Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Moving and family problems, but here is chapter 5 of Secret Popstar. Hope you like it.

Chapter 5

Annabeth's Pov

Thalia and I were walking down the hall and I saw a poster for the school dance in three weeks. Then, I saw a bunch a boys by me and Thalia's locker. The boys saw us and started chacing us, they caught up and surrounded us asking us to the dance. Then, I heard Percy and Nico telling all the boys to go back to there classes.

Percy's Pov

Nico and I were walking down the hall when we saw a bunch of guys surrounding two girls who looked like Annabeth and Thalia. Wait, they are Annabeth and Thalia. Nico and I started yelling at the guys telling them to get to class. I walked Annabeth to class while Nico walked Thalia to class. I was going to ask Annabeth to the school dance

I started saying "Um, Annabeth can I ask you a question?" She said "Didn't you just ask me a question?" I thought man she is funny Then I heard her say thanks. Wait, did I just say that out loud. I think im blushing. Then I started saying "I was wondering if you would want to go the dance together as friends you know if you don't have a date" I said really fast. She said "Sure" while blushing. We got to our classroom and you know started class.

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