Naruto And The Dark Hadou Fox

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Prologue: The Shinobi World's Strongest

Konohagakure no Sato. The Village Hidden in The Leaves and the "supposed" strongest out of the Five Great Nations in the Elemental Countries and famed for producing prodigal ninja's such as:

Hiruzen Sarutobi– Proclaimed "Kami no Shinobi" or "God of Ninja's" due to his intelligence on the battlefield as well as his massive amount of Jutsu (Technique) arsenal and his former (Retired) status as the Sandaime Hokage (Third Fire Shadow)as well as being the student of the first two Hokage's.

Densetsu no Sannin (Legendary Three Ninja) :

JiraiyaProclaimed Gama Sennin (Toad Sage) due to his mastery of the Toads Sage Mode and Nature Chakra and known as the strongest of the three Sannin's, also known by the title of Ero-Sennin (Perverted Hermit) due to his way of gathering information for his popular book series Icha Icha (Make-Out Series). Currently maintains a spy network to further protect Konoha from any potential enemies.

Tsunade Senju – Known to the village as Konoha no Namikuji (Konoha's Slug Princess) and to a majority of the Elemental Nations as Densetsu no Kamo (The Legendary Sucker) and current Hokage (Fire Shadow) of the Hidden Leaf Village as well as the granddaughter of the Shodaime Hokage (First Fire Shadow) and grandniece of the Nidaime Hokage (Second Fire Shadow). A well renown medical ninja and famous for her legendary raw super strength which she could destroy a well sized boulder with a single finger.

Orochimaru - Konohagakure's Snake Sannin as well as one of it's greatest traitors as well. Considered a prodigy in his youth/childhood and the most arrogant of the three, mostly, and the favorited student out of their team dubbed Team Sarutobi because of Hiruzen being there Sensei (Teacher). Has a desire for immortality and to learn all the Jutsu's of the world, has the summoning contract for the snakes, snake related Jutsu and the famed "God-Slayer" sword Kusanagi.

Of the prodigies the village has produced there are few who are more recognized in this time era than even the Sannin which include:

Kakashi Hatake – Early graduate of the Konoha Ninja Academy, formerly on the team and trained by Minato Namikaze and a current Elite Jonin of the ninja forces. Also goes by the nickname Sharingan no Kakashi (Kakashi Of The Copy Wheel) due to having the fabled, to Konoha, bloodline in his right eye after it was taken in the Third Great Ninja War and given to him by his deceased, supposedley, comrade Obito Uchiha.

Minato Namikaze – The former Yondaime Hokage (Fourth Fire Shadow) and was known as Konoha no Kiiroi Senko (Konoha's Yellow Flash) and Yogen no Ko (Child Of Prophecy) with the latter being based on a vision from the Toad Summons elder. Also known as a once in a lifetime or generation prodigy growing fast within the ranks of Konoha's ninja force and inventing techniques such as the Rasengan (Spiraling Sphere) and the Hiraishin (Flying Thunder God) which ultimately served as the steps to the mantle of Hokage.

Kushina Uzumaki – A kunoichi who orginated from the now ruined Uzushiogakure (Village Hidden in The Whirling Tides) and a current Elite Jonin in Konoha's ninja ranks. A true blue Uzumaki, though speculation on the family part, she has inheirited the Uzumaki longevity, increased strength, speed and reflexes and inherited the rare ability to use Chakra Chains, a move strong enough to disable or pin down any of the nine Bijuu (Tailed Beasts). Has the skills to rival the deceased Yondaime and former lover and currently resides within the Namikaze/Uzumaki compound continuing her duties and still somewhat distraught over the loss of her husband Minato.

There are other notable ninja within the village that could be considered a line or two just under those of Kakashi and Tsunade which include:

Maito Gai – A master practition of Taijutsu mainly due to his chakra coils being severely under-developed and self-proclaimed rival to Kakashi, usually challenging him to feats of strength or in Kakashi's case childlike just so he can get Gai to leave him alone.

Asuma Sarutobi – Son of the Sandaime Hokage and much like his father quite the smoker. Quite a tad arrogant like his father as well and has a Katon (Fire) and Futon (Wind) affinities like Hiruzen and is slightly higher in Jonin and was once a member of the Fire Guardian Twelve to the nations Fire Daimyo but otherwise display's no other charateristics that would otherwise match to his fathers level.

Kurenai Yuhi – A barely Jonin level kunoichi of Konohagakure and known as it's "Ice Queen" and "Genjutsu Mistress" for her favortism with Genjutsu despite the fact she has one A-Rank Genjutsu and the rest being B-Rank and lower. Has recently taken up the responsibility of a Jonin Sensei to a group of graduate Genin.

Anko Mitarashi – Konoha's resident Snake Mistress (or Snake Whore as most civilians tend to regard her as) due to her apprenticeship under the Snake Sannin Orochimaru whom had apparently abandoned her at a later time when he himself had turned traitor. Has the level of Tokubetsu (Special) Jonin and uses similar serpantine based attacks as the Sannin, despite her apparenticeship under him her skill overall is medicore at best.

