Naruto And The Dark Hadou Fox

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Chapter 2: Retribution & His Student.

The output energy from his teleportation had shattered every window in the village, riled up every ninken in the Inuzuka clan kennels, woke up and scared every newborn infant in the hospital and put every other ninja on patrol or guard duty on edge with those heading towards the Red Light District that have had their shifts end and switched.

They were nearly too afraid to do so at all because of the malicious intent behind that power.

Red Light District...

Sarutobi still couldn't believe that in his lifetime that TWICE he would meet the man who practiced and fully mastered the ancient taijutsu only few knew known as Ansatsuken (Assassin's Fist). It was said to be created with the purpose of killing an opponent that one who understood it faced and mixed with a light and a dark side with the latter claimed to be the TRUE line of the Fist.

That was the one before them, Agato of The Satsui no Hadou (Surge Of Murderous Intent).

However the legend that Hiruzen once managed to get a small glimpse and read of described the Satsui no Hadou as pure evil power with those who wield it forced to seek out and fight powerful opponents and nothing more, it was also said to be a purple/dark red ki that could suffocate anyone who was just near that person who didn't know or practice Ansatsuken.

The man before him however had a black silvery ki around him and didn't seem eager to fight everyone around him.

The fact he saved Naruto, seemingly, seem to say otherwise about the Sastui no Hadou.

The overwhelming ki had vanished just as the visible form of it vanished as well and he along with his ANBU unit and those that remained managed to breath normally again and stand back up as well but definitely not take their eyes off the mystery man since he seem to be able to travel at the speed of light itself.

"Never in my wildest imaginations would I ever again see such a monstrous fighter and even more so up-close, my old squad-mates along with Tobirama-sensei weren't even near this close to him back during the second war but even then his aura was extremely oppressive and now..." Thought the Sandaime who tried to get his bearings back so he could, carefully mind you, address the powerhouse he remembered so long ago.

It scared him a little more seeing that the man hasn't seem to of aged after all of this time.

"Neko, Dragon, Hawk." He addressed each one as they turned their attention back to their kage though still very wary of the man in front of them. "Notify all council members to stand by and no hesitations. This is officially a red alert for the entire village, NO ONE is to be near the chambers or near the tower except the members themselves and no exceptions."

"A-Are you s-sure Hokage-sama?" Asked Hawk who was still shaken and trying to get his bearings with Sarutobi nodding stern faced but still equally frightened though just hid better.

"Yes Hawk. Now go and no more questions!" He barked getting salutes from them and vanished to inform the civilian and shinobi councils as well as the three elders.

He turned his attention back to the dark aura'd man and saw him with his back turned to him and his attention focused on Naruto who by now had been healed by the fox and was standing again. Although still curiuous he was also a bit frightened at how his appearance alone forced an entire squad of ANBU around them and the Hokage himself to the ground though he was glad Inu-baka was hit by it because of all of the time's he neglected his duty and even joined in on the mobs at time's.

Speaking of which with being able to move again the Inu ANBU had made a move with the man's back turned with a hand full of lightning and tried to jab it through his back but the next thing he knew he was on the ground and his jaw hurt immensely. He looked up lifting his head a bit to see the man's left hand in a fist up indicating he back-fisted him right in the jaw and he hadn't even turned his head before he started walking back to Naruto.

"D-Damn you and that...Demon..." Was all he thought before the pain caused him to pass out knowing his nose and jaw were shattered.

The mystery man had stopped in front of Naruto as Sarutobi called out to him. "WAIT! Don't hurt him...Agato." Saying his name caused the now known Agato to turn his head to the old kage and one red eye glancing at him before he hmphed.

"You know me?" He asked still staring down Hiruzen who sweated a bit under his gaze.

"O-Of a sorts." He replied cursing himself internally for that slip stutter of the tongue. "I...remember seeing you many years ago, during what we called the Second Great Shinobi War. It was my squad and my sensei on a recon mission when he came across yourself and...well..." He found it hard to describe the mini massacer they had seen when a group of Iwagakure ninja recognized him and as soon as their captain made that demand...

