The thick smoke, shot down his throat as he continued to walk, mumbling under his breath, eyes watering, what lied ahead of him was...

"Pure! Fucking! Mist!" He takes a deep breath, not the best idea, and coughs, before pausing to figure out if he's been walking in a circle. He thinks back. What had Hanji said? Something about being clawed and, wait, had Hanji...yea he was certain.

"A King?" He shook his head and continued to ponder at the fact he was completely, and utterly lost.

"I guess if I walk straight, I'll just find out where I'm going." he sighed, running a hand through his hair, ignoring the rest of his thoughts as he looks for the green eyed boy.


Rivaille's steel blue eyes bore holes into the sleeping ten year old, the silent falling and rising of his chest as he slept with such ease, mesmerized the king. He couldn't help but lean down and move the boy's bangs out of the way as he kissed his forehead.

"I've missed you so much…", he murmurs against the skin before pulling away from him and smiling as crooked as a tree branch.

"Mine. You're all mine, Eren…" he chuckled out, his hands rubbing the boys delicate body as he dragged his nails down, leaving white streaks on the dark colored skin.


No one… not even HE could take you away from me… I'll make you love me all over again and when I wipe everything about…"He glared suddenly, his blue eyes turning black and deadly, the veins around them protruding more than ever.


I will never let you leave me…" he growled as he kisses and bite down on the gentle flesh. The boy whimpers but does not wake, the skin in multiple areas is broken and bruised as Rivaille pulls away, his lips stained a dark red as he smirks.


I'd like to see him try…."


Levi groaned as he walked, his feet ached, his stomach growled and he was tired. He swore he had passed the same tree three times and he kept hearing the crackling of a fire. As he dragged his feet and the smoke cleared some, he came in contact with a tan-skinned boy, wearing what seemed to be a blue tuxedo. The freckles on his face, gave him a youthful look, but the boy held a pipe in his hands and seemed to be oblivious to Levi's presence.

"Hey! Kid!" Levi yelled, running up to him only to stop in his tracks, that face seemed familiar. The boy said nothing but dragged his pipe back to his mouth and puffed more smoke into the air.

"Marco?!" Levi asked mid-cough.

"Is that you?!" Still he got no response, what was one of Eren's friends doing here, it didn't matter the boy looked at him and simply put the pipe head back into his mouth. Slowly he crossed his legs and looked at Levi.

"Who...Are...You...?" each word came out breathy and separate. Rings of smoke slowly made their way to Levi as he dodged.

"That doesn't matter Marco, I need you to tell me where I am!" He pleaded.

"I'm looking for Eren, You see and..." he was cut off.

"I do not see..." he said quickly and turned, bring the pipe back to his lips.

"Explain yourself?"

"I can't fucking explain! I don't even know what the fuck is going on, I'm just trying to get back to Eren, ya know..." again he was stopped short.

"I do not know..." he stated

"What the fuck Marco! I'm trying to explain myself." Levi grew exasperated.

"You?" he blew smoke at Levi again.

"Who...Are...You...?" he continued. At this point Levi was angry so he repeated the question.

"No who the hell are you?!" he puffed angrily.

"I'm, M. Bodt! The White King's Adviser." the boy puffed.

"And where can I find this...White King?" Levi growled, the boy shrugged him off and blew a ring of smoke towards the dense foliage to left of them.

"Thank you!" he growled out wondering why the small boy had seemed so familiar, he could have sworn that it had been his brother's friend, regardless he should have asked where to go after, because when the boy's smoke cleared out he found himself still surrounded by green. So he kept walking left, his feet aching and a drought forming in his throat. His vision started to play games, brightening, dimming , and swirling all giving him a massive headache. Groaning, he continued, whispering utter nonsense under his breath.

"God dammit… where the fucking hell...where the fuck is... fucking king…."

As he kept thinking up questions, he stopped mentally and thought. Where could this 'White King' be? Who was he? Why was he even going there? And...

"Where the fuck is four eyes when you fucking need them?!"

"Whoa whoa whoa, that's not nice~"

And he nearly catches a heart attack as the voice sends a shudder down his spine, making him turn to see the culprit sitting on the tree branch, smiling.

"Speak of the devil! Listen here, I got some questions... "

"Questions here! Questions there! Stupid questions everywhere! C'mon young one, Now what is it? Can't find your way and make the visit?" Levi's eyebrow twitched slightly, glaring.

"Do I keep walking straight to find this 'White King'?" Hanji nodded, messing with their ears.

"Who is the White King?"

"You'll see."

"Fine.", he sighs lightly, walking away, Hanji watching behind him.

"Why is he dressed so funny?" They asked out loud before shrugging and disappearing into the nothing. Levi meanwhile completely exhausted from walking almost dropped dead until it caught his eye. The marvelous white architecture of the castle.

"About fucking time-",

"Rivaille! How DARE you come into the White Kingdom?!"

Aw fuck, he thought out before turning quickly with fear and haste.

"Okay, Now wait, before you start asking questions!" he paused looking at the soldier clad in armor.

"Who the fuck Ravioli!"