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Summary: Draco's just been an absolute ass. Wut's Hermione gonna do?

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Tricks and Treats

Chapter 5

"Hermione?" a tiny voice whispered in the back of the sobbing girl's head.

"What?!" Hermione shouted at it, tears streaming down her burning cheeks. She was sitting at the edge of the lake, her heels off and her feet soaking in the cool water. Her shirt was torn and her hair was ruined. "How could I have been so stupid?" she asked aloud. The voice she had heard was probably just the buzzing in her head. "Building the Castle of my Dreams? How pathetic is that? I should have known the clothes would be cheap. And this hair, why did I bother to put it up, it just came back down. And," Hermione sighed, staring off into the deep ends of the large lake, "I left Harry all alone."

"You didn't leave me alone," a small voice replied.

Hermione turned and she suddenly felt very cold. Harry offered her a small smile in return. He gestured to the patch of earth next to her and soon he was sitting with his toes in the water alongside her.

"I'm sorry," Hermione whispered after a few minutes of silence. She brought her knees up to her chest and wrapped her slim arms around them, trying to bring some warmth back into them.

"Take this," Harry answered, taking off his cloak and wrapping it around Hermione's bare shoulders. Heat suddenly took over her and she sighed.

"Why are you so good to me?" Hermione thought, not realizing she thought out loud.

"Because," Harry retorted with a shrug.

"Because?" Hermione asked, trying to get an answer out of him.

"What happened in there Hermione?" Harry asked, ignoring her question.

"Nothing," she whispered, shutting her eyes tightly. Since Harry had arrived at her side she hadn't thought twice about the incident, and she did not want to cry in front of him.

"Hermione," Harry protested, "How well do you think I know you. Enough to know when you're lying to me. Just tell me. Because I'll find out anyway, you know I will. Plus, I know your shirt had long sleeves when you left tonight."

"Oh, Harry," Hermione sniffed. Every moment of the previous hour flooded back into her mind, but before she could get a word out Harry nodded solemnly.

"I know, I know," he whispered, wrapping his strong, muscular arms around Hermione's shoulders. She leaned against him and sighed, feeling content in his arms. "He can be an ass I'll tell ya," Harry went on, "you want me to go in there and teach him a lesson?"

"No," Hermione laughed lightly, "he'll get it in due time. I've got plans circulating already. But, of course, you should already know them."

"And how so?" Harry asked, a look of amusement on his lips.

"You keep," Hermione sighed, taking a pause, "reading my mind. What's up with you?"

"Well I guess my secret's out then," Harry said, a sly grin coming across his handsome face.

"I'm a little disappointed though," Hermione added, sitting up straight and turning to look into Harry's bright green eyes. Even in the moonlight they still sparkled. Her heart suddenly jumped, making what she was planning to do even harder.

"And why is that?" Harry smiled.

"Because then you'd know I wanted to do this."

And before Harry could question the girl, she slowly leaned in towards him and their lips met. After a mere moment, Hermione broke apart, staring widely into Harry's eyes, unsure what to expect. He gently took hold of her face and smiled. Their lips met once more but it seemed as though time had slowed for them. The kiss lasted much longer than the first, with more affection and passion than they ever had imagined. Hermione absentmindedly lifted her hands and tangled them into Harry's dark mess of hair. She felt Harry's tongue roll across her lips and she invited him in without any protest. They stayed in their moment of bliss for what seemed like hours until reluctantly they broke apart, breathing deeply.

"You have no idea," Harry panted, "how long I've wanted to do that."

"Same here," Hermione smiled, suddenly feeling a mix of emotions inside of her (passion, stupidity, embarrassment, longing, confusion, happiness. . . just to name a few).

"You want to know something?" Harry asked her.

"What?" she asked, nestling her head back on Harry's shoulder. The pain of the night had completely washed away. She felt safe, content, and most of all, she felt like her head belonged on Harry's shoulder, for the rest of their lives.

