I... am a minor JeanxMikasa shipper... I would love to see it canon, but I wouldn't care if it never happens...? I guess? anyway, I always see all these people saying how Eren doesn't care for Mikasa, or that Eren doesn't appreciate her or whatever, and I think it's a load of shit. Anyway I don't know how to word this right but Eren loves Mikasa, maybe not in romance or even bromance but at a sibling should. He just has a hard time showing it, or at least knows he doesn't have to? IDK ignore me and read.

Jean is roughly yanked from his course by the last person he wanted to see at the moment. "What the hell Jaeger?"

"Shut up horse face, I need to talk to you." Eren has his arm in a death grip squeezing tighter every time Jean tries to pull away.

They had just gone back from a mini expedition, mostly to see how many titans were in the immediate area, no casualties thank goodness, but a very close call for Eren and Connie who had been nearly bitten in half.

Eren eventually lets him go when they've reached an abandoned hallway, the shifter turns to Jean with an unfamiliar seriousness to his face. "You like my sister right?"

"Wha-no." Jean stutters, cursing himself as he did so, Eren looks unusually patient with him. "Okay yeah she's pretty and smart and just differen- and what's it to you!?" he nearly shouts.

Eren's eyes soften and Jean swears he here's a faint 'it's because she's and oriental' but it's so soft he might as well have not heard it at all. "I-" blue green eyes dart up and down the empty corridor before settling on Jean.

He straightens his slowly broadening shoulders and looks directly into his friend-enemy's eyes. "Jean, if anything where to happen to me- as in I die or-" he growls lowly upset that he can't find the appropriate words.

Jean stays silent, a bit shocked that they're having a civil conversation for once. He has a need to insult Eren about his stuttering but the seriousness of the atmosphere prevents him from any rude comments.

"Mikasa would be crushed." Eren babbles. "I'm everything to her, I return the feelings of course- she's my sister. It's just..." he takes a deep breath. "Jean Kirschstien, if anything were to happen to me that prevents me from taking care of Mikasa, would you please do me the honor of take care of my sister in my place." Eren bows to Jean while Jean stares wide-eyed and confused.

"She'll need a lot more than Armin to help her get over me. Someone who loves her more than a sibling or a friend would me best.. I think."

Jean stares into Eren's eyes, looking for some sort of glint that says he's not serious about this. 'Did Eren fucking Jaeger just give me permission to court his sister?' He's stunned, not knowing what to do or say he just stands there, mouth agape and eyes wide.

"Ah- uh sure.. Of course." he finally answers.

Eren visibly relaxes. He's about to turn away when Eren shoves him against the wall harshly. "If you ever do anything that hurts Mikasa I will come back from the dead and haunt you sorry horse ass till you join me in the afterlife!" he hisses.

Eren pushes away from him and stalks off as if nothing had ever conspired between them.

Jean takes a moment to breathe, not liking that with Eren's crazy ass determination he probably would come back from the dead just to haunt him.