Let's just say he always had a nightmare of that paticular war scene since then.

Agato raised a brow in thought but his visible eye glew a brighter red momentarily as he remembered as well. "Ah yes. The arrogant rock captain and his pebble squad, probably the only time I've felt such a primal satisfaction in tearing a group of opponents limb from limb." That nearly caused Hiruzen to piss himself from the dark tone and the split second sharp canine that was visible. "If nothing else of memories old man I would like to return to what I previously came here to do." He said turning back to Naruto who by now had shrunk a little into himself as the tall man stood over him imposingly though a non-threatning posture.

"And what might that be if I may ask?" Hiruzen asked in a calm and polite manner. Despite being well respected in the village and it's leader he knew someone of Agato's capabilities could kill him in a blink of an eye. The Ansatsuken master turned to him partly and momentarily before turning back to the child in front of him and offering his hand. Naruto at first was hesitant, obviously because of all of the bigot abuse he suffered in his short life, but mustered up enough nerve to take it and had him help him to his feet.

"It has to do with me returning here actually." He said not taking his eyes off of Naruto who fidgeted a bit himself under his stare.

"Your return?" Hiruzen asked not sure what him coming back to the countries had to do with Naruto or his uh...subsequent beat-down on the mob he saved him from.

He looked back at him from the corner of his left eye. "Did I stutter? Yes my return. I decided to take a slight...break I suppose from fighting opponents in different worlds, upon my entering back into this dimension I felt, not heard, but felt the anguish coming from this very village." He quickly knocked out Naruto so he could get some rest from his ordeal and turned to the aging Hokage with him on his shoulder.

"Upon closer inspection it came to my surprise that every ounce of that anguish came from one person, this child here." He turned his head slightly to the still unconcious Naruto. "I am not easily surprised Hiruzen Sarutobi, I have seen and fought beings way beyond yours or anyone else's comprehension within the countries however the evil, hate and abuse thrown to this one child is something not even the demons of Makai can comprehend..."

At this point Hiruzen had his head down in shame knowing he failed miserably to protect young Naruto from the bigotry of his own people and even the childs own family.

He was right. Minato was and is still a fool, a damn idiot to trust these people with Naruto's secret of being a Jinchuuriki.

"But with the hatred and darkness that has built up within this child comes something great." Agato's eyes glew even brighter than before. "This boy has the potential to be something great. A very powerful fighter which would be denied to him because of the arrogance and pathetic human nature that crawls all around like a new breed of roaches." Hiruzen flinched greatly at that and inwardly sighed knowing there would be those who thought little of humans but never in his life would he think that someone would place humanity at such an all time low.

"But enough talk." He spoke out getting the Hokage's attention once more. "Earlier I happen to of heard you tell your soldiers to get your council gathered. I assume this is because of my sudden appearance and my saving this cub here correct?" He asked to which Sarutobi nodded making him grin a bit showing his sharpened canine's once more. "Well then, let's not keep the fools waiting."

With a dark chuckle he vanished in a ball of his dark aura leaving nothing behind. Sarutobi frowned and sighed knowing some serious foo-bar was going to happen and he knows it's not because an unbeatable fighting machine has returned to the Elemental Countries.

No, it'll be because of morons refusing to let their hatred slide into the past and to take it out on own who had no choice but to become the vessel for a Demon Lord's soul.

He flickered away in a shunshin hoping he would get to the chambers soon enough to stop any bloodshed.

Konoha Council Chamber...

Sarutobi had arrived in the room a little bit later and rather quiet and intense emotional bouts of fear he instead was treated to murmuring and some unfortunate bickering from the Civilian Council knowing they had to be complaining about why they were woken and brought in so late, the usual from idiot civilian people...

The noise stopped after the smoke dissipated to reveal their Hokage who let out another sigh and nodded before sitting down in his own seat at the top middle of the rows seperating the council members and groups.

"Evening everyone. I already know why your wondering why I called you here so late correct?" He asked getting nods from the Clan Heads, the Elders and and impatience with the civilians.

