Emma laid in her bed unable to sleep. She had seen Killian looking up at her when she got to her room and suddenly she was fantasizing about him climbing up a tree to sneak into her room. She wouldn't mind spending hours in Killian's arm kissing and whispering to each other. Wow – she had never felt like this with a guy. Okay Neal was a sort of crush. She really couldn't even consider it that after the fact that he had tried to convince her to run away from home in his dingy crappy car. They had gotten as far Gary when the state police had set up a road block and arrested him.

Thinking back to how she met Neal at an internet café, he "bumped" into her and made her spill her coffee. He'd been so nice and bought her a new one. They had started emailing and meeting up at the café to talk. Then he convinced her to sneak out of the apartment and meet him at night. He'd been the first man to kiss her, and looking back Emma began to analyze his kiss. Neal was wet, sloppy and demanding. Killian was gentle and patient. Neal had suggested they go to a hotel. Emma had said no and things slowed down for a week, but he pressured her again – even suggesting they could go on a crime spree. That was not an option in her mind. The final straw was when he came to her school and during lunch he grabbed her and shoved her in the car and started driving. Emma had sent a 911 from her phone to her dad, and she knew that he'd find her. She had tried to convince him that this was a mistake but he swore that they were true loves and were meant to be together. As the police tasered him and yanked him out of the volkswagon, Emma was being sheltered by a female state patrol. Even in handcuffs he yelled that he loved her and would find her.

At the trial – he was charged with multiple crimes from kidnapping, possession with intent to distribute marijuana and heroin, interstate transport of a minor, fraud, larceny, assault, fraud, and a weapons offense. Neal's lawyer tried to get him to plea out, but he kept telling the judge that it was her fault, that he thought she was of age, that she was the one who had the drugs and gun, that she was a spoiled princess who wanted a taste of the wild side. It didn't work Emma was there for the sentencing. He had already had two minor offenses, and this would be the third. He got twenty to thirty years – which sent him into a massive rage and he lunged over the railing to get at her. Rey finally got to punch Neal in the face knocking him out cold and the deputies picked up his unconscious body and took him back to the lock up.

It was after all that drama that her parents decided that they would move. Rey had always talked about his childhood home and how it would be a great place for kids to grow up. Even if for Emma it would only be a couple of years. The house was beautiful and spacious. The rooms were huge and there was no longer any arguments about bathrooms or people being in each others space.

Tired Emma rolled over and began to dream about Killian snuggled next to her with his arms wrapped around her.

The next morning Emma found her Mom busy in the kitchen writing out several grocery lists.

"Are we having a party or something?"

"Uh, no, but your Dad invited some old friends over for dinner tonight. I'd really appreciate it if you could set up the dining room for nine or ten. You didn't have plans tonight did you?"

"Um, not really, but I was thinking…"

"Oh how was your date? He's very cute."

Emma smiled at her mom as she went to the cupboard and got a coffee cup and poured herself a cup from the coffeemaker. "We had a nice time, and he's really easy to talk to and look at," she told her with a grin.

"Em, if there had been boys like that when I was your age your Grandfather would have sent me to the convent."

"And the voice, did you catch the accent?"

"Oh my God, I know. I swear it's like listening to angels," as she fans herself. "Good thing I'm married," she teases.

"He did say he wants to see me again, and said there is a party tonight, but I told him I had to find out what was happening here."

Annie frowns, "honey, if you want to go to a party, we understand."

"But I don't want Dad to be upset, I mean he might think…"

"Don't worry about him, so did you kiss him?"

Emma blushes, "Mom, what kind of…"

"Stop it Em, you know good and well that…"

"Yes I kissed him."

"You kissed who?" a deep voice says coming into the kitchen.

Emma looks up at Rey and drops her head, "Killian."

"He seems like a nice enough chap. At least he isn't afraid to meet your parents, and I doubt he has an extensive criminal history."

Emma moans, "come on dad, I thought we agreed to put that nightmare behind us. Anyway Mom says you are having some old friends come by. Anyone I know?"

Rey ruffles Emma's hair in a parental way and opens up a box of donuts and eats one, "actually you might. Robert Gold, Cora Mills and Albert Spencer – Robert and I have known each other forever and Cora was an old girlfriend and well Spencer is just politics. Don't worry, you won't have to suffer too long through it all."

"Actually, Rey, Emma has a party she was invited to, and I said it was okay for her to go. After all, she doesn't want to sit in on a dinner with one of her teachers."

Rey looks between his wife and daughter, "oh yeah, no problem. Just don't be out too late."

Emma gives both parents a tight lip smile and leaves the room to text Killian.

Killian, I had a great time last night I hope your offer to go to the party is still on.

Within a few minutes she gets a text back

I dreamt of you all night, can't wait to see you. Do you want to catch something for dinner?


Emma puts her phone down and flops down on the bed.