Chapter 3- Mary-sues and Gary-stus

Part 1- What is a Mary-sue or a Gary-stu? (Or Kitty-sue)

Simple a perfect cat, there are soooo many of these Kitty-sues it just wants to make me scream! Anyway if you read this you can learn exactly what they are and how you can prevent them, and if you're still not sure just message me with the form at the bottom of this chapter.

Part 2- A kitty-sues life, what points/screams kitty-sue!

*Most Kitty-sues have one or both parents dead

*Most have medicine cat parent(s)

*Most are the offspring of a really important cat or are the offspring of a forbidden relationship.

*Most are leader, deputy or an early made warrior

*Most have some type of power

*Most make friends super easily

*Most are involved in a prophecy

*If you cat is any of these things, don't worry! As long as your careful they won't be a kitty-sue, but some of you should worry, as once you start you can't stop.

Part 3- An example of a kitty-sue

Name: Stargleam

Description: a beautiful purple she-cat with violet eyes and a star on forehead

Personality: Kind, the best fighter in her clan, toms pad after her.

Age: 10 moons

Rank: Deputy

History: Stargleam was born to two medicine cats and when she was born a prophecy is told by Bluestar that only a star may save the forest.

Family: Dustpool (medicine cat) and Darkleaf (Medicine cat)

Likes: Catching mice, making friends, running

Dislikes: Nothing!

Part in book: main character

That horrible character is a sue, stay away from it! (Still unsure if your characters a sue? Just pm me the form I used and I will let you know.)

So there's the chapter on Kitty-sues