Levi held his nose, which at this point he was sure had stopped bleeding and turned around quickly at the sound of his store manager's voice.

"Ha...Hange?" he asked as he stared at his co-worker and stood straight. The young gender-fluid was wearing what appeared to be a pair of long, purple and orange pajamas if anything, they looked ridiculous, and it only got worse as he looked down at the paw like hands and feet that seemed to float. Glasses to the side, a crooked smile on their face, and long whiskers that curved in devilishly.

"Tsk. Tsk. I am not the one you know, but the one you seek. And you'll only feel my presence at times when you are meek." they spoke as they curled around the man smiling.

"Now king of facade, on this journey quite odd, you'll follow the arrows abroad, and quickly now, don't get clawed!" they giggled with such splendor and disappeared into a think mist that flew north of Levi's direction, away from the shadow. He blinked, his mind had shattered and gone to the point of not return. He could not for the life of him, understand what was happening. That was definitely Hanji, but why were they dressed like that.

"This just keeps getting weirder and weirder, and to think Mondays are shitty enough." he muttered and thus began again, unconsciously walking towards the direction of the mist. His mind processing his surroundings, and thoughts of his baby brother, of his Eren, started to creep up. He could feel his heart clench as he wonders what become of Eren and Armin. He had a feeling, no, he was sure that the shadow creature he had seen, had something to do with everything. He was gonna get to the bottom of this, even if he had to search every inch of this fantasy like hell.


How long had it been? How long had it been since he was forced to walk the empty halls of his castle. How long since he had heard the joyous laughter of his brother. Since he chased the boy down to the court yard to play amongst the white, no red roses, for now they were covered in the blood shed caused by his ex love. When had he last seen things in focus, and not blurred by the never ending cycle of tears, he was forced to produce day and night. How long had it been since his heart ached like this, since he felt the never ending sorrow, that came with losing a loved one. Not since the death of his mother, not since the death of the Queen.

The young king put his head in his hands, his body shaking as the rage and sadness ate at his core. Suddenly, he feels another life form enter the room and a cold gush of wind as wings unfold.

"And where the fuck have you been!" he yells lethargically, eyes puffy and voice hoarse from crying. He looks at his jabberwocky, and what it held between it's teeth.

"What did you find another chew toy you wish to keep?" he grumbled, standing and walking over to it. His eyes widened as the corruption ate at him and turned his life filled gray eyes into a dark empty cobalt.

"What is this!" he growls angrily, his eyes filled with fury, the giant beast releases the sleeping boy gently and slowly reverts into a human form.

"My lord, I thought best..." the ash -brown haired man starts only to be cut off.

"You thought what! You thought it best to dig up my dead sibling!" he growled, drawing his sword from his hilt.

"I haven't!" the man says panicked, his eyes down cast and his body language submissive.
"This is not your beloved." he whispers. And that's when it hits him, when he realizes, that the reason, he had never felt the man's presence until now.

"Where?" he asks quickly.

"Another plane of existence, one far from..." he was interrupted once more.

"Did anyone see you take him!?" he yells out, throwing the sword in his hand at the wall, with a soft clink.

"No! But..."

"But what!" he yells in a whisper, mindful of the sleeping body only a few feet away.

"But there was another child, and." he tries to explain, but his king obviously had gears whirling in his head and growled out, but he continued louder.
"He is already in the dungeon, my king, however we have a bigger problem to worry about." he stands, picking the boy up as his king paces around and resets his sword back into postion.

"And that would be?" he looks at his shifter, as he places the boy on the bed.



"Not you. You." he looks at his king.

"You led him here?!" his eyes widened and he walks towards him angry. "Give me one good reason, why I shouldn't slay you were you stand." he threatens as the man snickers.

"I can give you three. One, your blade can't hurt me. Two, I die, you die. And three, we both know you want to keep him." he tilts his head towards the bed. His king growls and looks at him.

"Find him! And bring him to me! Don't let anyone find out about any of this! Understand?" he growls as the door swings open.

"My liege! I have news from..." the girl stops short, her blond hair tied back and he armor clanking. A small gasp escapes her as he growls.

"Out!" the general fumbles with her footing and leaves quickly, earning a small snicker from the other man.

"I understand."he says with mischief in his voice, and the other wants so bad to hurt him, but he sighs and dismisses him, the king slowly sits on the bed and pets the boys hair softly, kissing him on the forehead. His child was back, his brother had returned to him. The jabberwocky smiles and flies out the window, the general, runs back to her companions.

"Did you tell the King the news Annie?" one asks nervously as the other hands her water. She drinks it down quickly and shakes her head.

"King Rivaille is caught up, in, other engagements at the moment."