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Maid for a Birthday

In a jewelry store, Gia and Jake were looking at cases of the jewels. The reason that they were looking at jewels was because Gia wanted to get a good gift for Emma's birthday and she wanted her present to be a surprise. Jake went with her in hopes of getting closer to her and starting a relationship with her. Looking at the jewels, Gia wasn't sure if she would find the right gift for Emma and was about to give up when she smiled, seeing the perfect gift for her childhood friend.

But before she could make her choice known, another girl in a fur coat appeared and demanded to buy everything in the store. Before the store owner could explain how much everything was in the store, she pulled a credit card which he looked at in surprise. "Miss Kisaragi?! Forgive me, I'll get everything ready for you!" He said, going to do that task. But Gia looked at her and said, "Hey, I was in here first!" "But, blondie, in this world, it's all about survival of the fittest. And whatever you would get would clash with that ugly outfit you're wearing." She said, before Gia could explode on her, her father appeared.

"Carrie, stop with those shopping sprees. We have plenty of money, but if you continue like this, we will be broke soon." He said, but Carrie ignored him and walked out of the store. Gia shouted at her, "Hey, get back there! I'm not done with you!" The father sighed, worried about his daughter. Looking at him, Gia asked, "Excuse me, sir, mind if I work for you? I could change your daughter's snobbish attitude."

Looking at her, the father smiled and said, "I like you. I'm so rich, that if you succeed in doing, that, I'll give you anything you want." While he was saying that, he showed them his many rings, nearly blinding them. Gia nervously laughed and said, "I'm ready at any time, sir."

At the sky ship, Noah, Troy, and Emma noticed that Jake came back alone, Emma asked, "Where's Gia?" "She suddenly went to work at some rich guy's mansion." He said, taking notice of the surprised look on Emma's face. Noah looked at him from the computer and said, "That is surprising, I thought she had enough money to take whatever she wanted from that store." "Well, she told the guy that she would change his daughter's attitude so she could get back at her for calling her blondie." Sitting in the captain's seat was Troy, who leaned forward and said, "Guess that could mean she'll cause a lot of trouble for them."

Over at the rich man's mansion, Gia came out of the changing room, wearing a beautiful maid outfit, twirling in it once, she said, "All done changing, 'master'~" "That's enough. Let me show you around." The man said, sternly. Gia quickly lost her smile and followed him as he explained how much each item cost and turned to her, saying with a creepy smile, "If you accidently break them, you'll pay double the cost and the doctor's fee for my psychological stress." Sweatdropping, Gia followed him to a special room, thinking, 'I don't know who's more obsessed with money, him or his daughter…'

Gia entered a long room with him, she noticed a small golden tree at the end and wanted to step closer to look at it, but was stopped by the man who tossed a pen in the air and Gia watched it got destroyed. "No one can reach the innermost part of the room. This is the best security in the world." He said, giving her a pair of glasses which she put on and noticed several red lines, she thought to herself, 'A laser security system….'

Up at the mothership of the Armada, Prince Vekar was informed of the golden tree, which he asked, "A golden fruit tree?" "Yes, your majesty. As the name states, it is a tree that grows golden fruit." Argus said, as a hologram appeared, showing the tree. Damaras said, "It perpetually creates gold?" "Oh, I want it, Prince Vekar~" Levira said, looking at the prince. "With that tree, we could develop any weapon we wanted." "Sounds very good." Vekar said. "Be sure to obtain that tree."

"I have already arranged for that. Action Commander Nanonoda!" Argus said as from nowhere, a strange looking creature almost looked to be made out of noodles appeared, he said, "I was here long before you guys." "Oh, really? I didn't sense you at all." Levira said, making a 'tsk' noise, Nanonoda explained, "I can turn invisible. No matter how tight the security, there is always a man with the skill to get past it. And… that is me!" As he said that, he suddenly disappeared.

Back on Earth, the man explained, "With this, I can play around my whole life." "And you're showing me this, why?" Gia asked, with a laugh, the man said, "I was just showing off. Sides, you said you would look after my daughter. That's what I want you to do." As he left the room, Gia thought to herself, 'I said I would change her attitude, not act as her baby sitter!'

Finding Carrie's room, Gia's mouth dropped at how messy it was and rolled up her sleeves in determination, beginning to clean the room. When she was about halfway done with the room, the door opened and Carrie came in, seeing Gia and what she was doing, she smiled, "What a perfect job for you, blondie. While you're at it, clean my laundry as well." As she began to list off things that needed to be done, an imaginary fuse in Gia's head went off and she shouted, "Now hold on a damn minute, I didn't ask your father to let me work here just I can be your personal servant! I'm here to tell you a thing or two about money and to take back that jewel you took in the jewelry store!"

"Maids don't talk that way to their masters or mistresses." Carrie said, shooing her out of her room. Fuming, Gia walked off in a huff of anger. Calling her teammates, she complained, "Both the father and daughter are complete slaves to money! The girl acts like she's queen of the world, and her father is completely oblivious to that!" "That really must be something, coming from you." Troy said, Noah was at the computer, looking up information about them and found something.

