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Chapter 1: Prologue

Throne Room in planet Chaotica:

A man, dressed in black trench coat with red flames at the bottom making it look like it's real when blown back by a gust of wind (like the one used by Naruto's father), and at the back, the word the 'First' is written in red, and a black ninja body suit underneath (like the Third Hokage without the helmet) this man goes by the name of Chaos, he sat on a throne, colored in black with red out lines, all alone.

He seem to be deep in thought for he couldn't piece it in his mind.

Something, or someone, in that little planet known as Earth, which was the place where his first creation once ruled, wanted him to check it out.

But, he couldn't.

Why you ask?

Because that planet is the territory of Gaea, who gave birth to his first pair of twins that has become such a prodigy earlier in their life.

It is also very hard to infiltrate because there's too many immortal beings that he may disturbed.

Besides, even if he goes to one of their camps made for their half-blood primordial children of his children without getting questioned and sent back to answer more question from his eldest son, Nebula, whom he had given the throne a long time ago which he lost interest to even remember how long.

To put it short… its too damn troublesome.

But he just can't stop getting all jittery.

As if he would become crazy if he keeps ignoring this weird feeling.

He was pulled out of his musing by a voice of an another man entering the room silently.

"Oy! Old man! What's up?" said the said son he gave the throne to.

Said man, Nebula, standing at the good height of 6'2, he wore a pair of black combat boots, black cargo pants with some metal plating in the sides (for lower protection), black flak jacket with six pockets (for whatever he likes to put in it), black coat with the same flame design at the bottom, a 5ft. long black katana sheathed in his back, muscular features, handsome face, intelligent, deadly silver eyes, and long silvery spiky hair that extend up to his back in a single ponytail.

"Oh nebula. I didn't see you there! Its nothing. I just thought what I should get for Harmony this valentines." he answered.

"Nah, that's not what your thinking for sure. So what is it that got the almighty Chaos into now, huh?" teased Nebula as he sat on his throne.

"Well… there's something in Earth that's been bugging me. I want to go there and look on whatever it is bu-" he said until he was rudely interrupted by Nebula.

"Then go. No one's stopping you. Besides, I hear they have some good things you could get for Harmony on the way." Nebula said as he walked over to his throne and sat not before putting his weapon in the side of his chair to relax.

"Wait… you aren't gonna stop from actually going?" asked a bewildered Chaos as he abruptly stood up, while waving his hands in the air.

Nebula looked at him with his face being held up by his right arm as he lazy sat on the throne. "Yeah. Besides, what will I get from stopping you? Its just gonna be another pile of paperwork and et cetera. So I could barely care what you do. Oh and just so you know, whatever happens to you ain't my problem, kay?" he said lazily looking at his father's eyes before getting comfortable in his place to get a power nap.

Chaos sweat-dropped at his son's words and thought, 'And I thought he was going with the lines like- 'be careful, father' or 'make Chaotica shine with your glorious mission' but no. He decides to be an ass and shoo me away!'

He then started walking away as his son went to la-la land.

"I'll be back in a jiffy." he said as he stepped into a swirl of black vortex.


Chaos appeared in Earth in the same vortex in an abandoned alley but has changed in clothing, before suppressing his immortal scent.

Now, he is dressed in a blue hoody with a white t-shirt underneath, black jeans, and white trainers with a black cap pinning his shoulder length white hair down.

His silver eyes, hidden by a pair of dark shades.

He has also taken the form of a thirty year old man with slim, but muscular frame also hidden by the hoody he was wearing.

He walked out of the alley and was surprised to see massive sky scrapers towering his human form.

"How long have I missed out?" he asked himself.

When he was in the open, he was bombarded with loud punk-like music, cold polluted air, and painful stinging of rain water that was pelting him in the side of his face due to the cold, harsh with blowing his way.

"Nebula won't be happy on what this planet has become…" he mumbled to himself as he walked towards the location of his objective.

Two hours later:

"Uhh… should have flashed in their location earlier." he sighed as he walked one of the underground subways in this place called New York, to be a little bit more précised, Manhattan, closing in to his objective.

What he found made him raise an eyebrow.

