Jacks pov

I can't believe I just told Sam that I love her! I wonder how she will react. She was in a trance for what felt like forever. What have I done?! All of a sudden, she kissed me.

"I love you, too" she said, once we pulled apart. "I know we just met and all, but after my last boyfriend, I vowed to never date again. Any guy I saw, I wouldn't fall for them due to my vow, but you, you are different. You made me break my vow! I'm glad I did though. You, Jackson Richard brewer, are very rare and I love you" she confessed. "wow. I love you, too. I feel the same way about the love thing. Ever since myelastic girlfriend Kim moved to Japan, I've been in this funk. You have made me come out of my funk! I love that! You, Samantha Penelope Puckett, are a little different and have a few rusted edges, but that is why I love you" I said smiling. "now what?" she asked me. "well, we could start a relationship and see if it works out, if it doesn't, we'll still and always will be best friends" I said, smiling. "I agree" Sam said happily, leaning up to kiss me.

"yay! I'm so happy!" cat shouted, as everyone else cheered. Taylor and Milton came back down and cheered as well. Cat ran up to us and hugged us. "you!" she said pointing at me. "me!" I said. It was a joke that cat and I had. "never hurt her!" she said pointing to Sam. "you!" she said, pointing to Sam. "me!" Sam exclaimed. "never hurt him!" she said, pointing to me. "agreed!" we both said smiling. "huh." Jerry said from behind us. "what's your problem?" Sam asked Jerry. "I'm confused" Jerry pointed out. I rolled my eyes. "of course you are. You're always confused" I pointed out, making everyone laugh. "why are you confused?" Sam asked Jerry. "who's jack dating?" he asked. We all stared at him. "Me! me! Me!" Sam shouted. "got that?!" she shouted, making us all laugh.

I cleared my throat. "I need to tell you guys something" I announced. Sam rested her head on my shoulder. Jerry, Taylor, Rudy and Milton walked towards me so they could hear better. "what is it, jack?" Milton asked me. "it's hard for me to say this, but I'm moving to la with cat, Sam and cats and my Nona" I told them, looking down afterwards. God, I was going to miss them so much!

"Nona!" Jerry laughed. Taylor hit him. "moving? Why?" Milton asked. "my dad thinks it would be good for me" I explained to him. "well, we'll miss you, jack" Rudy told me. "I don't leave for a week so we can still hang out until then" I told them. "souns like a plan" Milton said, smiling. Jerry then rn up to me and hugged me, crying. "I'm going to miss you, man!" Jerry cried, blowing his nose on my shirt. "yes I know, Jerry. Your snot proves that" I said, looking at my shirt in disgust. Everyone laughed. "well since you are only here for 1 more week, let's make the best of it" Rudy said. We all agreed. "group hug?" Milton suggested. "group hug!" we all agreed. The 7 of us all hugged in the middle of the academy.

2 hours later,

We spent 2 hours at the dojo. We are now on our way back to the house. I need to pack since we will be leaving in a few days. "I'm going to miss this place" I sighed, as I looked out of cats car. Sam wrapped her arm around me. "it's ok, Jackie" she said, smirking evily. I then hit her head. "ow!" she said, rubbing her head. Cat slammed on the brakes. "Do not hit a girl!" she shouted. Sam and I both laughed, while cat glared at us, making us laugh even more.

"you excited?" Sam asked me, turning towards me in her seat. "for what?" I asked her, with a confused expressions on my face. "about moving to la, stupid!" she said, hitting me lightly. "I saw that!" cat yelled. Sam and I both laughed again. "maybe we should blindfold her" I joked. "maybe we should and we can make out forever" Sam said, smirking evily. "that sounds fun" I said, kissing Sam lightly. "no it doesn't!" car screamed, swerving a bit. "cat!" we both shouted. "sorry!" she said, driving like she was before.

"now back to my question" Sam started. "yes. I am excited. Now" I told her. "now?" she asked me. I sighed. "I was afford of leaving my firmeds and my dadbut going to be closer to my Nona, cat and you, my sexy girlfriend" I explained to SMS, making her blush when I called her sexy. "you think I'm sexy?" she asked me. "of course. Even when she downEd that smoothie nd burped for 6 minutes" I told her, making her laugh. "you always make me laugh. That's 1 thing i love about you" Sam told me. I smiled. We then shared a kiss. God, I can't Witt until a week is up, even though I will miss my friends.

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