"Apparently, many years ago, he found a golden fruit tree on a meteorite that fell to Earth and was instantly wealthy. But originally, he and his family were extremely poor." Noah said, Gia kept quiet, realizing now Carrie was so selfish. Meanwhile, outside at the front gate, Nanonoda appeared, saying, "No one can stop me." While he was disappearing, a truck hit him and he stumbled to the entrance, saying, "Maybe I should have turned invisible here," jumping over the gate. As he entered the special room, Nanonoda appeared and sneaked past each security beam.

When Carrie walked past, she looked in and thought he was a idiot or something, then Gia came by and saw her, "What's wrong?" Then she caught sight of Nanonoda, groaning, "Well, what are you doing here?" "I'm the Action Commander for the Armada, Nanonoda." At that moment, Nanonoda got hit by a beam on his butt, then got hit everywhere on his body.

As he ran to the door, Gia grabbed Carrie's hand and took her somewhere safe, which was the living room while she ran outside to distract the Action Commander. When she got outside, she smiled that her opponent followed, he said, "You better say your prayers now!" "How's the golden fruit tree?!" The rich man shouted, Gia didn't answer as Nanonoda looked at him and said, "You're the golden fruit tree's owner? Then I'll have to take it by force!" "Hey, I'm your opponent!" Gia said, as she watched it attack her employer, she attacked back, defending him. She said, "Hey, how much will you pay to beat him?"

"Huh?" The man asked, confused. Nanonoda shouted angrily, "Don't joke around! A little girl like you can't beat me!" But when he approached her, Gia proved herself to tougher than he expected as she blocked his punches and punched back much harder. When she flipped over her employer by putting her shoulders on his shoulder, she almost seemed to use him as a shield, but she used his hands to block the attacks while fighting him herself. Smiling, Gia said, "So, what you'll do?" "Yes, do it." He said, scared. "If you beat him, I'll pay you 100,000." Gia didn't respond and almost let Nanonoda attack him.

"Seems the shock made me lose all my strength." She said, almost letting the Action Commander tickle him. He shouted, "Fine! 500,000! I'll give you 500,000!" Gia just continued with her tactic of almost getting him tickled, fed up, he shouted, "One million! How is one million?!" "Enough for me!" Gia said, smiling. Carrie ran to the window that was overlooking the area and watched Gia fight the monster and took her Legendary Morpher and Ranger Key. "It's Morphing Time! Super Megaforce!" Carrie was surprised to watch Gia morphed into the yellow colored member of the Power Rangers. "Well, then. Let's make this fight worth that one million."

She still proved herself to be stronger against him, even in her Power Ranger form. She used one of the unknown Power Ranger Keys, which she discovered used styles similar to the Wild Force Rangers. "Time to speed things up." She said, changing into the Operation Overdrive Yellow Ranger, which had large buckets on her hands, even surprising Nanonoda. "Let me teach you to fly!" Gia said, hitting him so hard that he went flying into the sky. She smiled as she changed back to normal.

However, her employer realized that he needed to upgrade the security for the golden fruit tree. Watching him, Gia looked up at the window where Carrie was and noticed how down she looked. Entering her room, Gia asked, "Is there a reason you were just watching him while he broke in? You do realize that the golden fruit tree was almost stolen." "You didn't need to do that." Carrie said, not looking at her. Gia listened to her as she said, "That thing should have been stolen! Maybe if we were poor, my father and I would be closer."

"So, that's why you go on the shopping sprees?" Gia asked, nodding, Carrie turned to her and said, "If I spend all the money, then we'll be poor." Gia just kept quiet and left, returning to the sky ship. She shot darts at the dartboard in the living room, but couldn't help thinking about what happened earlier. Noah came up, yawning, "Gia, you're still up? Couldn't sleep?"

"Yeah…." Gia said, "It's…. it's hard to explain…." "Aren't you excited that that Action Commander helped you earn a lot?" Noah asked. Gia looked away, "Who do you take me for?" "Well, what's wrong?" Noah asked. "You earned enough to buy a new gift for Emma." "Yeah…." Gia said, Noah yawned, "Well, I'm heading back to bed. Night." "Night." Gia said, staying in the living room.

The next morning, Nanonoda appeared at the home, with a group of X-Borgs, this time determined to steal the golden fruit tree, and began to fire at the house. The alarm went off and the four Rangers looked at Gia, who looked back at them, nodding. Quickly, they managed to make it to the manor, Gia shouted, "What do you think you're doing?!" "Don't you ever learn?!" Nanonoda said. "What do you think you're doing here?"

"Gia, please leave this to us." Emma said, looking at her best friend. "You just save the family inside." "Please do, Emma, everyone." Gia said, running to the house. Taking out their keys and morphers, the others changed into their Super Megaforce forms. As they brought out their weapons, Nanonoda shouted, "X-Borgs, get them!" The remaining four Rangers fought against the X-Borgs, while Jake was facing some, he sat on one, saying, "Excuse me," while shooting at other X-Borgs.