It was a young and beautiful woman who seemed to be in her early twenties, she seemed to be running for her life, carrying a two month old baby boy in an ocean blue blanket.

Chaos zeroed into her mind and listened to her thoughts.

"Please, please! Almost there!"

'What is she running away from?' he thought as he jogged in pace with her but was still maintaining a space of 30 ft from her.

He was answered as a large black blur the size of a dump-truck sped ahead of him towards the woman with intent to kill.

'Shit! This thing's gonna kill them both in the open!' he yelled to himself as he focused a onto them woman.

With a flash of blue and black, he sliced the mysterious black blur on its right front leg, with a knife like weapon with three prong and a ring at its end, making it howl in pain as it stumbles and skidding to a stop in front of the petrified woman who was clutching the child like her life depended from the baby.

He felt so embarrassed that the only thing he did was give her an embarrassed smile, scratch the back of his head and a nervous chuckle.

"Eh… sorry about that Ms…?" he said as he asked her name and apologized at the same time.

"Uh… uh… S-Sa-Sally J-Ja-Jacks-s-son." the now identified as Sally Jackson stuttered with her melodically sweet voice.

"Sally, huh?" He said as he now got a closer look of her.

She had a long straight brown hair with a few gray strands in it, odd for a woman her age but, otherwise, doesn't look old.

She was wearing a long sleeved brown sweater, blue tattered jeans and brown rubber shoes.

Her eyes are sparkly blue, and they are said to change colors in the light.

Overall, she is a very beautiful woman. She also seem to laugh and smile a lot because of the dimple lines in her face.

And, she also seem to smell like sugar, chocolate, and everything else you would find in a candy shop.

'They don't make woman in this planet like her anymore. She's rare and extraordinary, just like her baby will be.' he thought to himself as he walked towards her to help her up.

Sally backed away from the enigmatic man that was steadily approaching her and held her baby boy tightly into her person to protect him if this man tries anything.

Chaos stopped as he saw her body tensed up when he approached her.

He held up his hands before turning the tri-pronged knife into a bracelet with a thumb-size bead with the tri-pronged logo.

"Please, stay back! His only just a baby! I beg of you, don't kill him." Sally cried as her body started shaking and tears falling in the floor as she tried to dry her eyes with her long sleeved sweats.

"No, no, no. You got all wrong. I'm not gonna harm you or your child. As the of fact, I was looking for something that's been bugging me for quite the while now." he said as he cautiously walked towards her.

"How could I trust your words?! And most importantly, who and what are you?!" she yelled fiercely, all fear washed out of the drain.

"To answer your first question. If I wanted you and your son dead, I would have made it quick and painless. And you wouldn't even know your dead until you crossed the death's borders. And for your second question, why don't we go somewhere private, don't ya think?" he said as he closed in the gap still maintaining 3ft of space between them.

Sally hesitantly nodded and look around her seeing people walking by and not noticing her or the man in front of her.

Chaos placed his right hand into her left shoulder feeling her tense up again and vanished in a blue and black flash.

At the top of a random building:

The duo reappeared on top of building's helipad.

Chaos looked over to Sally and saw that she seem to be a little dizzy and heard the powerful cry of the baby in her hands.

'Seems like I should have done something less flashy.' he thought to himself.

"Sorry about that, I kinda forgot people who aren't used to that tends to get dizzy from such speed." Chaos said as he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

"That's alright, just don't do it again, please?" she said as she tried to calm the crying child in her arms.

"Sure! So to answer you second question… I am Chaos, son of Helix and Aella, former king of the mighty Chaotica, and father of its present king, at your service." he said as he bowed.

When he lifted his head, he couldn't help but sweat-drop at her reaction.

Her face was contorted in to a look of pure shock like a mother busting her son having sex with his girlfriend kind of shock.

"Yo-your Ch-Chaos? A-as in Ch-Chaos o-of the pri-pri-prmordials?" she asked as she seem to be having trouble with the information.

"Yes dear child, I am what you have just said." he said as he tried to give off an aura to ease off so that she doesn't faint from information overload.

Sally coughed and said, "if you are who you say you are. Then please, tell me, what is it that you want that requires my services, lord."

