Naruto And The Dark Hadou Fox

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Chapter 4: Training In Ansatsuken.

Seven years. Seven long and painful years have passed for the once boy known as Naruto, no last name because of his former mother banishing him from their nearly non-existant clan of the Uzumaki Namikaze.

Agato hadn't been joking when he said he wasn't going to take it easy on the child. To allow Naruto to understand true combat and take his training not only seriously but to the maximum he had to be rough on him, a necessity that paid off in the not quite so end. He still had MUCH to learn after being told by his sensei just how long it took him to master the style himself with adding in control of the Satsui no Hadou and another power of his that he did not let him on.

Everyone has their secrets and that was apparently a big one.

There wake up, according to his sensei, was at dawn at five o clock SHARP which he emphasized when he kicked Naruto out of his bed and right through the roof, litertally, in which he landed in the dojo's koi pond just outside for sleeping just a minute, a single MINUTE, through the waking point.

After his un-announced dipping session he had rushed back in and changed into his gi that Agato provided for him and rushed it on the threat of being kicked right into the stratosphere before heading back out and starting his session.

FYI he had asked what a "stratosphere" was before promptly being uppercutted right back into the koi pond.

An important rule, no questioning sensei.

After coming back, after drying off and Kyuubi healing the pain from his sensei's fist, Agato had him start with some basic stretching to improve his flexibility and durability. It took longer than he would ever have thought of but in no small part thanks to this rotten village keeping him down for so many years and using him as a punching bag.

That reminds him that he needs to find one of his own and for Naruto.

So it began with stretches for the child to allow his body to gain flexibility and a lot of it since it was more of a requirement than anything. He had him do some leg stretches, to as far as they would go which hurt but it would help in the end, followed by five hundred push-up's, as a starter amount, followed by two hundred and fifty jumping jacks and finishing off the starter work-out around a five mile track Agato cleared around the dojo.

Needless to say it wasn't even half over yet and Naruto was flat out exhausted.

The Ansatsuken master realized this but continued it saying to him that he'll get use to it as time goes on but his break was also next so both of those statements brought his exhausted spirits back up.

He kept up the same program for three months alone so Naruto could be in shape to handle his style of fighting, more so that he had to up his regime at the start but not so much anymore.

Although he wouldn't show it outwardly, stone face just like his sensei, inwardly he was quite proud at how quickly the young cub was getting through his excercises despite his (previously) malnourished state and how quickly he came to learning the first steps of Ansatsuken. Agato however was always one to take that "extra mile" to get the full results so a month before beginning his style he had Naruto go through all of his excercises at two thousand each followed by deep meditation and then to finish a light spar with himself.

Obviously he went easy just to observe his current stature and where he stood so he knew what to start him in before any heavy training.

Wouldn't do to unintentionally murder his own student.

…..yet, perhaps.

He was impressed how quick the cub had become albet due to his insane training regime but the heart of the success lies in his students own willpower to keep on going despite how painful and perhaps at time's life threatning it could be.

Yet Naruto continued through it determined to become very strong and skilled out of hard-work.

Deja-vu on that one if you looked into his past.

Well Naruto passed through it with sheer determination and willpower and from then on was prepared to become a powerful warrior in his own right. He would teach him the style of The Fist but it would be up to the cub to decide where he would want to go, where he would want to make his name known and what warriors he would choose to test his might against.

Flashback, Konohagakure Forest, Dojo...

"Keep going! Do not let up despite what the limits of your body is telling you! Remember you can only go forward by pushing PAST your limitations and that includes going even when you don't seem to have anymore to do so!" Barked Agato as Naruto ran through his usual drills, preparing him for the upcoming test he planned for him to see if the cub was truly worthy of learning the ancient art of Ansatsuken.

He was sweating up one hell of a storm while he pushed through his last bit of excercises with all of the strength he could muster, he was tired but still going even though he did indeed want to just fall over in complete exhaustion he would not fail his sensei.