Noah went after the Commander, he asked, "What do you think you're doing? If you set the house on fire, the golden fruit tree will burn up as well." It took a few moments for Nanonoda to realize the error of his mistake. Inside the house, Gia met up with Carrie and her father, who had managed to grab some of their belongings, she told them, "It's the Armada again! Hurry and run! The fire is already spreading quickly!" "What?!" The father said, when Carrie realized something.

Gia stopped her from running into the house, "What are you thinking?! You obviously won't make it!" "But the most important thing is still inside!" Carrie said, almost crying. The father remembered his promise and wrote the check for one million to Gia, upping it to ten million for her to bring out the golden fruit tree. He gave her the check and ran out, but Gia looked at Carrie and said, "Don't worry, I'll find it and bring it out. The most important thing." "Please do!" Carrie said, looking at her before running out with her father. Gia changed into her Super Megaforce form then changed into the Yellow Lightspeed Rescue Ranger, using Light Blaster in Rescue Mode to stop the fire as she ran deeper in the house.

Noah was deep in his fight with the Action Commander, tossing him to the ground. Troy, Jake, and Emma joined him as Troy said, "Alright, enough of this. Let's finish it." "Alright, let's use this strange new power." Emma said, holding a key with a unique design based on a card. Taking out their respective keys, the four of them changed into their new power. Nanonada commanded the X-Borgs to attack them, but the Megaforce Rangers attacked back, using their new power.

"What?! Beaten already?!" Nanonada said in surprise. "Can't we talk about this?" However, not wanting to deal with him, the four Rangers joined their hands together and became a hurricane that hit him. He flew into the sky but falling into the ground, dizzy from the four spinning him. Back at the burning mansion, Gia came out and the man asked, "Where is the golden fruit tree?! Is it safe?" "Yeah, it is, somehow." Gia said, as she gave Carrie a stuffed rabbit that was a bit burned from the fire.

"Thank you. It was the most important thing to me." Carrie said, while her father looked confused, she told him, "It was the first gift you ever made for me." Her father was surprised but hugged her, not caring that the golden tree melted inside the house. Gia smiled, changing into the Yellow Turbo Ranger and went to join her friends. Nanonada almost had about enough with the current four Rangers, but Gia came up, sliding in and kicking him to the ground with Nanonada complaining that she did it on purpose.

"Sorry, I'm late." Gia said, as everyone walked up to her. "To make up for it, just leave him to me." She changed back into her Super Megaforce form and Noah gave her his sabre, allowing her cross slash at him. Nanoada was confused as he aske, "Which ranger is it this time?" "Super Megaforce Yellow, of course." Gia answered, as she used the stings of the sabres to swing them to Nanonada to slash at him more effectively. When they ran to her, Gia said, giving Noah his sabre back, "Thanks, Noah. Well, let's make this showy," as she and the others took out their keys for a Super Mega blast.

Nanonada was surprised as everyone sent an energy blast at him, destroying him. At the Armada Mothership, Vekar whined at Argus for his useless Action Commander, while Levira grabbed the enlarger gun and shot the beams at Earth, enlarging Nanonada who shouted, "I've grown big!" "You've got to be kidding." Gia said, as Troy summoned the Super Mega Sky Ship to bring about the Legendary Megazord. He said, "What a stubborn commander we have to face."

When the ship appeared, everyone got on aboard and went to their Zord, then formed the Legendary Megazord. Gia smirked and said, "Let's go." Running to him, the Megazord swung one of its sabre but Nanonada used his flexibility to dodge the attack, Gia groaned, "Don't move!", turning her wheel to slash at him and sending him into the sky, Gia told the others, "Lets finish this!" She summoned the S.P.D. Ranger Keys to summon the cannon, Gia sounded excited and said, "Ready, everyone?", turning the key and firing the cannons, sending Nanonada into space and destroying him again.

Watching the events, Carrie smiled with her father and felt something inside her rabbit doll. Curious, she pulled out the check for ten million dollars that her father had given Gia, the two smiled and nodded at each other, knowing what to do with the money. After the battle, the Rangers took a walk around the city, Emma said, smiling at her friend, "Gia, you were amazing! You are so kind hearted." "But you working for free? I don't believe it." Noah said, Gia smiled, turning to Emma, "Emma, close your eyes. I have a surprise for you."

When Emma closed her eyes, Gia slipped something on her finger, she said, "Alright, open them." Emma opened her eyes to see a beautiful ring with a rose quartz gem on her ring finger, Gia said, smiling, "Happy Birthday, Emma." "It's beautiful, thank you so much, Gia!" Emma said, hugging her. Jake was surprised as that was the same ring they saw in the jewelry store, Gia smiled and whispered, "I had some free time in the fire. Sides, I would never forget my best friend's birthday."

"That sounds like you, all right, Gia." Troy said, smiling. Noah said, looking at everyone, "Well, let's take the birthday girl to eat than." Emma smiled and walked with everyone to a restaurant. The man that Troy had bumped into walked by and smiled at them before walking off somewhere.

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