'She seem to be force with formalities, eh?' he thought as he studied her tensed form.

"Drop the formalities bullshit. Makes me feel old." he said as he lazily waved his hands at her.

"But aren't you old?" she retorted which earned her an eye twitch in return.

"Just because I'm thirteen billion years old doesn't make me feel good being called an old man. Hell, my sons and daughters are bad enough!" he whined as he folded his arms together and mentally glared at his disgraceful children which seem to have a feeling that they're laughing at him now.

Sally couldn't but giggle as the most powerful being in the universe throw a fit for such a small thing.

Hell, she cant imagine that beings more powerful than her child's father be so laid back.

Her day just seem to brighten up by the second.

Her attention snapped back to Chaos who seem to have just finished grumbling to himself.

"Back to our previous conversation. No, its not you who I came for, but your son." he said plain and simple as he suddenly got serious.

Upon hearing this, her body tensed up even more as she narrowed her eyes at the immortal being in front of her.

"And pray tell, why is it my son, milord?" she asked as she tried to get more info of why beings may it be monsters, gods, and immortal suddenly started having interest on her two month old baby.

"Because I can see so much potential in him that if not trained well, will be wasted. Right now, your son has enough power to be considered a threat to all monster kind, which puts the fate of his father's brethren's lives in his young hands." he said as he took in the baby's features for the first time.

The baby was handsome and cute, sporting a messy raven tuff of hair, ocean green eyes, cute babyish smile, and a fair skin.

In other words, the child was just simply way too godly even for mortal standards, which meant, that he has more blood of the immortal father that conceived him that his own mother.

He was pulled out of his thoughts when he heard Sally's clearing her own throat.

"If I accept for you to train my son, would you or someone from you, protect us from any monsters that would try to hunt him down because of his scent?" she asked as she pondered whether to accept or refuse.

"Yes, he will and for the added bonus, I shall reward you a large sum of money that can support you for a lifetime. And that, he would receive my blessing. It is up to you, whether to accept or refuse. But know this, once you refuse, the only thing I will be able to do is watch him as interfering would result into great discord that I do not plan or have the time of day to waste." he said leaving no room for argument.

"Fine, I accept. I'm not doing this for the money, but for his safety. I accept because I do not plan to hear him killed in a quest without proper training and proper knowledge of what he will endure in the future and to what choices he shall make that can change our worlds for the better or worse. That is all." she said as she reluctantly handed the child into Chaos' arms.

'Yup, they don't make women like her anymore.' he sighed which he realized that his been doing it quite a lot recently.

"Of course. After all, mothers knows best. Anyway, what is his name?" he sighed again as he took the baby into his arms running his fingers in his smooth baby cheeks that one day will be turn into a soldier bred for war and pain that comes with it.

'Child, you don't know what horrors lurks this accursed reality of life. I wished that you wouldn't have to face any of this horror's that awaits in your path ahead of you.' he thought sadly as he reminisced what his eldest twins suffered against the war between Chaotica and Kratosia that left them wearing a mask to hide away their silent pains that still haunts them till this day.

He was glad both sons found women who took great care of them, loved them, defended them when they cannot, and best of all, stood by their sides even though the scarring of scars.

"His name, it's Perseus Jackson." Sally said bringing Chaos back to the world of reality once more.

"Thank you, Sally." he said as he placed his finger into young Perseus' forehead while the child playfully pulled at his hands.

Then he started chanting in a semi deep voice as blue and green light enveloped them both making Sally tense up once again as she watch the scene in front of her unfold.

"Young Perseus Jackson, I, Chaos of Chaotica, herby bless thee with the blessing of never ending determination, compassion to your friends and foe, strength to protect the people you hold precious within your heart, and the intelligence that of which rivals the greatest of great mortal generals, commanders, and soldiers that helped serve and protect mankind against its greatest times of needs. May the grace of all primordial gods and goddesses be with you always. May it be according for Olympus' greater will and glory." he finished as the soft glow that surrounded them bought disappeared.

As the glow dissipated, young Perseus gave off a very cute baby giggle that made Chaos and his mother smile at him sincerely making the former look older than his current form.