Hiashi decided to be the one to comment first. "Excuse me Hokage-sama but would it happen to be related to that enormous output of chakra-

"Aura wavelength Hiashi-san." Hiruzen corrected getting a confused look from him and those around him.

"Aura Hokage-sama?" He questioned in confusion to which their Hokage simply nodded. "It is the result of an output of the body's Ki energy rather than the normal Chi energy for us." He explained tipping his hat whom he changed back into his robes before arriving. "It's a very rare thing to do since no-one in the nations or the continent in general can do so except for one." That shocked them a bit but even more so when he said only one person could do so and the perverbial lightbulb clicked on for a few of the shinobi council members as well as all three elders.

Koharu Utatane and Homura Mitokado were sweating a bit in fear while it was Danzo Shimura who asked the question while having a tight grip on his cane in fear himself though well hidden.

"Are you talking about who I think you are Hiruzen..?" He asked through gritted teeth hidden behind his lips and his one visible eye open partially. Sarutobi nodded though irritated. "Yes Danzo it is who I mean and it's Hokage-sama to you." All three were visibly sweating while the clan heads and civilians were more confused than ever and it was a slightly tired out Inoichi who decided to speak up for them to end it.

"Ano Hokage-sama but who is this person yourself and the honorable Elders keep referring to?" Hiruzen took out his pipe from his robes, lit it and took a few puffs to stave off any headaches. "The one I'm referring to Inoichi-san is the man I once mentioned a few years back as a missing part of Konoha's history, the one whom we continue to have nightmares about up to this day because of what he did back in the Second Great Shinobi War." That got gasps out of all of them but the civilians who were looking a little nervous and the Uzumaki/Namikaze clan head Kushina who had not been at the academy the day he explained it.

"Hokage-sama I'm afraid I still do not know who you and the others mean." Kushina said getting a neutral glance from him and flinched a bit but also clenched her hands in anger seeing as he was still defending what she thought to be the Demon. The monster who'se soul had overtaken her sons and killed him that day leaving nothing more than the monster in her childs skin.

At least that's what she and almost everyone else believed even the other clan heads since they were all friends to both Kushina and Minato.

Human idiocy goes a VERY long way.

"I mean Kushina-" He nearly spat no longer having respect for the disgraced clan head "-the one man who could beat anyone and everyone here in all of the Elemental Countries without batting an eyelash, the only practitioner and master of the Ansatsuken style of taijutsu Agato."

Now THAT is what woke everyone up causing sputtering, yelling and a near litertal sense of chaos until Hiruzen flared his ki, emotional type, silencing everyone and restoring what little order there was to be to begin with.

"I know it's very difficult to believe, I myself am still having trouble believing his return, however it's very true and he was the source of that massive energy output earlier at the Red Light District." He finished seeing that almost everyone was now terrified of such a thing while a few others, clan heads, narrowed their eyes knowing just who or in their minds what it was that lived in that decaying part of the village.

In that instance there was a very heavy pressure in the air forcing the air from their lungs and making it difficult to breath let alone to barely even sit.

"How right you are Sarutobi. I have indeed returned and with a purpose for it as well..." That same distorted voice from before that Agato spoke out with spoke again as the same ki ball shroud from before appeared right in the middle of the room and dissipated much quicker than before revealing the Fist master in all of his glory with a still knocked out Naruto on his shoulder. He gazed around the room with an un-readable expression surveying everyone in it.

The elders were profusely sweating now and backing away a bit in their seats at the sight of him.

The civilians had fainted when he spoke while soiling themselves to boot.

The clan heads were looking at him with intense fear even Kushina who hadn't even heard of him up until this point couldn't help but be terrified though enraged as well seeing him carry the supposed Demon on his shoulder but the fear very much overrided the anger.

"Well well, some new faces eh?" His gaze caught the site of the elders and his smirk grew a bit feral freaking the hell out of them. "Long time no see you three. You still having night visions of my ripping that group of fools apart?" Koharu and Homura had fainted at that and Danzo was barely hanging on himself though was quite close.

He lost the smirk and went back into a neutral look.