He would push through and get that training.

He would prove he was worthy and deserving of it.

Naruto huffed as he held his knee's just finishing up his laps around the course Agato set up around the dojo and sucked in a deep breath of air before wiping off any sweat on his forehead. "That's the last of it Agato-sensei. What's next on list?" He asked standing his ground and making Agato raise a brow in mild amusement but acceptance of his willpower to keep going.

His sensei nodded. "Very good child. You have improved greatly from your former self and I like the willpower you demonstrate to continue on. Not many are willing to keep going in preparations for Ansatsuken training." He inwardly smirked at the gaping look Naruto had on his face when he was told his current regime was just preparing him for the real training.

"This is going to be harder than I thought." The young Jinchuuriki thought while sweating a new storm at the hell that would start soon.

But not quite yet.

"However before that there's a test you will be required to pass that will show me if you are truly indeed worthy of training in The Fist." Agato interrupted him from his thoughts with his arms crossed and the neutral look on his face a little heavier.

"Wha...? Test? But you sai-" He started before Agato raised a hand to quite him.

"I know what I said cub." He replied sternly making Naruto cringe a bit and look down. "Not just anyone can learn such a style, there's a test after the end of the initial training which will show if you can indeed adept to this style. Even if you were not to pass however I will not just toss you aside." He finished raising Naruto's hopes somewhat, still being slightly depresssed at not possibly being able to learn his sensei's strong form of fighting. "Wipe that depressed look off your face and stand tall!" He barked out getting the child to do so.

"I said you possibly could fail but you also could possibly pass as well." Agato lowered his arms to his hips and gave off a gleam in his eye's. "You have showed such determination and willpower most people will never even hope to possess, something even other fighters possess only the smallest fraction of." Naruto listened intently and was silently and inwardly jumping with joy for the, possible, praise his sensei was giving him.

"Which is why when put together and judged, chances are you WILL pass and in which case will begin your true training." He finished knocking his fists together. "First will come the test to prove your worthiness. It will happen in a few weeks time from now to allow you rest because it consists of two parts which will put you through the grinder in everything you've done so far."

He started walking back to the dojo and Naruto began following behind in mild curiosity.

"Is that the first part then? What about the second part?"

Agato stopped for a moment and looked back to answer his question. "That part is what will determine your continuance in Ansatsuken."

He looked back in front and went back inside the dojo leaving Naruto out a bit contemplating on his sensei's words before following him again.

With more questions then answers at the moment.

End Flashback, Normal Time...

One month later and Naruto was ready to take the two part test to determine whether his training for Ansatauken would proceed or halt where it was, even then he would still teach him techniques for him to defend himself and keep himself in shape.

Personally though he believed the kid would pull through.

The results from his shape training showed that one.

Before getting to the training however came some problems that Agato had never been more tempted to punch them all the way to the center of the galaxy.

Yes. He was THAT pissed about it.

Rightfully so since it involved the village, it's council, clan heads and the civilian villagers as well. All of them coming in uninvited and unannounced to show or say how "sorry" they were for all of the black listed actions they took against the child foolishly and arrogantly believing him to be the very creature sealed within his form.

If he could stop listening to their incessant bull-crap anytime it would be too soon.

Flashback, Villager's Apologies...

"Please accept our deepest apologies Naruto-sama!"

"We're so sorry!"

"Please forgive us Naruto-sama!"

"Son of the Yondaime!"


"Our savior!"

Agato grew increasingly more annoyed as Naruto hid back behind the screen door in the dojo while he himself stood in front of the doorway blocking it and not allowing the large crowd of gathered civilians to enter and pester the cub.

Well more like false ass kissing but the point remains the same.

They would have kept it up and trying to even see through the doorway but Agato has had enough and flare's his KI and stops them in their tracks, their eye's now upon the man who had his arms back with his hands close together.

"You are not welcome here, now begone fools." He said before thrusting his hands forward as a light purple energy ball was shot at them and burst on contact either scattering them or in some unfortunate cases for the ass kissing mob, death.

