Morning, as every morning is, is very loud. At least in the Pelekai house. Breakfast being an absolute uproar as Stitch eats everyone's food earning him a scolding from Pleakley. Nani yelling about being late for work again, and Jumba was explaining his new "super-evil-genius" invention to the uninterested Pleakley. It was a day just like any other, but to Stitch, today was a very special day.

Lilo just opened the door to go to hula class when she felt a furry hand carefully grab her own. Turning at the touch she found Stitch holding a small black duffel bag in one hand and over his shoulder was a dark blue bag much larger than the other one. Having Lilo's attention he handed over the small black bag.

"What's in here, Stitch?" Lilo asked as she began opening the bag. Quickly Stitch stopped her.

"Nagga open till after class." Stitch began his explanation, using as much English as he could manage. "It's a surprise."

"Well alright then, I'll see you after class?" Lilo asked as she slung the bag over her shoulder. Before receiving an answer she ran out of the house not wanting to be late for hula again.

"Ih! Meega wait for Lilo!" Just as Stitch was about to close the door Nani rushed past him almost knocking him over to get by.

"Sorry, Stitch. I didn't see you there. I need to hurry or Mr. Jameson is going to kill me." Nani began as she noticed the little blue experiment following after her.

"Stitch need to tell youga something." The sight of him looking so impatient made her stop.

"What is it? Did you break something again? How many times do I ha-" Stitch quickly cut her off mid-sentence, not wanting to get in trouble.

"Nagga," said Stitch as he started shaking his head. "Meega have surprise for Lilo. We nagga be home for dinner. Isa special day." He proudly declared making extra sure to get across that today was special. Nani questioned this for a second then remembering what day it was, told him that it was okay, but just not to be out past dark. She gave him a quick pat on the head before getting into her car, hoping she wouldn't be fired.

Happy that he had permission to keep Lilo out after school Stitch began his plans. Today must be perfect for Lilo. Oh, I hope she likes what I have planned. We work hard getting all experiments, now it time for us to relax. Deep in thought of all the times he and Lilo spent together, Stitch almost forgot something very important. Quickly running to the lift he heard it begin to whir as it took him up to Lilo and his room. As he reached the top he got lost in thought once again. What if she doesn't like it? Nagga, she will love it! She has to. Thinking about the evening he was about to put together brought a smile to his face. One big enough that if he wasn't in his room alone he was sure it would have been very embarrassing.

Running to his cot he lifted up his blanket to find a little tux, just his size, wrapped and folded nicely in plastic. What would I have done if I forgot this? Noticing how late it was getting Stitch quickly went back downstairs and ran out into the forest with his bag of supplies.

A ways away from Stitch, on another part of the island, Lilo arrived at her hula class eager to start dancing. She always loved dancing. She even loved to make up hulas. Not all of them serious of course. She made them for fun. Normally no one ever got to see these hulas. If anyone ever saw me doing that I think I'd die from embarrassment. However, there was something special on Lilo's mind today. There is Stitch though, I suppose I could always finish that hula for him. Lilo's thoughts took her back to a few months ago. She had started coordinating a hula when Stitch crept onto her mind. Finding herself unable to think of anything else she changed the hula into something special to show Stitch one day. But before she could finish it Stitch came into their room, not wanting him to see it before she was finished she stopped. Laughing inside Lilo's thoughts continued to be fixated on Stitch. I wonder what he has in that bag for me. He looked so cute when he gave it to me. She felt her hand tingle slightly when she remembered his hand on hers. That's weird. What was that feeling? Her heart started to speed up thinking about it.

Before she could ponder further on that feeling, she heard footsteps behind her.

"Oh look, it's Weird-lo." Lilo turned around to see Mertle Edmonds and her friends having just arrived.

"Hey guys-" Lilo began before being rudely interrupted.

"Why isn't your dis-configured dog here with you? He also go tired of you I see." Mertle said rather proudly.

"YEAH" was quickly followed by the other three girls.

This may not be as good a day as I thought. Lilo thought, completely forgetting about that odd tingling she had right before her friends showed up.

Quickly preparing for his best friend Stitch had created a very beautiful setting. Near a cliff at the edge of the forest sat a little table for two. A red floral table cloth carefully draped over the dark blue wood with two wooden chairs facing one another. Not too far away was a small bench. The very same bench that Lilo and he sat at, trying to find the perfect hula right before his glitch nearly killed him. He couldn't help but think how cute Lilo was when she thought her hula was supposed to be of a chicken. Nearly ready, Stitch placed a candle in the middle of the table, and placed a picnic basket filled with food and drinks he made underneath the table. Nothing could be too perfect for this day. Lilo, oh how beautiful this evening will be. Looking at his handy work, he started thinking that something was missing.

Looking towards the forest, Stitch noticed a patch of flowers. The same flower Lilo used as a part of her costume at the May Day Festival. A beautiful white flower, with a pink rim and three pink stems shooting up from the middle. The flowers brought back another memory as well though.

