It had been a long time. A really long time. So long that there was a small pool of sticky syrup slowly pooling around her hand. And if she didn't currently have an absolutely amazing illegal genetic experiment below her at that very moment, she might have cared a little bit. But if there was ever a time when she was forced between playing around and kissing her boyfriend, the love of her life, and some shaved ice, she'd pick her boyfriend. Most of the time anyway. This was definitely one of those times. And it had definitely been a long time.

Of course it was the middle of the day during the start of the summer. How long would ice really last in that? Even if it was in the shade. Perhaps it was not truly as long as she first had thought.

None the less, sweet syrup had begun to coat her hand, and if Lilo was a little put off by it at first, the feeling quickly passed. Stitch slowly took her hand from the ground, leaving her to lean on the other. The kiss broke as he brought her hand to his lips and slowly licked off the sugary delight. Lilo's breath hitched, and Stitch smiled at the deeper shade of red her face became. Enjoying the fun he was having, he ventured forth and gave her wrist a quick nibble. He could feel the shudder that ran through her body as her other hand buckled.

"What are you doing?" asked Lilo with a gasp.

"Having fun."

His answer gave little explanation. But there was no way she was going to stop him from slowly kissing, nibbling, and licking his way back up her arm. And his sandy fur was a welcoming warmth, even through the high noon heat.

"I feel like I'm on fire." Lilo said as Stitch continued his way once again towards her lips.

"Maybe we stop?"

And like that, it stopped. His lips were gone and she could already feel his hands leaving her sides.

"No!" she whined.

There was a smirk and chuckle as Stitch brought himself back to Lilo with all the burning intensity that had built up from their lack of time together. Everything was brimming and needed to come out. He was a free being. Not bound by the same requirements that Lilo was. He could go anywhere and everywhere within the galaxy and beyond. No school to stop him, no job. Nothing holding him back. With a whole life of opportunity before him, he still chose to stay. He knew his place. No. He knew where his heart belonged, and it was in the arms of the girl currently squirming below him.

"Please." she begged.

Who was he to deny her? Again his lips met her in a fiery embrace. The taste of sugary syrup lingering between bountiful breaths. Everything was perfect. Everything was bliss. Everything was ruined the moment a ball bounced into their small clearing.

Muscles tensed as time seemed to slow, both of their eyes watched as the ball bounced a few times before finally rolling and settling just a few feet from where they lay. Their small paradise already compromised, they could hear the approaching beach goer calling back to his friends that he would get the ball. Before he could make it through the brush, Stitch acted on pure instinct by grabbing Lilo and carrying her into the trees above. There wasn't a lot of cover, but it should suffice as long as the man who just walked into the clearing didn't look up. Cradled between a couple of branches, Stitch was facing away from the small open area while Lilo could fully see everything below them.

There was a grunt of disgust as the man stepped into the melted shaved ice. Lifting up his sandal, sticky syrup dripped down his hand.

"Stupid lettering," he said while giving the sandal a hard shake. "Always messing up the beach."

Lilo didn't dare to breath, hoping that the man would just leave as soon as possible. How long does it take to grab a ball and leave? The moment seemed to drag on forever, and what didn't help her keep quiet was the feeling of Stitch's hand slowly moving up her back.

She could feel the heat in her cheeks as the slow massage forced a small squeak to escape her. The earlier passion, mixed with the close proximity, and the fact that they could be caught at any moment made her melt in as Stitch looked deep in her eyes. His hands continued to massage as he somehow pulled her closer to him. Lightly, he pressed his lips against hers once before fully embracing her in another kiss. If the man below were to look up, they wouldn't care in the least. It wasn't the first time they had been caught in some way, and it probably wouldn't be the last. It's not likely they would ever meet the stranger again, and if need be they could easily get away. So why not enjoy the moment to the fullest? Let themselves get lost in the bliss and forgo the conventions of the 'normal' world. They were the first open alien-human couple and to them it is one of the most beautiful things in the universe. Why should they hide when other couples can expose all the PDA they want? That didn't change the fact that it wasn't really looked well upon, even on Kaua'i. And only those really close to Lilo, or had heard through the grape vine even knew about there relationship fully.


The voice from below broke through their trance, killing the mood and getting them ready to move. As their feet hit the ground below, Lilo spotted the shocked look on the mans face. With a shout, he threw the beach ball even deeper into the bush, and before any more could be said they were out and half way across the beach.


"Okay." Stitch kicked a stone down the street, the soft bounces sending it in every which direction. "Would yuuga rather do Gantu's laundry, or fight five Leroy clones."

Lilo sat on the backside of a bench, letting her feet dangle below as she kicked the air. The sun was soon going to set, already seeing the orange glow overtake the town before her.

"Well," she began thinking it over, "both have their down sides. And neither is really that great."

"That's the point," Stitch replied with a sly laugh.

"I'll have to go with the Leroy clones."


"Yeah. At the end of the day, I need to go with the least dangerous option."

Stitch took the joke in and once it finally rolled over him, he doubled over laughing. "That's mean to Gantu."

"No it isn't."

"Yuuga said Gantu is stinky!"

"No I didn't," said Lilo defiantly. "He just has a lot of of clothes. And he's huge!"


Lilo fumed as heat shot through her ears. "What do you pick then?"

Stitch dusted himself off as he stood up. "Leroys."

"Now who's being mean to Gantu?"

Her smirk was met with a strong eye roll.

"So why do you pick them?" she asked, joking aside.