"I'll be very brief with this, there seems to be no form of honor in this garbage infested rat-hole you call a village and it's all proven with this very childs treatment from you arrogant and ignorant fools." He bit out causing the clan heads to flinch but one to get quite angry and burst out.

"That is no child! Certainly not one of my children but the Kyuubi in my dead sons body wearing his skin over itself!" Kushina shouted her anger flaring which was absolutely squashed forcing her to the floor by the amount Agato unleashed though still kept his neutral face.

Emotional control went a LONG way with him.

"Imbecile! Even the most un-intelligent of humanity can tell the difference between this cub and a hundred foot mass of the chi energy you people call chakra." He layed the child against the wall and zipped in front of Kushina lifting her up by her scrawny neck before anyone of them could even think to blink.

Agato narrowed his eyes sensing the same chi on the woman as well as the child. "From the smell of you it seems you were that beasts sole container before the cub and the two devils that contain it now." He observed making all of their eyes go wide especially Kushina's before he tossed her lightly back into her seat disgusted with even touching her and appeared next to Naruto once more as he began to wake up as well as the civilians as well.

From there, well Agato now knew fully why they held no real significance in a military society.

A shopping district owner, Kaito Souji, was the first to see Naruto and instantly lost it. "THE DEMON! That man has brought that monstrosity in here!" The others including one Mebuki Haruno followed his pointing and began shouting out to him as well, unknowingly only angering Agato while the child attempted to hide behind him.

"The Demon!"

"Kill that vile beast!"

"Cut it apart!"

"Kill them both!" One member shouted being a bit more observant and seeing Agato's admitedly demonic looking appearance with his eyes and dark clothing.

"Apprehend them both ANBU!" Shouted Mebuki as the loyal dogs to the civilians and clan heads shot forward from the shadows looking to cut them both to pieces. The joy of both sides in seeing one Demon dead and other potential Demon was cut short when all ten ANBU were sent in varying directions of the chamber either with a hole in their chests or their heads caved in or even missing with the same speed demonstrated as before and with blood all over the floor but not an ounce on Agato who cracked both knuckles and crossed his arms in irritation.

"Do not continue to test my patience you fools, another move like that and you'll ALL be joining them." He warned turning his heated gaze to the Hokage who was nervous again himself. "No more talking and no more attempting to explain to these imbeciles Sarutobi-

"THAT'S HOKAGE-SAMA TO YOU BAS- Started the council member Jano Meiki, one who owned several apartment complexes through-out the village and made sure to keep Naruto out of all of them, before his head erupted into bits and pieces of bone and brain with a lot of blood with it spilling on the civilians near him making them scream.

"I especially hate to be interrupted you arrogant little shits." He growled out re-crossing his arms. "As I was saying Sarutobi no more talking and no more explaining. These fools want to run their mouths in arrogance about this cub then I'll shut them up with fear and a little demonstration of my strength."

Hiruzen nodded sitting straight up as all council members were awake and at attention. "Very well Agato-sama. What choice in manner do you choose for this?" He scoffed. "Of course, combat is what you do best after all." The Hokage mentally smacked himself with a hammer for asking such an idiotic question since he knew the man had to be prone to using his fists for almost everything, judging by what it is he saw all those years ago anyways.

"Very well then. This will be done at the Chunin Exam arena in one hour from now then, are there any specific fighters you would like to choose?" Hiruzen asked getting shocked looks from the other council members not wanting those of their families dying but it's not like they could stop him anyways judging by his speed alone.

Before they were dismissed Agato felt a tug on the pants portion of his gi and looked down to see the formentioned cub looking up at him. "Uh...S-Sir? D-D-Do you think I-I could p-p-

"Spit it out boy I'm not going to bite you. I did save you and I plan on keeping you safe from these arrogant sapients." He barked making him jump a little and nod taking a good deep breath.

"Would my dad...?" Agato raised his brow at the question while others seethed in anger at possibly not being able to get at the boy anymore knowing that the warrior before them would destroy anyone sent at him.