Two months ago.

"Youga sure?" Stitch asked looking quite sad.

"Ih. Meega sure." Said Angel. She was quite heartbroken but knew it for the best. "Meega can tell. Boojiboo no longer meega boojiboo." Stitch couldn't believe what he was hearing. Angel was actually breaking up with him. He just couldn't understand why.

"Gaba? But youga boojiboo." Stitch pleaded, though, as he said the words they suddenly felt foreign to him. What's going on? Do I really not love Angel anymore? Feeling quite uncomfortable he began to fidget in the picnic table. Angel sat across from him, dreading that this day would come. She just wished it wasn't so soon.

"Can youga truly say youga love me?" Angel asked one last time, taking Stitch's hand into her own. Stitch looked into her eyes. The eyes that used to be able to fill him with so much joy and happiness. But now? He didn't feel it anymore. Even the feeling of her hands intertwined in his didn't feel like they used to. A different feeling suddenly took its place. Lilo. As soon as Angel said the word "love" his mind rushed to Lilo. Why am I thinking about her? I can't love her. She's my best friend in the whole world. The more he thought about it though the more he knew that that was not the case anymore.

Angel waited for a reply. But could see that she wasn't going to get one. Saddened by the loss of her love she let go of Stitch's hands. Tears started to swell up into her eyes and she didn't want him to see her cry. She jumped down from her seat and started walking away with her ears drooping down when she realized something.

"It Lilo, right?" she asked, not really knowing what to feel anymore.

Stitch was suddenly taken out of his trance at the mention of Lilo's name.


"I see how youga look at Lilo." Angel began wiping away her tears. If Stitch truly loved Lilo then of course she wanted him to be happy. "It like how youga look at me before. I can tell. That why meega okataka."

"Meega love Lilo?" This time the words didn't feel foreign, it felt right to say.

"Ih. Youga should tell her."

Angel quickly ran to a nearby bush, grabbing a pink and white flower she ran back to Stitch. She found him deep in thought again.

I do love Lilo! But what would she say. She couldn't love me… Sure her crush on Keoni ended a long time ago, but I'm a different species than her. We can't be together. What if she hates me when I tell her? Maybe she won't. Maybe she loves me. Suddenly, he felt something soft in his hand. He looked down to see a little flower, one he knew so well, given to him by Angel. His ears suddenly pressed down against his back and he looked incredibly sad.

"Meega soka, Angel." He began. Before he could say more though he could see Angel had begun shaking her head. "Gaba? Gaba wrong?"

"Nagga. Nagga wrong, boo-Stitch." Needing to correct herself Angel began feeling sad again, but knew she couldn't let Stitch see her that way. She wanted him to be happy, so she had to be happy. And truthfully, it did hurt her, knowing the one she loved was in love with someone else. At the same time she was happy, she knew Lilo and Stitch would be very happy together. All they needed was a little push to get there. "Meega happy for Lilo and Stitch. But Stitch have to tell Lilo. That why meega give you this. Youga give Lilo flower and tell her how youga feel."

Stitch looked at her, he could see the sadness in her eyes, and he wanted to comfort her. But he knew that nothing he said could change her mind. They were officially over. That thought didn't bring as much pain as he thought it would. Lilo was all Stitch could think about now.

"Okataka, meega tell Lilo. Soka Angel. Takka." With his thanks said Stitch quickly ran home, he needed to prepare. Everything needed to be perfect.

Over the two months Lilo noticed that Stitch and Angel didn't spend as much time together anymore. When she confronted Stitch about it, all he told her was that Angel broke up with him, but not why she ended it. When she heard the news she couldn't help but feel happy. Why don't I feel sad? My best friend lost the one he loves, so why do I only feel happy about it? At the time Lilo couldn't tell why she felt that way. It was always in the back of her mind, but just out of reach of her understanding.

Present Day

Stitch realized he was lost in thought and quickly checked the little clock he brought with him. Oh no! Lilo is almost done school. What'll I do if I don't finish in time? I can't have her here without it being perfect. Stitch quickly grabbed a couple more flowers and made a beautiful flower center piece for the table. Not wasting any time he began setting the plates, noticing how the sun's light shined off the black plate making it sparkle. Just like Lilo's eyes. Stitch couldn't help think about her beautiful chocolate brown eyes, something he had lost himself in many times over the last few months. Everything about her was beautiful to him, her raven black hair as it draped down her back, to her soft, tan skin that just seemed to call his attention.

With the table finally ready all Stitch needed was to get dressed. Normally he hated wearing clothes, but today was important. Slipping on his tux he wondered what Lilo would think when she opened up the bag he gave her. Inside he wrote her a note telling her where to go and a bit of what he planned. Of course he didn't tell her he loved her in the note. That was too important, he needed to tell her that in person. Aside from the note, however, was also a dress. Stitch picked out this dress himself. It would be long enough to reach down to Lilo's ankles similar to her regular one, but this one was a deep purple without any leaves on it. It had a slight v-cut and would fit to her body a little better than her regular clothes did. He packed matching shoes for her as well as a white flower to be put in her silky black hair.