"Hadouken (Surge Fist)." He whispered slightly before heading back inside and closed the door.

End Flashback, Normal Time...

A few days after came the council and clan heads right in the middle of Naruto's first half of his test and Agato luckily enough seeing them a mile away flash stepped in front of the lot of them before they could get farther and disturb the child.

Flashback, Dojo With Council & Clan Heads...

"You're really insisting on grating on my nerves aren't you?" Agato sighed looking at the group in front of him who were going between looking back at him and taking glances at Naruto who was still in the middle of his test. Agato narrowed his eye's before stepping in their way to block their view of him, it's obvious their biased opinion has changed of him now but the dark fighter wasn't about to take any chances with these lot.

"That answers that. Now answer this, who the hell do you think you are thinking you can just barge onto MY turf and attempt to interrupt my students training?" He growled out as a question making most of them shake before one stepped forward after regaining a bit of confidence, it was one of the clan heads, a man with blind like eye's and a white as snow robe and long brunette hair that reached towards his back.

Hiashi Hyuga if he remembered right.

With the rare exception of few he isn't one to privy himself on knowing his enemies names, it wouldn't matter in the end.

In the past and the present and the future.

"Excuse us Agato-san..." Said warrior narrowed his eye's at the underline disrespect but let the worm continue. "...but we are here to bring Namikaze-sama back to the village and for him to claim his interhitance as heir of the Uzumaki and Namikaze clans." He used his arm to acknowledge the other clan heads and several clan members behind him. "If you could inform him of this then we can be on our way and Konoha will have it's next Hokage back."

Agato stood staring at them with an impassive face with his eyes glowing a bit more than usual as the group in front of him fidgeted nervously from his stare.

"I think not, worm." Was his reply shocking them and inwardly for Hiashi angered.

"Excuse me?!" He grunted with his teeth grinding. "Just who are you to deny the village of it's most prosperous heir?!" The Hyuga clan head nearly shouted a bit red in the face and with the others beginning to stir up as well.

"Return Namikaze-sama this instant!" Inoichi Yamanaka shouted.

"Bring the pup back or else." Threatened Tsume Inuzuka, baring her claws and fangs with Kuromaru growling next to her.

"Troublesome..." Muttered a spiky haired man with a few scars across his face. "Just bring the gaki (Brat) back and we'll be done here."

"Give me back my sochi (Son)!" Yelled out Kushina who stepped forward, notably with the same amount of arrogance she had back during his adoption bout, and had a hand on the hilt of her inherited sword Fiinikkusu (Phoenix) blade with an attempt to seem frightning with a glare and her hair seemingly waving like nine-tails behind her.

Mikoto stood next to her in her own battle gear and glare but made no comment.

"Please just return the Namikaze heir Agato-dono and there won't be anymore...frustrastions." Chouza stated with his bo-staff at the ready.

Agato merely had his arms crossed staring them down before sighing and pinched the bridge of his nose at the audacity of these fools.

Seems like no matter how much you try you can't beat the stupid out of people like these.

"First off..." He began lowering his arms as his demonic eyes glowed furiously at the group of arrogance in front of him as well annoyance's since they were merely wasting his time. "No...more like the only thing, the cub is MY student and one who will grow into a warrior of great strength by going through pain, losing blood and completely covered in sweat and NOT being pampered by a...bunch...of...arrogant FOOLS!" He shouted out demonically at the end with his aura flaring knocking them all back causing Naruto to stop for a moment but quickly resume after one look from his sensei.

One Hadouken later and they were both at peace again, well the kind for him to continue Naruto's test without anymore interruptions that is.

End Flashback, Normal Time...

Thankfully they seem to have gotten the message after that one and neither one of them had been interrupted since.

Well, save the occasional ANBU getting the hell knocked out of them that is.