"Perhaps. But I'm admitedly inadequate at the possibility of being a father, no such thing means anything to me." The boy looked downtrodden at that but his chin was lifted by one of Agato's fingers. "I can however partake the role of being your sensei." He could see the hope in him raise. "I will have dojo for us built and I can teach you to defend yourself and unlock your potential until your ready to face the world and all of it's bigotry." He said the last part looking up at the clan heads and making them intake deep breaths from the malice in those red orbs.

"However before that I believe you asked me if I wanted to face anyone specifically Sarutobi." The mentioned village leader nodded taking a few more drags from his pipe to calm his nerves a little more. "That is correct Agato-sama, do you have some choices in mind?"

That made him smirk a little again. "Of course. Make the contestants thirty of your best fighters with that dog masked fool being the number one spot on the top of that list." Hiruzen had to cringe at that knowing what the silver haired idiot did to piss off such a powerful warrior and nodded. "Anyone else then?"

"I'll need a list Sarutobi. I may been here before but that was with other fools in charge instead of these fools." He pointed out sweeping his arm out at the council pissing off the shinobi council and clan heads but still did not say a word for their safety sake.

"Of course my mistake entirely. I had neglected to think that you might not know those who are in charge of the clans today." Hiruzen replied going through the mini desk within his table area and tossed him a clipped together list of the clans and their members. Agato caught it with ease before taking a little time to flip through it while Naruto stayed by him and tried to hide from the glares given to him by Kushina and the other clan heads.

Hiruzen noticed it this time though and flared his ki once again shutting theirs up and quieting them down for time being.

He may be just an old timer to someone like Agato but to those people he was the Kami no Shinobi and still had quite a bit of fight left in him.

A minute or two later Agato tossed the list back at him while inwardly impressed at his fortitude though could still sense a smudge of arrogance lingering within the old mans subconcious.

He would need to keep a close eye on Naruto. A VERY close eye.

"As I stated before I would like that punk dog faced ANBU of yours to be the first one the list." Hiruzen cleared his throat. "Excuse the interruption but his name is Kakashi Hatake." Agato raised a brow uncaring making him nervous again. "Uh...sorry again." He nodded slightly before continuing. "As I said, I would like this Kakashi to be at the top of the list." He looked towards the clan heads. "With all of you behind him as well." That surprised them but a few had the thought of using that challenge to put this man in his place among them.

He looked back at Sarutobi. "Behind them will be twenty-two of your top soldiers, in the arena and all together." Now that really really got to them. Kushina spoke up with arrogance with the other clan heads behind her. "All of us against you at the same time? You must be suicidal for such a request Agato-sama." She said mocking him with the sama and laughing a bit with the others chuckling and even Hiashi gaining a smirk because of the, in their minds, arrogance of the man.

Agato took no heed in their point-less mocking and just slightly grinned. "Better yet I'll take all thirty of you down with a single hit and trust me..."

His eyes went glowlight bright scaring the near shit out of the remaining council. "You WILL regret your actions against this innocent cub and if not...well you'll just be feeling a LOT of pain then, arrogant fools."

With that he helped Naruto onto his shoulder and with a burst of ki vanished in his Hadou Shroud leaving the clan heads to prepare themselves, the Hokage dismissing the council and heading to his office for some Icha Icha reading time and the civilians leaving partially traumatized with a clean-up squad picking up the corpse's and their remains from the room.

Red Light District, Apartment Complex...

Agato arrived with a tired Naruto right in front of the apartments he lived in and frowned giving him a little more demonic looking appearance at the absolute...shit-hole that he's been forced to live in. "Absolutely unacceptable! I will have to get that Dojo built soon and get this child a proper place to live and some proper food too if his skinny stature is any indication." He thought seeing and feeling how light and under-fed Naruto really was and was going to make sure they paid by the childs hands for their idiocy.

"This is where I live, for now I hope." Naruto said after he let him down and the child led them both inside and it only angered him even further at seeing the disrepair state it was on the inside. Naruto led him to the back room which seemed to be the one he slept in and saw that it was mostly untouched and saw a quick flash glimpse of...what looked like black scrawled kanji...