She will look absolutely beautiful. With everything ready Stitch put on the tiki necklace that Lilo made for him before leaving to pilot the BRB and then lit the candle. All that was left was to wait for his angel to come to him.

Class had just let out and Lilo felt awful. The entire day was nothing but torture from Mertle and the others. Normally Moses would stop them, or Lilo would lash out, but not today. Moses was too busy preparing for the upcoming dance the school was going to put on and Lilo just didn't have the energy. She completely forgot all the happiness she felt that morning, as well as the feelings she had when Stitch grabbed her hand. All she wanted was to go home and lay in her room. Walking home, her feet felt heavy. She kept the bag over her shoulder thinking she would just open it up once she got home.

I'm sure Stitch won't mind if I wait a little bit. I'll just see him at home and tell him about my day. That always makes me feel better. He really is so kind, always listening to me when I need it. His warm fur as he hugs me and his beautiful eyes I always get lost in…. Wait, what did I just think? Well, he is really cute. I did it again. Why do I keep thinking about him like that? And now I'm talking to myself.

Lilo didn't know what to do about these feelings she was starting to have. She noticed them a while ago when Stitch told her he and Angel broke up but she didn't pay any mind to them. Now they seemed to be more and more frequent, but today she just didn't have the energy to dwell on it. Thoughts of the day came back to her as she turned to go up the hill towards their big blue house. Everything that Mertle said and did made Lilo want to cry. Constantly going on about how no one loved her and that they'll be happier if she would just leave. The entire day was nothing but that and she knew that only Stitch would be able to make her feel better.

Finally Lilo made it home. She opened the door and began heading to her room. Noticing Stitch wasn't there to greet her, she called out.

"I'm home!"

"Oh Lilo, welcome back." A voice from the kitchen replied. It wasn't Stitch's voice but Nani's. "I thought you and-"

"It was a bad day today, I'm just going to go to my room okay?"

"Well, alright but-"

"I know, I'll be ready for dinner on time."

Before Nani was able to ask why she wasn't with Stitch, Lilo was already taking the elevator up to her room. Expecting to find Stitch up there waiting for her she suddenly felt sad not finding him there. Putting the bag down Lilo made her way to the bed and pulled herself under the covers. Teary eyed she began to cry a little. All she wanted was for Stitch to be there with her.

After an hour of laying in her room, Lilo lifted her arm up to the ceiling with an outstretched hand. Staring at her hand, all she could think about was Stitch holding it. Those feelings began to creep back up on her as her cheeks suddenly became flushed. Where is he? Normally he's here waiting for me. Or even if he isn't he should be home by now. It's almost time for supper. I haven't seen him since….this morning. Lilo immediately sat up, thinking back to Stitch giving her the bag.

"Nagga open till after class."

Suddenly worried she ran to the bag and quickly opened it up. She was amazed to see one of the most beautiful dresses she'd ever seen inside. And it looked like it was just her size. As she picked it up she felt something fall and hit her foot. Looking down she saw a small note with the words "For Lilo" written on the outside.

Putting the dress down carefully she opened the note. After reading a few sentences she realized she made a huge mistake.

Dear Lilo,

I'm sorry I wasn't at school with you today. I hope stupid head Mertle didn't cause too much trouble. You may wonder how this is written so well when I can barely speak English. I borrowed Jumba's computer so I could get across what I needed to. But I didn't break it. Something else did. As I'm sure you know today is a very special day. To me it is anyway. Today is the anniversary of the day you first adopted me and gave me a home. So I decided to make you a big surprise. I asked my cousins to help make the dress and shoes you see before you, I hope they fit you well. Since you just got out of class I'm sure you are hungry, so I made us dinner, you can find me by the bench we sat at when trying to figure out your hula. If you had a bad day I hope I can make it all better. I'll be waiting, I know you won't be long.

Your Stitch

P.S. I know I probably don't need to say it, but the dress is to wear for dinner.

"Oh no. What time is it?" Lilo looked at the clock completely devastated. "He's been waiting for almost two hours!"

Lilo quickly put on the clothes Stitch provided her knowing she didn't have a lot of time. Before heading down the lift she saw herself in the mirror and she was absolutely stunning. The purple dress and shoes matched her black hair greatly and really accentuated all of her features. Stitch isn't normally concerned with looks, I wonder why he went to all this trouble for dinner. I don't have time to be standing around thinking about this!

On her way out of the house she almost ran right into Jumba. Sparring only a few words about needing to hurry, she ran as fast as she could to the spot she hoped Stitch would still be. Begging that she wasn't too late and that he would forgive her.