Naruto had passed his test swimmingly and Agato was right that the exercises before-hand were needed because the child had broken barely a sweat by the end of it all. He couldn't be more proud but like always kept it on the inside of his mind and his stony gaze on the outside, with that complete Naruto was ready to take on the training and the hell he plans to put him through to achieve a level that could possibly rise beyond him and even his own sensei.

He wasn't completely controlled by the Dark Hadou but he couldn't wait for such a challenge.

He stood in front of his student whom he and himself both were at the back of the dojo near the koi pond, ready to begin his training in The Fist.

Before the usual morning rituals Agato had set up the training sections of the backyard earlier in the morning to get the cub started as quickly as he could without rushing him too much. He wants him to succeed but not by falling over dead at the end or earlier.

Agato stood before his pupil starring down at him who stood his ground from the shy and drawn in child he used to be.

Now he showed the signs of a fighter.

"The time has come my student." He spoke with his arms out and showing Naruto the training regime's spread out for his beginning in Ansatsuken. "The time has come for you to begin your lessons in The Fist, it's time for you to train, grow and become a warrior of future legends."

"So now I start my true training sensei?" Naruto asked a little stoically with a partial stone face himself.

The kid learned a lot during his time with the Master of The Fist and emotion control is one.

A given for many obvious reasons.

Agato nodded leading him to the first of the many training spots in the yard which was a custom crafted bench with a weight pully on the back with weight adjuster's in the middle of the pullies and the two main points of weight...

…...were boulder's?!

"Uhh...sensei...?" He started losing his demeanor which made Agato smirk inwardly.

"Yes cub. This is the first part of your training, take a look at me for instance." He replied pointing to his form which Naruto did so. Although he had seen quite a bit of his physique in the year's he was with him he never truly did take in the details his master's own exercises did for him.

With all those line's and rock bump like muscles he could pass as a country-wide if not world-wide map.

"To be able to give out damage to your opponent you yourself must have the build for potency and resistance against any attacks of theirs. This little device of mine will help you with that." He walked him over and sat him in the seat and had him lay back on the top half before grabbing the ropes to the pullies. "It's designed purely to build one's body to a large extent for moving quickly and taking immense amounts of damage but never too big to overshadow the important aspects of a fighter's build." While Naruto still had the ropes he pulled out a pin in the back of the seat and Naruto almost felt his arms get ripped right out of his body, having to use all the stamina and build he managed so far in order to stop that and keep the boulder weights steady.

It amused Agato quite a bit to see such a red face on his pupil.

"Steady my student. Use your Ki to steady the weights and equalize the pressure and then begin with the pulls. Do not stop until you've done five hundred each, do not give up even when your body says otherwise. Remember you cannot break past your limitations if you give in whenever they surface, you MUST push through no matter the pain." He spoke out watching as Naruto did so, calling out his Ki with the meditative exercises Agato had taught him before he began the physical aspects of his work-out from hell.

Fitting name for the pain one went through to achieve the desired results at the end.

Naruto still struggled, obviously for a first time, but kept his sensei's words of albet harsh as hell though encourageable words in his mind as he focused on lifting both boulder's two hundred and fifty time's each.

"If you miss even once on one Naruto then you shall begin again from the start." His master decided to call out and nearly broke his concentration as evidenced by his head smacking one of the side poles before shaking it off and resuming albet with a little difficulty.

Not easy to regulate his Ki to normalize the pressure when the wind was slowly sucked out of him.

"Excellent. Another lesson to learn Naruto, maintain your focus at ALL time's, the slightest hesitation or even a twitch will give an opponent the opportunity they need to gain the upper hand. Never let that befall you my student no matter what..." He finished keeping a careful eye on the teen's movements and was surprised to see him keeping up the routine despite the sudden set-back.

Three hours had passed before Naruto finally finished the weight training for the day and could already feel his body accomidating the muscles increase and the Kyuubi's chakra healing his torn muscles faster.

So long as that was ALL the Bijuu did for him he had no qualms about it.