After a minute or two, Chaos handed back the baby to Sally who cooed and hugged her baby to herself as he released a breath that he must have forgotten he was holding.

"The money shall arrive to your bank account within twenty-four hours or so. And for the after effects, wait till girls of his age or a little bit older or younger starts to come to your front door asking him for dates. And piece of advice, dump the walrus and look for a man that can really be the head of the family who will be a great example for young Perseus here. Until next time, Ms. Sally Jackson. Take care, bye." he said as he stepped inside a vortex that appeared next to him in the left.

Sally stood there for a moment before nodding with tears in her eyes fro unspoken gratitude and the thing she would do after she gets home and packing.

Dump the walrus' normally known as Gabe Ugliano's ass the next day after she wakes up after calling the police to help her and take better care for her son and look for the right man that can help her race her son.

She turns her attention to her son who was looking at her with his adorable baby puppy eyes and said, "lets start a new life. Shall we, my little Perseus?"

Then she froze, how was she gonna get down the commercial building without getting suspicion from the workers and guards inside the building?

The answer of her question was the vortex reappearing 10 ft away from her and Chaos hastily getting out and walking towards her.

"uh, sorry 'bout that. Hehe, I have almost forgotten about you and young Perseus here. Never mind, I'm here. Shall we?" he said as he held out his hand and walked towards the vortex and then suddenly walking out of it in front of their apartment.

She was again shocked but thankfully not dazed from any speed or if there was any speed at all.

"Don't ask becuz I don't know how to explain it. But again, take care." he said as he walked back to the vortex and disappeared.

Sally nodded again dumbfounded and walked inside her apartment.


Chaos stepped out of the vortex in his battle attire which he was wearing earlier and walked inside the room only to spot his son peacefully dozing off in this own thrown.

He walked towards his son and nudged him awake.

"Wha-oh its you old man. So, how did it go?" Nebula asked as he yawned and stretched in his place.

"It went great if you ask me." then Chaos went on and explained what happened in full details not missing any information to his son.

After it was done, Nebula was in his thinking pose, which consisted of his right foot resting on his left knee, his back bent with his left hand on top of his left thigh, and his right arm plopped on his right knee supporting his whole head as he thought of any back up plan if any word got out.

"Well, then I should start with my plan then, huh?" Nebula said as he got up from his thinking pose and walked in the middle of the throne room and raised his right arm and chanted.

"What plan?" inquired Chaos as he stared confused at his son.

"This one." Nebula said as he resumed focus and started chanting.

"Bring me the soul of the two that shall provide balance between good and evil. Now!" and moments later, two transparent bodies of two Asian boys that aged nine year old who both looked so much a like, both wearing battle armor.

"How may we be of service, Nebula-sama?" both boys said at the same time while giving a brief vow to the immortals present in the room.

"Minato Namikaze and Arashi Namikaze sons of the head of the Namikaze clan of year 1531. You two have been summoned as I shall now inform you two that in nine years of time, you two shall be revived and serve under the flags of our beloved Chaotica once more. Shall you two accept, both of you will have the chance to rebuild you once great and glorious clan back to its former self and save your times ten great-grandsons who are about to be tormented right after their birth for a reason they cannot control. Should you choose to refuse, then your clan shall fall into history books and be forever be forgotten, with your twin times ten great-grandsons be bent into revenge for the man who will be responsible for the death of their parents. Your family." Nebula said as he left no room for argument.

"We accept, milord. We shall return to our training for now Lord Nebula and Lord Chaos." both chorused as they bowed and disappeared like ashes being blown by the wind.

"So what do you think of my plan, old man?" Nebula asks his father with a smile slapped on his face.

"I have a feeling those twins will be part of my plan for little Perseus, huh?" Chaos said as he laid his head in his hands and shook his head.

"Well, you know what they say, the more the merrier." nebula said as he vanished in a swirl of wind somewhere with his wife.

"uhh, that kid is gonna be the death of me one day." he said as he stood up stared walking out of the throne room feeling like something he seem to be forgetting but couldn't put his tongue out.

Then it suddenly hit him like a ton of brick when he was halfway into his palace of what he seem to have forgotten.


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