"You're hair looks better this way. I mean, Draco didn't destroy it. It looks amazing the way it is."

Hermione leaned over and looked into her reflection in the lake. He wasn't just saying that. And her torn sleeves weren't bad either. She was just wearing a sleeveless shirt now. And she could fix the trim with a simple spell. She smiled at her reflection and watched as Harry affectionately kissed her temple.

"Do you still want to go to the dance?" Harry asked her after they were quiet for a moment.

"No," Hermione answered, looking up into his gentle eyes, "we can make our own music out here."

Harry smiled and stood up. He held out his hand and Hermione took it. Within moments, Hermione cast a spell, making music only the two of them could hear. She put her head on his shoulder as the man in the song had sung. (A/N: have you ever heard that oldie song "Put Your Head On My Shoulder?" well, I like that song, and that's what's playing in their heads right now) They slowly began to sway back and forth, letting nothing come between them.

"I wish this moment could last forever," Hermione muttered.

"Spend forever with me Hermi?" Harry asked quietly in her ear.

"I plan to," Hermione answered sweetly, smiling at the thought of them getting married, having children, growing old together, and living happily ever after in each other's arms. Suddenly a thought struck Hermione's thoughts like lightening and she jumped back quickly.

"Herm, what's wrong?" Harry asked cautiously.

"This isn't a trick right?" Hermione asked unsurely. "This is for real right? It's for real?"

"Yea, it's for real," Harry smiled gently.

Hermione sighed and relaxed back in Harry's arms. As another muggle ballad began to play in their ears (Forever by the Beach Boys), Harry began to plant soft kisses down Hermione's neckline, then back up, until finally their lips met again. Before Hermione had enough of him, though, he broke apart and she let out a small groan of displeasure.

"Trick or Treat?" Harry asked, smiling slyly.

"Depends," Hermione answered, beginning to smile as well.

"Well, if you say treat," Harry replied, "I'll give you a kiss."

Hermione smiled at his game.

"Treat then."

Harry took hold of Hermione's hand and placed something in it. She had expected something different but instead got something she would remember forever. As she opened her palm she saw a familiar muggle candy that she had fallen in love with one summer in America. It was a chocolate kiss.

"Aww," she muttered, smiling at the gesture, "I love it, thank you."

With that, she gave Harry a real kiss, which she later admitted in her diary tasted better than chocolate. Harry took it without protest and they stayed together the rest of the night, dancing in the moonlight.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ *~* Epilogue

Draco was indeed repaid for his dirty work. He and Pansy had been caught for trying to ruin another student's reputation, and it just so happened that the crime broke so many rules, the two were expelled. Draco could not get accepted into any other magic school in the world and was shunned from society and stripped of his magic. He now lives on the streets of New York City, working the midnight shift at a 7-11 store with no friends, no girlfriend, and no life.

Ron and Padma also made a pact the night of the Pumpkin Bash. The two are happily married with five children (Edward, Meg, Joseph, Moira, and Lukas). They are expected their sixth child (Ella) this coming Halloween.

Ginny became a critically acclaimed make-up artist and now lives in Los Angeles, California, working in Hollywood and dating an up and coming actor named Jonathan Jackson.

Harry and Hermione kept their relationship 'for real,' and he proposed to her in front of the whole school on the day of their graduation. The fairytale life Hermione dreamed of came true. They live in the English countryside in a large roomy house with a white picket fence that Harry built from scratch. They spend their summer afternoons in the front yard, sipping lemonade, and watching their three girls (Lily, Evan, and Jamie) play. They are each exactly two years apart, all three of their birthdays on July 31st.

Years later, Hermione looked back on that Halloween night she shared with Harry. She had felt so complete afterwards, as if a part of her had been missing all that time. She asked Harry about it once, and he admitted that he had felt the same way. It didn't take Hermione long after to realize that what they had been missing all their lives were simply each other.


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