"For sealing? Grrr..this child has gone through WAY too much pain, even Akuma-sensei would be digusted at these vermin." Agato thought angrily as he put the child into his ratted bed after punching a few places down and left the apartment though after leaving an aura scent of the Dark Hadou so none of these maggots would have any idea while he was busy for the moment.

"Time to send a message to sons of bitches." With that he shroud teleported himself to the stadium by following the Hokage's chakra trail who seems to have gotten there first to have everything set up.

Konoha Chunin Exam Stadium, One Hour Later...

The stadium was surprisingly packed since more than an hour ago a large burst of energy destroyed every piece of glass in the village caused the Inuzuka ninken to go batshit crazy in all that time, still are if the noises from their clan compound is anything to go by.

Well it was packed by every civilian, or one's still alive anyways, and all the ninja in the village too, again the one's that are still kicking, with the Hokage at the very top in his private booth along with the remaining civilian council members and the elders while the shinobi and clan heads were down in the arena waiting for their opponent.

They still believe themselves superior and Agato the arrogant one to the extreme.

They would soon learn the hard way just how large the gap is with their powers.

The clan heads were mostly on the thought of beating him because of him taking heart for the Demon child of Konoha and planned on correcting.

That would be changed as well but unfortunately in the way it would cause the clans and civilians to hound him for his incredible and godlike power.

All thoughts were halted as the same shroud appeared in the middle of the arena shutting everyone up and gearing those that were to fight him while the Hokage stood and prepared to make the announcement. Agato stood with his arms crossed and his neutral face on full blast combined with his malice making all the contestants against him quite nervous.

"Ladies and gentlemen of Konohagakure! This will be a one on thirty battle to test Agato-sama's abilities and will be done so against the strongest the village has to offer! Now let the fight begin!" He said using chakra to enhance his voice so everyone could hear him, they all cheered for Konoha as Agato popped his neck and too his Ansatsuken stance, like his sensei Akuma, while his opponents prepared as well before rushing him at once.

The clan heads at the front, Kakashi to the left with a Raikiri looking to strike him this time and not only for protecting the "Demon boy" but also his incredible humiliation when he led that mob to the demon brat to finish him off before he gave them all an intense beating.

He only recovered because of Konoha's best med-nins healing him.

The Elite ANBU came in from the right as well and Agato kept his stance as they nearly got within striking distance of him before he stamped his right foot on the ground with his arms to his sides and growled. "Prepare yourselves fools!" He rushed at them in an odd stance that made him appear as if though he was floating at high speeds before faster than anyone could blink there was sounds of several bodies being struck in sensitive spots and hard.

The Elite ANBU went down first their bodies striking the ground quite violently but not fataly as they coughed up large amounts of blood and loss conciousness on the spot.

The Clan Heads went next in order -

Inoichi fell from a pronounced strike to his neck and cracking his neck but not breaking it.

Choza fell on his back from a punch that apparently went through him but missed a vital spot.

Hiashi had fallen with an injury to his head, fracturing his skull.

Tsume was down with almost all of her ribs broken.

Shikaku had both arms and legs broken and fainted from the pain.

Kushina had been beaten quite severly with multiple broken bones and internal bleeding.

Mikoto's jaw had been shattered like Kakashi's along with several non-vital organs rupturing.

Kakashi had been the last to go down and the worst off. There was too much damage to count on the spot so he would have to be taken to the hospital afterwards.

Agato stood with his back to them and facing the crowd, he had his arms curved slightly to his waist with his hands into fists and clentched with his eyes closed and the kanji for "Darkness" glowing a bright red on his back as he stood there for a few moments before speaking his technique name.

"Shun Goku Satsu (Instant Hell Murder)." He spoke loud enough for them to hear but not high pitch tone to border on yelling.

There was a flash of bright light and all his opponents were down for the count. He turned his head slightly back at them with his visible eye once again in it's bright glow.

"Let this be a lesson to you arrogant bastards." He muttered before vanishing once more in his shroud and back to the cubs apartment.

The people in the stadium couldn't let out a sound to what they just witnessed. What they had seen was a clear messege-

You fucked up. Now be prepared to receive it ten-fold Konoha.

End Of Chapter 2.

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