With the first part finished and over, for the day as previously mentioned, Agato had taken him to the next device which made the kid pale a bit more than before but to his credit pushed it back at a faster rate and had nothing but determination in his eyes to pass.

It consisted of a half mile long course with a large ring structure at each interjection that were filled with spikes created from the strongest known metal in the world.


Physically manipulative only when in a liquid form, when it hardens it becomes absolutely indestructiable no matter what.

Let's just say Agato wasn't the first to test that theory.

Anywho along with those there was a line that ran through the entire track as well which Agato explained to him was to keep him going during the training session no matter how much his lungs burned like fire and would mentally beg him to stop and breathe.

The purpose of this as his sensei explained was to garner him speed as fast if not faster than sound itself, another regime Agato had mastered to get to the level he's at today and after today, and many more months of training afterwards, so would Naruto.

When he said he'd train him to the ground and make a fighter out of him he was damn serious.

He got that from his own sensei.

"Your serious about this one too then sensei?" Naruto asked in almost disbelief but as always kept the shine in his eyes to get through and grow even stronger. "Seems more like these were designed to kill rather than train anything..." He muttered before falling to the ground from a slap to the back of his head.

His sensei snorted and pulled his hand back. "Stop your complaining, as brutal as it seems and is I know you'll pass through and the end results are well worth it." His eyes blazed as he fired a minature Hadouken at his students rear and caused him to yelp and run at the course.

Worst pain and torture like experience Naruto has felt yet.

Even more than the last one.

However much like the last obstacle he pulled through and less time thanks to his legs muscle increase as well as his speed from his beginner work-out.

That and the lightning from the line and a few minature and less powered Hadouken's were a good motivator to keep him running.

Naruto panted as he crouched on a knee from exhaustion and drenched in sweat but proud of himself for getting through and knew each exercise completed brought him closer to finally learning the style of Ansatsuken once his body was brought to complete physical perfection.

Which unknowingly to him so far would be after this day.

For the whole day and part of the night Agato ran drill after drill on the young Jinchuuriki and went tougher on him after each was done up until the day was gone and although past his limit and downright tired like Naruto had never felt before he was still standing and ready for more.

It took a bit of motivation to get him out and in bed after a bath to be ready the next day.


Next Day, Dojo Training Room...

"Naruto, you know that I told you it would be after months of those training regime's in order for you to complete your physical training to begin the style I know." Agato started with Naruto firmly planted on the floor in a lotus position paying close attention, something about him they were both glad to be rid of which consisted of his knuckleheaded ways before his sensei saved and trained him.

He nodded. "Yes sensei."

"That is not entirely truthful." He continued seeing he still had his undivided attention. "It was in fact something to spark that determination in you to it's max which I noticed worked quite well, more than I could have hoped in fact."

He went to a large dresser in the corner of the room, opened it and took something Naruto couldn't see out before closing it and walking back to him with the item or items in question behind his back.

"Along with that my student I had subtly placed portions of the style in your previous regime's, the one's before your more intense work-outs and I am actually quite proud to say that you are now ready to begin learning the style, to learn Ansatsuken." He finished pulling a gi like his out from behind his back. This one however was a light shade of grey, a few shades darker from a certain other Ansatsuken fighter's gi color and the belt along with the headband and gloves where pure white.

Naruto took them gracefully, nearly jumping at his sensei before he gave him a stare that dared him to do it, and kept standing before bowing in respect and gratitude.

Something Agato nodded his head back to in acknowledgement.

"Thank you sensei! I promise I won't let you down, not now or ever!" He almost shouted but kept himself steadied enough with a much brighter and new fire in his eyes.

"Of course. Starting now after you get dressed in your attire my student, you shall begin."

With that said Naruto nodded and dressed into his new gi while Agato waited patiently before taking him to the center of the room and began showing him the ropes to The Fist.

In a short time a new warrior will arise.

One that will determine the fate of the Nations in one way.

With his fists.

End Of Chapter 4.

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