Stitch hesitated before answering. His instincts kicked in before and said 'Leroy' before really thinking about it. As words slowly started to form in his head, his eyes flashed to Lilo's side before moving back up to her eyes. He froze, knowing he had been caught.

Lilo had seen Stitch's eyes drift down her, right to where her scar was. Now feeling completely exposed, she started to feel self conscious about it. How couldn't she? Even if she chose to keep it for personal reasons, there is a strong stigma over beauty. Ones she didn't normally think about, but being a teenage girl isn't as easy as choosing what you do and do not care about. She was relieved that the hula outfit cover more now that they're older, and the other girls figured out very quickly not to stare when they were changing before or after lessons. Most importantly though, Stitch didn't care about how it looked. Lilo knew deep in her heart that he would never care what happened to her body, nor how it made her look. She would always be the most gorgeous girl to him. But that's not why he looked. It wasn't because of what the world decides is 'beautiful.' It was because of what Leroy had done. Not just to her, but to them. And how he felt like he failed in rescuing her before she had been hurt. The anger and bitterness lay behind his eyes as they locked onto one another. And that guilt upset her more right now than anything else.

"Alright," she began as she hopped down from the back of the bench, "we're done."

"Gaba?" Stitch asked as he watched her walk away. "Why?"

"You were bad."



Stitch moved to keep up, feeling the air around Lilo change he kept himself just a few feet away. It was a long drawn out several minutes before he tried to speak again.

"Meega sorry-" he tried to get closer but decided against it- "I just wanted..."

He didn't have a plan for how his sentence was going to end. If anything, he hoped that Lilo would understand how he felt, and what he was thinking.

"I know," was the only response he received.

And yet it wasn't exactly what he had wanted.

As they continued to walk, the air didn't get any lighter. It had been a long time since the streets felt so lonely and empty. The sun was lower, almost touching the horizon. As the road began to become more and more steep, the pressure became too much. Lilo felt Stitch's hand within hers and didn't pull away.

"I am really sorry," Stitch said as he squeezed her hand. "Meega know better."

"You do. You know how it upsets me, but you do it anyway."

"Meega just wish things had been different."

"If they were we might not be where we are now."

Stitch paused at her words. It was hard for him to be self reflective, especially when it comes to critical things. They had messed with the time stream before, he knew what little changes could truly become. Maybe if he had reached Lilo in time things would be different. She might not have been hurt, but maybe one of their friends would have been hurt instead.

"What happened happened." Lilo took a deep breath. "And I want to be able to grow from it and stand by my decision. It's already hard enough at times to see and feel the scar. You need to be the one to lift me up when I'm feeling down."

"Meega do that. I promise."

"Thank yo-"

Before she could finish, Stitch had picked her up in his arms bridal style.

"That's not what I meant, silly."

"Naga. But it works."

With a chuckle and a heart warming smile, Lilo looked in Stitch's eyes. She could see he truly was sorry, and that he truly meant what he said.

"I love you so much," she said before giving him a kiss on his cheek.

"Meega love you too, boojiboo."


The sun had finally set on their amazing day off. To put everything to a close, the two decided to spend some alone time in a special spot. A couple of sandwiches in hand, and a small fire to keep them warm, Lilo and Stitch sat upon the same cliff they shared dinner together years ago just before confessing their love. It was shocking to think how long it had been since they were last there, and even more so to see that nothing had really changed. A small frog even hopped past as they ate in silence, staring at the lapping waves. The night was cool, and silent, and the smell of salt water below was almost overpowering, but the atmosphere couldn't have been more filled with nostalgia and love.

"Would you rather-" Lilo finished off her sandwich- "stay here and let tomorrow come, or grab the ship and fly away?"

Stitch nearly choked on his last bite, coughing up as Lilo finished her question. The air had shifted, and he suddenly felt a lot colder than he did a second ago.

"Gaba?" He asked, not sure if he had heard her right. With no response, he knew that wasn't the case. "Um..." What could he really say to that? "Do yuuga want to run away?"

"Of course not." she replied immediately, eyes never moving from the forming waves. "I love our 'ohana. I could never leave them. It's just..."


"There's a lot. A lot that's going on. A lot that we do. A lot of responsibilities on us. Normally I don't really think about it. I push a lot of it to the side. But things are really different than back when I was a kid and we were just out chasing experiments."

"A lot has happened."

"Aren't you ever overwhelmed?"

"Meega guess meega never think about it. Everything falls on you. Yuuga have hula, school, teaching, 'ohana, and me. Meega only really have 'ohana and you."

Silence fell, as it usually does when thoughts and feelings get brought up. It's not an uncomfortable silence. Just a contemplative one.

"So?" Lilo asked again. "Which would you rather?"

"Meega would go anywhere with you." Stitch said as his hand reached out for hers. "We could grab the ship, fly off into space, start a life somewhere. Nothing in the universe can stop us."

"We're just too strong," she laughed.


"I don't really want to leave. I think I just need more days like this. I know once high school is over next year a lot of things will change. And I'm going to miss these busy days. I just don't want to feel like I lost time with you because of it."

She felt Stitch's lips against her cheek and a smile lit up her face against her will.

"We have our whole lives together," he reminded her, "and who knows how long it will last."

Lilo laid back, pulling Stitch down with her.

"You're right."

"Besides," he said as he snuggled up as close as physically possible, "it's still pretty early tonight."

The night was young, and neither Lilo nor Stitch had any plans to head back home soon. They were going to make the most of their special time together. It was days like this that they made sure would last and to be unforgettable.