Chapter 2- Prefixes

Many new writers come up with some horrible, totally not possible prefixes, and I must admit I was one of these people for the longest time, wanna know what my first warrior name was? Dreamfeather… -mini barf- horrible!

Part 1- Not acceptable prefixes and why

*Angel, Ghost, Spirit, Soul and things like that are completely not acceptable, the reason? 1.) Cats have no clue what Angels, and Ghosts are, so how are they supposed to name their cats after them? 2.) Spirits and Souls are VERY important to the cats, no queen would name their cat something like that, sorry!

*Dream, and things like it are not acceptable. Why? Dreams are sacred and important to the cats, they wouldn't use that.

*Cats cannot be named by the color of their eyes! Why? Because all kittens eyes are closed at first, then most are blue eyed, then they get their true colors, no queen will wait that long to name their kit.

*Moon, Sun, and Star are not acceptable. Moon- Moon is not acceptable because the moon is sacred to the cats(The Erins have said this) so they save moon names for things like Moonstone and Moonpool. Sun- Again the sun is important to the cats, so shy away from it! Star- It's completely not acceptable, never in a billion years, why? If the cat becomes leader they will be Starstar, and the stars are sacred to the cats.

*Things the cats wouldn't know about Example; Knives, Pandas, Auroras, Eclipses, Lunar, ect. Don't work, again if the cats don't know about them, how are they supposed to name them after it? (Not sure if your prefix passes? Message me.)

Part 2- Colorings

*Say the cats prefix is Swift, for example, make the name fit! Swifts are birds! They are black and white, hence why Swiftpaw, Brightheart's brother, was black and white.

*Not sure if you have the proper coloring? Message me

Part 3- The list

Silver tabbies/Silver furred: Silver, Gray, Mist, Misty, Pebble, Stone, Stream, Willow, Rain, Feather, Storm, Bumble, Splash, Ivy, Ripple, Shell, Sky, Brook, Cinder, Ash, Fern, Smoke, Dew, Creek, Moss, Mossy, Dove, Jay, Wolf.

Ginger tabbies/Ginger furred: Fire, Flame, Blaze, Cherry, Amber, Red, Squirrel, Bright, Rose, Apple, Rowan, Scorch, Ember, Tawny, Red-brown: Robin, Russet, Fox, Pine.

Light brown tabbies/Light brown: Leaf, Sparrow, Grass, Fawn, Deer, Minnow, Shrew, Heather, Krestel, Owl, Bark, Clover

Golden brown tabbies/Golden brown: Honey, Thorn, Bracken, Golden, Moth, Lark, Lion

Dark brown tabbies/Dark brown: Bramble, Oak, Pine, Mud, Hawk, Tiger, Brown, Adder, Cedar, Nettle, Briar, Bark. Black furred: Night, Crow, Raven, Breeze, Spider, Black, Dark, Reed

Cream furred: Dawn, Dusk, Berry, Petal, Mallow, Ferret.

White Furred: White, Cloud, Ice, Frost, Snow

White and Black: Swift, Patch, Toad, Little, Badger, Shrew

Tortoiseshell/Dilute tortoiseshell: Spotted, Brindle, Dapple, Poppy, Speckle, Holly, Blossom, Tawny

Golden Spotted: Leopard

White with ginger patches: Bright

White with gray splashes: Moss, Mossy

White with light brown splashes: Blossom, Hare

Chapter 2.5- Suffixes

Part 1- Explanations

A cats suffix is normally based off their personalities, so it goes like this; prefix=looks, suffix=personality, got it?

Part 2- List of suffixes and why

Good Hunters- Tail, whisker, foot

Good Fighters- fang, claw, tooth, strike, blaze

Loyal- heart, blaze

Kind of secretive/evil- frost (however for frost this is not always the case, it can also mean their blue eyes, if they stand out.)

Motherly- Fern, cloud, flower, leaf

Strong connection with StarClan- pool

Arrogant or smart- nose

Sneaky- shade, shadow(if AU)

Chatty or easy going- splash, brook

Fast- flash, wing, breeze, wind(if AU), flight

Sarcastic and snappy- fang, flight

Hyper- flight

Shy/devoted- willow

Chapter 2 of the Warriors guide, so what does everyone think?