumped out of her skin. His voice was so smooth and why did he remind her of that TV show she and her Mom watched on BBC America – oh what was that called – damn it, her mind was mush. Wait until she got home, her Mom would understand everything.

Killian looked at Emma oddly then back at the teacher and nodded, "yeah I think we are getting the correct reactions sir, by the way, this is the new student."

Emma looked at Killian and wondered why he hadn't given her name, but then remembered that she hadn't told him hers. "Emma Swan."

"Well Miss Swan I hope you will enjoy your final two years here. I believe your parents bought the Malperdy mansion."

Emma was shocked that anybody would realize that they had even moved into the town. "Uh yeah, we still haven't gotten completely unpacked, and the house is really old, but it was being updated when my parents decided to move."

Killian seemed interested as well, "I heard that place has a series of tunnels running beneath it."

"You are correct Mr. Jones, I recall as a young man myself venturing through the tunnels, but of course back then I had a friend living in the house, Reynard Fox…"

Emma perked up at that. "My dad's name is Reynard Fox."

Both Killian and Mr. Gold stopped and looked at Emma. Finally Killian spoke up, "but your surname is Swan."

Emma shook her head, "yeah, I'm from my Mom's previous marriage." She didn't feel they needed to know that she'd been adopted as well.

Both of the men seemed to understand and Mr. Gold moved to the next table.

"So what do you think of this little town?"

Emma looked up at Killian she suddenly was caught by his blue eyes. Blast – she was going to be in so much trouble, and then she looked at his lips and crap again; he had nice full lips that were a warm pink shade. No top thin lip guy here. Okay answer his question and do not check out his body. "It's small."

He smiled at her, "small is an understatement. There isn't much around to do, but if you'd like I can take you out and show you around."

Emma saw the smile, felt her heart stop and then she looked at him from top to bottom, dark sexy unruly hair – wonder if it felt as silky as it looked; dark brows, beautiful eyes, delicious lips and definitely a 5 o'clock shadow that just screamed to be touched; he had on a dark gray t-shirt that seemed to cling to his body, and showed off a hard well-toned torso and down to a pair of Levi's that were probably painted on because there was no way that 550's looked that good on most guys – and finally the piece de resistance he had the most incredible butt – the kind that girls drooled over and wanted to grab. She was doomed and on top of that he was offering to take her out. "um, like a date?"

"Sure if you want to call it that. I'll buy you an ice cream if you're good," and he gave her a wicked grin.

Emma just felt her heart contract and finally pump again. Yep she was dead. She didn't care, but she knew she'd end up kissing those lips and she'd be a goner. Her dad would kill him and her, and she didn't care. Oh my God she bit her lip and turned back to the paper she was recording everything on.

By the end of the day, Emma felt exhausted. She'd gotten through all of her classes, had lunch met all of her classmates and had a date for the coming Friday night. Killian had even put his cell number in her phone along with a picture and marked her calendar from 7:00 till who knows for their date. This was the most amazing day she had ever had. She could hardly wait to get home and talk to her Mom and Dad and tell them all about it.