Hana Inuzuka – Chunin level kunoichi of Konoha and a member of one of the prestigous clans of the village the Inuzuka Clan, a family of ninja who fight side by side with Ninkin (Ninja Hounds) and have distinct canine features such as claws, teeth, slit eye's and fangs. Specials in animal healing, medical ninjutsu and occasionaly when introduced into combat fights with tree triplet ninkin known as the Three Haimaru Brothers.

As mentioned previously there are also several unique groups within the village known as clans that form the basic maority of it's military:

The Inuzuka Clan – Clan of the feral-like ninja who use ninja hounds as partners for tracking and their own unique ninjutsu.

The Akamichi Clan – Clan of ninja who use the calories in their "big boned" bodies to expand to great heights, as a giant, or to increase certain parts of their bodies for heavy taijutsu moves and are renowned cooks with a resturant in the business district of the village.

The Nara Clan – A clan who use the very shadows around them as a deadly weapon to the point they could strangle someone with their very own shadow, they also own a large deer herd in a section of forest closed off and accessed by only their clan members. Most tend to be quite lazy, mostly the males, but have incredibly high I.Q.'s which they use to plan out expert battle tactics.

The Aburame Clan – A family of ninja with an unusual skill of using Kikaichu (Parasitic Destruction Insects) for their technqiues. The unusual part comes from the fact that the kikaichu live right under the Aburame's skin in a symbiotic relationship, the beetles feed on the chakra network of the Aburame and have a home while they let the person use them for battle, creating poisons and/or antidotes. The Aburame are a reclusive clan and generally don't speak much unless the situation calls for it or giving out observations.

The Hyuuga Clan – A prestigous and the current most powerful clan in the village. The Hyuuga's possess a rare Bloodline (Genetic Trait) of which is one of two known and in the village known as a Doujutsu (Eye Technique) and Byakugan (All Seeing White Eye) which allow them to see 360 – degree's of vision or see everything around them or through objects and even people. Seeing through human beings allows them to see and target the chakra points in one's chakra network to down an opponent, torture methods or even fatal hits on the body, some opinions say they're incredibly arrogant because of this...and they're right.

The Uchiha Clan – The now nearly extinct clan users of the Doujutsu the Sharingan (Copy Wheel Eye). The Uchiha was formerly the most recognized out of them all within Konohagakure, making the largest clan as well as having it's own police force for the village the clan was wiped to near extinction thanks to it's prodigal member Itachi Uchiha who was once known as the ANBU Weasel. The survivors were Sasuke Uchiha, his little brother, his mother Mikoto Uchiha and a few handfuls made up of mostly females with the rest males, there are a rare few glad to have them gone, mostly, because of their arrogance and disrespecting their fellow ninja by stealing their hard earned jutsu and other pieces of work though protestors unfortunately are few and far between.

The heads of each clan are recognized as the strongest of their clans or in case something happens to the original Clan Head, point break the Uchiha Clan, then the second strongest:

Tsume Inuzuka – Clan Head of the Inuzuka Clan.

Choza Akamichi – Clan Head of the Akamichi Clan.

Shikaku Nara – Clan Head of the Nara Clan.

Shibi Aburame – Clan Head of the Aburame Clan.

Hiashi Hyuuga – Clan Head of the Hyuuga Clan.

Mikoto Uchiha – (New) Clan Head of the Uchiha Clan.

Many powerful ninja both current and past that exist all through-out the Elemental Countries but there's one who stood/stands above them all, not quite a ninja but a warrior with the monikor of the Shinobi World's Strongest. A man so powerful no ninja, summons or Kekkai Genkai (Bloodline Limit) of any kind could best him in combat, fists so powerful he could destroy large pieces of land, mountains and even the strongest of steels in a single blow and was a rumored, officiliazed, potent master of Meiton (Darkness) chakra one of the two most powerful forms of it to exist alongside Shiroi (Light) chakra.

The warrior had mastered a powerful un-named taijutsu style known only to him and a larger rumor, rumor, is that he is able to transform into a different and gain an IMMENSE amount of power where any fight would garuntee victory for him.

Almost all countries of the continent, large and small, have attempted to track this man down many times for several years from the Second Shinobi War all the way through the third and up to today and none of had success though still try to do so today as well. Whether he be in hiding, training in an unknown location beyond the Elemental Countries or gone in another dimension one thing remains certain for him and one lonely and abused Jinchuuriki child within Konohagakure.

He WILL return...

And those who have abandoned, abused and neglected the child known as Naruto Uzumaki WILL pay for their blood.

By his OR by Naruto's hand.

End Of Prologue.

A/N: I apologize for the lateness, I started this like two weeks ago maybe a little more and kept getting distracted from finishing the Prologue here but I persevered and here it is. Enjoy. :-)

P/S: Yes in case your wondering I will be having Naruto trained in the Fist style of fighting much like Ryu and Ken, it will remain to be seen however if I allow him to use the Satsui no Hadou as his main form of fighting but it will happen because of all of the pain he had gone through in his short life.

P/SS: Yes Agato is a master of it too. More will be known as the story progresses and he let's out bits of his life now and then again.